The Breakup

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I awake late at night to frantic knocking on my apartment door, I groan and roll out of bed checking the time. It is just about midnight and on a Thursday too so most of my school friends should be sleeping. I stumble to the door and open it nearly forgetting to cover my nakedness with my house coat.

My fury calms as I hear the sobbing of a very familiar voice on the other side of the door. I gently open the door double checking that I am fully covered as I know the dear friend on the other side of the door would not appreciate that in any state of mind. I open the door and you are as beautiful as always, your jogger legs, wonderfully curved hips and natural hourglass figure, the only thing that scars your beauty is the frown and the tears running down your face, spoiling the sparse volumes of makeup on your face.

“Come in, what’s wrong, what happened?” I ask with out pausing to let you answer.

You step forward and kick of your sandals and fall into my arms for a hug. The moment my arms wrap around you, you let go and begin balling, with one arm I reach behind you and close the door, then I rub your upper back with that same arm once I hear the door click shut.

After a few minutes of me rubbing your back and you trying to recover control of yourself I make a suggestion, “Why don’t we move to the couch so we can sit and you can tell me everything or I can just continue to hold you, which ever you prefer.”

You back away from the hug, sniffle and nod, not yet ready for words. As you make your way to my couch I disappear off to my bedroom speedily I throw on a pair of boxers, and my glasses.

When you next see me I am carrying a facecloth and a hand towel. I wipe the smudged makeup off of your face. “I’m such a mess.” you finally manage with a shakey tear choked voice.

“Nonsense you look just wonderful with out that stuff on anyway.” I reply, gaining a weak smile that quickly fades with the gravity of the situation at hand.

I put the towel and facecloth on a nearby stand as I finish with them. Sitting next to you, I pull your head to my shoulder, wrap that arm around your shoulders and wrap my other arm around you and immediately rubbing your back around the shoulders and the centre of your back.

“He left me, he told me it was over and to get out…” You finally say as you finally let out the heart wrenching news.

A new wave of tears burst forth as your news makes my heart sink. I continue to hold you and listen to your worries and questions of why this was happening to you, providing as much comfort as I possibly could. As your crying stops, a yawn emerges so I suggest we retire for the evening and that you take my bed no questions asked. I begin to change the sheets but you refuse saying what I had on were fine.

“Oh no I didn’t bring anything to wear to bed.” You state as your tight jeans were clearly not made for sleeping in.

I dig through my drawers to find you an oversized white t-shirt of mine that looked like it would make it to your mid thighs.

I pass it to you, “This should cover enough of you that you should be fine to sleep in it and wander about the apartment if you need.” I ask if you would like a glass of water to be placed on the bedside table for you.

“Mm that would be nice of you to get me one.” I wander off to the fridge to retrieve your water, upon my return to the bedroom I find the door to be a crack open.

I peer through the partly open door to see you crawling onto my bed, the shirt rides up high enough for me to see that you are in nothing but my t-shirt and a pair of lacy pink panties, I take a step back, and knock on the door.

“Just a moment please.” You call out almost calmly. I hear you moving around on the bed and the sound of sheets rubbing against sheets.

“Okay, it is safe now.” I walk in to see you in my bed with the sheets wrapped up so you are covered from neck to toe. I place the glass of water on my bedside table and make my way back to the door.

“If you need anything at all I will just be in the other room on the couch, good night.” You reply with a good night of your own and turn off the lamp as I leave the room closing the door behind me.

An hour goes by before I hear your voice again, calling my name. I rush to the door not bothering to put my t-shirt back on, as I had removed it for sleeping comfort.

“Yes, what can I do for you?” I ask as I crack the door open a bit.

“Come in and sit down.” You tell me.

I sit on the bed noting I am sitting directly on the sheet and not the light blanket that I had placed on the bed earlier. I slide my hand along the bottoms of the pillows and find your shoulder and rub it.

“What can I get you?” I ask again.

“You can come closer and lay down, I’m not used to sleeping in a bed alone anymore so could you stay with me a while?”

“Of course I can.” I reply and cautiously slide over to you and lay down next to you facing your back but leaving a gap between us.

You push the light blanket back İstanbul Escort so it covers me as well. We attempt sleep once more but you decide that my weight on the sheet covering you is getting annoying so ask me to slip under the sheet. I do and close the gap between us slightly just enough so I can feel your body heat as I’m sure you can feel mine as well.

I extend one arm under the pillows and my other rests on my side leaving my front totally exposed. We talk idly about what you are thinking of doing now and I swear I feel you move closer as we talk.

My suspicions are confirmed as your legs contact mine, I immediately begin to stiffen. You sigh pleasurably and I make a slight move, I close the gap between our bodies entirely, my bare chest touches your thinly covered back, our bare legs touch from foot to where my boxers begin. Your panty covered ass presses lightly into my crotch and I naturally grow harder.

My chin rests on your shoulder and my arm snakes around your waist. I smell faint traces of shampoo in your hair as I embrace you, your hips wiggle trying to get comfortable.

“Ohhhhh.” I hear you say as your mind pieces together why you cant quite get comfortable pressed up against me.

I finally let a groan escape my lips. I feel you rolling to face me and I begin to apologize for my obvious arousal but your finger touches my lips to silence me.

I know even in the dark you are looking me in the eyes when you next speak, “Do you think I’m pretty?” You ask with a nervous shake in your voice.

“Yes I do think you are pretty, I have for a long time and thought I was taking every opportunity I could to let you know you are.” Within seconds of my response you lean in and kiss me for the first time ever, it is a hesitant, exploring kiss but makes my heart stop for a few moments regardless.

“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted you to do that.” I say breathing heavy.

You say nothing and lean in for another and I meet you half way, hesitation and caution gone to the wind these are kisses of lust and fervour. Your arms wrap around my neck and an arm of mine slides up your back staying over the shirt and I pull you close to me.

As our tongues begin to meet during our kisses, our bare legs begin to entangle themselves trying desperately to be as close to each other as we possibly can. I am the first to back away and catch a breath

“We should go no further today.” I say panting and resisting the strong urge I have to pull you back in for more of your tender kisses.

“Oh?” you ask pulling away from me and sounding slightly hurt.

“I want to do this, you have no idea how much I want to, but I couldn’t stand the thought of being your rebound. I would rather be a friend and loose you to one nights passion.” You pause for a moment, relaxing and realizing I am not rejecting you.

You kiss me once more, the lust is gone but the tender care is still there. You roll me onto my back, drape an arm over my chest and nuzzle your face into my shoulder. Not too long later I feel you roll onto me, your hands pressed up against my bare chest, your hips straddling my stomach.

“Hey you, it is after midnight, so it is a new day.” You lean down and kiss me once more, the lust returning and you begin to play with my bare nipples. “I want it so badly, please don’t refuse me.” You state upon breaking our kiss.

I give in having never wanted to refuse you in the first place. With a sudden burst of effort I roll you onto your back, placing myself on top of you, my hands wander to the bottom of the t-shirt and slide them under to feel the bare skin of your stomach. You giggle as my light touches tickle you, I pull the shirt upwards as my mouth wanders down. I keep working the shirt upwards as my mouth seeks out your stomach near your navel. My kisses wander to your side adding in gentle bites along the way. I hear you groan and feel you shudder as my fingers reach the bottoms of your bra less breasts and my mouth has worked its way nearly to your ribs.

You free yourself from the shirt as I start to explore your breasts, cupping them in my hands, squeezing them gently, tracing my fingers along the sides of those luscious mounds but always avoiding your nipples. I lick the underside of the first tit my mouth comes to, dragging my tongue up towards the nipple but stopping short. I switch to the other breast kissing all the womanly flesh I could while still avoiding your rapidly hardening nipples. When I finally feel I have teased them enough I swirl my tongue around one before taking it into my mouth. Your legs lock around my waist pulling me towards you, our crotches mash together causing both of us to moan and for me to realize just how aroused I had become.

You let me play with your nipples for a few minutes more as our hips grind into one another’s, each wishing the material covering each of us was not there. I am not the first to act upon this wish as I am pushed back onto my knees, sitting on my feet.

You Escort Bayan quickly sit up and pull my boxers down over my erection, “Oh my, it isn’t quite as thick as I’m used to but definitely longer.”

With that said you lick the tip of my cock and smiling as you approve the taste. Quickly you envelope most of my cock, stopping only when your gag reflex threatens to kick in, a hand wraps around much of what your mouth can not take. Only your mouth rises and falls along my shaft as your hand continues to grip me and hold me where you want me. I push you onto your back, my hard shaft coming free from your mouth with a pop and your hand reluctantly lets go of me.

It is so dark I can only see a silhouette of your body, I begin kissing at your neck moving slowly down. My hands trace along the sides of your body just ahead of my mouth. I nibble along your stomach as I drag my nails along your side, steadily moving towards your back. Once my hands reach your panty covered ass I give it a squeeze, the tips of my fingers curl under the waistband, leaving me free to pull them down. You raise your hips to assist my removal of your panties, my mouth continues its journey down your body kissing all over your newly exposed and hairless mons. Once your panties are down to your mid thigh I unceremoniously pull them the rest of the way off and toss them aside.

I dive for your spread thighs having my mouth explore each of them with vigour. I finally let my tongue part the lips of your pussy, exploring your entrance and seeking your clit causing you to moan loudly.

Your moans are so sexy, I work harder to cause many more, in between moans and gasps as I explore your body I hear you say “Where are your condoms? I want you in me now.” I reluctantly take a break from tonguing you and reply.

“They are above your head in a tin case.” You try to roll over and feel for them but I stop you by holding onto your thighs and burying my face back into your sopping pussy, fortunately this does not deter you from feeling around for the tin.

You giggle and gasp as you find the tin and I pull your clit in between my lips. I feel you grab my hair and pull me away from your body and placing me back into a kneeling position. As fast as I stop moving your mouth closes around my shaft, making sure I am as hard as I can be as you tear the package open. My head receives a long slow once over from your mouth before you finally pull away and slide the latex sheath over me. You lay back pulling me down on top of you, my mouth guided to yours by your hand on the back of my head and the head of my cock to the entrance to your pussy by your other hand. Your legs wrap around me just below my ass pushing me inside of you as our mouths connect in a show of passion. I sink all the way into you slowly, feeling every inch of me being surrounded by your body.

“Oh god” you cry out as our hips finally touch and your pussy is filled for the first time in only you know how long.

“Fuck me slowly.” You say and then you kiss me again, your tongue darting over my lips.

I obey starting off by making slow shallow thrusts, you in turn rock your hips up to meet mine. My arms are wrapped around you, one directly around your waist and the other reaching from your waist along your back holding you close to me as possible, your arms explore my body, rubbing my back, caressing my shoulders and squeezing my ass.

I gradually pick up the pace after what feels like hours of barely moving inside of you and many kisses with an increasing frantic energy. Once I finally reach a comfortable pace of thrusting, I lift myself up bracing my upper body with my arms. From this new vantage point I begin placing kisses over your chest. I aim many times for where I think your nipples should be but due to the heaving motion of your chest from our thrusting and your heavy breathing I more often than not end up with a mouth full of breast sucking and licking at it, making you moan regardless.

I feel your hand against my hip bone as you begin working your clit, helping your self to orgasm. I move to sit on the back of my legs while remaining inside you, your hips still grind towards me for shallower thrusts as I arrange my body for something different. My hands slide to the back of your knees and I pick your legs up and place them over my shoulders, I kiss and drag my teeth lightly over your wonderfully full calves. With your legs pressed together your pussy feels tighter around me and I begin thrusting with great energy.

Our hands mutually seek our each others chests and are soon playing with nipples. You wish I could thrust like this forever as I reach so deep in you but your legs tire and fall to my sides. Your hand snakes down between your legs once more and I resume my thrusting as we kiss over and over again.

“Yeah just like this, I’m soo close” You cry out in between deep breaths.

I balance myself on one hand and reach for the lamp to flick it on its dimmest setting, the room is lit softly, instantly Eskort our eyes adjust to the light and meet. Our eyes travel over each others naked bodies finally seeing where our hands and mouths have been, we both focus on the union of our two bodies for a few moments. We intently watch me slide in and out of your smooth pussy and your fingers stroking your clit. Our eyes meet again, staring deeply into each others for only seconds when I feel your insides grip my shaft, your body tenses and shudders, your jaw drops open in a silent scream of pleasure.

Seeing you like this sends me over the edge and I bury myself deeply in you, I am so sure you felt every spasm of my cock as I fill the condom. We finally break eye contact as we begin breathing once more, we stroke each others bodies as our breathing slows to normal. Our lips meet in a full on, eyes open kiss which I break by finally pulling my flaccid dick out of you. I dispose of the condom while admiring your naked figure in the afterglow of our sex.

“Mmm you know what you deserve now?” I inquire as I already feel my dick stirring and preparing itself for more.

“Mmm” You sigh, “What do I deserve now?” I grasp your hips and start to turn you while giving you your answer.

“A nice body massage shall be what you deserve for that wonderful experience.” You quickly roll yourself the rest of the way over as I reach for the moisturizing cream. I move back and sit on the foot of the bed, I put your feet in my lap and squirt a little bit of the cream into my hands warming it a bit before I apply it to your foot. I rub each of them with great care not to tickle you and make you feel good.

Eventually I straddle your ankles and work my way up each of your calves, caressing and rubbing the lotion into them, making sure the muscle was nice and relaxed before moving onto the next one. I straddle each of your calves as I massage more lotion into the backs and insides of your thighs, I take my time when my hands are near your pussy causing you to arch your ass up towards me and sigh a little.

I moisturize your ass a little, causing you to giggle a little and I quickly move up to your back. I move up to straddle your thighs, pushing them together as I get to your mid back. My cock, now fully hard again comes to rest in between your thighs with the head just resting up against your ass. You flex your thighs and ass putting various pressures on my cock as I massage you.

As I reach your shoulders and neck you spread your legs a bit and speak to me. “Mmm put it in again.” I cease the massage and lean up to grab another condom but you stop me.

“We used the last one. Go ahead I’m on the pill.” I position myself so your legs are in between mine and slide into you once more, I clamp my legs around yours trapping me inside you.

I spend gratuitous amounts of time massaging your back and basking in the feeling of being buried inside of you. Once I grow tired of massaging you, I let my hands work their way down your arms and intertwine my fingers with yours.

You feel me bite down gently on your neck, you moan into the pillow you had been resting your head on during the massage. I give you one slow thrust so we both feel almost every inch slide out and all the way back in. We gasp both enjoying the skin on skin feeling and I thrust again. I kiss all over the back of your neck and shoulders as I thrust more. I spread your legs by placing mine in between them and I begin to thrust harder into you.

You feel my hands leave yours and trace down your arms, across your shoulders and down to your sides. They finally come to a stop at your hips, you feel them pull up and back and with me we rise to our knees. You feel me slide deeper than you have ever felt before, your hand reaches back and grips my ass so I cant move. You utter a guttural moan as you adjust to the depth I reach inside you. I feel you pull away a little and push yourself back onto me slowly, again you cry out loud as I bottom out. With a few more tries you let go of my ass and I meet your thrusts with my own, the sounds of your lovely supple ass slamming into my stomach echoes through the room.

My hands grasp your breasts squeezing them gently, feeling them rock with the intensity of our thrusting. You take a hand away from supporting yourself cover one of mine, giving your tit one last combined grope you move my hand down your body. My hands decent stops when our fingers reach my slick shaft, we pause to feel me glide in and out of you, my hand is guided to your clit and I begin rubbing away. Your hand darts to catch yourself as your one arm trembling from pleasure threatens to give out. So close to your own orgasm you let yourself down to your elbows and you grip a pillow hard.

Suddenly your stomach bows towards the bed, your head whips back, your hair cascading around your shoulders and you finally let out that orgasm inspired cry you withheld last time. You push back against me so hard I cannot move away to withdrawal from you as I feel your sopping wet pussy clench around me. You relax slightly so I move your hips to where I can pound into you again. I only make three more strokes inside your scorching hot and wet hole before I must pull out, simultaneously pushing you flat on the bed.

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