The Cabin

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It was a Friday night after a long work week. Laura and her husband Mike were coming over to our house for dinner with us. We were talking about everything and eventually, we were talking about Lush. We were talking about our friends that we had talked with, and we all thought of Mark. We had discussed how well we had gotten to know each other. Both in real life and our shared fantasies.“Why don’t we invite him to the cabin some weekend for some fun?” Rob suggested.“Really? Are you sure?” I asked.“Yes, why not. We have all talked to him and know him. We could get to know each other a little better. ““Okay,” we all said together. We finished the night with drinks outside by the firepit.Mmm. My mind went into overdrive the rest of the night thinking up all kinds of fun things to do with him. I thought about it daily for a few weeks. Rob benefitted from my fantasies the whole time. I was a horny mess. Rob certainly wasn’t complaining. Laura didn’t help much either. She just added fuel to my burning desire.It was Sunday night, and we were getting settled in for another work week when Rob asked if I was okay if he, Mike, and the guys went to Florida next week for a golf outing. “No honey. I don’t mind. I could take Laura and go up to camp that weekend for some rest and relaxation.”  I called Laura and she was all in for a weekend away. We had plans to do a lot that weekend.That night I had a dream that I asked Mark if he would like to go to camp with us. I asked Laura what she thought about it. She was all for it. I decided to give him a call and see if he was interested in getting together.“Hey stud. How are you doing?”“I’m doing good, Hun. What do I owe the pleasure of hearing your sexy voice?”“Well, Rob suggested inviting you to go up to camp with us next weekend. Would you be interested? There is plenty of room. We have three bedrooms in the cabin,” I said.“Really? Yes, I’d like to get away for the weekend. That sounds great.”“Yes, really. How about you drive up here on Friday to meet us and we’ll take you to camp with us,” I said. I never told him the guys were going to be in Florida. I guess he thought the guys were going with us because he never asked.“Tell Rob thanks for the invite, it will be a great way to get to know each other better. I’ll see you Friday, sexy.”“Yes, you will,” I replied.Mark was parking his car when I pulled in beside him with Laura with me. When he saw us, he looked a little shocked to see both of us. He did have a smile on his face though. But the look of ‘Is this real?’ he had on his face was priceless.We loaded his bags into my car. I was driving and Laura told him to take the front while she jumped into the back seat. We were off on our 40-minute drive. We were talking about all kinds of things.“Are Rob and Mike meeting us up at camp?” Mark asked.“They went golfing for the week to play with their balls. So, we brought you to play with yours,” Laura replied. We both looked at you and smiled. Then, I put my hand on Mark’s thigh and winked at him. I could tell by just looking at him that he had no idea what was in store for him. When we got to the cabin, we unloaded our bags from the car and headed in.“Where should I put my bags?” Mark asked.“You will not need them. But you can put them in the third bedroom for now. That’s yours. Laura is in one and I am in the other one,” I said. He looked puzzled but went to put them away. He came back out and looked around the cabin. “Can you build a fire in the fireplace to make it warm and cozy in here for us?”While he got the fire started, I helped Laura with dinner for us. We opened a bottle of wine and polished it off before dinner. Laura lit some candles and we sat down to have a nice dinner. We were having fun and relaxed during dinner. The wine and conversations flowed freely from work to politics and eventually sex.Mark was sitting across from me, and I was running my bare foot up and down his crotch. I could feel it growing in his tight jeans. Laura didn’t Esenyurt escort see what I was doing, and she would be jealous if she did. He would get lost in his thoughts and became very distracted at times thanks to my teasing.“Do Rob and Mike know I’m here with you two lovely ladies?” Mark asked.“They gave their blessing for us to show you an enjoyable time,” we replied. Mark almost choked on his wine when he heard that. Laura looked at me and we both giggled. When we finished dinner and socializing together, we got up and Mark offered to help clean up. I walked up to him and took his face in my hands and looked into his eyes.“Go take a shower. Laura and I will clean up. You’re our guest. By the way, I hung a robe in your bathroom for you to wear. Now go,” I said. When he turned and walked away, I gave his butt a little love tap.Laura and I finished cleaning up. We threw a few more logs on the fire, turned down the lights, and lit a few candles. We also iced down another bottle of wine that Mark brought with him. After that, we headed to our rooms to take a shower too. I took a quick shower, dried off, and put on my silk panties and my robe. I walked out to see Mark sitting on the couch by the fire. He looked so sexy in just that robe. I poured three glasses of wine, took two with me, and sat next to him on the couch. We sat the glasses down and I looked into his eyes, put my hands on his face, and pulled him into a kiss. It was passionate, emotional and would set the tone for the long weekend.Laura came out from her room, grabbed her glass of wine, and sat on the other side of Mark. She wasn’t as close to him as I was. She slipped her legs up and put her feet on Mark’s lap. Her robe opened at her thighs, and he began to rub her feet. We were all so relaxed as we joked, talked, and drank our wine. I watched as Mark began running his hand further up and down Laura’s leg. She opened her robe a little more and soon she melted by his touch.I could see Mark’s excitement growing as it pushed up his robe. I reached over and began to stoke it. His hand roamed further up Laura’s leg to find what they were both wanting and dreaming about. Laura was in heaven as Mark’s finger slid in and out of her.I stood up in front of them, opened my robe, and took my panties off so he could see all of me. I dropped between his legs and opened his robe. I licked and sucked his cock. It tasted so good as I licked and stroked it. I was making it harder than ever. Laura got up on her knees and started kissing Mark as he kept fingering her pussy. Laura had her first orgasm from just from his fingers. He was getting harder, and I knew he was close to blowing his load as well. I took my panties and wrapped them around his throbbing cock as I licked his balls. Laura bucked her body and moaned in his mouth as she orgasmed again. All that stimulation was too much for Mark as he let loose and exploded into my silk panties that I wrapped around his cock.Mark’s cock was still hard and slippery, so I got up and mounted him. He felt so good as my pussy wrapped around his cock while I rode up and down on him. I wrapped my arms around him, and I relished every inch of him. Laura was watching and began nibbling his neck. Then, it happened. I lost all control and I squirted all over his cock. Just as I did that, I felt his cock throb and pump another load of cum deep in my hungry pussy. Wave after wave of my orgasm ran through my body until I was exhausted. I fell into his arms and rested on his chest as he cuddled with Laura. We dozed off and when we awoke, we took him back to my bedroom where we fell asleep. Mark was between Laura and me.The next morning, I woke up in bed alone and wondered where they were. Then, I heard the shower running. Moans of pleasure echoed from the bathroom. I looked in and saw that Mark had Laura against the shower wall. Her legs were wrapped around him as he drilled her. It was hard to see everything through Etiler escort bayan the steam. I didn’t want to be seen but, I was wishing that it were me getting drilled and not Laura.I decided to go start breakfast for all of us and let them enjoy their moment together. About a half-hour later, they both came out wearing their robes and a big smile. Nothing was said about what they did but, Laura gave me a thumbs up to let me know how the shower sex was.We ate breakfast and decided to go horseback riding. We took Mark to our favorite place that rented horses. Anna was a young college girl working at the stables. She asked where Rob and Mike were. She had the hots for both our guys. They have a thing for her too. I told her they went golfing for the week, so we brought a good friend with us to give him a hot weekend. She looked Mark up and down, licked her lips, and gave him a wink.“Anything you need, just let me know. Anything,” Anna said.“Wow, was she coming on to Mark?” I thought to myself. We rode off joking with Mark that Anna was coming on to him. Laura asked if he wanted to trade up and spend the rest of the weekend with her.“No, I’m good. You two are more than enough for me.”  Of course, he would say that. He knows just what to say to make a girl’s panties wet.We rode for a couple more hours before we headed to one of our local watering holes for dinner and drinks. I decided to only have one. I let Mark and Laura continue to pound them down. It was about midnight, and we left for the cabin. I drove while Mark and Laura made out in the backseat like horny teenagers. They both still had their clothes on, but the windows were fogging up from all the heat.Once we got there, I had to help both in. Laura fell onto the couch and fell asleep instantly. I led Mark to his room, stripped him down to his boxers, and put him to bed. I checked on Laura one last time before I headed to bed. Alone. “Damn it, I really wanted Mark tonight. Laura had him this morning,” I thought to myself. I had a pang of jealousy for just a moment. I went to bed horny and frustrated.I woke up Saturday morning to Mark crawling in my bed and spooning against me. I felt his hard cock pushing against my ass as he kissed and licked the back of my neck sending goosebumps all over. When he finished, he pulled up the covers and crawled between my legs to use his talented tongue on me. He brought me to orgasm twice before he put a pillow under my ass, grabbed my ankles and spread them high in the air, and stuck his morning wood deep in me. He pounded me like a wild horse, and I could feel every inch of him, thrusting deep in me.I felt a presence in the room like we were being watched. I glanced at the door and saw Laura peeking in, and she was rubbing herself. We locked eyes with each other, but Mark was unaware of Laura watching us. I felt Mark tense up and he exploded in me without any warning. His warm cum flooded me and his animal ways took over. He gave me everything he had and more. His balls slapped off me and his moans of pleasure were loud and defined. They almost equaled my moaning. Laura just stood there loving the show without Mark knowing she was there. She tasted herself and then quietly closed the door as Mark collapsed on me. We laid in bed, sweaty and exhausted for a while before I felt his cock sliding out of me. His seed dripping out. I suggested that we take a shower. We jumped in the hot shower, washing each other, kissing, and holding each other close.Mark was holding me as he looked in my eyes. “What happened last night?”“You don’t remember?” I asked him, laughing.“I’m a little hazy about what happened once we got back here from the bar.”“I guess I’ll let you think about what did or did not happen last night.”We got out of the shower and dried each other off. When we finished drying off, we got dressed and walked out to get some breakfast. Laura was in the kitchen cooking breakfast for all of us. Laura Escort Eyüp looked at me and winked.“I’m sure you’re hungry after your workout this morning,” she said with a grin. Mark blushed and turned red in the face, but he didn’t say anything.“I’m famished. I did work up an appetite this morning,” I replied.We ate and talked about what we might do today. It was a beautiful sunny morning outside.“Why don’t we take a hike in the woods?” Mark suggested. We all agreed. We could show Mark all around the property.“What are we going to do tonight?” Laura asked in a devious way with a wicked smile.“Let’s pick the pills and see what gets picked.”  It is a game we sometimes do to decide what the pleasure would be for the evening. Laura pulled out the pills, mixed them up like dice, and told Mark to pick one. He pulled one out and it said ‘slave and master’ on it. Well, since there were three of us, there would be one master and two slaves. We had to draw cards. The highest would be master.We explained to Mark that whatever the master says must be done without question and cannot be refused. I was nervous and excited at the same time. If Mark were master, what would he make me do or do to me? We drew cards and Laura got the highest, so she was the master. She looked at Mark and smiled.“Go put on some shorts and leave your underwear here. I like my slaves to go commando,” she said. In a flash, he was off to change. Laura took my hand and led me to the bedroom. “Take off your shorts and underwear.”  She pulled out a small anal plug, lubed it up, and bent me over to stick it in my ass. “Don’t take it out. Now, get dressed for our hike.”Laura loved playing, master and slave. But she is profoundly serious when she is either. Nothing is ever off the table with her when she is a slave. So, I wasn’t sure what to expect from her now that she is master.I walked back into the kitchen just as Laura was reaching up the leg of Mark’s silky shorts. She held on to his balls. “These belong to me. Do you understand?” She said sternly.“Yes,” he replied.“IT’S YES MASTER,” she said as she gave them a squeeze. I notice that Mark winced a little. Then she asked you again.“Yes master,” he said as I looked at Mark and could tell he was unsure of this.We headed out for our hike. After a while, Laura pulled out her video camera. She was going to tape our day for Rob and Mike to see. She told us to hold hands as we walked through the dirt path. Then she had us turn, hold each other, and give a long passionate kiss. Laura made me drop to my knees and slide the leg of Mark’s silky shorts to reveal his hard cock. She ordered me to make love to it. To take as much of Mark’s cock down my throat as I could.“Don’t cum when she sucks that beautiful cock. Or you will be sorry. I want Rob to see us and for Mike to wish it were him,” she said. She stopped us when she saw Mark was getting close. She handed me the camera to shoot her and Mark. She held Mark’s cock, dripping in saliva and she was looking directly at the camera while she spoke towards Rob and Mike. “While you guys hold onto your driver and play with your balls, I will hold stiff this shaft is and see how big these balls are.”Laura began stroking his cock with one hand and fondled his balls with the other. I was getting turned on watching her bring Mark to the edge. I was right there with him. I wanted to cum too. Before she got Mark past the point of no return she stopped and told him she would continue this later. I was slightly disappointed because I was close too.We continued our walk through the woods. Mark was between us. We were all holding hands. We had an exciting time by the lake, laughing and joking all day. The day seemed normal, and I thought Laura had given up her role-playing until we ran into Anna. She was the college girl from the stables where we rode horses. She was mesmerized by Mark that day. We had a good laugh teasing him afterwards. She was focused only on him today as we talked. I noticed that she was occasionally looking down at his silky shorts. I couldn’t blame her. He was commando and sporting a semi-hard bulge that was hard not to notice. We talked a little more before we parted ways. I took Mark’s hand and we walked away first. As we did, I noticed Laura slip her something.

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