The Bet

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The BetMy older brother and I had this bet every baseball season, that the Cardinals would win over the Mets. I was for the Cardinals, and of course he was a Mets fan. The bet was everytime, the Mets scored a homerun, I had to give him a blowjob/handjob, if they won…I had to do whatever he wanted. If the Cards scored, I would get my pussy licked for an hour and if they won, we had sex whereever I wanted and how I wanted.We always made sure we had tickets on the first base line, just a few rows from the field. My brother liked when the Mets were up, cuz I would put my hand on his dick and rub. He would get sooo hard, that when he would stand up to cheer, his dick would stand out and almost touch the lady’s head infront of him. This always turned me on.Well in the first inning, the mets got 2 runs in and the Cards got 1. The sky was getting a bit cloudy during the 3rd inning. We got up from our seats and went to get a hotdog and beer. We were standing in line with my brother standing close behind me. I could feel his dick in my back. Once we got our food, we went to the railing to look out over the city.I had this urge to suck his dick, I pu my hair up into my baseball hat and we walked into the mens bathroom. We went into the handicap stall, I sat on the toliet and my brother pulled his shorts down and his dick just jumped out at me. I grabbed his dick and began to suck him hard. We made it a quick one. When he was ready to blow, he was holding my face deep on his dick. He moaned loudly and asyabahis yeni giriş shot his load in my throat.We came out of the stall and a few guys stared at us. I pulled my hat off and this one guy clapped and asked if he could be next. I smiled and walked away. My brother got his phone number and told him if the mets won, he would call him and have him meet us someplace. My brother told him about our bet. the guy liked that idea and said thanks.The game continued and it was a tight game. The score was 5-4 and of course The mets won. We got in his car, put the top down and was on our way from the top of the parking garage. My brother said that i had to give him another blowjob right now. So, here I am, bent over to him and sucking on his dick and the guy in the 4×4 next to us was getting an eye full of my ass up in the air.My brother is making a phone call and tells them to meet us at the colony club on the east side. We go in a room and there are a few couples in there. The women are giving head and some of the guys are licking pussy. I immediatel got on my knees and started to suck on my brothers dick again. I can’t seem to get enough of his sperm.When I finished sucking him dry, there were a line of guys waiting for there turn at my mouth. I thought I had died and went to heaven. Big black dicks, white guys with big and small dicks all around me. This one black guy, had a dick that I wanted to ride. It was at least 10inches long and very thick. I sucked on his for asyabahis giriş a while and couldn’t get him off by sucking, so I told him to lay down and I would fuck his dick while I sucked on the others.My brother was enjoying me preform my sucking abilities. All the while, the ladies in the room with us, were suckng on his cock and him sucking and fingering their pussies and tits.The guy from the ball park walked in with his girlfriend and they started fucking on the chair. Actually, he just lifted her skirt and stuck his dick in her ass. His balls were slapping her pussy, hard. She was moaning in delight and turned to her left and there was a dick waiting for her to suck. She did suck on him andgot him off. He gave her a huge facial, then bent down in front of her and licked up his cum.When her boyfriend shot his oad in her ass, the other guy came up and licked her ass clean of his cum. This was turning me on even more. The black guy had me get on all fours and he banged the hell out of my tight pussy. He had a couple of fingers in my ass and was pumping both holes hard.My brother told the black guy, that my ass was his only. He could finger it all he wanted, but his dick was the only one entering. I looked up to my brother, he came over gave me a big kiss, then put his dick in my mouth again. I was getting my gangbang in a whole different way then I have ever dreamed of.The black guy layed down again and I crawled on top again and slid my tight pussy on his pole. My brother asyabahis güvenilirmi came over and spit in my ass and slid his dick in. The 2 guys were fucking me, the guy from the ball park, came over and I sucked his dick. He said that I was doing a good job and that I could suck his dick whenever I wanted. His girlfriend shrugged her shoulders and bent down to be fucked like I was.Only she was sitting on some other black guys dick with her ass and another big black guy with a shorter but thicker cock was entering her pussy. She let out a loud scream, but said for her to pund her pussy hard. And again, she was also sucking dicks and was getting facials. She doesn’t swallow cum like I do. I laugh when she gags.The black guys under me is ready to shoot his wad. He asked where and I said in my pussy. My brother got up and let him fuck my pussy hard. He shot his wad and cum was pouring out of me. My brother bent down to try his cum and he licked my ass clean. he then bent over to me and gave me some of the cum. I smiled and swallowed all he gave me. He then turned me on all fours and put his dick in my ass again and punded me until he shot another load in me.This time, the girl from the ball park came over to me and layed under me to catch the cum that dripped down. I was surprised that she could do this, but not swallow from the dicks. She said it was different and this way she could also finger and lick my clit. So, as she licked my very swollen pussy, I licked hers. The guys were wanking and enjoying our show of pussy eating.When the guys were ready to blow, we both sat up to get a facial, from 8 dicks. What a night!! My brother won his bet and got what he wanted and he was sweet enuf to give me what I have always wanted…a gangbang. I love my brother Mike.

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