The Battered Lamp Chapter Fourteen: The Lust of the Concubines

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The Battered Lamp
by mypenname3000
Chapter Fourteen: The Lust of the Concubines
Copyright 2014

Note: Thanks to b0b for beta reading this!

Thursday, January 23rd – SeaTac International Airport, Washington

“Now boarding Air Canada flight 343 to Vancouver, Canada,” the gate attendant announced.

Fumi stood up, rubbing the sleep from her eyes. Today had been so long. She had nearly froze to death lying in the snow waiting for the Native American spirit Niqualmie to appear. Yukishojou-no-onsen, was her answer, a hot spring in her native Hokkaido, the northern most of the main islands of Japan.

She had driven straight from Mount Rainier to SeaTac Airport and bought a ticket on the earliest flight that would get her to Hokkaido with her mother’s credit card. She had a short flight to Vancouver, then a two-and-a-half layover, then the ten-and-a-half hour flight to Tokyo. After an even longer layover—nearly five hours—before she would catch a flight to Sapporo, Hokkaido. And then she would have to find the Hot Spring of the Snow Maiden.

She was pleased with the name, finding it appropriate since she was a Yuki-onna—a snow woman.

Fumi found her seat closing her eyes and falling asleep before the plane even took off. She dreamed of Kyle holding her and kissing her, together finally. Such a sweet dream and over all too soon when the flight attendant shook her shoulder, rousing her.

“We’ll be landing in a few minutes,” she told Fumi.

Fumi wiped her eyes, and leaned back, yawning as the plane began its descent into Vancouver. She always hated this part. Her heart beat faster and her stomach felt like it was up in her throat. She pointedly did not look out the window as the plane descended. The tires squealed, the plane rushed to a stop, and relief flooded her.

Her layover in Vancouver was boring. She wanted to go back to sleep, but was afraid she’d miss her connecting flight to Tokyo. It was a red eye flight that didn’t leave until nearly midnight. She struggled to stay awake, to fight the fatigue that weighed down her body. But her eyes succumbed, and she slipped into sleep

She dreamed of Fatima running from a great shadow, terror painted on her face. She seemed to be running in circles, pausing at the same point, thinking she had escaped the horror haunting her, only for the shadow to reappear and send her scurrying again. Then she witnessed Christy walking down a rainbow path surrounded by shimmering and wavering trees, clutching golden hope to her chest while a woman with hatred burning in her eyes waited for Christy to return at the start of the path .

The dream changed to Kyle brooding at school, Aaliyah leaning against him, supporting him, while a shadowy man watched them both. Kyle’s mother knelt at the shadow’s dark feet, a knife at her throat. The dream shifted and she watched herself stumbling blind down a mountain path while a woman clothed in fire stalked her like a hungry wolf.

Someone was shaking her and she snapped up. A handsome man smiled at her. “They’re boarding the plane to Tokyo.”

“Oh, thanks,” Fumi said, flushing at the sight of him. He was handsome, and her hungers reawakened. She needed some cum to satiate her. A nice cock plunging into her pussy, spraying her with life-giving cum while—

She shuddered, coming fully awake. I need to keep my desires in check. Only blowjobs. Anything else would be wrong. She wasn’t a murderer, no matter how much her pussy burned for cum. She would just have to settle for sucking some guy off. And soon, she would never make it on the long flight to Tokyo without some fresh cum to satiate her needs.

The handsome man sat a few seats behind her, his face broad and chiseled with dark, brooding eyes and large, strong hands that would feel amazing wrapped around her body as his cock drove into her—

No, just a blowjob, Fumi!

She could smell the scent of lily, her hormones, wafting from her sex, attracting any man’s attention stoking his desires. She glanced back at him, flashing him a smile down the aisle. A grin played on his lips and his dark eyes gleamed.

The engines roared, building and building, then the plane shot forward, lifting off into the air. Fumi pressed her thighs together trying to relieve some of the ache. The plane shook, her chair vibrating, and she let out a sigh, closing her eyes and letting the turbulence send shivers through her. The plane couldn’t reach its cruising altitude fast enough.

A ding rang through the plane. “The captain has turned off the fasten seat belt sign,” a flight attendant announced.

She stood up, walking to the lavatories at the rear of the plane, giving the handsome man a smokey glance and letting her fingers brush his hand. His nostrils flared, taking a deep whiff of the Yuki-onna’s pheromones. Fumi kept walking back, putting a little sway to her hips. She could feel his eyes looking back at her, and sensed his growing lust, his cock turgid, driving any thought from his mind but finding satisfaction with the succubus.

Fumi paused at the door, throwing him a last sultry glance before she disappeared into the lavatory. Her pussy soaked her panties as she waited for the stranger, sitting on the aluminum toilet, squeezing her thighs.

“Come on,” she moaned, her body aching for cum.

She tapped her finger on her chin with impatience.

“What is wrong with this guy!” She sighed, pressing a hand between her thighs and rubbing her pussy through her pants. “Maybe I didn’t give him a strong enough dose.” She took a deep breath, inhaling her lily-scented pheromones. “No. He should be banging on the door right—”

He banged on the door. She opened it.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this,” he said. “We have to hurry. My wife just fell asleep.”

Fumi rubbed his crotch—his cock was hard.

The zipper rasped and he groaned as her hand fished him out. Her mouth watered; he was pink and throbbing, a drop of precum glinting on the tip and she could smell the salt, smell what she needed.

Her mouth engulfed him.

“Shit!” he grunted, leavening against the door. “Holy shit. What kinda slut are you?”

Her cheeks burned with humiliation. But she didn’t have to be this way. That was the point of this trip. If she could be with Kyle, then she wouldn’t need to blow strange men in an airplane’s toilet. Even if she enjoyed the feel of it, the way his hands grabbed her face, holding her head as his hips thrust his thick shaft into her mouth.

“That’s it, slut! Suck my cock!”

Her pussy burned, growing more and more wet as she tasted his precum. Her mouths sucked and she moaned as her passion spilled through her. She slid her hands up his thighs, squeezing him as her passion grew more and more intense.


His balls slapped her chin as his cock shoved down her throat. More of his precum leaked into her mouth, whetting the girl’s appetite for the main course. His fingers squeezed on her head, his hips thrusting faster.


Salt squirted into Fumi’s mouth.

“Take it, slut! Drink my cum!”

Fumi swallowed, wonderful life flooding her. She came.

Her howls of rapture were muffled by his thick cock flooding more and more cum. She swallowed, savoring the taste and energy that suffused her body. Her panties were soaked as her lust flooded out of her pussy. She shivered and shuddered and pretended it was Kyle cumming in her lips.

The man fucked her mouth one last time. “What a little slut,” he grunted, pulling his softening cock from her lips, zipping up. “Shit. I needed to get back to my wife.”

Fumi didn’t answer. She licked her lips, savoring the last traces of salty energy, a smile on her lips. That would tide her over to Japan.


Friday, January 24th – South Hill

The media was waiting outside of Kyle’s house when he and his concubines stepped out, ready for school. Kyle blinked in surprise at the waiting cameras and reporters parked on the street, rushing up the driveway to him.

“Are you Kyle Unmei?” a female reporter asked.

“Eh, yeah,” he frowned, bright lights shining in his eyes. Aaliyah clutched his arm, trembling.

“Your wife, Christy Leonardson, is listed as missing, do you have any idea where she is?”

“No,” he answered, swallowing. “She, uh, left on Wednesday after we had a fight. I haven’t seen her since.”

“And it’s just a coincidence that a teacher and three students were murdered on Wednesday evening, and that your wife is one of two others missing?”

“I guess.”

“You don’t seem that concerned.”

“He is very concerned,” Aaliyah bristled. “Christy left after heated words and we’re all very worried.”

“Yeah!” Chyna added, stepping up along side him.

“I don’t know what happened out in Graham and I don’t see what that has to do with Christy’s disappearance?” Kyle lied, his face flushed. “We have to get to school.”

“Kyle! I have a source that says your girlfriend, the dead, and the missing were all a part of the same book club and that there are rumors of—”

“I’m going to school!” Kyle barked. “You’re on private property. Get off and let us go!”

He wanted to wish them all away, but Kyle was fairly certain that wouldn’t work. He walked forward, pushing past one of the cameraman, his women following. They all piled into the back of the SUV, the reporters calling his name out, banging on the windows as Shannon backed the vehicle up.

“Vultures,” snorted Toni. “If they only knew.”

“And we won’t tell anyone, right?” Kyle said, eyeing them. “Christy ran off. I was home with you. End of story.”

“Of course, Master,” Shannon said.

“It’ll stay in the harem,” Carla assured him.


“What can I do for you, detective?” Principal Burke asked, rising up from his desk.

“I’m going to need to interview a few of your students,” Detective Donnar said, striding to the desk.

“Oh. Is this about those poor girls and Ms. Franklin?”

“I’m afraid so,” Donnar said, studying the man. The Principal’s face was full of grieving concern, but there had been a moment when the detective had thought he saw something…darker.

“Such a loss,” Burke muttered. “The entire school’s mourning them. Ms. Franklin was quite a popular teacher.”

Bakırköy Escort “I just need to talk to them, get some background on their book club, and try and figure out what’s happened to the three missing girls.”

“Or course, officer, I’m more than happy to help.” A friendly smile crossed the distinguished man’s face. “I want to bring justice to Ms. Franklin and those poor girls.”

“Good, I’m glad I have your cooperation, Principal Burke.”

They clasped hands and Detective Donnar was surprised by Burke’s firm grip.

“So, which students do you need to interview.”

“Let’s start with Kyle Unmei.”

The Principal’s face twitched slightly and the Detective leaned in. “You reacted to his name. Why?”

“Am I being interviewed?” laughed the Principal. “Kyle had been a great student, but on Monday he was caught in an inappropriate situation here at school.”


“He was caught with Alexina, one of his concubines, engaging in a sex act on school grounds. He had been a model student before that, but I’m afraid his hormones got the best of him and Miss. Alexina.”

“And did his wife, Christy, have any problems with Kyle having multiple concubines?”

“As I understood, she was excited to become his third wife.”

“So there was no friction between the two?”

“Not that I know of.” The Principal swallowed. “You don’t think Kyle involved in this?”

Yes, I do. I think the kid is neck deep in it. Why else would his car’s license plate be found at the crime scene? “Of course not. But he is dating one of the missing girls and he might know something about what they were doing out at that cabin or the whereabouts of Christy Leonardson.”

“Well, you can use my office if you’d like, Detective, and I’ll have Kyle sent to you.”

“Thank you.”

The Principal stood up. “Well, I’ll see he’s fetched.”

Detective Donnar pulled out his notepad and a tape recorder and put a friendly smile on his face. This was just a simple interview. The only piece of evidence he had connecting Kyle to the crimes was the license plate to his missing car. It was definitely incriminating, but it wasn’t enough. A good lawyer would just argue his car was stolen, perhaps by the missing Christy whom Kyle claimed had ran off. So he would treat Kyle merely as a witness and see if the young man wouldn’t dig his own grave without realizing it.

The door opened. The Detective recognized Kyle from his drivers license photo. He had an unusual heritage, half-Japanese and half-Arab, his dark-olive skin seemed flushed and his almond-shaped eyes shifted.

“Thank you for coming,” Detective Donnar said. “I really appreciate you helping with the search for your missing wife.”

“You still haven’t found her?” he asked, walking around the desk to sit across from him.

“Afraid not.” The Detective glanced down at his shoes, noting the brand. The same brand as the larger of the footprints they found in the torn up mud. Another circumstantial piece of evidence, but if you had enough of those, someone would look very guilty before a jury.

Kyle sat down, dropping his backpack on the floor, then he grasped his hands, rubbing them together. “What can I tell you? I want Christy to be found and try and work things out with her.”

“One sec.” He turned on the recorder. “This is Detective Donnar, Pierce County Sheriff’s Department, Major Crime Unit, interviewing Kyle Unmei, January 24th, 2014 at, uh, 10:36 AM. When was the last time you saw Christy?”

“Two days ago.”

“That would be Wednesday, the 22nd?”

Kyle nodded.

“Could you say yes, for the recording.”

“Sorry. Yeah. We, uh, had a fight. She…” His eyes looked to the left. “She drove off in her car. I thought she went to her parent’s. I don’t know where she went.”

That’s not the story he told Christy’s mom. Donnar had to fight not to smile. “What did you fight about?”

“My other wife, Aaliyah. Christy was…jealous of her.” Kyle sighed, his face twisting. “I thought Christy was okay with it, but I was wrong.”

“You sound angry.”

“We said, um, hurtful things. It wasn’t a pretty fight.” He leaned forward, squeezing his hands together. “I just want her to come back. But, I guess, she needs to work somethings out.”

“And what did you know about her book club?”

“They’re the ones who are dead?”

“Some of them. The other three members, including your girlfriend, are all missing. Do you know what they were discussing in this club?”

“What they were discussing?” Kyle shook his head. “Eh, not really. Books, I guess. She never talked about it.”

“And did Christy ever tell you about where they met?”

“At Ms. Franklin’s house,” the young man growled, his fist clenching as his face warred to keep his anger hidden.

Has Kyle seen the photos? Did he know the sexual relationship his girlfriend had with her teacher?

“Nowhere else? Like any house out in Graham?”

“No. She never told me about the log cabin.”

The Detective hid his smile. No one outside the investigation knew it was a log cabin. “Are you sure you’ve never taken Christy out there?” He needed Kyle to be a hundred percent clear so he couldn’t have room to wiggle out of it when it came to trial. “Maybe you didn’t realize it was for book club?”

“Naw. I’ve never taken her to any place out in Graham.”

“So, after the fight, what did you do?”

“Stayed home. Fooled around with my wives and concubines. They’ll all confirm it. It was when Fatima fell sick that I realized my car was stolen.”

Were Aaliyah and his concubines involved? There were five unidentified, female footprints that didn’t belong to the victims. And his second wife was in the hospital, admitted the same night. Was she actually injured out at the cabin? “I’ll need to speak to them. Maybe one of them knows something more about your wife.”

“I doubt it,” Kyle answered, his fist clenching. “But you can talk to them.”

So possessive. Could that be his motivation? Did he find out that his girlfriend was cheating on him with her book club? But what about the bears? Why were they killed? And what tore up the ground in front of the cabin? The more he investigated, the more questions this case generated.

But he was certain that Kyle was at the heart of it all. He didn’t know the full picture, but he would, and he’d see that Kyle spent every last day in prison for the deaths of those women.


Kyle had a spring in his step as he left the Principal’s office. He had been terrified when he learned that a police officer wanted to speak to him, sure he was about to be arrested for the mess out at the cabin. Instead, the detective just wanted to learn what Kyle knew about Christy’s disappearance. Which wasn’t much.

Some of Kyle’s mood disappeared. He hoped Christy was able to find whatever she was searching. But it wasn’t enough to weigh him down the relief he felt knowing the cops didn’t suspect his involvement in the mess at the cabin. He didn’t regret what had happened—the witches had kidnapped his wife and tried to kill them when they had showed up to rescue her.

“Mr. Unmei.”

His concubine, Ms. Capello walked up, concern on her face. She was supposed to be teaching the English class that Kyle had been pulled out of. She raced up, those wonderful tits of hers bouncing beneath her tight, silk blouse, nipples pressing hard, and Kyle smiled. He loved how obscene she looked without wearing a bra. Just the way he liked her.

“Ms. Capello,” he smiled, enjoying the way she blushed.

“Is everything all right?”

“Are you concerned?”

She took a quick look around; they were alone in the hallway. But she stepped forward anyway. “Do the cops suspect your involvement in…the cabin.”

Kyle narrowed his eyes. “How do you know about that?”

“Some of the concubines told me yesterday during lunch. I believed them about Aaliyah, too. That she’s a…” she mouthed the word Genie. “It makes sense.” She took a deep breath, and asked, “Did you really rescue Aaliyah and…kill those students?”

He stroked her face. “And if I said yes?”

She smiled and shivered. “I would know you are a man that fights for his loved ones.” Her voice was throaty, her eyes shining with lust.

“You like powerful men, don’t you?”

“Isn’t that obvious? I get so wet for you.” Her hands reached out and touched his crotch, rubbing his hardening cock. “Why don’t you make a wish and we can have a little fun.”

“Yes, Ms. Capello,” he grinned, his hand squeezing her large breast through her blouse.

Aaliyah. I wish that no one cares that I’m fucking in the hallway.

*Why don’t you just wish that no one cares whenever your fucking so you don’t have to keep making the same wish!* Her thoughts were full of irritation that surprised Kyle.

You don’t have to snap at me, Aaliyah! You are my Genie, remember.

*Sorry for snapping, husband. I’m taking a math test and the period’s almost over. I am very sorry and I would, of course, grant your wish.*

Not that good at math?

*No. Why do I need to know all these numbers?*

He chuckled. I’ve asked Britney and Christy that very question.

*You have fun. Maybe I’ll take my concubine and enjoy myself in the restroom and work off this frustration.*

I wish you can fuck any woman and no one will care.

*Thank you, my love.*

Ms. Capello unbuttoned her silk blouse. “I know you love my tits, Master,” she purred.

“You’re such a bad teacher.”

“I am.” Her blouse hung open, her heavy breasts peeking out. “I bet you’re thinking about all the naughty things you want to do with my tits.”

“I want to feel them wrapped around my cock.”

“Ohh, a titty-fuck? We’ll need a chair for you.”

A quick wish to Aaliyah took care of that. Once Kyle mentioned he needed it for sex, his Genie didn’t have a problem conjuring it. Ms. Capello was eager to please him, dropping to her knees and unzipping his pants. She smiled as she drew him out, stroking him, then bending down to lick his cock, sucking him to full girth.

The school bell rang and students poured into the hallway. Aaliyah’s awesome powers worked as usual, students not caring at all that he was getting a titty-fuck from his teacher. Escort Bayan “Work those sweater puppies!” Hector called out. “Damn, why can’t my teacher ever be that friendly.”

“You just need to have a way with women,” Kyle laughed.

“Mr. Unmei definitely knows how to work his tool,” Ms. Capello laughed.

A cute girl walked by. “Hey, you’re looking good today,” Kyle grinned. “Love that skirt.”

The girl shot him a weird look, her pale cheeks blushing as she scurried away.

He felt invincible. The cops didn’t suspect his involvement in the mess that happened out at the cabin. Even if he was completely justified in what he had done, it would be hard to explain to the cops. Other than Christy’s involvement with the coven, Kyle was positive they left nothing behind that could be traced back to them.

“Hey, Lois, love that ass,” Kyle called out as the Native America girl sauntered by in a pair of skinny jeans with red hearts stitched on the rear pockets, drawing your eye to those lush cheeks as they writhed as she walked. She turned, a wicked smile on her face.

“Are you an ass man, Kyle?” Lois Smilingfox asked. “Because it looks like you’re a boobs man from here.”

“I like everything about a pretty woman.”

“You seem to be taking Christy’s disappearance just fine.”

Kyle grimaced. “She didn’t disappear. She just…needed to do something.”

“I’m helping to soothe him,” purred Ms. Capello. “My student is hurting and I need to provide relief.”

“So you’re adding teachers to that harem you’re gathering.” She walked over, peering down at Ms. Capello working her tits up and down his cock. “She’s enthusiastic.”

“Yes, she is,” Kyle groaned.

“Are you gonna cum?”

“Yeah.” The pleasure was building in his tip and the saucy smile on Lois’s cinnamon-colored face was going straight to his balls. Ms. Capello’s tits slid faster, his teacher sensing desire.

“Cum on my tits, Master,” she moaned.

“Master?” Lois raised an eyebrow. “So she’ll do anything you tell her?”

“Uh-huh.” The pleasure built and built, his balls tightening. Ms. Capello licked her lips as her heavy tits rubbed up and down, caressing him in silk. “Shit!”

He erupted.

Cum pulsed out of him, sending shudders through him. He groaned through grit teeth, his head banging back against the metal locker. Lines of white landed across Ms. Capello’s heavy tits, then ran in thick drips down her boobs to her stomach. More splashed on her face, her pink tongue licking out and gathering gobs of spunk. She moaned as she savored his salty flavor.

“You are a stud,” laughed Lois. “So, would she do anything?”

“I would,” Ms. Capello answered. “For Kyle.”

“She’s a good slut,” purred Alexina, striding up, pressing against Kyle and kissing his cheek.

“Would she even lick my pussy?” Lois asked, Color darkened her cheeks as she eyed the cum-stained teacher.

“If Kyle ordered it,” Alexina answered.

“I would,” moaned Ms. Capello.

Lois’s dark eyes found Kyle’s. “That is fucking amazing. Can she?”

“And what would you give me?” he asked
“Are you pimping your teacher?” Her hips shifted, her thighs pressing together.

“If the price is right.”

“This is so wrong,” she moaned. “How about fifty dollars?”

Kyle shook his head.

“Seventy? I’ve been dreaming about her all semester.”


“I don’t have much more. Come on, Kyle, work with me.” Her hand touched his arm.

“Let me fuck your ass.”

Alexina giggled, reaching down to stroke Kyle’s cock. “He’s nice and hard for you, but let me get him wet.”

Alexina fell to her knees and sucked Kyle’s cock into her lips.

“What do you say, Lois? I fuck your ass and Ms. Capello licks your pussy.:

Lois eyes widened. “No way.”

He shrugged, savoring Alexina’s skillful blowjob. “She’ll lick your cunt while I fuck that gorgeous ass.”

“I couldn’t…” Her eyes flicked to Ms. Capello’s cum-stained tits still hanging out and at her plump lips.

“You can.” Kyle reached out and touched her cheek. “You’ll enjoy it.”

“Where?” she whispered.

“Right here.”

Her eyes widened and then she smiled. “You think you can get away with anything.”

“I can. Hey, Mr. Wilkie,” Kyle nodded as his drafting teacher walked by.

Alexina sucked harder. She remembered how much trouble Kyle had gotten for parading her into Mr. Wilkie’s class covered in his cum. But Kyle had made his new wish, and the teacher couldn’t get mad now.

“Enjoying your lunch period?” the teacher asked, eyeing them. He did a double-take at Alexina, frowning, his eyebrows furrowing.

“Is something wrong, sir?” Kyle asked.

“No, no,” the teacher answered. “I just had the weirdest idea that you weren’t supposed to be doing this, but…obviously, you and Aaliyah are allowed to.” The teacher shook his head. “Well, I’ll see you later.”

Lois gaped at Kyle as the teacher walked off. “You are something else. We have a deal.” Her hands went to the fastener of her jeans, unsnapping them. Then she worked them down, her black thong pulled down with them. She had a triangular patch of black hair over her shaved pussy. He could smell her excitement, tart mixed with the sweat beading her forehead.

“Let me lube her, Master,” Ms. Capello smiled, digging two fingers into her cunt, then spreading Lois’s lush cheeks. The Native American girl gasped as the teacher worked her two glistening fingers into her bowels, reaming them in and out as she leaned against the lockers. “Doesn’t that feel wonderful, Miss Smilingfox?”

“Umm, it does.”

“Wait until you feel my Master’s cock. You’ll scream for joy.” Ms. Capello turned, smiling up at him. “She’s already, Master.”

“Then start licking my snatch,” moaned Lois. “We had a deal.”

“Gladly.” The teacher slid between her legs, pressing her face up into Lois’s cunt, licking.

Lois shuddered. “That’s it. Oh, wow. She’s amazing.”

Alexina pulled her lips off his cock and Kyle stood up. He pressed his wet cock against Lois’s ass, then spread her cheeks. Her anus was brown and wet with cunt juices. He loved the feel of her ass as he moved his cock into her crack, pressing it against the puckered sphincter. He pushed forward, her ass giving way to his cock, engulfing him in velvet warmth.

“Shit!” Lois gasped. “Holy shit! That’s feels weird.”

“Only weird?” he asked, half his cock already buried in her tight hole. He kept pushing forward, until his groin rested against those cheeks.

“No. It feels…nice.”

“It always does,” Alexina sighed. “I’m going to buy your lunch, Master. Unless…?”

“That’s fine,” Kyle grunted, savoring Lois’s tight ass.

Kyle nuzzled Lois ear, licking her lobe as he drew back. Then he buried back in; she gasped. His arms wrapped around her, sliding underneath her shirt and finding her round breasts encased in a silky bra.

“You’re a slut, aren’t you, Lois?”

“No,” she gasped.

He squeezed her breast. “Yes, you are. You’re letting me fuck your ass while a teacher goes down on your cunt.”

“Fine,” she moaned. “Call me a slut. Her tongue feels amazing. You can call me whatever you like for this. Oh, Ms. Capello. Jesus. Do that more. Keep digging that tongue inside me.”

“I bet you’ll want her to eat your pussy again?”


He fucked her faster, his cock sliding through her greased ass, his balls slapping her taint. “You can have her suck your pussy whenever you want. And other women.”

“How?” she gasped.

“Be my concubine.”

“What?” Her ass tightened about his cock and a shudder passed through her. “Oh, fuck! Suck my clit! Shit! Shit!”

“Be my concubine and you can have all the women you can dream of to lick your pussy. My harem is quite friendly.”

“Shit!” she gasped. “That’s too much!”

“Imagine this tongue in your cunt every day.”

“But I’d have to fuck you whenever you want. I’m not really into cock.”

“You sure? You seem to like mine up your ass.”

She let out another moan and another shudder rippled through her body, her ass spasming about my cock. “Shit, shit! It does feel nice.”

“It feels more than nice,” Kyle grunted. “Your ass feels amazing. Be my concubine. Call me Master and you will receive such delights, Lois.”

“I must be crazy!” she moaned, bucking her hips back against him. “Yes! Fuck me harder, Master! I’ll be your whore!”

“My concubine.”

“Yes, that! Your concubine! Just let me feel this tongue again!” Her body shook harder, her ass going wild about Kyle’s cock as she came hard, screaming wordlessly.

“That’s it! Cum, my little concubine.” He slammed his cock into her ass, so close to basting her ass and claiming her fully. He enjoyed the way she clenched and relaxed, milking his plunging cock. “My little whore,” he groaned and exploded inside her.

He squeezed her breast, hissing through his clenched teeth as he shot load after load into her creamy ass. He drew back and slammed in again, thrusting his cock as deep as possible. His last spurts shuddered out and he leaned against her, kissing her ear.

“You were amazing,” he panted.

“Thank you…Master.” She gave a last shudder as he pulled out. “So, I guess I’m moving in with you?”

“Both of you,” Kyle said, looking down at the smeared face of his teacher. “I’m tired of hiding our relationship, Ms. Capello. You’re my concubine. Let the world know it.”

“Thank you,” she whispered.

“Now let’s get cleaned up. Aaliyah, I wish we were all presentable, but leave the cum up Lois ass.”

*Done.* The cum staining Ms. Capello vanished, their clothes straightening up, the sweat evaporating, and disheveled hair was recombed and brushed. *I can’t wait to meet our latest addition.*

“How did you do that?” gasped Lois.

He put his arm around her shoulders. “The concubines will fill you in on everything.”

“Even what happened at the cabin?”

Kyle froze, giving her a sharp look. “What?”

“Well, you’re girlfriend disappeared and her book club is, well, dead. Some people think you’re involved.”

Kyle swallowed. “We’ll speak about that at home.”


Saturday, January 25th – South Hill

Zaritha concealed her appearance istanbul Escort behind the mask of Lexie Lyndon, her dusky skin becoming ivory, her black, straight hair curling and turning brown, and her dark eyes grew such a pale shade of blue they were practically gray. Her clothes rippled, the red silks transforming into a short, pleated skirt and a low-cut blouse that showed off her lovely, round breasts. She had studied the male fantasy and copied the naughty schoolgirl look perfectly. White socks came up to her knees, a tartan skirt barely covered her ass, and a pristine, white blouse that showed off her lovely tits.

Principal Burke would easily succumb to her temptations. And once he had tasted her fire, he would be Zaritha’s willing slave. A powerful weapon to use against Kyle and his damned Jann wife. She didn’t understand how Sultan Rashid bin al-Marid failed to know that the Jann Royal Weapons had been sent with the houri.

“So much for the all-knowing Marid intelligence,” she snorted.

The Ifrit took one last look at herself in the mirror. No man could resist her charms. She became a whirlwind of fire, zipping through the morning sky. No mortal would see her, she used more illusions to conceal herself as she zipped through the air.

The Principal’s house was in a rich neighborhood on the edge of South Hill, off a street called Shaw Road. It was perched on the edge of the hill overlooking a green valley dotted with homes and farms, a blue river winding through it from the majestic Mount Rainier. Burke had power to live in such an opulent house, and Zaritha burned for that power.

She landed on his porch, returning to her humanoid form, abandoning her true flesh—fire and smoke. The air was crisp and cold this morning, frost covering everything as the sun peaked over the mountains. Her nipples hardened, poking at the thin fabric of her top. She’d be cold if she wasn’t made of fire itself. She adjusted her tits, making sure they were almost about to fall out her top, her flesh jiggling with her every movement, then she put a vapid expression on her face and rang the doorbell. Her domination powers worked best when the target had a compromised emotional state.

Her pussy itched, a bead of juice working its way down her thigh as she waited. Her lusts were burning hot; she couldn’t wait to dominate this man. He wasn’t ugly and she did so delight in forcing her lovers to pleasure her. She’d conjure a crop and whip his back as his tongue whipped her clit, eager to make her cum to end the lashes.

So wonderful.

The door yanked open and Principal Burke blinked in surprise at her. He was wrapped in a black bathrobe, and a smile crossed his handsome, distinguished face as he drank in the sight of her. She could almost taste the lust bleeding off of him. His aura was diamond, so strong, she would have to really compromise his emotional state to dominate him.

“What a pleasant surprise, Miss Lyndon.” Lexie Lyndon was the disguise she wore in the mortal world. “And what do I owe the pleasure of your visit.”

“I’m selling magazine subscriptions,” she laughed, thrusting her chest out so he couldn’t help but see her luscious orbs bounce and sway. “Brr, it’s cold. Can I come in so I can tempt you with a subscription.”

“Absolutely. I love to be tempted by young women.”

I bet you do.

His house was richly appointed and reminded her entering a palace. Fine pieces of art adorned the walls or rested on plinths and shelves. He led her into a living room, the walls hanging with swords and knives that appeared to be of the most exquisite craftsmanship with decorated guards and etchings on the gleaming steel.

“Quite a collection, Principal Burke,” she gushed, walking to the weapons, letting her hips sway, the hem of her skirt teasing the possibility of exposing her ass.

“One of my many passions. I’ve been collecting for so many years.”

She turned, taking a deep breath to let her breasts heave. “I hope you’re as equally passionate about what I’m offering.”

He stepped up to her. “And what are you offering?”

She could feel his eyes on her cleavage. “Why, magazine subscriptions. What else?”

“A young woman as resourceful as you could surely come up with other assets to sell.”

He’s bolder than I thought. “Maybe,” she gushed, flashing him a coy smile.

His hand cupped her chin, lifting her face. A tremble went through her as his powerful eyes caught her, the sensation ending between her thighs; she pressed them together. I need to stay in control.

His thumb stroked her cheek. “You’re a special, young woman, aren’t you.”

“I am,” she purred. “Maybe I’ll show just how special I am.”

His hand slid down her neck to her shoulder, playing with the hem of her blouse. “And what would it take to find out.” His fingers dipped under her blouse, tracing her neckline down to her breasts. “I’m dying to find out. It’s almost painful.”

She reached out and touched his crotch; he groaned as she stroked his hardening cock. “I can tell. It would be cruel of me not to help you out.”

“Very cruel.”

“You just have to promise me one thing.” She squeezed harder.


“To do me a little favor when I ask.”

He pulled away from her. What is going on?

“This isn’t the right place for this discussion. We should be in a more…intimate place.”


She followed him as he strode across the room, his black robes swishing with his long gait, forcing her to almost jog after him to keep up. Their feet echoed on the wooden floors of the hallway that led to a heavy door. He opened it, cold air wafted out of the dark portal. She could just make out stairs going down.

“What do you have down there, a dungeon?” Zaritha asked.

“Yes.” His grin was full of confidence. “A young, confident woman shouldn’t have any fear of a little dungeon.”

If she was a normal mortal girl, she would be afraid, but what could this man do to her? She was living fire. With a whim of her thoughts, she could set that black robe on fire and delight as he screamed in pain if he attacked her—that was the only time she could kill a Mortal in their realm. Rules stronger than steel bound the Hidden People. She walked down into the darkness, the echoes of her footsteps resounded through the musty air. He followed, the door booming close behind her, then lights flicked on and he followed.

The stairs led to a dungeon. Manacles hung from the ceiling and from wooden frames. There were a dozen different ways a person could be tied up, chained, bound, stretched, and restrained. Whips, flails, crops, and paddles hung from the wall and other device the Ifrit had never seen before: small clamps, small balls connected by a string, tapered cylinders. Who is this man?

She walked to the wall of the flails and pulled one down, the many lashes made of red leather, and turned to face the Principal. “Is this what I’m going to whip your back with while you pleasure me?” she purred.

He laughed, picking up two metal bands from a table. “I had these made just for you, Lexie,” he grinned, hungry like a desert jackal. “I was going to give them to you on Monday, but here you are.”

She glanced at the bands and a certain horror filled her—they were Djinn manacles. “Sorcerer,” she hissed.

“Ifrit. I recognized you the moment you walked into my office. Drop you illusion and let me see your true beauty.”

She hissed, drawing on her fire, the air rippling around her, melting away her illusion and revealing her lush, dusky beauty. She gathered the heat in her hand, then hurled the ball of fire at him, screaming in fear.

The ball of fire burned briefly then snuffed out.

“This is my territory.” He strode towards her. “You have walked into the cage, Ifrit.”

She curled her lips, shifting her weight, the flail in her hand. The room may be warded to drain any foreign powers, but she wasn’t a helpless Jann. She knew how to fight. She slashed the flail at his face, the leather straps hissing through the air.

Surprise widened his eyes, and he jerked his arm up, the sleeve of the black robe catching the flail. His grunt of pain was satisfying. “I am Zaritha, servant of Sultan Rashid bin al-Marid. You think to duel with me? I have walked this earth before your ancestors were even born!”

She drew back the flail, slamming it down at his face. He chanted, a muttered prayer to Hecate and a disk of silver flared, deflecting her weapon. Then his hand shot forward as quick as a snake. He seized her about the throat, fingers digging into her flesh.

“I do so love fight in my women,” he grinned. “Pity I have to manacle you.”

She tried to transform into a pillar of fire and consume his hands. The fire burned inside her and she opened herself up to her transformation.

“Hecate, trap this spirit of fire and smoke in her flesh!” he chanted.

The fire died inside of her. She did not change.

Steel clapped over her right hand. “No!” she howled. He was stronger than Zaritha without her fire. “I serve the Sultan! You do not want him for an enemy.”

“Rashid will not care,” Burke grinned. “I’ll take care of that Jann slut for him. I have been searching for her for so long. You did a thorough job in losing her, Zaritha. I really have to thank you for that storm.”

How did he know about—

The second bracer clanked over her left hand, binding her to the sorcerer. Tears ran down her cheeks as he let her go. She wanted to hurl herself at him and claw out his throat and tear out his eyes. But she couldn’t. He was her Master. The greatest crime you could commit against a Djinn was to bind one to your will.

“I love your tears.” She shuddered. He took the flail from her. “A woman is at her most beautiful when she weeps and howls. Undress.”

The manacles compelled her to obey. “Yes, Master.”

Her hands shaking, she unbuttoned her blouse, her round, dusky breasts revealed to his hungry gaze.

“I have a task for.” The flail hissed and slapped into her belly as her skirt dropped to the ground. Strips of pain burned, red welts rising across her flesh.

“Yes, Master,” she gasped.

Crack! Pain exploded as the flail whipped her breasts.

“A woman named Fumi is traveling to Japan. She has an artifact. I want it.”

Crack! “Yes!” she screamed. “And the woman?”

“Kill her.”

“Your will, Master.”

His robe dropped, his cock pointing hard at her. “Such beauty.” She flinched as the flail raised again.

To be continued…

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