The Adventures of Anndie Chapter 11-13

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Chapter 11 It’s The Principle

Jules Stone has been Principal of the elementary school for 3 years. She is 5’10, straight blond hair she keeps in a bun, deep blue eyes. A typical Nordic goddess with 36 C breasts. Her daughter Sky is a spitting image of her mother just a few inches shorter and a little thinner. Two years ago, her father and Jules husband of 10 years died in a terrible car crash. It traumatized Sky so much that she refuses to drive a car. Over the last two years Jules and Sky began to comfort each other. It started with them just sitting on the couch together crying for hours. Days of sadness turned into weeks and into months of just sitting together every evening, in the dark, under a blanket, sobbing. Then, Jules would tell Sky to go to sleep, and she would take herself down the hall to her empty King sized bed and cry herself to sleep. One night Sky just followed her mom to her room and crawled into bed with her and they cried each other to sleep. This became routine, and one morning Sky woke up with her mom spooning with her. She could feel her mom’s breasts against her back and realized that her mom no longer had her top on. She could hear the steady slow breathing of her sleeping mom. As Sky tried to roll over she felt her moms left leg wrap around her thigh. Then she felt it, her mom began to slowly grind against her hip. Jules was dreaming. The fact was that before her husband died they were an extremely highly sexual couple experimenting with others and regularly having sex in public. Sky was growing into a very sexual young lady herself. She had routinely played with her college roommate, especially when a hard cock wasn’t available. Unfortunately this period of mourning had put a major damper on both of their libidos. Sky could feel her mom getting wet through her panties and it excited her. She had always been curious about her mom, trying to catch glimpses of her naked or in the shower or a changing room. When Sky was twelve she was with her mom bra shopping and Jules took her into a Victoria Secrets for the first time. As her mom began to shop Sky started to look at all the sexy lingerie and something began to feel different. She felt a tingle in vagina. She didn’t know why, but it began to turn into an ache. Then her mom called to her, “Skylar come with me I’m going to try on these and I want your opinion.” So Sky followed her mom to the fitting rooms. She started to sit in the chair outside the room but her mom said “no baby girl come in here with me.” Her mom closed and locked the door and began to get naked. Sky sat on the bench in the corner and watched as her mom revealed to her daughter what a beautiful woman looked like. The view took Sky’s breath away. She didn’t know why at the time but she gan to feel a growing wetness between her legs. As her mom took her bra off Sky gasped. Jules looked at her daughter and realized what was happening. They hadn’t really had “the talk” yet and now as she stood in front of her daughter she was curious what effect seeing her like this would have on the beautiful Nordic princess. So, snickering to herself, she took her hands and began to slowly massage her breasts. Slowly squeezing them and then pinching her nipples, all while pretending to be oblivious to the fascinated witness. She then began to drag her hands slowly down to her panties, which were beginning to get very wet. Oh, how she loved to be watched. Even by her own daughter? How taboo. Is this really happening, both ladies thought at the same time. As she reached into her panties to start to roll them down, her shaved vagina came into view. Sky gasped. She had never seen one before and as the panties slowly revealed to the impressionable teen her moms now very wet slit began to open, begging to be touched. Jules knees almost buckled as she saw the reaction of her daughter to what just happened. Her clit was throbbing now, she couldn’t believe how turned on she was, she had to cum. There was no stopping what was going to happen. “Sky, baby, your mom has this…this itch that she needs to scratch” she whispered to her daughter, “its between my legs, and its getting very hard not to touch it, do you ever have that feeling?” her breath becoming more shallow. “ya know, between your legs, kinda deep inside you?” Sky couldn’t take her eyes off her moms, very wet now, pussy. “momma me too, it wants to be touched momma” “I know baby, watch me and do what I do…Shhhh be quiet.” Sky watched in fascination as mother began to show daughter the art of masturbation. Jules began to slowly rub her clit in a circular motion. Sky looked at her mom and Jules nodded to her to do the same. Sky lifted her sundress up revealing a very wet patch on her light blue cotton panties. Jules moaned as she saw what her daughter was doing. Sky rolled her panties down and a peach fuzz covered slit that was wet and she could see the little clit pushing its way out throbbing up and down. Jules knew immediately that as soon as Sky touched that clit she would be off. “Sky honey listen to me” she whispered. Grabbing the young girls sodden panties Jules said to her daughter “open your mouth” not knowing why Sky hesitated, “Open your mouth” Jules desperately whispered. Sky sensed the urgency and opend her mouth. Jules took the panties and shoved them in. “Now, rub it fast” and seeing what her mom was doing to herself, Sky began to do the same. She touched her clit and moaned, and did it again, the feeling was indescribable, all she could see were colors. She rubbed it, and rubbed Bayrampaşa Escort it and that’s all it took, she exploded and screamed into her panties which muffled to sound of her very first orgasm, which triggered her mom to explode in orgasm causing her to squirt all over her daughter. Remembering that day has fed many masturbatory fantasies that have entertained Sky, but up until that point there has never been anything physical between the two. Now her mom was grinding against her and shen wanted so bad to reach back and finger her mom. She wanted to giver mom pleasure, she missed that happy, smiling beautiful woman. So she thought now its time…Slowly manuvering herself without waking her mom, Sky managed to roll herself over and turn so she was face to face with her dreaming mom. Sliding her arm between her moms legs allowed her mom to continues in the same position and it gace her something to keep grinding on. Sky could feel her moms wet pussy rubbing back and forth on her upper arm now and as she continued to rub, Sky saw those wonderful breasts right in front of her. “it’s now or never” she thought to herself, so she opened her mouth and began to lightly suck on the hardening nipple. Her mom ground harder and moaned in her sleep, Sky continued to suck and began to bring her arm up to the point that her hand was now pressing against her moms pussy. Jules’s dream was moving in rhythm now bringing her closer to an orgasm. Sky could tell her mom was close, the only question was, “would she wake up before she came?” Sky could feel her moms wentness on her hand, “should she slide a finger in? or should she rub her clit?” Jules answered the questions for as she opened her eys and saw what her daughter was doing to her. “OH Skylar”, she moaned, “suck it, suuuck it please fuck me!” that’s all it took as Skylar took two fingers and slid them into her mothers burning hot, wet opening, causing Jules to explode in the most powerful orgasm she ever had. Since that morning the two have enjoyed each other physically when they have needed it and emotionally.

Anndie pulled into her usual space at school a little earlier than normal. She hd grades to work on and other projects for her class, but more importantly she needed to talk to Terry about last night and wanted to do it before her new assistant got in. As she was listening to the song playing on the radio she saw Principle Stones car pull up and park behind her. She could clearly see Sky with her and as they both took their seatbelts off they leaned into each other and kissed and it wasn’t a typical mother daughter kiss. This was a deep passionate kiss. She could see Sky’s hand reach up and cup her moms breast. Anndie ducked down so she couldn’t be seen. And her panties began to flood just watching what’s going on in the car behind her. At that very moment Terry walked up to Anndies car and started to knock on the window but before she did she saw her friend duck down and looked to see what was going on. She looked back to where Anndie was looking and nearly dropped her bag. She quickly ran around to the passanger door of Anndies car and jumped inside scaring Anndie. They looked at each other then turned to watch out the back window as they could clearly see Sky bringing her mom closer and closer to an orgasm. Jules was now rocking on Skys hand as they kissed. He head rocking back and forth as she came. Moaning loud enough that both Anndie and Terry could hear it. “Oh my god that was so hot” Anndie whispered, “I need to cum…Terry please finger me?” “Thought you’d never ask baby” and Terry reached her hand up under Anndies skirt. “Oh you little slut, no panties!” Terry moaned and began fingering her friend. “Terry not my G-spot…Terry OHHHH God not my G-spot…I’m goona,,, I’m gonna…ughhhhh Terry are……making me….sq sq ohhhhhhhhhh” Anndie creamed all over the front seat……Terry lifter her soaking wet arm from under Anndies dress and reached for the box of Kleenex on the floor. It took 4 to wipe up her arm and she looked at her fellow teach who was dripping a huge puddle on the floor mat of her car. Terry bent over and licked up Anndies right leg and then down her left. Terry looked out the window at Principal Stones car, “You are driving me mad girl, all I can think about, is your pussy. Do realize how wet I am right now? Shit we have to go in and I’m soaked. What do I do now? My clit is throbbing and I have to take attendance.” Anndie laughed and they both waited until Jules and Sky left before they got out of the car. “Man you car smells like cum.” Terry chuckled. Anndie replied with a laugh.

Chapter 12 The Sky’s The limit

The first half of the day went as planned for Anndie. Once she was able to calm down, of course though, every time she caught a glimpse of her new Teachers Aid thoughts immediately returned to the parking lot this morning. Once that thought hit her brain, her clit began to throb. Sky on the other hand really was enjoying working with Anndie. Anndie has been explaining in detail what they are doing, how they go through the process of teaching, all the steps involved, and Sky was soaking it up. There was something though, she couldn’t put her finger on it, but every time she sat down next to Anndie her mind started to wander. Then it hit her, that scent, she could smell it, it smelled like…like pussy. She purposely came up behind Anndie and took a deep breath. The smell was her. It made her weak kneed. She had to sit down. Thoughts were flying through Sky’s brain. “What’s up with Mrs. Escort Bayan Smyth, she is horny for something today. She smells like sex.” Sky slid her chair under desk as far as she could so no one could see and pressed the palm of her left hand in between her slightly spread legs. That feels so good she thought, god I need to cum. Not here though. Just then the Lunch bell rang and she nearly jumped out of her seat. Scaring Sky out of her daydream she helped the class get in line and then, as discussed earlier with Anndie, she marched the class to the Lunchroom and returned to the classroom. Anndie was at her desk when Sky walked in. Anndie was looking out the window sitting at her desk with both her hands in her lap and totally oblivious to Sky walking in. Or so Sky thought. Anndie then turned to the young aid and said in a husky voice, “lock the door” Sky turned and locked the door, that voice sent a shiver down her spine, and her clit throbbed. What was that? She thought. Anndie turned and stood up. “Get over here” the teacher barked and pointed to the floor in front of her. Sky involuntarily moaned and ran to the spot. “I thought so” Anndie said. “Get on your knees!” Anndie whispered. Skys pussy gushed at the words, she was so confused. What was happening? Why is Mrs Smyth doing this? Why was this turning her on? “I noticed what you did earlier Sky. I also saw how it affected you and what you did in MY classroom!” The teacher spoke in a dominating tone. “Did something turn you on?” Sky’s head dropped, being caught she thought she was in big trouble. “Please don’t tell my mom!” the girl pleaded. “Please don’t tell my mom….What?” Anndie liked where this was going, her pussy began to drip with anticipation. “Please don’t tell my mom….m m mistress” she whispered. Anndie moaned. “Yes, when we are alone that is how you address me, do you understand? Because if you don’t you will be dealt with.” “Yes mistress.” “Good, now do you know why I am so horny right now?” Anndie questioned. “ Seems I saw something this morning that I can’t get out of my mind. It was so sexual. Do you have any idea what that could be?” Sky, keeping her head down shook it. “Well, I am surprised you don’t know as it happened,” Anndie then took the toe of her boot, looking down at the bowed young girl, and brought it to her chin to lift her head to face her new mistress, and said “I saw something so hot in our parking lot this morning!” Sky gasp. “Yes, Sky I saw this beautiful young girl, pleasing an older woman, why they looked almost like mother and daughter.” Anndie he two looked very familiar” she said mockingly to her aid. “Why could swear that they were very close and this wasn’t the first time she made her mom cum.” “Pppppplease mistress…” Sky began to try to beg. “Oh now now, your secrets safe with me, well and one other, but not to worry, I believe this is the start of a new friendship, DON’T YOU?” Anndie softly growled. “Now slave, I like the sound of that, lick my pussy” Anndie lifted her skirt as she looked up at the clock to see how much time she had left before the kids came back. Sky went right to work, after all she loved the taste of pussy, and making another woman come’s her favorite thing to do. Especially her new mistress. Sky latched onto Anndies clit and slid two fingers right into the hot wet warm pussy of her mentor. Anndie, moaned and began to shake “Take out you fingers, if I squirt you will be a mess and we cant ha..v…e th th tha…t “ she tried to hold off as long as she could but the slave before her knew what she was doing and the orgasm rolled over her like a freight train. Fortunately for Sky she didn’t hit her Mistresses G-spot so there was only a small rivulet of fluid dripping out of her now spent pussy. Sky quickly saw it and licked it up. Seeing that there was 10 minutes before the kids came back Anndie pointed to her desk, “Get up here and spread those beautiful legs, I imagine you are in need of a big cum S L U T!” she emphasized slut and Sky moaned loudly and began to shake. “Oh please please mistress I haven’t cum all morning and my mom”, she hesitated realizing to what she just admitted, “and now you….I need it soooo bad!” Anndie, not wanting to torcher the young girl and further, and wanting so very badly to taste that pussy dove face first into her aids dripping wet gash. In just a matter of minutes Sky was moaning and cumming squirting her own juices down her leg and onto Anndie’s face. “OH Thank you Mistress thank you thank you, as she leaned in to kiss Anndie deeply and lick off her own juices. Anndie just looked at her “This is going to be the death of me” she laughed, “Sky looked at her and said “I can’t wait till you take my mom too” Anndie groaned as the kids started to march into the room. Sky looked at her and laughed motioning that there was a little something on her cheek. Anndie quickly wiped it off and slid her wet finger into her mouth. “OK kids back to work…” The rest of the day was uneventful. But as the day wound to a close, Sky began to wonder what was going to happen when the school day ended.

Anndie’s mind has been spinning all afternoon. She had an idea, but needed to see if Terry was wanting to be apart of it, so after the last bell rang Anndie ran across the hall to Terry’s room closed the door and laid out her plan. It was agreed that Terry would wait a half an hour then go to the office to speak with Principal Stone. Meanwhile Anndie headed back to her classroom. “Sky, get up on the desk!” “Yes mistress” Sky said as she ran to the istanbul Escort desk and jumped up on it. Anndie sat down in her chair reached under Sky’s skirt and rolled her wet panties down her legs and off. She brought them up to her nose and took a deep sniff. “Come with me Sky we have some Administrative work to do!” and Anndie and Sky walked down to the office. When they arrived they could only see one light on, and it was Sky’s moms office. Sitting across from her mom was Mrs. Robins. “I wonder why she’s here” Sky thought, “that will put a damper on our plans.” She whispered to her mistress. Anndie just laughed to herself.

Chapter 13 A Late Meeting with the Principal

Sky’s mom Jules waved Anndie and Sky into the office. “Hi Mrs. Robin” Sky said as she moved to the small 2-seater couch across the room from Principal Stone’s desk. Terry smiled and said “Hi Sky, how was your day today? Anything exciting happen today?” Sky gasped, realizing that Terry probably knew what was going on. Terry had situated herself in a chair in front of Principal Stone’s desk and had rested each of her legs over the arms of the chair, this had caused her skirt to slide all the way up, giving the schools leader a view of Terry’s wet shaved pussy. In fact, the whole time Terry had been in the office Jules couldn’t stop looking at her teachers pussy. Jules was getting hornier and hornier the longer the young teacher had continued to talk about her plans for the class. The Principal couldn’t even concentrate on what the young teacher was saying, her right had had dropped below the desk and was starting to slide up her dress to try and relieve the itch that was growing. Meanwhile Anndie had walked behind Jules and leaned over her right shoulder. She whispered into the principals ear “You have a sweet daughter.” As she was speaking, she pulled the two pairs of panties out of her pocket, Terry’s and Sky’s, and laid them out on Julia’s desk.“Look what we have here, two very wet panties, where do you suppose these came from?” Anndie moaned into the principals ear. Julia looked at the two women infront of her both without panties and now both were fingering their pussies. Anndie picked up the yellow G-string that up until a few minutes ago was wedged in the very wet slit of her teaching assistant. Still so wet that it had darken from the bright yellow it was when Julia first saw them this morning, as her daughter sat next to her int the front seat, with her legs spread, giving her mom something to look at while on the ride to work. “Here Mommie, take a deep whiff of what I did to your daughter today!” A deep groan came from Julia. She was now franticly rubbing her pantied covered clit, staring at her daughter who was rubbing her own clit, and then her eyes moved to the young teacher sitting right in front of her doing the same thing. She then turned her head and found herself lip to lip with Anndie and before she knew what was happening Anndie grabbed her face and thrust her tongue deep in the principals mouth triggering a massive orgasm that almost knocked the principal out of her seat.

Terry jumped out of the chair she was in ran around the desk and dove to the floor in front of the long legged, blond, head of the school and tore a hole in her lace panties allowing her tongue to make its way into the soaking wet pussy of Julia. Julia then screamed into Anndie’s mouth and came hard a second time. Terry became relentless and continued to lick and suck and lick and suck the writhing Julia. “Please stop, please stop….OHH God I’m coming again…no no no OHHHHHHHHHHHHH AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” as orgasm after orgasm shakes Julia to within moments of passing out. Terry stopped her onslaught of the principals pussy and then turned her attention to her colleague. Sliding her head under Anndie’s skirt and up to her naked pussy Anndie said “that’s it my pet, lick me…L I c k…..mmmmeeee as Terry attached herself to Anndie’s long, hard, throbbing clit. “Yes, make me cum….don’t stop, don’t stop….I’m commmming….Ahhhhhhhhh, uhhhhhh..Yessssssss…..”Anndie leaned on the desk with one hand and while still kissing Julia, pulled Terry up from between her legs, after a deep breath, “Ok, that was fun” Anndie said as she tried to catch her breath. She turned to see Sky on the couch rubbing her clit as fast as she could with her legs completely spread, “Oh shhhhiiittttt, MMMMMoooMMMM cum, cum uhhhhhhhhh coming!” almost hyperventilating, “that was so hot!” while laying back down on the couch.

Anndie motioned to Terry, and the two teachers walked out of the office. “Our job here is done” Terry smiled to Anndie, “I can’t believe we just did that” Anndie just smiled and said “Neither can I!” The teachers got back to their classrooms and Terry looked at Anndie “I am so firkin horny right now.” She moaned lifting her skirt and pointing at her dripping slit. “Anndie dropped to her knees and shoved her face into Terry’s very wet pussy. Anndie brought Terry off in a matter of minutes, her orgasm was so strong she collapsed in a heap and it took her a few minutes to wipe the drool from her face, pick herself up, grab her book bag and head to her car. When she got to the parking lot there were only 2 other cars, Anndies and Julias and Anndie was in the back seat of Julias car frigging herself while watching Julia going down on Sky. Terry gasp, shook her head got in her car and drove home. Anndie left the mother/daughter pair and headed home herself, trying to figure out how she was going to tell Owen what happened. Not that she wanted to hide this from him, far from it. She wanted to tell him, but she wasn’t sure she could take the pounding she was going to get after telling the story. As she drove off, her pussy was already beginning to drip.


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