The Big Sofa

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A hard bite to the neck jolts me from my dreams. I can’t see with the blindfold over my eyes and I try to reach up and pull away the source but my arms are bound. I try to move my legs and those are bound too. What is happening?

Then it becomes clear. I’m fully naked and strapped to my over-sized sofa. Someone is on top of me, biting my neck, my erection slowly building from the pleasure of it.

“Baby,” I moan “is that you?”

I’m answered with another sharp bite to the other side. The mix of pleasure and pain is incredibly arousing. My cock grows hard and begins rubbing at my captor’s jeans. My captor continues nibbling up and down the length of my neck and across my bare shoulders, each bite getting me more and more excited.

Then the biting stops and my captor climbs off of me. I sit there, breathing heavy, and wait. My cock slowly begins to soften.

And there is another bite, an explosion of sensation. My captor is behind me now, pushing my head to one side to expose more of my tender neck. Then the lips move to my ear. A soft coo escapes those lips. It’s my girl alright.

“Baby, what are you doing?”

“Shhh,” she whispers softly into my ear. “You’re mine tonight.”

Her fingers appear at my stomach and she slowly slides them up towards my chest, scratching at my skin. She knows this drives me crazy, and I can imagine the smile on her lips as my body responds to her touch. I writhe against my bonds and let loose another soft gasp.

She repeats the motion, slowly, tantalizingly, but this time she continues biting. Her teeth and tongue and lips slowly trace their way down my neck and shoulder, across the top of my chest. As her fingernails reach my chest, she slides them over my nipples, scratching them softly. My cock is throbbing once again.

“Baby please, no more.”

I get no reprieve. She continues scratching and biting, her fingers and lips touching every inch of skin they can reach.

Finally, after a few agonizing minutes of sheer pleasure, the fingers and lips disappear. Once again, I’m alone and naked. Exposed to the world. I can feel my heart racing. What is she going to do next?

My question is answered as her soft hand wraps around my cock. My dick üsküdar escort is so warm and hard that her cool hand feels like a balm. Slowly, she begins stroking. She rubs the full length up and down, her fingers playing with my tip as she glides over it. She begins pumping faster. A second hand appears, rubbing side by side with the first before slipping down and cradling my balls. The coolness I had felt before feels intense there and my cock pulses against her skin. Still she continues, building up speed. It feels amazing. I feel myself building up and

She stops again. This time I let out a groan of frustration. My cock throbs in the empty air. “Baby?”

“You haven’t earned the chance to cum yet,” she laughs. I hear the sound of clothes being taken off before she climbs on top of me. She positions herself so my cock can barely reach the edge of her ass.

A warm, hard nipple is placed into my mouth. “Suck,” she commands. I happily agree, wrapping my lips around her tender nub and sucking it deep into my mouth. I run my tongue across it, enjoying the sensation of it growing hard in my mouth. She moans and leans back slightly, allowing my hard cock to rub against her cheeks. Then she returns to her previous position. Encouraged, I take more of her breast into my mouth, greedily sucking as flick and caress her nipple. She moans louder and leans back again, teasing my cock into staying hard.

She switches breasts and repeats the process. The taste of her aroused nipple is mouth-watering and I would have happily continued sucking for the pure enjoyment of it. But every time she moaned, which happened more and more frequently, she allowed my cock to rub against her ass.

She started to climb off and I reached out to grab her. Of course, my hands were still bound so I only managed to lift myself up an inch or two before being pulled back down. And then I went down farther. She lowered the seat so I was almost laying flat on my back.

A sweet aroma filled the air and I knew what was coming. I reached my tongue out and felt the warmth of her pussy lips hovering over me. I didn’t need an order this time, my tongue slid up and down the length of şerfali escort her wetness, sliding between the folds of her pussy. She moaned and quivered as I pushed my tongue farther inside her, sliding up and down the length of her lips. Her juices began to flow into my mouth and I tasted her.

She responded with another moan and lowered herself onto my face. I took her lip between mine and sucked, licking the inner folds gently. My face was soon dripping, but I didn’t stop. Instead, I thrust my tongue as deeply as I could into her pussy, tongue-fucking her with rapid flicks. She moaned again, crying out in a gasp of pleasure every time I hit her sensitive clit.

“Oh fuck baby,” she moaned. She began rocking back and forth, grinding herself against my mouth. I continued tongue-fucking her when she drew close, my tongue slipping deep inside her, and drawing ragged, steamy breaths when she pulled away.

At last, she grabbed my heads with both hands and pushed me into her wet cunt. She was going to cum. I could feel it. I kept lapping at her clit, sucking and nibbling on that tender nub. I licked and licked, pleasuring her most sensitive spot. She cried out and came, her cum flooding into my mouth. I moaned with her but the sound was muffled against her shaven pussy.

She climbed off of me and I licked her juices off of my lips. Apparently, she took pity on me and cleaned me off. “Oooh baby,” she whispered into my ear. “That was sooo good.” She bit my neck. “I think you deserve a reward”

With that, she slid down my body and landed on the floor. My cock, still throbbing hard from all of the excitement, was quickly enveloped by her warm mouth. The shock of pleasure that ran through me made me arc against the couch, held in place only by my bound hands and feet. She took the entire length of my cock in one rush of bliss, her tongue wet and warm against my throbbing dick. She started sucking, slowly, allowing me to feel every moment. She sucked on the tip of my cock and went back down, over and over. Her tongue trailed over my head and my whole body rocked with pleasure again. She knew what that did to me and repeated the motion. Then she continued deep-throating me. Faster and faster. Her tongue slid across the base of my cock and then slid all the way back up.

Then she would switch, stroking my cock in long, slow strokes while she licked my balls. She would suck on the sensitive skin while pleasuring my cock with long, excruciatingly slow strokes. My cock ached. It needed more. And just when I thought it couldn’t take it, her mouth would return, warm and wet across the length of me. She sucked faster and faster. She massaged my balls with her hand as she plunged my cock into her mouth.

Then with a movement so quick I wouldn’t think it possible, she climbed on top of me and slid the entire length of my cock into her dripping pussy. We moaned together as we slid into one another, both of us crying out from pleasure. Then our lips met for the first time that night.

Oh, how I had missed her lips. I kissed her deeply, traced every line of her lip with my tongue. Then our tongues met and we kissed passionately as she bounced up and down across my cock. I thrust my hips in time with her adding what little I could to our building pleasure. But her lips. I kissed her until I ran out of breath and then kissed her some more. She bit my bottom lip. I sucked on her tongue. All the while my cock sliding deep inside her, her juices pouring onto my cock and down to the couch.

Finally, I couldn’t stand it any longer. “Please baby,” I said as my cock continued pounding into her tight pussy. “Please baby, can I cum?”

She paused, her ragged breathing inches from my ear. Those few moments lasted an eternity. An eternity of pleasure so intense, I could barely think. Finally, she whispered.

“Cum with me, my love.”

With that I thrust hard inside her and came. I exploded into her pussy with a rush of bliss so intense I screamed. Her scream joined with mine as another rush of juices flowed from her pussy.

Panting, we lay their spent. Her naked body was pressed against mine, my cock still semi-hard inside her pussy. She reached up and tore off the blindfold.

I smiled at her. She was gorgeous. Her long brown hair was hanging back, surrounding her face like an auburn curtain. Her whole body was covered in a thin sheen of sweat and smelled like the sweet aroma of her juices. She sighed a peaceful sigh and curled up next to me. She nuzzled against my neck and kissed my chest.

Though I had already taken a nap, I feel asleep. Our naked, sweaty, sex-drained bodies dancing through my mind and into my dreams.

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