The Boss(es) has his way

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The Boss(es) has his wayI’ve been working for a large manufacturer as a sales associate for three years now. I got this job right out of college and it has allowed my hot wife to stay at home and enjoy the country club.Last month we attended the annual company celebration and I was recognized as one of the top performers. Cindy and I were seated at the same table as the CEO, the other managers and top sales personnel. The boss (Jim) was real friendly to both Cindy and as was his wife; Helen.I was very happy with the way things were playing out and Cindy was ecstatic; definitely giving me a good time in the bed room.I came home about three weeks ago and she was in her robe and in tears. I had to keep probing to find out the problem. It turns out my boss (jIm) and his wife (Helen) had stopped by earlier that day. I found that strange but now as weird as what happened next. Apparently Jim and Helen recognized the nice lifestyle Cindy and I were experiencing and Cindy agreed. Jim and Helen then demanded sex from Cindy. She was so surprised and confused she relented.I was totally shocked as she told me how Helen had undressed Cindy and had her turn around for both of them to admireAS Helen pulled Cindy into the bed and guided her to her crotch; Jim was playing with Cindy’s kitty and assAs Cindy continued telling this story of how she pleased both Jim and Helen I was in shockAfter Cindy recovered a bit I asked her how we should proceed; call the cops, me quit, etc.I was now surprised again as she told me she bursa escort wanted to keep this lifestyle so just go on an ddon’t report anythingI went to work and kept going as if nothing had ever happenedTwo weeks ago surprise number two: Jim came into my office. I had just been blessed with my annual bonus“How do you like moving into another tax bracket?’ he grinned“I’m very happy to be making so much” I repliedJim came around my desk next to meHe unzipped and lowered his slacks“Do you want to keep earning that kind of money?” he held his dick next to my faceHe placed his hand on the back of my head and guided me closerI’ve never been with a guy and never wanted toHe slid his partial erection in my mouth. I almost gagged and then began suckingAS he grew he grumbled; “work it”I played with his balls as I ran my mouth in and out; eventually stroking his shaftHe groaned and kept giving me directions. He soon grew even more and exploded in my mouth“Keep going” he groanedI sucked him until he stopped pumping gobsHe pulled back and slapped my face with his memberThen he leftI cleaned up with a Kleenex and then headed to the rest room to finishI’ve never been so embarrassedI couldn’t even tell CindyLast week we went to the company retreat. Since I’m now a high performer, we were given a suite with all the amenitiesMuch to or horror; Jim and Helen showed up late a night; wearing robes.WE of course let them in our suite; we didn’t realize we were going to be their entertainment for the nightJim put some music bursa escort bayan on the entertainment system and Cindy told us to “Start dancing”Cindy is a great dancer and I just try to ldo well enough to not embarrass her“Strip” Helen shoutedI thought she meant Cindy and I started to object“Both of you” Helen repliedWe reluctantly began peeling off our clothes; item by item“Look at her tits” Jim stated“Nice”Let’s see that dick” Helen gruntedI pulled of my briefs and exposed everything“Pretty; not very big but pretty” Helen said“Beaver time” Jim saidCindy pulled off her panties“Bend over hottie” Helen gruntedCindy bento over and they both went in for a close upHelen had Cindy straighten up and took her by the face and guided her right into her crotch as she lay back on the bedI was disheartened as I watched Cindy licking this bitch in her crotch. Helen is about 45. She’s fit, about 115 obs. Long dark hair and a trimmed kitty“Yeah why don’t you do that too” Jim said as he guided me towards himI found myself on my knees blowing him“Oh my goodness” Helen gasped. “What a pretty couple. This one gives a great licking”“Yeah, this one sucks like a teen girl” Jim repliedAs Helen moaned and arched, Jim shot a load in my mouth. He held my head so I kept sucking until he finished. Come ran down my face and chin“Shower time” Jim statedThey took us by the hand and we all crammed into the showerCindy and I scrubbed both of them and they returnedI was embarrassed; I had an erection“Come over here and let’s escort bursa put that to work” Helen statedShe lay down and pulled me on top; guiding my member into her kitty. It was moist and I slid in no problemI looked over as Cindy was on all fours and Jim entered her form behind; playing with her gorgeous titsI couldn’t believe it; I didn’t last very long in Helens’ kitty. She was surprisingly tight and moist“Well, that went quick” Helen said with disgustAs I was rolling over; Jim emptied in Cindy. I watch with disgust as his come ran from her beautiful kitty. Cindy is 25, long blond hair, about 115 lbs and boobsCindy lay on the big bed and all four of us lay without making much soundJim slid over next to me and rolled me on my side. He began to play with my butt cheeks, I squirmed“Yeah; I like that” he said. Helen got on all fours and directed Cindy to work on herHelen watched as Jim played with my ass like I used to do to my dates. I tensed as he ran a finger in my hole“Relax super salesman”He mounted me from behind and I could feel his harnessHe spread my cheeks apart and moved in“He’s got a pretty little hole” Jim remarked. “Pink hole”He shoved about a third of his length in meI thought I was going to split as he shoved in moreHe didn’t take any break, just started thrusting in and out of my ass as his wife watchedI felt like a girl as he did meI could feel him growing in my ass and his breathing picked up“Lick me good bitch” Helen directed CindyHelen and Jim both came at the same time. I could feel him pumping in my assHe pulled out and come ran down my legWe all showered againCindy and I danced for their entertainment for another r45 minutes. I had to wear her pantiesAfter Jim and Helen left we agreed the job was not worth it

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