The Babysitter

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Susie has been our babysitter for the past three months. She is a college student, trying to make a little extra spending money and has been very trustworthy since she came to stay with our children.

I really didn’t know that much about her other than she had come highly recommended by several of our friends.

She was a very attractive young lady and had a way of flirting with you but never really showed she would ever do anything other than just flirting.

She was a tall girl, maybe 5’9″ shoulder length auburn hair and if I had to guess, she was about a 34 C.

The last few times she had come to the house, she had brought her bikini and taken the kids for a swim in the pool. I had to watch myself and not be too obvious, but I lusted for her and wished she would give me some sign that she was a player. She was awesome in her bikini with her long legs and shapely figure.

One weekend, my wife was out of town and I had a meeting to go to in another town so I called her and asked her if she could come stay with the kids while I was away. I knew I would be home late so I asked her if that would be all right and she said no problem. She said she could bring some homework to work on when the kids went to sleep.

I don’t know if she did it to torture me, but when she showed and I opened the door, she was standing there in a pair of shorts and a halter top that clearly showed she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her nipples were very pronounced.

She walked in past me and as if in a trance, I stood at the door watching her legs as she walked into the house. Again, I don’t know if she was trying to get my attention, but her walk seemed to accentuate her hips swaying more than I ever noticed before. I started getting that warm fuzzy feeling.

After she got settled with the kids, I told her I had to go. I left and went to my meeting. When I finished the meeting and was driving home, my mind kept undressing her and taking her whether she would have wanted me to or not.

When I got home, I parked the car and walked in from the garage door and looked for her when I got into the living room but couldn’t find her. I went to go check on the kids and when I walked by the study, I heard a TV going and the door was closed. I stopped and opened it, thinking maybe she was at my desk doing her homework. She wasn’t doing that at all. In fact, she apparently had found one of my xxx movies and had it on TV. She had one of my high back chairs sitting in front of the TV and one of her legs were hanging over one of the arms.

I walked in stunned because she had taken her shorts and panties off and had her shirt pushed up over her breasts and her fingers were working on her clit. I stood there for a moment soaking in the sights as my cock begins stirring in my pants. I looked over at the TV and the couple on there were fucking and she was so engrossed on getting herself off, she didn’t notice me standing there.

I peered over her shoulder and saw her fingers sliding in and out of her pussy with the other one squeezing her nipples. I must have leaned over too far, because she quickly looked up and scrambled to get her shorts to hide herself. She jumped up and put her shorts over her pussy and started to run past me out of the room. I stepped in front of the door and then she stopped and turned around and was trying to find the leg holes of her shorts.

I said in an authoritative voice to hold it and she said she was so embarrassed and Ataşehir Escort had to get dressed. I told her to stop what she was doing and to turn around and talk to me. She moved the shorts back up in front of her and slowly turned around and asked me to please not tell her parents what she had been doing and that she didn’t want me to fire her because she needed the money.

“I won’t fire you as long as you do what I say”, I told her. “What do you mean?” she asked. “Just what I said… .besides, you could have had one of my children walking in here and seeing you so you need to be punished”, I say to her. “Oh, please, I’ll do anything you ask, just don’t fire me.” She says back.

“Good, then start with dropping your shorts away from in front of you and take off your little top,” I tell her. After a brief pause she says she can’t do that, so I say “Fine, then you are out of a job”, and I turned and start to walk out of the room.

“WAIT”, she says and I stop and turn around. She reluctantly drops her shorts to her side and reaches up and takes off her shirt. She crosses her hands in front of her pussy, forgetting about hiding her breasts. “I said I’d do anything, but please let me keep this job”. “All you have to do Susie is do what I say and the job will be yours”, I say.

I walk over and take her hands away from in front of her and watch the blush rush over her body. I lead her back to the chair she was in and told her to sit back down just like she was doing and resume watching the movie. “You mean?”, she started to say, but I put my finger over her mouth and said, “Yes, I want you to resume everything”.

I make her sit down and then I take her hand and move it down to her pussy again and tell her to watch the movie and finish getting herself off. She avoids my look into her eyes, still embarrassed, but once she starts concentrating on the movie again, her facial expression changed from one of being worried to one of pleasure. Her fingers started moving over her clit and then dipping into her pussy. Her other hand moved back up to her breasts and she began squeezing her nipples.

I move down on the floor in front of her and watch her work herself into an orgasm. She was really getting into it now. She has even stopped watching the movie and is now concentrating on entertaining me. Her tongue moving over her lips as her fingers disappear inside of her and come out soaked from her juices. Her eyes seemed to be glazed over as her body starts shuddering. Her fingers work frantically, bringing herself to a big orgasm.

After her body relaxes, she smiles at me and asked if that was what I was wanting. To answer her, I take her hand and lift her wet fingers up to my mouth. I suck each one individually into my mouth and work my tongue over each one, cleaning her juices off of them.

“See what you do to me Susie”, I say to her as I stand up and there is a distinct bulge in the front of my pants. I pull her hand towards me and place it so she can touch my lump. Her fingers begin caressing me through the material and then I tell her to take it out so she can really touch it. Her fingers find my zipper and down it goes. My hands unbuckle my belt and once it’s loose, she starts pulling my pants down my legs, leaving my underwear on. Her hands move up to the waistband and she slides her hand inside and feels my cock for the first time. She pulls the waistband out and lifts my cock out of my shorts. I tell Kadıköy Escort her to stand up and let me sit down and we do this. She gets down on her knees in front of me and grasps my cock again and begins stroking it up and down very slowly, watching the head clear her hand and rising up towards her face.

“Take it in your mouth Susie”, I tell her. “I’ve never done anything like this,” she says. “Go ahead, taste me with your tongue,” I say as my hand moves to her head, pulling it gently towards me. Her tongue extends and slides over the head of my cock. She feels me jerk in her hand as she hits my sensitive area.

Her tongue slides down the side of my cock and back up, feeling the hot skin expand in her grasp. Her tongue moves back up to the head and she finds a drop of precum and she tastes me for the first time. Liking the taste, she moves the head over her lips, coating them with my juices. Her mouth opens now and takes the head just inside while she continues to stroke me. She holds me still and lowers her mouth, taking more of me in. She starts bobbing her head up and down as her lips clutch my cock. Her mouth feels so warm and tight as she starts a fucking motion. My hips begin lifting off of the chair each time she comes down on me.

“Use your hands on my balls Susie”, I tell her. She moves her hand down and cups each ball and begins massaging each one. Her mouth moves up and down, then she stops and with the head inside of her mouth, her hand begins pumping my cock. I can feel her mouth sucking hard each time she does that. She must have really concentrated on that movie because she was sucking me like a pro now, making my balls ache for release.

Her mouth moves down, taking me far enough where I feel the opening of her throat. She moves back up and starts sucking on the head again as her hand strokes faster on my cock. I run my fingers through her hair and pull her down as I fuck her mouth. My balls tighten and then releases my cum into her mouth. The first stream of cum surprises her and she opens her grip on my cock with her mouth and some of it leaks down on her chin. Knowing what to expect now, she catches the rest of it and swallows all I can give her. When she is done, she lifts her head off of my cock and starts to take her hand and wipe the cum dripping on her chin and I tell her not to. I move my hand up and swipe the cum from her chin and then I lick it off of my finger. I then take my hands and place them on each cheek and pull her face towards me so I can kiss her. Our mouths meet and our tongues search for each other. She moans as her tongue finds mine and takes the remainder of my cum into her mouth.

After we break our kiss, I tell her to stand up and turn around slowly and she does. She is so fine. Her legs reaches up to one of the prettiest asses I’ve seen in a while.

I get down on the floor and lay on my back right in front of my desk. “Susie, I want you to stand over me and show me how you can tease me by touching yourself”, I commanded her. She grinned down at me and then stepped over me and moved her hand in front to her pussy. She used two fingers to part her lips and took the other hand and used a finger and run it up and down her slit. Her tongue begins running over her lips as her finger continues sliding through the length of her slit.

She takes one hand and moves it up to cup her breasts. She lifts one and runs her tongue over her nipple. Her other hand finds her Bostancı Escort clit and she begins massaging it. Her legs begin to get week from what she is doing. I motion for her to come down and sit on my chest. She does it and then I run my hands under her ass and pull her forward until her pussy is right in front of my face. She reaches up and grabs the edge of the desk and slides herself closer to me until my tongue finds her tender opening. I cup her ass and pull her even closer so my tongue can enter her. I probe my tongue in her pussy as she presses it against me.

Susie obviously has never had this happen to her because as soon as my tongue finds her clit her body begins losing it. Her knuckles whiten as she grips the edge of my desk. Her head leans back, her eyes close and she starts grinding her pussy against my mouth. My lips find her clit and I begin sucking on it until she explodes in my mouth. Her body trembling as she unleashes her cum over my face. She screams as she has an earth shuddering climax.

“I want to be in you now Susie”, I tell her.

“Oh yessss,” she replies and lifts herself off of me. I get to my feet and then tell her to turn around and lean over the edge of my desk. I clean off a spot and she leans over and presses her chest on the surface of the desk and looks around to see me moving up behind her. I take my cock in my hand and guide it to the opening of her pussy. She told me that she wasn’t a virgin but I knew it would be tight in there. I pressed the head just inside and grab her hips and push forward gently, and further with each stroke I make.

Her pussy is so wet but tight. I feel the walls stretching each inch I enter her. With me fully inside of her now, I increase my motion and start driving my cock in and out of her. Her moans continue as she lays her face down on the desk, enjoying the feeling. As my cock is trusting in and out of her, the front of my hips slaps her tight ass. I reach up and hold onto her shoulders as I really begin stroking her pussy. Harder and harder I fuck her, pushing her into the desk.

After a while, I pull out of her and have her roll over on the desk. She opens her legs for me to reach her and I once again guide my cock into her wonderful pussy. I begin fucking her with long hard strokes as she moves her body against me. She raises up and props herself on her elbows and watches my cock sliding in and out of her. Her face showing total bliss as she feels my cock massaging her inner walls.

She reaches down and finds her clit with her fingers as she starts bringing herself to another quaking orgasm. I feel her fingers slide over and grip my cock as it goes in and out of her. My balls slapping her ass with each hard stroke. My cum is boiling now, ready for it’s release. Her fingers move back to her clit and she all but mangles it as she is rubbing it so hard. She begins almost a little chant, wanting me to cum in her… saying it over and over.

I thrust as far as I can go into her and my balls once again unleash my pent up cum. Waves and waves of my juices fill her pussy as she begins cumming once she feels the warm liquid entering her. Her body spasms and her pussy contracts, enclosing around my cock. My cock gives a few more jerks, unloading the rest of my cum. My legs trembling as I collapse forward onto her with my cock still inside. She wraps her arms around me and we just lay there, kissing occasionally, feeling so satisfied.

Once we’ve caught our breath, I pull my limp cock out of her and we go to the shower and we take a shower together. We get dressed and I walk her to her car and tell her that she always has a job here if she wants it.

Thinking to myself… there is definitely a benefit here.

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