The Airline Stud Ch. 06

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Chapter 6: Interlude: Veronica

Their date was approaching. Alvin had a flight to Tokyo then a flight to Mexico City. After Mexico City he would have a week off to rest and prepare for his mini vacation to Sydney and the gala. When he arrived in the hotel, there was a message on his voice mail from Missy. “Alvin, how is Tokyo? I trust you arrived safely. I was given two tickets to the Dodger game against the Yankees on July 13th. Do you want to go? The seats are right behind the Dodger dugout, I am told. Let me know. See you soon.”

Did Alvin want to go? He loved the Dodgers. And with seats right behind the dugout he would be able to hear the batters jawing with the umpire. He would be able to see a long fly to left from the hitter’s view. And he would be able to hear the pop of the mitt when a hundred mile per hour fastball was thrown. This was practically heaven. His thought drifted to Samantha and the heaven he would be in when he was between her incredible legs. He checked his schedule and saw that he would arrive in Los Angeles after returning from Sydney and have a break after another flight to Mexico City. He texted her that he would like to go, “Thank you” is all his text read, rather dryly. That would make for a great week. First he would accompany perfect Samantha to the gala. He would ask her to stay the night in his hotel room. He would enjoy her charms. Then he would attend the Dodger-Yankee game in the same week.

Tokyo and Mexico City were uneventful, except for…Veronica. Veronica was a married flight attendant. Veronica and he sat next to each other in the shuttle to the hotel. During the trip, Veronica leaned into him continuously. Alvin could feel her breasts push against him on the right hand turns. She wanted to giggle but held back for fear of the other passengers, all flight crew members, would overhear her delight. Oh, and she used those right hand turns to feel his abs, shoulders and chest. She was not subtle, especially when she grabbed for his groin. The van’s motion, coupled with her left hand made his cock swell. She didn’t say anything. When they all exited the van, Veronica subtly sent Alvin a text suggesting that they have a drink. Alvin had been lonely, been fantasizing constantly about Samantha and it had been four months since his last taste of pussy. It had been two weeks since Samantha gave him that blow job. For these reasons, he let his guard down in a moment of weakness agreed.

They agreed to meet at the front desk but neither wanted to be seen in the hotel bar together. They walked a very short distance to a bar down the street. “Alvin, you have surely heard that Bruce and I are divorcing.” The flight crews are close. Veronica’s marriage was the subject of much of the gossip on the flight to Tokyo. Mark Bastin, the pilot, started, “Alvin, you’ve heard about Veronica. Her marriage is about over.”

“I don’t pay too much attention to idle gossip, but I have heard.”

“Would you consider going for it with her?” Veronica was one of the senior flight attendants, not old at 44, but already had 22 years with the company. She was very slim with long arms, a great behind and always looked hot in the skirt or slacks that passed for the uniform. She was wearing a skirt that day, which accentuated her calves, which were toned from years of dance.

“Mark, she is pretty girl but I hate getting involved with flight attendants.” Until that point Chloe was the only flight attendant he had ever slept with. “It can get too complicated.” Yet, the thought that filled Alvin’s fantasy was that of a neglected illegal bahis wife who was aching for attention.

When Alvin and Veronica sat at the bar and had ordered, she came out with her proposal. “Alvin, let me get to the point. I can use some male attention tonight. I know we have been flying all day but—as luck would have it and on account of my seniority—I was able to get a single room tonight and, well, it’s very small but I am getting divorced, have not had a man inside me for about two years. Let’s finish these drinks and get out of here.” They both knew that the flight back to Los Angeles was not until 2:00 pm and they could have a nice evening together.

Alvin was not a big drinker but he finished his scotch with a gulp. “OK. Let me make a stop in my room first.”

He knocked at her door, room 1112, and she opened the door. She was wearing a towel around her body and another was wrapped around her long hair. She must use padded bras because her boobs were small, barely visible against the towel fabric.

“Let me jump in the shower as well,” and he quickly undressed, making sure that his little pouch was still in his right jacket pocket.

“Hurry up, please,” she said sweetly.

Alvin emerged with a towel around his waist, not out of modesty but to soak up any remaining water. Veronica was on the bed, totally nude, with her back against the headboard. Her physique was somewhere between slim and thin, had firm abs, fantastic legs and a nice bush. Alvin crawled up to the head of the bed. She threw her arms around him. She was pulling him up so their lips would meet, “Alvin, I told you that it has been a long time since the last time…with anyone…and I have been faithful to Bruce until now, but I am crazy at this moment.” They kissed and embraced and rolled around on the bed.

She reached down to find his cock fully erect. He reached down to find her pussy dripping wet. She felt him slip a finger gently into her. She bucked a little. He smiled. She smiled. “See, I am super hot.” And she was. “Word is that you are a stud.” Alvin started to protest but she cut him off. “You see my husband almost never went down on me. He insisted on a blow job a few times per week but I can really use…you know.”

“Honey, I know. This will sound stupid and trite but you have come to the right place.”

“Just make me come, I am so ready for a release.”

With that he repositioned himself between her fine legs. Alvin teased her because he wanted to know how hot she was. And he wanted to be in control. He pulled her knees apart. Veronica had a pussy with thick outer lips and protruding inner lips and her clit protruded from the top of her slit. Alvin loved to eat pussy. He kissed her thighs some more. “I know you can do that, lover, use that tongue to find my clit.” Alvin used his tongue to part her lips pushing upwards. She jumped, “Ahh, fuck,” and dug her fingers into his still damp hair.

“Your pussy tastes great, Veronica.” He was about to say something else.

She was watching his oral movements but cut him off. “Don’t talk, just eat.”

Alvin licked her outer lips and she moaned. Alvin sucked her inner lips into his mouth and she groaned. Alvin really loved to eat pussy. He licked everywhere except…there. And she knew it! What was he waiting for? Still, Veronica had wanted this kind of attention for years. She could wait a little while longer. She could just lay back and enjoyed`. Enjoy she did. Alvin pushed her legs up further so his tongue could reach her anus. If her husband didn’t lick her pussy, he surely illegal bahis siteleri didn’t lick her butt hole.

Veronica was totally taken by surprise and when she felt his tongue flick her hole, she screamed and dug her finger nails into his scalp. Her eyes had rolled back into her head. As Alvin licked she grunted and moaned, “Ahh,” was all she had the wherewithal to say. Yes, she had never felt this before. She had never felt so good. She was not on the path to orgasm but that did not matter, at all. She did not want it to stop, ever, ever. She moaned and groaned.

He licked her anus for a few minutes and sensed that she wanted a release so he used his right index finger to rub the top of her clit. She screamed again, “right there.” After about thirty seconds of that she was on the verge of going over the top, “I am so… close…” He wanted to suck her clit but knew that she would come this way. Alvin was not the stud of the airline for nothing. A few more licks later, her voice made four sounds higher and higher and higher and higher and then a grunt and a sigh. She pulled his hair such that it really hurt. He was certain that anyone in the next room would hear her. He stopped and looked up. She had a huge smile on her face, eyes closed tightly and she rubbed his head like he was her puppy dog.

“Well, Alvin Standinger I think I owe you a blow job. How does that sound?”

“I am eager. Begin forthwith.”

Alvin and Veronica switched positions. Alvin sat at the headboard. Veronica kneeled between his legs. His cock was semi-erect. She stroked his thighs and told him of the pleasure she would soon administer. She told him how much she loved to give head. She told him that she will take her time. She told him that she would stroke his most sensitive member in her hands then in her mouth. She told him she would lick the glans. She told him she would administer oral love right up to the moment he would burst.

And that is what she, in fact, did.

“Alvin, I know this is wonderful but I so need to feel this cock split me open. I have a condom,” she said. And she produced it from a pocked sewn on the inside of her skirt. “I have never used this pocket but I had it put in just in case a situation like this would arise. I assure you that I bought the condom this week, lest you be concerned.” This flowery language made his cock twitch.

“By all means, dear lady, do me the honor of administering the condom in the manner in which it was designed.” This made her feel warm and welcome she ripped open the envelope with her teeth and she rolled it on to him.

“I can’t wait any longer,” and she straddled his thighs. She kissed him lovingly and reached down to the condom-enclosed cock. She sat down with a grunt and went limp in his arms. The feeling was pain and pleasure. Pain on feeling filled. Pleasure on feeling filled. It was exquisite. She started humping, moaning with each thrust, gripping his neck and shoulders.

“Alvin, lover, I am so, so, sorry.”

Alvin had never heard this before and was slightly frightened.

“I am so sorry, lover…that you … can never…feel… what.. I feel…with each grind, Ungh.” Veronica was in heaven. “Babe, I have not had a man inside me for so long…Ungh. It feels so good, Ungh.” She moaned and grunted with each thrust of her hips, trying with each to get him in deeper.

Alvin licked her nipples and used his hands to cover her breasts. His hands were much larger than each breast.

“Bite my nipple, softly, lover.”

Alvin did as he was told and grabbed her waist canlı bahis siteleri with his left hand and her left butt check with his right. He had felt far firmer asses. She was thin and slightly bony. But her vagina was tight and she used her vaginal lips to massage his cock. She continued to grind. She continued to moan.

Alvin leaned forward all the way until Veronica was lying on her back and her legs were wrapped around his waist. He fucked and humped in a strong, steady rhythm. Veronica was feeling very good and started feeling warmer in her head and chest. Oh, god, Veronica thought, I have not had an orgasm from being pumped in…forever. She felt like she was getting higher. Alvin could sense this from the sounds she was making that were getting higher and higher. “Don’t stop,” she moaned. Alvin put her knees over his shoulders.

He is very deep now, she thought, as she reached down with her right hand to grab his firm butt. She tried to pull him deeper.

After about three minutes she felt she could not get any higher. Without any notice, she reached climax with a grunt and a scream. He kept pumping. She kept feeling spasms. She relaxed a bit and bit his neck.

“Alvin…I have not felt that for…a long…time.” She pulled his head to hers and she kissed him. Their tongues danced together, first in his mouth, then in hers, so it seemed. Veronica loved Bruce. They had a wonderful daughter, now sixteen, who needed them both. That is why Veronica stayed as long as she had. Veronica and Bruce had not had sex in years. They did not kiss. They did not hold hands.

Alvin too was breathing hard and sweating such that she could see the perspiration on his brow and on his chest. “Would you like me to get on top again?” she asked.

Alvin only grunted his approval and pulled out of her tight hole. He did not sit against the headboard but lay on the bed with his head on the pillow. She climbed on again. She slowly grinded herself to a peak again and came again, this time with the help of her right hand, using fingers to rub her clit. She was exhausted.

“I am exhausted, lover. Can I suck you off?”

“I will try.” Truly Alvin had reached a point of plateau a few times but restrained himself each time from jumping off the cliff. He pulled off the condom with a snap and tossed it on the floor.

Veronica started giving him wonderful, sweet oral love. She stroked his shaft and licked his balls. It took some effort for Alvin to relax his pelvic floor muscles but after a few more minutes he felt an orgasm coming. “Oh, I am going to come soon.” She stroked with her hand a little faster. Alvin came. Veronica wanted to suck it all down. She did not know when she would have another chance. Alvin put his right hand to the back of her neck and fought the urge to pull her head down further so he grabbed some hair and released all of the tension he had been carrying for the past hour or so. She swallowed the first and second spurts but had to pull away so the third, fourth and fifth landed on her face and chest.

They lay in bed holding each other for four or five minutes when Alvin could feel that Veronica had fallen asleep. He wanted to remain there in the double bed but he had to get to his room or else Mark, who he was rooming with, would get alarmed. He returned to his room.

They met at 9:00 am for the shuttle to the airport for their 2:00 pm flight back to Los Angeles. Alvin arrived under the canopy first. Veronica arrived with a big smile. They did not want to be discovered. Alvin meandered to the wall with the flowers. That is where Veronica found him. “I was secretly hoping to find you in bed in the morning.”

Alvin explained and she understood.

“Maybe another time, then,” she said with a lilt in her voice, hopeful for another chance with him.

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