The Bus Journey Ch. 02

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This is the second chapter… I would advise you to read the first before this one as that was the build up to this story.

Okay, so if you have read the first part of this story you will know that for the last two months I have been slowly and exquisitely tortured by a young beauty sitting silently and yet erotically next to me on our bus ride to campus. Let me continue from where the bus pulled into campus, the first day when I heard her voice and felt her touch for the first time…

Her fingers continued to probe gently under my hairline. I could feel her fingertips tracing through the fine baby hairs at the back of my neck as they tingled and stood on end. I shuddered. I took a nervous look around, thinking “God, I hope nobody could see this!” A couple behind were chatting and across the aisle, an elderly lady was reading a book and behind her a man was staring out of the window, his eyes glazed, thinking far away thoughts. We were being blissfully ignored, so I let my head drop backwards, closed my eyes, relaxed and enjoyed the sensations. How long this continued for I do not know, was it seconds, or minutes? I have no idea. I had been moved to a higher level of consciousness; all that mattered was the feather touch of her fingertips and the pulses that they created.

The bus began pulling on its brakes and I jolted up, realising we were approaching the drop off point. I began collecting up my folder and books and eased out of the seat, walking towards the front of the bus as it was slowing down. I seized this opportunity to walk as seductively as I could. I swung my hips out and arched my back, making my ass jut out slightly at the back. I was putting on an act for her and I prayed that she was watching and enjoying the show. The bus ground to a halt and the doors swung open. I hopped down the step and instead of automatically walking off to the left. I turned to face the bus and stood, waiting. She bounded down the steps, grinning and seemed to bounce the four or five paces between the bus and myself. My eyes lowered to the floor, unsure of what to say.

I could feel her close to me and lifted my head to see her gazing into my eyes, with her pale blue’s sparkling, so alive and mischievous. Her arm extended and she linked it into my as she started to walk. I could do nothing but follow along with her as if we had been close friends for years! We, skipped is the only word to describe it, off to the right, towards the science blocks.

” Hello baby, I’m Gemma by the way.” she giggled, “You do want to come with me, don’t you?” she said as she suddenly stopped walking.

“Err Hello Gemma, I am Stacey, Stacey Williams, errm I need to get to class, and its over the other side of the campus.”

“Well, hello Stacey Williams!” she laughed, and I grimaced in embarrassment, realising how formal I was being. “Its okay.” she said gripping my arm tightly against hers. I then realised our arms were still entwined and I couldn’t stop myself extending my hand up so my fingers brushed against her bare defined bicep. I couldn’t help but let my fingers feel the muscles, squeezing and caressing her there before realising she was still talking but smirking at me in amusement. My mind had blocked out any other senses other than that of the feel of her warmth against me, her skin against mine. van escort “What is happening to me?”

” Yes, I couldn’t help myself earlier, I so needed to touch you too.” She said in answer to my still moving fingers.

“I am just going to show you where I will be at lunch, I’d like to meet you there so we can have a proper chat… If you want to of course?” she added

I looked into her eyes and smiled. A smile that must have said it all and she gripped my arm again and off we walked. It was an area of the campus I had not been before, no need as I was not taking any science classes. I was impressed; there were some gorgeous Art Deco sculptures out in front of the main buildings. I took in the new surroundings with interest and we past through that section and down a little enclosed walkway, we entered out into a beautiful courtyard, filled with blooming flowerbeds and Weeping Willow trees.

“Meet me here at one!” she smiled and with that turned, and skipped off, her mini skirt flipping up baring her pure white thighs to me as she leaves me standing there, staring after her.

I look at my watch and realise I have 5 minutes to get to class; “I am going to be SO late!”

The lecturer is so pissed at me, class had begun and the door closed by the time I got over to my side of the campus and I had to shuffle in & sit at the back, apologising as I went. He did not look happy. It didn’t help that my mind kept wandering all through his lecture. I was thinking of Gemma, “Gemma!” it sounds so strange to be saying her name, a name until an hour ago I had not known. I wondered what we would talk about, whether she would touch me again. Oh how I longed to feel her fingers caressing me again. “I wish that damn clock would move!” I shouted in my head. The lecturer had obviously seen me daydreaming and spent the rest of the lesson picking on me to answer mindless questions. Oh how I longed for one o’clock.

When it came, I literally sprinted from the classroom and out across campus. I found the spot easily enough and entered the courtyard and looked around for Gemma. The place was so crowded, groups crowed around benches chatting and loudly sharing jokes, students lounged around on the grass, snacking at sandwiches and cola. Under the Weeping Willows groups of girls sat idly gossiping amongst themselves. There I saw Gemma. She was sat with a group of girls under one of the Weeping Willows, she was laughing at some joke or other, pulling her head back in a show of natural laughter.

She must have seen me from the corner of her eye and waved me over. This was going to be difficult, I had expected we would be alone!

Gemma quickly introduced me to her friends, telling them we’d been friends since high school and they all easily made me feel welcome immediately. I sat back on the grass next to Gemma and relaxed a little. This was nice, not what I had been daydreaming about at all, but it was nice all the same. Gemma learned back, stretched out so that she was lying stretched full out on the grass, propping herself up on her elbows and leaning slightly so that she was nearly touching me. I could feel her body heat between us; we were that close and it was hard to keep my mind on the conversations of the group. Gemma idly passed me her can of coke, asking if I wanted some and giving yalova escort me a sly look as she said it. She licked her lips and brought the can up to my mouth, fully aware that she had had her own sweet lips there only seconds earlier. I looked down at the can looming towards my mouth and I could see her cherry red lipstick in a kiss around the top. I brought my lips down on that lipstick kiss and savoured the cola and then passed it back, watching her take a long slow drink also.

“Oh this Gemma is such a big tease.” I thought as I watched her carefully run her tongue across her pouting lips. Her friend Ashley was asking me about my Major and I was just beginning to answer when I jolted upright and then had to straighten myself quickly.

Gemma had rested her hand over mine and squeezed gently. It was like a jolt of electricity coursing through my body and I struggled to regain my composure and fill Ashley in on the details of my studies! After I’d finished talking and Ashley had returned her attention to a new couple who had joined the group, I looked down at Gemma, ready to chastise her, but she was now fully sprawled out on the grass with her eyes shut, enjoying the midday sun. She must have sensed me looking and her eyes opened, fully locking onto mine and she grinned, gesturing for me with a nod of her head to lie down also. I looked at the others, who had now begun discussing the forthcoming Summer Ball with the new comers and had moved slightly further away, so I slumped down and propped myself up in close next to Gemma.

“I can’t describe the feelings I get when I am close to you, Stacey, from that first time on the bus, I, I don’t know but I just had to stay close to you, this feels so right.” Gemma whispered close to my ear.

“I, errr, I feel the same way, Gem…” “Aaaaghhhh!” I squealed as I felt a finger flick past my already erect nipple, sending pulses racing directly to my pussy.

“Ants!” Gemma said, to the group as she saw them looking over. “You big baby!” she directed to me, while playfully rolling me over & tickling me.

I so wanted her to straddle me, pin my arms down and bring those baby lips down upon mine. I lay there contemplating this as the breeze blew through the soft branches of the Weeping Willow and the sun shone down caressing my face with it’s rays. Now, I don’t know about you but the feel of a warm sun on my skin always, and I mean always, gets me incredibly horny and this was no exception. This coupled with the immense feeling of bliss I was receiving just from being close to Gemma, let along having her tickle me, was all just too much. Well, that’s was it, the feel of her rolling my body over on the soft grass, the playfulness of her tickles, I had a mini orgasm there and then to the sound of Gemma laughing as she toyed with me. She dropped her body and semi rolled over so that we were now lying up close to each other and she dropped her head and whispered in my ear as she pushed at my hand and I felt something being forced into my fingers.

“This is my address, Stacey, please come over after college, I would really like to get to know you better. At about 8, my parents will be out all evening.” she added.

I just smiled in between blushes; I understood that we both wanted the same thing and that we would not be yozgat escort watching TV all night! I must have looked redder than a tomato! I smiled again and nodded affirmative as the group broke up and it was apparent that everyone was going back to classes.

8 o’clock came eventually, I had been stood on the corner for 15 minutes not wanting to look too eager and yet needing to be there, close. The road was empty, I had seen nobody since I had arrived and for some reason I kept looking down at the piece of paper, making sure I had the right address. I had. It was time. I walked as boldly as I could up the driveway (even though I was shaking like the proverbial leaf!) and rang the doorbell.

I could literally hear her running down the stairs and to the door and it flung open to reveal Gemma, dressed as usual in her trademark red plaid mini and tight skinny rib. My eyes darted down to her pert little breasts, which seemed so erect as the close material confined them so and then I looked back to her face to see her smiling. Her hand was outstretched and I took her hand as she escorted me like an old friend, into her house.

She led me into the kitchen where she plonked herself down on a bar stool, and again my eyes dropped to witness her skirt rising and framing her taught thighs. “God, she must think I’m such a pervert!” I scolded myself as I forced myself to look away and take in the surroundings. I sat on the stool next to her and she handed me a Budweiser.

“You don’t mind drinking from the bottle do you?” she asked as she took a big swig from her own. I answered by taking my own sip and then another, and another. I needed the Dutch courage! Confident from the alcohol I looked deep into her eyes and placed my hand on top of hers.

” You, errr, you do something funny to me.” I tried to get out what I was worried about.

“Funny?” she looked puzzled now

I smiled ” errm I just feel so… so …. Warm inside, when you are near me.” I eventually stammered out.

“Stacey, you are so sweet! You make me feel like that too, why do you think I wanted you to come here tonight. I could not wait until Monday to see you again!” she said as she enclosed my hand with her free one. Her fingers began caressing my hand; her lower one was cupping mine tightly while the upper hand was lightly touching every inch of skin. Along my fingers they etched, across my hand, over my wrist and they glided up and down my arm. My breathing seemed to have stopped and it was coming in irregular bursts or gasps of air. I gulped, my mouth was dry, and she was doing things to my body that I have never felt before. My arm was now covered in tiny goose bumps as she dropped off the stool still holding my hand firmly. I was still sat on the bar stool as she began walking way. I was not fully conscious of the situation, my head was spinning with thoughts of “Oh my god, that feels so good!” ” What is she doing to me?” “Why can I not think straight?” LOL

I suddenly realised that she was in motion and I was still seated just at the moment when her movements caused my upper body to follow hers and the stool to fall away beneath me.

She looked over her shoulder, smiled, all along still leading me, out of the kitchen and towards the stairs. Her eyes were burning into mine and I could not draw mine away from her gaze.

” Please come with me, Stacey.” Gemma said softly as she led me up to her bedroom.

…. To be continued!

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