The camping trip

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The camping tripI was born and lived in a small town till I was a teen. We moved to a large city where my father found a good paying job, and unfortunately found his new wife. (That’s another story) I was a member of the Boy Scouts when I was in the small town, and thought I’d join a troop here. Unlike in the town which had only one troop, there were many here. Each about six to seven miles apart. After checking out a few I decided to join one a few of my classmates went to. It was a larger troop then the one I was in earlier. They had camp outs nearly every weekend. Most of the time we went to a central camp groud, were many troops camped. But one particular camping trip we went to an area not many people go. We set up camp about two hundred from the common shower area. Most of the guys took showers every night.But I was a bit shy, mainly due to the lack of body hair. Eveyone in my group had hairy legs, groin and some hair on their chest. I barely had hair on my arms and none anywhere else, so I’d wait till everyone else showered then I’d go by myself. By the time I finished it was past sundown. One of the lleaders noticed that I was always coming back late and asked me why. Embarrassed I told him and he assured me it was our secret. Going to the showers I seen him on the trail a couple of times, once standing outside the building. On the fourth yalova escort day were told we had a hike scheduled for most of the day and pulling up camp. After three hours of walking we struck a day camp and made lunch. After eating some of the guys went off trail and scouted out a swimming hole. I stayed in camp not wanting to be seen nude(nothing was said about swimming so I didn’t pack a swimsuit) and put out the fires and packed up for the rest of the hike.Before they came back, Bill( leader with my secret) said since I was packed and ready we’d go ahead of the rest. We hiked for around three more hours when he asked if I was up to a run for the last quarter mile. I said sure and we took off. We made it to the area where we were to set up camp and Bill said why don’t we go for a swim? We went there the woods till we hit a creek. We stripped down and jumped in the water. After splashing around for a while we dressed and went back to camp. I went to my pack and found my tent was missing. I told the head master I had to go back to the old camp and get the rest of my things. After getting an ass chowing, he said I needed an adult to go with me. I asked Bill if he would go, he seamed agitated but agreed. With no packs he recommended we jog most the way so we can make it back before dark. We made it to the old camp and took down my tent. Bill escort yalova recommended we take a shower before we go since we didn’t know when we’ll have a chance. I stepped under the water and washed my hair. I felt a hand touch my back, I jumped and spun around. It was Bill. “Easy kung Fu, I was just going to soap up your back”. I told him I was sorry, he startled me. I agreed to his help and stepped out of the water. He ran the soap over my shoulders, back, down the back of my legs, then he reached around and rubbed my chest, stomach, the front of my legs, then I felt him pushing between my legs. He said don’t worry he’s just making sure I was clean. He said he knew boys my age don’t wash every wear. Nervously I spread my legs some and he pushed between my cheeks. He ran his hand up and down a few times, then told me to lean forward. I did and he wash around my butt hole. I felt his fingers rubbing it,one finger pushed on it. I swatted at his hand, he laughed and asked if anyone tried to stroke me. I blushed and told him me and a boy did years ago. Really, did you like it he asked. A little, I told him. He reached around and grabbed my dick. Again I jumped,slapping his hand. Relax, it’s just us here. After thinking about it I moved my hands. He took the soap and latherred up his hand and started stroking my dick. I got hard quickly, yalova escort bayan he stroked me slow at first then faster. I started breathing faster and my heart pounded. He pressed against me from behind and I felt his hard dick pushing against my butt. Something about this made me want more, so I pushed my butt against his dick. He kissed my ear and asked if I wanted him to fuck me. I told him no one has before, will you be easy, he said yes. While massaging my balls he rubbed and pushed his finger on my hole. It felt good and I relaxed enough for him to push in. He fingered me for a couple minutes then he said bend over and spread my butt cheeks. He pushed slow and rubbed my balls,then I felt the pain, he was pushing in me. He told me to kiss his neck and ear, I did. Finally he was all the way in. He stop for a few minutes to let me relax and enjoy it. He back out some soaped up his dick more and pushed back in. He slowly fucked me while he squeezed my balls. He told me to stroke myself. What an amazing feeling. He came then I did. After we cleaned up it was to late to try to find the trail, so we slept in my tent. The next morning he told me to lay with my butt in the air and spread my cheeks. He spit on my hole and his finger. He pushed it in me a few times then he spit on his dick. I started breathing faster and my heart pounded. I stroked my dick while he fucked me. We came together this time, cleaned up and took down the tent. We jogged most of the way back, and made camp in time for breakfast. After that he would stay in my tent, he told the head master I was home sick.

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