The Café Pt. 02

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Chris had woken on the Tuesday with the alarm. He lay there with his usual morning erection, thinking back in disbelief to the Monday morning. It — sexual intercourse with Milka — had only been the day before. The thing so hard in his pyjamas really had been inside gorgeous Milka; it really had; he could hardly believe such a thing had happened. Would there be any allusion to it when he went to buy his coffee that morning? Were Toma and Milka perhaps already at it? Was Milka taking advantage of Toma’s ‘morning wood’? Perhaps before even Toma was awake was Milka rolling one of those expensive ‘roobber johnnies’ down his apparently big penis; mounting him and riding ‘cowgirl’ style; perhaps frigging herself or playing with her breasts? Chris would not mind seeing that — Milka being fucked or rather fucking Toma and playing with herself.

He got out of bed and stood looking at the empty bed imagining standing in that upstairs room above the café, watching Milka bounce up and down, her ample and lovely pink-red tipped breasts on the move. He there as a reserve, a substitute; for when Toma flagged or rather came. Or just to be allowed to watch and wank. Chris walked to the bathroom. His erection strong.

Half-way through the morning Chris arose from his desk. ‘Just popping out for a coffee,’ he said to his colleague. Dave Masters hardly looked up. That was all Chris was really nipping out for; just a chance to sit quietly in the café and read some papers over a cappuccino. He was not expecting anything more. Not really. The bell made its usual ding sound and there she was, there behind the counter with her ready smile. Toma looked up and visibly winced.

“Cappuccino, or…” Milka turned as she spoke and looked at Toma and raised her eyebrow. It seemed to Chris his nod was as reluctant as it was slow in coming. She turned back, “You likes another fucking? I do.”

The raising of the wooden counter was an invitation to come behind and go up the stairs. Toma was stony faced as Chris walked past. Chris’ elation rising with his penis. He had not hoped to be doing this so soon again. He followed Milka up the stairs, his eyes upon her bottom in the plum coloured skirt. Had she knickers on underneath? It was almost tempting to put a hand up and find out. Take the liberty whilst Toma was watching from below. Tremendous excitement from the prospect of engaging with Milka again, but a certain something added by the thought of cuckolding the man below, the man with the bigger penis — the penis that had to be sheathed.

At the top of the stairs and through the door. What was Chris to say as Milka turned to him with her pretty smile? It came out. What was on his mind. “Have you this morning… with Toma?”

“Of course! Every morning. Today I sucks and Toma he use plastic penis.” A giggle. “Always hard and never come. You want see?”

Whether he did or not, Milka turned, popped into the bedroom and came back with a plastic dildo in her hand. One of those realistic ones, perhaps moulded from life, certainly it had all the detail, even balls. It was, of course, bigger than Chris’ penis. Perhaps bigger than Toma’s. He did not like to ask.

“Oh, right.” She had placed it in his hand. “Yes, very nice.” He did not quite know what to say. He felt awkward holding it — a firm, veiny and rather accurate (and big) cock. It was also very black.

“You want to try, Chris, you wants to fuck me with it before you fucks me with your prick. You be like Toma. Fucks me with the plastic penis whilst I sucks your… stiffy.” She giggled at the perhaps new-learnt word. ” Hurry, no clothes.”

Milka seemed to be anything but at a loss for words for penis!

He could not help glancing at the door to the stairs as he undressed. Exciting to strip whilst Milka watched: less pleasing the thought of Toma walking in on him.

“That good. I like naked man with big cock! You fucks me with plastic cock now.”

It was the way she moved and the pose she took, doing what they would call in the army ‘standing at ease,’ her feet apart, her legs forming a triangle beneath her plum skirt. Did she mean for him to fuck her with the dildo whilst she stood there? No knickers presumably. Quite something to raise the dildo to the vertical and bring it up, headfirst, beneath Milka’s skirt, holding it by its plastic balls. Had it been his own penis he would have had sensation to guide him — a lot of sensation from all those penile nerve endings! Perhaps not easy had Milka not been wet but, unsurprisingly, she was, and a hard penis or a hard penis shaped lump of plastic has no difficulty sliding into a vagina however misplaced within the woman’s sex. It slips the right way!

“Oh yes, I being filled! More, more!”

A few fucking motions and then Chris left the penis installed, to touch Milka’s wet flesh, to gently rub her swollen clitoris, to feel around where the dildo was inserted. Lovely softness, such smooth inner thighs, all such a sexual thing to be doing.

A few minutes before Chris had been in the office working on papers. Now he was stark bollock naked, heavily tumescent silivri escort and with another man’s clothed young wife. Very much a CFNM experience.

“We go to bed now. You take out plastic penis and put in your skin one.” The look on her face of excitement and pleasure, her half open mouth and her shoulders hunched up. A cat after the cream perhaps — thought the simile was not quite right. Milka would lap up Toma’s cream, not have it in her vagina. Different for Chris. Unlikely Milka would be lapping up his cream! That was not what she wanted. Perhaps better to see Milka as a cat on heat, moving sinuously as the tom cat approached.

Once more Chris was led by the penis into the bedroom. Across the road office workers going about their work. Girls on telephones, young men talking or bent over VDUs. None looking across the road and seeing a middle-aged naked man with sticking out erection beginning to undress a young fair-haired girl with pigtails. A pleasure just to undress a young woman even without the knowledge that you would be fucking her shortly. Lovely full breasts, very much hemispherical and topped with her little ruddy nipples. Hard of course. Were they ever anything else?

Chris undid the skirt and just let it drop. The two of them now naked together. His arms went out and he pulled her to him. Skin to skin, breast to breast and, of course, hard upright penis pressed strongly against fair curls and soft stomach. Milka’s lips found his, her tongue once again pushed into his mouth. What would Toma have thought if he had come up the stairs and seen them in such an embrace?

“I give you little suck. Not too much. I wants fucks from you and your cock. You comes in me like yesterday… and tomorrow maybe!” Her hand briefly touched Chris’ penis again. A little drawing up movement, drawing his foreskin upwards. And then she was on the bed, on all fours. “You sit top of bed, I suck: you fuck with plastic. Like Toma and me when we wakes.”

Amazing to position himself, back to the headboard and have Milka turn and back herself up the bed on all fours and lower her head. Above him, Milka’s sex so open, so revealed to him and, sticking out, the plastic dildo, the unattached balls looking rather incongruous. He reached up and held the embedded dildo. Only when he began to move it did Milka lower her head and he felt her lips closing over his penis, pushing his foreskin down with her tongue. She was lapping at his fraenum, giving little flicks across his urethral opening; all whilst he gently fucked her with the plastic dildo. To cum like that, to release in Milka’s mouth. Such a delight, such a thought — but she would be cross. He had to do the ‘fucks.’ Do what the lady wanted.

Too good. Chris released the penis and put his hands either side of Milka’s head and lifted her from him. She turned back and looked at him with eyes all round.

“I good?”

“Certainly, very good, Milka. Too good. I was about to cum in your mouth.”

A big grin, her lovely almost lop-sided grin, “No, not allowed today. Toma done that. Toma fill my mouth, I, how you say…” Milka motioned with her fingers, running them down her chin from either side of her mouth.

“You dribble?”

“Yes, I dribble.”

“You dribbled Toma’s cum?” Saying it was exciting.

Milka rocked her head from side to side grinning, “You thinks you could fill my mouth too full? Toma he have lots sperm. Big hairy balls full of cumming.” She reached down. “You have nice balls too. She lifted them and looked at the vasectomy scar. “Not hairy but, snip, snip!”

Chris was still moving the dildo. Milka bent her head again and kissed his penis. “Now we fucks.” She moved back down the bed but stayed on all fours. It was clear to Chris he was to take her from the rear. So good to get up and approach her on the bed, taking a quick peak at all the office workers opposite engaged in boring old work whilst he… How many of those men over there would rather be withdrawing a black plastic dildo from a pretty girl’s vagina preparatory to replacing it with their own fleshy cocks?

Chris reached down under her bare bottom and withdrew the dildo. It had been easier to insert than take out. Milka was holding onto it! Extracted and holding it in his hand he applied himself, a dipping of his hips, a little rub along a very wet, hot sex and then he poked himself in — up to the hilt, his thighs pressing against the softness of Milka’s bottom. So good to fuck. His cock sliding easily and so pleasurably within Milka. A glance to the doorway. Chris felt that for Toma to see Milka being fucked like that would be worse for the husband than simply seeing himself on top of Milka under the bed clothes as they had been the day before. Here the act of sexual intercourse was that much more graphically visible. Had Toma been at the doorway, with the two participants sideways on he could not have missed seeing Chris’ hard penis going in and out of his wife. What were Toma’s thoughts down in the café, was he fully occupied with customers or looking merter escort up at the ceiling as he was being cuckolded, unable to see what was happening. Was he hating it or finding it a relief some other man was helping him with his over-sexed wife?

Chris reached and diddled Milka’s clitoris. “Oh yes, Chris, I comes.”

A lovely shuddering from the girl, a real clamping upon his cock. He paused revelling in the way Milka was holding him with her perineal muscles. What a trick.

“Chris, that was good. I need much fucking. I needs men’s cocks. I come again soon; I think. Put plastic cock in my mouth.”

Of course, Chris had never done that. Shared a woman with one man in her mouth whilst the other pounded her from the rear. It was rather something to lean forward over her and present the business end of the still wet dildo to Milka’s face. Very odd to be holding it with his fingers wrapped around the black plastic shaft. Something, though, to see Milka’s mouth absorbing the big, rounded head. The idea of her tasting herself was another excitement. Released from her vagina, Chris began to move again. In the wardrobe mirror the sight of him fucking and Milka with the big black plastic penis in her mouth was quite something to see.

What a girl! He could feel her shuddering returning. For some women, like his ex-wife, it took a lot to get them to orgasm. Not Milka. Not Milka at all. How many times could she come in a day? How many times did she come in a day? A lot more than Chris or probably Toma could manage.

Out of the window, across the road, the office workers went about their tasks. No one was looking, not even the very pretty dark girl leaning back in her chair with hands behind her head, her chest stretching her blouse. She was not looking up but down, down at her computer monitor. Had she looked up might she have seen two shadowy figures in the room across the way, two figures engaged in sexual intercourse?

In out, in out; Chris’ thighs touching Milka’s bottom repeatedly. So soft, so feminine against him as he copulated with her.

A quiet ‘thump’ on the bed as Milka dropped the dildo from her mouth. “You comes now, Chris. Make baby — ha ha, no!”

The sudden feel of Milka’s hand upon his hanging balls, holding and fondling them brought Chris to his peak; moving at speed he felt Milka trembling beneath him and then he was coming, the ecstatic feeling of the spurting. Making baby — no, not at all.

Toma looked up as Chris came down the stairs. No smile of welcome but he did raise his hand and put up one finger, then another and a third, a quizzical expression on his face. Chris thought he got the message; thought he understood the question and raised two fingers, not in an Anglo-Saxon way, he assumed Toma was asking about Milka’s orgasms. There had been two. Toma nodded in reply, his face perhaps rather black, his shoulders seemed sagged, and went to make Chris a cup of coffee.

When Milka came down there was quite a bit of talk between them, with a glance in Chris direction as he sat there with his coffee. He wondered what they were saying. Was Toma asking about Chris’ prowess, what they had done or simply whether Milka was now satisfied or satiated?

The next day there were customers in the café and Chris sat down at his usual table to wait. Milka looked up as she handed a coffee to a young man and called across, “Your usual, Chris?” The young man did not see but Chris thought he saw Toma scowl. Terrible really to say ‘yes, please’ and be meaning he wanted to cuckold Toma once more rather than drink a frothy cappuccino. Milka knew, Toma knew, Chris knew: they all knew what was really meant. The young man did not.

How much better really the young man for Milka. Much more her age, probably with bigger penis and more virile but that was the point — Milka did not want virile in the sense of fertile. She wanted Chris’s spermless semen and seemingly plenty of it; perhaps a small cappuccino cup of the stuff — being realistic, maybe an expresso on a very good day! And perhaps Toma only tolerated the infidelity because he did not see Chris as a threat. Perhaps not even as a real man. An almost ball-less man. Perhaps he thought Chris’ balls had been chopped off or his testes extracted from their sack leaving just a cock and nothing beneath — an empty scrotum, an empty purse. A gelded man.

His cappuccino was brought over by Toma and not quite dropped on the table. More customers came in and it was not until Chris was half-way down his coffee cup that Milka said, “I go upstairs. You finish your coffee and then come.” He was more than happy to do as he was told. He watched Milka’s denim clad bottom climbing the stairs. As the door at the top closed his gaze dropped and there was Toma looking at him. It was not good to meet his eyes. The darkness in those deep-set eyes was not anger, Chris realised, but what seemed a sad acceptance of his situation. Surely he could not be ashamed of Milka’s desires or of his allowing Chris to cuckold him? It was hardly weakness mecidiyeköy escort on his part. Milka had said he did his best only… only she needed more. Chris turned to look out of the café window.

It was a somewhat odd feeling sitting there, drinking his morning coffee as he had done so many times before, watching the passers-by and yet thinking of Milka waiting upstairs. A last sip of the froth at the bottom of the cup and Chris stood. He took the empty cup to the counter and set it down. Toma looked at him and Chris waited. He did not feel he should simply open the hatch himself. He felt he should wait for permission. Would Toma let him through. It would be an acquiescence on his part, an acceptance that Chris was to go upstairs and fuck his wife. A few seconds past, and then Toma jerked his head upwards and opened the hatch. It made Chris feel a little better. He seemingly had Toma’s permission to go upstairs and fuck Milka. He did not look back as he climbed the stairs, but he felt a pair of eyes boring into his back.

No sign of Milka when he opened the door and stepped through. He looked around at the very domestic scene.

“I’m here,” called Milka from where Chris expected to find her — the bedroom.

Yesterday it had been Chris naked and Milka clothed — to start with. Quite the opposite today. Upon the bed Milka ‘disported’ herself. It was totally the right word. A sexual girl without shame or even a strip of gauze to hide her modesty (or anything else). She was lying upon the bed, her open legs towards the doorway, one knee up, the other down; arms stretched above her head giving her a look of surrender or perhaps the look of being bound; it was easy enough to imagine Milka tied by wrists and ankles.

Open legs and that lovely feminine divide revealed. Chris liked his women to be fairly natural though he would not have been upset had Milka shaved all of it off leaving a bare mound. Either way he would still have seen her crinkly lips poking up. Pink fleshy softness around the special entrance to her body — the place for him to inseminate; the place only he had inseminated moreover! So good to see her fair triangle so clearly, see it set in her round, womanly hips; lovely to see her flat tummy and its discrete little button; and above her rather flattened but still round breasts and pretty face with those adorable pigtails tied with ribbon.

Shaven or unshaven. Still so very sexual.

Milka smiled up at him and moved kittenishly upon the bed, a moving of thighs, a wriggling of her body. “You eats me first and then fucks.” Her pink tongue slipped out through her lips and slowly rotated. Chris wondered if she had ever done that to a girl. Certainly, he was more than happy to do that to her — more than happy indeed!

Good to kneel by the bed, good to lean forward and take a close look. The warmth seemed to radiate from her sex and the scent of aroused woman filled his nostrils. Was there perhaps something else — the smell of latex? Had Toma already been fucking her that morning? Well, at least he was not going to find male sexual fluid as well as female on his tongue! There was a lot to be said for Toma having to stay sheathed.

Closer and closer he came. Was Milka really quivering? He brought his head back a bit, letting his eyes focus. Yes, she really was. Amazing how worked up the girl got. Her pink flesh really was quivering and seemingly getting wetter. As he stared, fascinated, Milka moved her legs even wider apart opening her vagina. A very sexual sight with all it implied. Chris descended and his lips touched the wetness; just touched, so soft, so wet; and then slowly his tongue began to rotate following her outer lips around, keeping clear at first of her ‘little man.’ Of course, after a time, he dipped his tongue into her vagina, he swirled it and that caused a clamping of thighs around his ears and a real shuddering: not merely a quiver. First orgasm — but probably not the first of the day!

Released Chris continued his work, moving in upon Milka’s clitoris, gently pulling at it with his lips before massaging it with his tongue. A small thing, at least on the surface, but with such a big effect. Pulling at it with his lips, holding it between them and then just lightly caressing its tip with his tongue. Second orgasm and more flooding. Toma and she might have the expense of condoms but there was no requirement for spending their earnings from the café on bottles of vaginal lubricant! Chris rather felt he was drinking her. It was rather different from his morning cappuccino.

Finally, Chris stood up, a glance at the wardrobe mirror showed him to be just a little red faced — and wet at that.

“You good, Chris, not as good as Toma. He have long tongue.”

He did not mind at all being compared to Toma — he of the bigger penis, bigger and hairier balls (and seemingly greater content) and longer tongue. The man was younger, fitter and Milka’s husband after all. She should take pride in him. Better than him in almost all ways. Chris knew his real attribute was nothing to do with him and everything to do with a doctor and a nurse and a scalpel. And it was that attribute he could now bring into play. That attribute that gave him access to Milka’s sex. Lovely to stare down at the young girl as he undressed. Wonderful to stand there naked and erect knowing he was about to fuck her. Three days in a row — it was becoming something of a habit.

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