The Bachelorette Party: Part 5

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When mom let the two girls in, I wondered what was happening. I’d asked for men, and two girls showed up. I told my guests to wait while I found out what was going on. I went into the kitchen, and one of the girls was on the phone, belittling someone. I learned it was the dispatcher from the agency, so I asked if I could talk to them.The dispatcher explained the mix-up and offered me a discount or to reschedule. I couldn’t reschedule, so I took the discount and decided to play a joke on Cherise. I talked to the two girls, and they were glad they hadn’t wasted a trip out here. They’d focus on Cherise as if she were a guy, which might freak out some of Cherise’s bridesmaids, but I didn’t care.I made a quick announcement to the wedding party, then the girls came in to do their thing. With all eyes focused on them, I took one of the kitchen chairs and set it in the middle of the room so Cherise could have a lap dance.I didn’t count on two of Cherise’s bridesmaids being as prudish as they were. They got up and left, leaving three of us to watch Cherise be embarrassed.But, lessons in dancing in front of guys to arouse them occurred. I’d once thought about pole dancing for exercise but didn’t want anyone knowing or making assumptions about me taking the class. The girls were hot and I thought this was a good alternative.The four of us danced with each of the strippers, then with each other moving how they had shown us. With the drinks mom had made we were all feeling good. I think one of Cherise’s bridesmaids enjoyed it more than she thought she would.The girls, Vicki and Debbie, were VERY hands-on, and when Vicki suggested we strip down to our undies, we politely said, ‘no thanks’. That’s when Vicki looked at her watch, noting she was late for something else.Vicki then went out to get their street clothes as Cherise, and the other two guests helped me clean up. Mom showed our dancers the guest room, so they could change into their street clothes. My guests all thanked me for saving the party, with Cherise jokingly vowing to get revenge when I got married.The girls changed, and we all hugged and said our goodbyes, then out to our cars. Cherise and her friends left first, followed by Debbie and Vicki. I was the last to leave, waving goodbye and congratulating myself for making a bad situation something we could laugh about in the years to come.On my way home, a couple of miles or so from mom’s place, I saw a car with its flashers on I thought I recognized it, so I slowed and saw our two dancers in it then pulled over. Vicki was freaking out because Debbie’s car had a reputation for breaking down. It was making some noise, so Debbie pulled over. Since cell coverage is lacking around there, I told them they could drive back to mom’s and call someone. Vicki wasn’t happy, so I asked where she was going. She told me, and it wasn’t far from my place. Debbie said she’d return to mom’s and call if Maltepe Escort I’d take Vicki with me.It sounds like a good plan, so we split up. With Vicki in the car, we headed into town. It took a few minutes for her to calm down so we could talk. I told her I appreciated them being patient with us and the lessons.She smiled, “You liked them? Some of you weren’t thrilled about having us there. Although, the redhead seemed to get into it more than the rest of you.”I laughed, “Well, Cherise’s bridesmaids are mostly her fiance’s relatives and are very conservative. I was surprised two stayed. I noticed that too, she was mesmerized by Debbie. Plus, it was getting late, and you had your date.”She sighed, “I noticed that also, most people are. Deb has quite a pair of assets. Yes, I do, and she will be mad.”I didn’t want to show my surprise, but it was obvious, “Oh, she will be?”Vicki looked at me, “Yes, it’s a blind date. A friend set us up, and I can’t tell her I’m late because there’s no reception out here. I doubt she’ll stick around.”I sympathized, “I know. I’m sorry. I’ll get you there as fast as I legally can, Vicki. Oh, changing the subject, what do you do for exercise to get those fantastic legs?”She giggled, “You like my legs, huh? Thank you. Most of our clients drool over Deb’s boobs. I run and use the stair stepper like a religion. Do you run or work out?”I sighed, “I hit the gym three days a week. It doesn’t seem like it’s ever enough. I thought about pole dancing a couple of years ago. It’s good for your core and upper body.”“Well, I have a stair stepper at home if your gym doesn’t have one. You’re welcome to try it since you’ve been so nice to us.”I smiled, “Oh wow, thank you. Aren’t they expensive?”Vicki giggled, “I bought it used, and it’s a ‘business’ expense.”When she said business, she made little quotation marks with her fingers which made me laugh.I noticed we’d passed the point where we could get reception and mentioned it to Vicki. She took out her phone and called her date. I didn’t want to listen in, but it wasn’t pretty. Her blind date was mad and had gone home, not wanting to see Vicki. Vicki explained what happened but got hung up on. I felt sorry for her and told her so.She asked, “Would you mind dropping me at my place instead? It isn’t that much further than where I was going to meet her. Maybe ten minutes. You could see my stepper if you want.”I looked at the clock on my dash, and it was just after nine, so I told her that would be fine. I didn’t have any plans for the morning.So, Vicki gave me directions, and we pulled into her driveway after about twenty minutes. It was a single-level ranch that she’d bought at a foreclosure. She knew a bunch of guys who were contractors, and they fixed it up for her. I didn’t ask how she knew them because I assumed it was through her work. We got out, and I locked my car, following her Maltepe Escort Bayan in. A light was already on in the living room. She set her bag down and motioned me to follow her to the tiny gym. She flipped on more lights as she apologized for the mess. The house didn’t look messy to me, but I told her it was fine. I’m not the neatest person in the world.The house was very comfy looking; pictures on the walls of Vicki with friends at running races. We entered her gym, one of the three bedrooms, and she pointed out the stepper. I looked it over, never having used one. Then she asked if I wanted to try it.I told her she’d have to show me because I was clueless.She grinned, “Would you mind if I changed into my shorts? These jeans don’t work so well on it. They tend to limit my movement.”I told her it was fine and just be comfy.Vicki smiled, then went to change.When she returned, she was in magenta boy shorts with a matching top.I gawked, “Whoa!”Vicki looked at me, “What? Too much? I can change if you want me to. I like working out in these.”I apologized, “Oh, no, they’re fine. I saw the same thing when you were dancing. They almost look painted on. I love the color.”As she slipped past me to get on the stepper, Vicki asked again, “As long as you’re okay with it. I love this color, too; I have a few others in all colors of the rainbow. I’m lazy about laundry, so I buy more than I should.”She winked at me as she boarded the stepper. I watched from behind as she started stepping slowly. My heart started beating faster when I saw her perfect ass in those shorts. Watching her steps, those long taunt legs coupled with how her ass moved gave me butterflies. I watched and didn’t notice Vicki turn her head slightly to talk with me.She noticed my staring, “What do you think, Susan?”I swallowed as I looked up at her, “Wow, I see how you got those legs and ass, Vicki. I need to step up my gym time. I’m jealous.”Vicki smiled, “Want to try it? If not, that’s fine.”I replied, “I don’t have any shorts.”She giggled, “Well, you could just do it in your panties, but that’s up to you. I’ve seen plenty of girls’ asses before, not to worry.”I was tempted, “Well. If you don’t mind, can you set it at a low setting? I don’t want to embarrass myself.”Vicki grinned, “Sure, sweetie. Here.”She pushed a button several times, and the steps dropped with little resistance.I was hesitant but unbuttoned my jeans after kicking off my shoes. I stepped out of my pants and placed them on a rack of weights. Vicki climbed down, waiting patiently for me to get on the stepper. I grabbed the rails as I stepped on it, and the step sank. We both laughed, and Vicki told me how to set the resistance. I looked up as I started stepping, adjusting the stepper as I went. I began to get the hang of it, and it felt like I was trudging through snowbanks.Vicki watched, “Girl, you have a great ass. What are you complaining about?”I grinned, looking back at her, “Thank you. I wish it were as tight as yours.”She giggled, “That takes time. I’ve been working my ass for years, sweetie.”I sighed, “Well, it’s definitely working. Yours is perfect.”I could hear a slight change in her tone when she asked, “So, you like it, huh?”I nodded as I continued stepping, “Yes, I’d die to have an ass like yours. Well, maybe not die. What would be the point in dying to get that ass?”Vicki giggled, “I like you, Susan. You’re cute.”I turned again to see her licking her lips as she watched me. I felt a tingle between my legs as I replied, “Thank you, Vicki. I think I’ve had enough of a demonstration.”I slowed down, then looked back to see how to step down. That’s when Vicki placed her hand on my ass cheek to help guide me.”Here, let me help you; it can be tricky for your first time.”I took my time letting Vicki guide me. Her hand there felt nice as I stepped down and almost landed in her arms. We were face to face, and she was maybe four inches taller than me, so I looked into her eyes as I regained my balance. My legs could feel the burn. Vicki reached out to catch me despite my landing on both feet. I slipped into her arms as she wrapped them around me.“How’s it feel, sweetie?”I blushed, but she probably couldn’t tell because I felt my face was already pink from the exercise.”“Oh, I could get used to it.”We locked eyes, and I could tell this would be a long night.“You could?”My hands dropped to her ass as I started massaging her cheeks.I smiled; I could, very easily, Vicki.”She grinned. “I like the sound of that, sweetie. Why don’t we go to my room and see how used to it you can get.”I smiled, “Lead the way, Vicki.”She replied, “Oh, I will, sweetie, I certainly will.I picked up my jeans and shoes, following her to her bedroom. It was nice, a king-sized bed with stuffed animals on one side crowded on a pillow. I grinned as I looked them over. Vicki noticed and told me they were hers from when she was little. I told her I loved them, and they were adorable.Since Vicki was just in her bra and panties, she started undressing me. I asked if we could shower first. I had plans for that tight ass of hers. Her eyes lit up, then she kissed me and held me tight.She broke our kiss, “We sure can, princess. I love my ass worshiped.”I giggled, “I had a feeling you might. It’s so darn perfect.”We finished undressing and then hit the shower. We stepped out of the water stream to soap each other down. I turned and shut the water off, then moved back to Vicki, facing her. The body gel we used made the perfect lubricant. We stood kissing, breasts pressed together. This was our foreplay before we hit the bed. I ran my body up and down Vicki’s as if I were giving her a lap dance. She, in turn, did the same to me, pressing her sweet cheeks into my mound and rubbing me. I was in heaven. We started to get a little chilly with the water off, so Vicki turned it back on so we could rinse. Before we got out, I ensured Vicki’s ass was clean. She loved the attention there, and I loved giving it to her. We were careful not to get our hair wet as we played.

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