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The next four days were going to be brutal. Tom, a fellow graduate student, and I were on our way to yet another scientific meeting, where we would sit through endless hours of lectures, and interact with our colleagues, as well as present our own research. These meetings could be fun, but more often than not, they became grueling intellectual endurance contests that drained all the energy out of me.

Nevertheless, I was looking forward to this conference. Being a young Latin woman in a white man’s world, I embrace all opportunities to show my work and my worth. Besides, there’s always the possibility of meeting someone special and having some fun. This time though, there was a problem: our department was not doing too well money-wise, and Tom and I were asked to share a room at the hotel where the meeting was being held, instead of taking two separate rooms as usual. Tom and I have known each other for over four years, and we get along just fine, so I didn’t really mind. He’s one of the many kind-of-shy, kind-of-nerdy pale boys that abound in my class, who blushes whenever he hears anyone (specially a woman) talking about sex. To tell you the truth, I find that kind of cute, so I amuse myself making racy comments or jokes whenever he’s around, just for the fun of seeing him smile and lower his eyes, while he gets red all over.

On the 7-hour drive down to the conference, Tom and I talked about everything and got to know a lot about each other: he told me about his family history, his hometown, and how his ex-girlfriend broke his heart; I told him about my past relationships, about the fact that I had met many guys since I arrived to the U.S., but hadn’t fallen in love, and why I thought one should have as much fun as possible while looking for THE right one.

Along the trip, I noticed how he reacted to my words, and found it extremely arousing. Knowing that my mere words could have such an effect on this guy made me wonder what would happen if I took it a step further. So I made up my mind that I would seduce Tom and show him the best time of his life during the next four days. Since most white guys find my generous curves, long curly hair and “exotic” accent extremely sexy, I was confident that Tom would be happy to comply with my little plan, even if he Anadolu Yakası Escort was not aware of it. Damn, the idea of an obligatory four-day stay at a hotel was looking better and better by the minute!

I turned the conversation up a notch by telling Tom that I hadn’t had a date for almost two months, and giving him a sexy look, I added: I don’t know how I’ll manage to keep my hands off you these next four days… I don’t know why, but hotel rooms make me so horny! He swallowed hard and tightened his grip on the steering wheel, while I laughed it off, making him wonder if I was serious or not. I could tell he was surprised, but he obviously liked what I said. A visible bulge started forming inside his jeans, and now it was my turn to be surprised … I had never expected Tom to have such a big penis!!! I didn’t want to get over-excited, it could just be the angle from which I was gazing at his crotch … but I couldn’t help staring with my mouth half-open, while a familiar tingling sensation traveled down my stomach to my pussy. Now I really wanted Tom!! This wasn’t a game anymore, I had to have that big cock inside me soon! I continued flirting with him, making us both titillate with anticipation, until we were at the hotel entrance. I was happy to see that Tom wasn’t blushing anymore (I figured all the extra blood must’ve gone between his legs!), and he had a grin on his face and a lusty twinkle in his eyes that I’d never seen before.

He asked me to go check us in while he parked the car, and just when I was about to step out of the car, he pulled me close and whispered in my ear: Make sure you get us a nice big bed. I’m going to need room when I’m fucking your brains out. My jaw dropped and my panties got decidedly wet, while his words resonated like electricity throughout my body. In the 4 years that I’d known Tom, I’d never heard him talk like that, to me or anyone else. What I found even more arousing was the fact that I was no longer the hunter … I’d become the prey in my own erotic game.

I got the card-keys to our room, and as we walked through the hotel lobby towards the elevators, an old classmate of Tom’s yelled his name from the bar, and came towards us with his arms open, inviting us for a beer. I excused myself saying Bostancı Escort that I wanted to take a shower before the opening banquet that evening, and left Tom catching up with his old buddy. While waiting for the elevator, I turned around and saw that lusty look again, his eyes glued to my ass while his friend talked animatedly.

Once in the room, I dropped everything and searched my bag for my sexiest underwear. I turned the shower on, and while I undressed I kept looking at my reflection getting blurry as the mirror fogged up. I like my body. My breasts are full, round, and inviting. The soft curvature of my stomach leads to my almost bare pussy, just a hint of hair over the mound, and then the round soft lips enclosing the juicy fruit, ripe for the taking. I came back to my senses, slowly opening my eyes and realizing that I was standing naked in the middle of the bathroom, touching myself, and Tom was looking at me from the door, which I’d left ajar. He had obviously rejected his friend’s invitation, and followed me to the room, but I hadn’t heard him come in. I could barely recognize him, the lust transforming his face, giving it a masculinity that I’d somehow missed before. He dropped his bag and resolutely walked towards me, grabbed my ass with one hand, and my wrist with the other. He then tenderly but firmly guided my hand, the one that had been between my legs a few seconds ago, towards my mouth. I tentatively parted my lips, and he led my fingertips between them, for me to lick my own juices. After I did that, he leaned forward and kissed me, tasting my pussy from my own mouth. The kiss was deep and long, and I started feeling weak at the knees as his hands explored my body. His lips traveled from my mouth to my neck, softly biting and kissing, making me moan with desire. He kept going down, cupping my big breasts with both hands, squeezing, licking, biting the big pink nipples, making them harden with sweet ache, producing waves of pleasure that rippled from my breasts to my pussy.

His loving attention to my breasts continued for several minutes, while he muttered between mouthfuls that he had dreamt of doing that for years. My pussy started to ache with pleasure, the all-too-familiar feeling of pressure building up right at my core, Erenköy Escort and I knew I couldn’t stand the emptiness between my legs for much longer. I pulled him up to his feet and eagerly started to unbutton his shirt and pants, while guiding him to the bed. We barely made it without tumbling to the floor, and I finally had him right where I wanted him: lying on his back, with his legs parted and a throbbing thick bulge struggling against the fabric of his boxers. I straddled his waist and kissed him passionately, holding his wrists above his head against the mattress, and slowly making my way down to his neck and chest. I bit and lick at his nipples, making him shudder with pleasure, while my naked pussy hovered over his cock, teasingly pressing against it for a few seconds, then moving away.

I was too horny to keep this up for much longer, so I kissed and licked my way down his stomach towards his boxers. I stopped for a second to marvel in the wonderful spectacle before my eyes, and absorb the delicate smell of his manhood, before releasing it by pulling his underwear down towards his knees. A beautiful long thick cock sprung in front of my face and I couldn’t stop a delighted giggle. He knew what was coming, so he grabbed a few pillows to prop himself up and enjoy the show. I locked my eyes with his and the lust between us was so powerful that I couldn’t believe I’d never even thought of this guy in a sexual way before. I couldn’t remember being so turned by anyone before, and I wanted nothing more than to fuse my body to his and let the fire of the passion consume me.

But I also remembered my original plan: to give him the time of his life. So I smiled, and without breaking eye contact, I engulfed the fat head of his dick with my mouth in one smooth motion. He gasped at the sudden warmth and wetness on his dick, and moaned out my name while my tongue circled his head inside my mouth. I managed to get more of his beautiful cock between my lips and started to bob my head up and down, letting the head come out of my mouth almost completely before driving it back towards my throat. He moaned each time my lips wrapped tigthly around the sensitive area just under his cock head, and sitting up, he grabbed a fistful of my hair and encouraged the up-and-down movement of my head.

I’m sexually aggressive and love to make a man my plaything. But nothing turns me on as much as a guy who knows what he wants and how to get it, someone who is as aggressive as me. I felt I’d found my match in Tom.

To be continued…..

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