The Cabin Ch. 02

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Author’s Note:

I really appreciate the feedback, both positive and negative, that I received on Chapter One and I thank you one and all.

Please keep in mind that I don’t have an editor so I’m doing the best that I can.

I know that I said this was a three-chapter story but there could be a forth depending the flow of the story.

Either way, enjoy the latest…



I pointed the car east on I-20/59 and honestly did my best to concentrate on the road for the first fifteen minutes or so of the trip. Birmingham was an hour and a half away and I had planned on stopping there for lunch, but Kari had other plans and it was a guy’s worst nightmare. She wanted to talk.

“No questions?” she asked, turning down the radio and looking over at me.

“Tons, but honestly Kari, I have no idea where to start. Do I ask when you lost your mind, where you lost your mind or what caused you to lose your mind?”

“I can ask those same questions smartass, but I need to tell you that your kiss was amazing. I haven’t been kissed like that in years.”

“Really? I didn’t know all the men in Mobile were gay. Surely there has got to be one straight guy in the city that isn’t living in his mommy’s basement.”

“There is one but he’s away at college, so I had to go after him. Honestly, you want me to answer those questions. When? When I caught a glimpse of you walking out of the bathroom after a shower, wrapped in a towel and dripping wet. Where? This past July when we were at the cabin for our family vacation. What caused it? When I realized my fingers and my vibrator weren’t going to cut it anymore and I had to go after the real thing.”

“Holy shit! I’m, I’m not, really, hang on a sec. I need to set the cruise control before I get a ticket for 90 in a 70.” I sputtered.

I set the cruise at a safe and reasonably sane 80 and tried to collect my thoughts. Here I was cruising down the interstate, talking to my aunt about her wanting to bang my brains out. To say it was surreal was an understatement. We were past surreal, and we were knee-deep in the Twilight Zone. This was my Aunt Kari, this was the aunt that had shown me how to slow dance for my prom. This was the aunt who had given me the courage to ask a girl out on my first date by telling me she wasn’t my mom, so I should listen when she said I was good looking, smart and funny. This was the woman that every one of my high school friends use to drool over. (I made a mental note to get kill those sick bastards, burn their bones and salt the ground they were buried in one day.) This was my aunt for fuck’s sake. I wasn’t supposed to be thinking about screwing her brains out but here I was; killing it.

“Okay, look, I can handle a lot of things. Honestly, I’m a big boy now.”

“I noticed that when I saw your abs and pecs.”

“Thanks, what I’m saying…”

“When did you notice I was a woman.”

“Huh? What?”

“When did you notice I was a woman?”


“Really?” she rolled her eyes at me. “Those bikinis by the pool at your mom’s house had no effect huh?”

“Nope.” I lied.

“Not even a little bit.” she purred looking at me as demurely as she possibly could.

“Nope.” I lied again.

Her laughter rolled through the car.

“Oh Baby, don’t ever play poker. Ever. You are the world’s worst liar.”

I got pissed!

“Alright Kari, you want to know the truth? Between me, Steve and Robert (my best friends in high school) you and your bikinis probably filled up more socks with teenaged cum than half the porn stars we watched on the internet. They would have found a reason to sit by the pool and wait for you to show up in your bikini if they had to sit through a hurricane to do it. Me? I didn’t have to find a reason, that was the summer you stayed at our house to save money for your first apartment after college. I saw you strutting around half-dressed so often that I almost got used to it. Almost. I’m also damn near positive that you were the reason dad was home so much that summer; even mom mentioned it to him. There, feel better?”

“Much thank you. I was beginning to think I was losing you for a minute.” Then she paused for a minute. “Really? Your dad? My brother-in-law?”

“Yes. Mom got kind of pissed after you left because dad went from straight nine to five to more like eight to six-thirty. After Labor Day she said, ‘Well maybe if Kari came back you would be home more often.’ I’m no expert but if the diamond earrings he got her right after that are any indication, she was right.”

She giggled then said, “Really? As sweet as that is, he wasn’t the Davidson I was going after. But seriously? Richard? Really? That adds a whole new concept to “Thank you Daddy!”

“Don’t even go there! But don’t worry, decrepit as you may be, you won me back with that little black dress on Halloween. You were damn near hot enough to melt gold in that thing.”

She laughed, then she punched the shit out of keçiören escort my right arm!

“THAT is for calling me decrepit. I can say that; you can’t, and thank you, hot enough to melt gold was the look I was going for. It’s too bad no one recognized it after we left the bar.” she said as she slumped back down into her seat, “Honestly, meeting you guys at the bar was an accident. A total accident. Susan suggested it and since she was the bride to be she won out. Seeing you there with your friends and being able to tease the shit out of you all was a bonus that I wasn’t going to walk away from. And speaking of teasing, there is something you should know about that dress.”


“I wasn’t wearing anything underneath it. Nothing. Nothing at all.” she said smiling up at me.

It took everything I had to concentrate on the road and not the raging hard-on that had suddenly appeared in my jeans. I swerved to the right while I was staring at her.

She squealed saying “Watch the road Silly! If you can’t handle this there is no way that you’ll be able to handle the rest of our time alone!’

She paused for a minute and said “I tell you what Derrick, you think about that for a little while. I’m going to curl up and take a nap. I’ve been up since three packing and driving up to get you. Wake me up when we stop for lunch.” And with that, she turned away, sort of curled up and dozed off leaving me wondering just exactly what I had gotten myself into.

I kept glancing over at her every few minutes and the thoughts running through my mind were unbelievable. If she were a co-ed at school, I would have crawled across broken glass for a shot at her. If she had been one of my high school girlfriends I would still be living in Mobile trying to figure out how to tell mom and dad that I had knocked up a cheerleader. With her looks alone, she had silenced two of my three friends at school by just walking up to our booth at the bar. And she was coming after me like a force of nature that I wasn’t prepared to deal with. If she weren’t my aunt, we wouldn’t have made it past the first Holiday Inn Express we had passed.

But she was my aunt and what she was suggesting, however appealing, was wrong. Or at least I had been taught that it was wrong. I’m pretty sure, reasonably so anyway, that somewhere in the Bible it says “Thou shalt not boink thy Aunt.” I don’t know, it had been a long while since I had read the Thou Shalt Not parts but I’m pretty sure it was in there. Somewhere.

We blew through Birmingham and Kari was sleeping so soundly that I didn’t have the heart to wake her up. Please don’t think I had succumb to some misguided sense of chivalry. There was another reason.

When she had gone to sleep she had twisted away from me and sort of curled up into a little ball. Her position gave me an unobstructed view of her ass wrapped in the jean material of her skirt. Every so often she would wiggle or shift around, and the skirt would ride up another quarter inch or so. By the time we hit Birmingham I could just make out the curve of the cheeks of the bottom of her ass. I had just gotten use to that when I suddenly realized that if I could see her ass cheeks, she might not be wearing panties. So, stomach growling, and the hopes that my questions about her underwear choices might be answered, I pressed on until we hit Fort Payne.

“Hey Beautiful, time to wake up.” I said as we pulled off the interstate and into the parking lot of some chain steak house. Kari scooted up in her seat and looked at me with some seriously sleepy eyes.

“Where are we?” she asked yawning.

“Fort Payne, the home of the group Alabama.”

“Cool. Maybe I can get an autograph.” she said as she stretched her arms over the back of the seat.

That innocent stretch had a profound effect on two things. First it stretched the tank top she was wearing to the breaking point and I saw her nipples outlined in the tight material. Secondly it caused the chubby I had been sporting for the better part of three hours to go into overdrive. She had no idea what she had done to me or at least I don’t think she did; I wasn’t too sure about anything anymore. Still, she looked amazingly cute and innocent stretched out like that. I couldn’t help but admire her form and wonder what she was really like underneath the clothes; aunt or not.

Two over-priced hamburgers, some steak fries, a couple of Cokes, a quick trip to a gas station and we were back on the road. Thankfully for my bulging crotch, the rest of our small talk for the next five hours was us basically catching up with each other, family gossip, her job and my education. She was somewhat happy that I had a 3.35 GPA and hadn’t “pissed away a year and a half chasing pussy and drinking beer.” I was amazed that a Project Manager could command a six-figure salary, especially one who had only been out of college for four years; maybe I needed to change my major.

Thanks to a traffic accident keçiören escort bayan in Chattanooga and rush hour traffic in Knoxville it was 6:30 p.m. before we stopped in Sevierville, Tennessee for dinner at another steak house. As we ate Kari started playing footsies under the table with me. At first, I thought it was an honest mistake and she had simply bumped my leg with her foot, but she kept going with it. I almost choked on my Coke when I realized what she was doing and then I looked across the table at her. The smile on her face and wink she gave me said that she was enjoying every moment of teasing me in public.

She excused herself as the check arrived and went to the restroom. I was just signing the receipt when she re-appeared and told me that we needed to stop at the grocery store on the way up to the cabin, so she could grab stuff for breakfast in the morning. Then she went on to explain that we would do the heavy grocery shopping later tomorrow.

“How does French Toast, bacon, OJ and coffee sound for breakfast? It’s fast and easy and it won’t take me five minutes to grab the stuff for it.” she said as we walked to the car.

“Sounds great!” I honestly replied. After months of cafeteria food, a home cooked meal would be awesome.

“You know, if I’d known you were this easy I would have said Frosted Flakes and coffee.” she laughed as we got to the car.

I opened the door for her but before she climbed in she wrapped her arms around my waist and placed her hands into the back pockets of my jeans and giving my ass a quick squeeze she rested her head on my chest and said “Regrets?”

“None so far but honestly, I’ve still got a shit ton of questions.”

“As do I Derrick. I’m just hoping I haven’t scarred you to the point that you think I’m a slut for the way I’m acting.”



“You are not a slut. Don’t ever use those word to describe yourself in front of me again. Ever. Do you understand me?”

She looked up at me.

“Okay.” she responded with a wide-eyed look and a smile on her lips.

Ten minutes later we pulled into the parking lot at the local Kroger and Kari jumped out.

“Wait here, I won’t be five minutes.” Kari said as she bounced out of the car.


“Oh, I left something for you in your back pocket when I hugged you at the restaurant. It’s so little you probably didn’t realize it was there.” and with that she turned around and walked into the store.

I sat there for all of .5 seconds before I reached into my right hip pocket and pulled out nothing. I reached into my left hip pocket and pulled out a very small lacy blue thong. She must have slipped them off when she went to the restroom at the restaurant.

Perverted as it was, my first reaction was to bring it to my nose and sniff them. I was in Heaven. That sweet musky aroma was one I will remember for the rest of my life. Then the sixteen year-old in me took over, and I was smiling like the Cheshire Cat as I looped them over the rearview mirror of her car.

If she wanted to play, so could I. What was she going to do? She gave them to me and if she was going to go this far, I was going to take full advantage of it. To the victor goes the spoils and the right to display them as he so desires.

I looked up at the windshield and noticed that it was starting to drizzle. I love Tennessee in the Autumn, it can be sunny and warm one minute and cold and rainy the next. The locals here claim that if you don’t like the weather, you can stick around for ten minutes and it will change. Experience has proven them right.

Kari came out of the store in a trot and dropped the groceries in the backseat. Climbing in she took one look at the new adornment on the mirror and laughing she said, “Oh Lord!” She started to reach for them and I grabbed her hand saying, “Nope. You gave them to me and I get to decide who knows it.”

She smiled and responded with “Okay, but they come off there on Wednesday. If my mom or your mom see them I won’t be allowed within five hundred yards of you until the restraining order is lifted.”

“Deal.” I said, giving her a light peck on the lips “But I turn twenty-one in February, so you won’t have to wait all that long.”

Seriously, I had won a small victory in the tease game and I was going to take full advantage of it.

Then I realized I was still holding her hand, and I kept holding it. It felt right so I squeezed it just a little bit harder and she returned the squeeze with a small grin on her lips. I couldn’t believe how natural holding her hand felt. It was so warm and so small, and it fit into mine perfectly. I knew I wasn’t going to let go until I had to, so I brought the back of her hand to my lips kissed her knuckles. Her smile lit up the inside of the car. Still holding her hand, I put the car in reverse and backed out of the parking spot.

About twenty minutes later we turned onto the driveway of the cabin. I escort keçiören pulled the car into the garage and telling Kari to grab the groceries I went for the luggage. The drizzle had turned into a slow steady rain and I was grateful that the place had a garage. (I’m a nice guy and all but getting drenched while trying to be a gentleman would have sucked. Seriously, do you think I’m kidding? Ladies, I don’t care who he is; ask him, I promise you, he’s thought the same thing.)

I walked into the cabin with four bags perched precariously on top of one another and saw Kari standing by the thermostat in the Great Room wondering why the heater going. She looked cute with her head cocked at an angle and a blank look on her face. If I hadn’t been subjected to her teasing over the past month I would have sworn that she was almost innocent.

“What’s wrong?”

“Why is it running?” she asked innocently.

“The lawn company has a set of keys and the alarm code. Before we come up Grandpa calls them, and they fire up the heat or AC and clean up the hot tub.”

“Oh, I never knew. Of course, I never cared to ask either, anyway at least we won’t freeze to death tonight.” Kari said, seemingly relieved that we would have heat.

“Yep, my sweet little Southern Magnolia Blossom.” I thought to myself. Anything below seventy classified as winter to anyone in Mobile. Tonight, it was dropping into the upper thirties, secretly I was glad the heat was already on.

“Tell you what.” I said. “If you can manage to put the bags in our rooms, I’ll see if I can get the hot-tub and firepit going. If nothing else, we can have at least one or two relaxing evenings here before the old people show up.”

“Done! The groceries are on the island in the kitchen, but your bag will be with mine in the Master Bedroom.”

I was smiling as I made my way to the kitchen. I put the eggs, bacon, OJ and milk in the fridge and tossed the cinnamon, nutmeg, maple syrup and bread on the counter. Then I noticed that there was a bottle of wine in the bags that she had carried into the house. I went to grab it when I saw what else was in that bag. There was a box of condoms and a small tube of lube. My heart stopped, and my breathing got really ragged.

I’m not joking. I know, you’d think I’m a suave and debonair lover who can pretty much make panties drop with the mere mention of my name, but truth be told, I’m a college guy who has struck out more times than I care to think about. You could have counted the number of successful conquests I had up to that point on one hand and you would have two fingers left. (Well one if you counted Heather Simpson in the 11th grade but everybody counted Heather so that one didn’t really count.) I was literally dumbstruck.

Until I saw the condoms there was some small part of me that still believed that this was all an elaborate ruse by Kari to see just how far my Sunday School classes had gone. Then I came to the realization that maybe, just maybe, my aunt really wanted me to fuck her. Honestly, it was all just a bit much.

Grabbing the entire bag and a couple of wine glasses, I slipped onto the back porch and got the hot tub going. Again, the lawn company guys had done their thing with the hot tub because the water had been changed out and balanced and the heater was already running in it. Once it was flowing I turned my attention to the firepit and when it had started to heat up the air and I figured “Why not? Let’s go for broke. What is the worst that can happen?”

This was my plan.

I would pour two glasses of, what was it? I would pour two glasses of Cupcake Moscato, set them on the edge of the hot tub, strip down to my birthday suit, then get in the hot tub and then when Kari appeared, wave a glass of the vino at her with my best Matt Damon toast and invite her to join me.

This is what happened.

I poured the wine and managed to set it on the edge of the hot tub without spilling any. Then I kicked off my shoes and socks and was just peeling my shirt over my head when I heard a cough. I wheeled around at the sound, lost my balance, stumbled back and pitched head over heels backwards into the hot tub. Like I said before, I’m the living embodiment of sexual experience and suave demeanor.

All I remember was a huge splash followed by me swallowing enormous amounts of water and Kari screaming “OH MY GOD! DERRICK! ARE YOU ALL RIGHT?” as she ran toward the tub.

I sat up sputtering, trying to retain what little dignity I could muster while fighting my shirt at the same time. Once I had ripped it off over my head and tossed it onto the deck I said “Yep, I’m good.” Believe it or not, the two glasses of wine that I poured were still exactly where I’d left them! I had finally caught a break!

I propped my arms up on the sides of the tub and reached for a glass of wine and in my best cool guy voice said, “The water is perfect. You should join me.”

Kari stood in front of me wearing a really fluffy white robe and carrying another across her right arm. She placed that one on the bench beside the hot tub and then looked at me smirking.

“Really dude, you’re in the hot tub with your jeans on?”

“Umm. It’s a thing?” I said hopefully.

“It’s a thing?”

“I never said it was a good thing.”

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