The Baby-Sitter Diaries Ch. 02

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I got to be honest, having sex with an eighteen year old, with a hard tight body and firm upright tits is really a lot of fun while your doing it. But if you are a married guy with a beautiful, loving wife, and three growing sons, when you finish screwing the baby-sitter, there is bound to be some guilt. Add the fact that the baby-sitter in question is someone you’ve known her the entire eighteen years of her life AND she’s the daughter of your best friends, and you’ve not only compounded the guilt, you’ve multiplied it. And that’s where I was.

As soon as I got home from the golf course, the realization of what had happened hit me. My wife had already found out that we had won, she had talked to Tom, my best friend and father to my golf partner/baby-sitter, Rebecca. When I opened the door, she and the boys met me with a big hug and congratulations. I prayed I didn’t smell like the fucking I had just completed with Rebecca, our baby-sitter who had been my partner in the golf tournament that afternoon. After finishing the rounds of hugs, I grabbed a piece of fried chicken and headed up the back stairs to the master bedroom.

“Where are you headed?” my wife Patty asked.

“Upstairs to shower and change. I am probably pretty ripe.”

“That’s true. You smell like a cross between a brewery and a compost heap,” she joked, rubbing her nose and turn her attention to our sons. “Come on boys, I let you stay up until Daddy got home, but it’s bedtime. You can talk to him all you want tomorrow before church.”

I went into the bedroom and removed my shirt and shoes. I took off my pants and as I was bent over I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. There were red marks on my shoulders where Rebecca’s golf shoes had dug in while I was eating her pussy. ‘Eating her pussy’ was a thought that triggered a cascade of images and even more guilt. But in the mirror, my image looked like it was…no I couldn’t be…yes I was…smiling. Not a big smile, just a little cat-that-ate-the-canary-grin. A straight line with upturned corners and that mischievous twinkle in my eye. At least my reflection thought I should be proud of myself. I looked at the rest of the reflection. My chest hair is black and curly with a little gray for distinguished character. My face had a few lines, reflecting my years of scowling at students who failed to reach their potential in an oral answer or written submission. Once a football player, I was now a middle-aged college professor leading the middle-class life, with the exception that I just that afternoon, fucked the baby-sitter. I nodded at my mirrored self and allowed a little bit bigger grin. I looked a little goofy, standing there in just the short black golf socks I favor. I don’t wear underwear, I am a dyed-in-wool freeballer. I slipped the socks off and took a good hard look, trying to be objective. I couldn’t see anything remarkable about my physique with the exception of my cock. It was just a little bigger than average and thick. I shrugged my shoulders. I didn’t know why Rebecca had given her virginity to me, but I owed it to her to respect it and not become someone different. I shouldn’t make her feel like she had done something wrong.

I bayan escort seks hikayeleri went into the shower and scrubbed up completely. I took my time, the cascading water loosened my aching muscles and opened my pores completely. I finished off with a healthy dose of cold water to close those pores up again and stepped out of the shower. After toweling off, I went back into the bedroom only to see my wife on the bed, wearing nothing at all except a big grin.

Even after three kids and more than twenty years of marriage, my wife looked sexy. She had a little extra weight, her breasts had lost their youthful She and I were perfectly suited for each other. I was a little shocked to see that she was lying on top of the covers, Patty prefers the lights to be out and to be under the sheets when our infrequent love making occurs. But looking at her on that bed, laying on her side, her legs arranged to keep her modesty and her lovely breasts open to my gaze, I surprised myself by showing the beginnings of a hardon. I slid up the bed until I was even with her, and mimicked her pose.

“Why Miss Patricia, look at you laying there, all resplendent in your skin. You look like a naughty girl who needs some attention.” She giggled in answer. I leaned over and kissed her. I loved kissing her. After a long kiss, filled with passion and flitting tongues, I moved my mouth to her neck, flicking my tongue up and down on her neck, touching all of those spots that really get her going. I sucked on her earlobe, breathing slowly into her ear. I let my tongue explore her ear, doing the dance to her ear that I would repeat later with her clit. She responded like she always did, by becoming sanguine in her relaxation. I knew that we would now make love on my schedule. I was only an hour or so removed from sex with an eighteen year old and I was being called upon to fulfill my wedding promise to my wife. This was going to take a good long time.

I rolled her onto her stomach and threw my leg over her hips to give her a back rub. I started on her shoulders, kneading and rubbing the muscles that connected them to her neck. I dug my thumbs into her traps, working the striations from origin to insertion. Then I use soft pressure from my fingertips to work the muscles of her neck and then rubbed her scalp and reached around to give her a facial massage. She was purring and moaning. I moved down, rubbing the shoulders even deeper, until I could feel her tension falling away. Under my haunches, I could feel the tensions of her lower back and ass begin to ease too. I rubbed each arm separately, terminating with a hand and finger massage. I moved my straddle lower, allowing me access to her middle and lower back. This also put my cock in the crack of her ass. That sensation, my cock laying in the cleft of her ass, was all the bugle call it needed to rise to attention. As I rubbed her back, again working the long fibers of the muscles, my cock rubbed up and down the crack of her ass, bringing me immense pleasure too. Twenty years of marriage and her ass had always remained taboo. But my cock didn’t know that. My cock loved being nestled into the taboo crevice. I moved even lower, rubbing her ass, her thighs, her calves and her feet. She slowly melted away, almost catatonic in her relaxation. I purposely didn’t touch her in a sexual way. I wanted this to last a long time for her. This would be the beginning of my penance for my infidelity.

I returned my attentions to her ass. I worked the mass of each globe with a firm hand, digging the thumbs and long fingers in for maximum effect. As I worked each side, I would occasionally let a finger tip or thumb caress her ass crack and drift down to the fragrant folds of her pussy. I carefully lifted one leg and moved it so I could access her pussy better. I rubbed the insides of her thighs and the let my fingers brush against her pussy, each time the touch was a little more intimate and last a little longer. Patty moaned in her appreciation of my ministrations. I let my middle finger linger on the opening to her pussy as I drew my hand up through the crack of her ass. I could feel her ass rise to meet it, trying to prolong the contact. In reply, I buried my face in her ass. Kissing and licking the entire crevice between the globes.

Anal play between us until that moment had been nonexistent. I used both hands to spread her cheek wide and without much ado, I plunged my tongue deep into her brown ring. It tasted musty but not unpleasant. I could feel her tense for only a second and then she pressed her ass back into my face, causing me to pull back slightly so I could breathe. My tongue went wild, digging and pushing into her ass. I kept her cheeks spread as wide as I could, with three fingers on each hand so I could use my thumbs and index fingers to explore her pussy. It took some doing, I had to bring my elbows in, almost under my chest, so I could capture her clit between the pads of my thumbs. Being careful not to use too much pressure, I rolled her clit between my thumbs slowly, all the while I was driving my tongue in and out of her ass, trying to get my entire mouth engaged. I was aware of her moaning. I could feel her arms flailing on the covers, her face was buried in a pillow to stifle her cries of ecstasy. Her pussy began to seep her juices down onto my thumbs, providing enough lubricant to make rubbing her clit even more delicate. She put her hands against the headboard and used her arms to gain leverage, thrusting her ass back against my face.

“OOOOOOOHHHHHHH! Ooooooooooo, oooooooooOOOOOH, Mmmmmmmmphhhhhhhhhh!” was all I could hear through the pillow she was screaming into. Her climax lasted several minutes, and she bucked more wildly as it wore on. “OOoooOOOOOOooOOOOOHHHHHHH MMMMMMMMMMMYYYYYYYY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!” she screamed into the pillow, her hips now bucking so wildly, she was in danger of breaking my nose with her tailbone.

When I could continue no more, I relented my assault on her ass. I switched my attention from her clit to her pussy, which was swollen and slick. I plunged one finger, then two, then three into her gushing hole and worked them in and out, giving my sore tongue a much needed break. Patty continued to orgasm, only smaller and less frequently until I began to massage her g-spot. She started to buck again, this time biting her lip and only moaning. She thrashed her head back and forth, her hair flying across the pillows. This was such an incredible turn-on for me, I straddled her ass again, this time putting one foot on the floor next to the bed. I pushed my throbbing cock down into her pussy and plunged the length deeply into her, feeling her rise to meet my invasion. Just pushing my cock into her made her cum. Every stroke made her cum more. I grabbed the cheeks of her ass with my hands and pried them apart like opening a book. That left her brown rose slightly agape, winking with every thrust of my cock into her pussy.

‘Why not?’ I thought to myself. I pulled my cock from her pussy and positioned against her anal ring. I took her absence of protest as a sign of approval and pushed in. I could feel her tense against the invasion of her last virginity and I paused. Patty didn’t pull away so I pushed a little more, using my thumbs to stretch the skin of her ass around my cock. The feeling was exquisite. I just wanted to plunge my shaft to the hilt into this twitching and throbbing canal. I took my time, pressing in until she tensed, then I used my thumbs to relax her sphincter and my fingernails scratching lightly on her back to help her focus on pleasure. When my cock was half impaled, I pulled back slightly and thrust forward again. I was moving only an inch or so, allowing my cockhead to massage the interior of her rectum. She started to move back to meet my thrusts and I began to thrust in earnest, each stroke deeper than the last until I felt my pubic bone meet her ass cheeks. While fully impaled, I stopped thrusting and slowly rotated her hips around my cock. Her moans were guttural, half animal, half exhilaration.

“Fuck me David, fuck my ass!” Never before had she spoken like that. I had created a monster. But I am no fool, I fucked her ass. I fired my shaft in and out of her ass until the sweat ran down my face and chest and dripped on her. My orgasm was slow to come and I was enjoying every second. My legs began to wobble and I knew I was reaching the end of my endurance. Patty reached between her legs and gripped my testicles. This was all the encouragement I needed to soldier on. Her nails dug into my scrotum, mixing pain with my pleasure. It was enough. I came into her ass over and over until I could come no more. Exhausted, I fell forward onto her, wrapping my arms around her chest and pulling her over on her side as I fell to the bed. My cock was still trapped in her ass, which thanks to my semen, was now lubed enough to be slick. I gave weak thrusts in and out, just enough to keep my cock hard from the stimulation.

“You’ve got to be kidding, David,” my wife chided. “You can’t possibly want to fuck more.”

“I’ve never fucked your ass before, I want it to last as long as possible,” I replied honestly. “I may never get to fuck it again.”

“Don’t be so sure,” she whispered. “I could definitely get used to it. Probably not for a few days, I have a feeling my butt is going to be sore for a while.”

“Do you want the first shower or the second?” I asked as she disengaged from my embrace and turned to face me.

“Neither. I think we should conserve water and take one together.”

“As you wish,” I replied, kissing her. I could tell that the rest of my dinner would probably have to wait.

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