That Saturday Morning

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It was mid August and the UK was in the middle of a heatwave. The country had been baked by unusually hot temperatures for the last three days and Carole was sick of it. She stood in her dressing gown by the washing machine waiting for the cycle to end so she could hang the clothes out. Gazing from her kitchen window at the yellow overgrown lawn and wilting plants. She wasn’t green fingered at all so the garden was a mess, just another thing to add to the list.

She was in a rut, and even worse, Carole didn’t even know it. Her life had become not her own over the years. She became a wife, then a mother and as one year followed another she thought less and less of herself as an individual and stopped thinking about how people would see her. Almost as if SHE didn’t exist, she was just them, the family. She was an attractive woman in her mid forties, but was oblivious to any attention she may have got. She didn’t even register on here own radar, so why would she think anyone else’s picked her up? She stared out the window lost in thought, not really seeing the wild overgrown bushes around her garden that hung limp and still in the hot stagnant air.

Not even nine in the morning yet and she could already feel a trickle of sweat running down the middle of her back as she stood waiting for the machine to finish. It was going to be another hot sticky day. Carole reached back and stopped sweat droplet’s ticklish journey with her robe before it reached her butt crack. She wasn’t surprised when her husband left her, he had become more and more distant in the last years of their marriage. They had tried to rekindle the fire with weekends away. Or rather she had. But in the end they just highlighted how bad things had become. He just wasn’t interested in her anymore, and who would be? A boring little suburban mother of two who worked in a supermarket and never went out. She didn’t have many friends in the area, and had seen less and less of her more distant old friends as the years past by. She wondered what life would be for her now she was on her own. The kids were old enough to get on with their own lives, and it was about time they did. Carole felt something had to change, but was at a loss to figure out what.

The washing machine beeped and a few minutes later Maggie had hung out the clothes and was heading upstairs for a shower, it had been another hot uncomfortable night and she hadn’t slept well at all. The shower was cool and refreshing, so she stayed in there for a long time after having washed. Watching herself in the mirror on the opposite wall of the small bathroom as the cool water ran over her body. She saw only that she was a little on the short side, with a fat bottom, a pot belly and saggy boobs. But in truth, she had beautiful smooth pale skin, shapely legs, a wonderfully curvaceous and proportioned hourglass figure, with a very spankable round bottom, just a little pot belly and large soft 38DD boobs that, though a little further south than they were twenty years ago, were still very much an object of men’s attention when she was out and about. Not that Carole noticed, why would she, after all who would notice her?.

At last she left the cool haven of the shower and rejoined the world of uncomfortably hot. She dabbed herself dry in her room, but not too much, the wet skin helped cool her. No sign of the kids yet, they wouldn’t surface until well after lunch, having been out or up gaming all night. Carole rifled through her drawers looking for something to wear, to hot for jeans and she had just put her summer dresses on the line. That old T-shirt will do for now, she thought, until the dresses were dry. She pulled the old white T shirt from the drawer and slipped it on over her head. It was long and loose, the hem reached to just above her knees and the wide neckline hung off one shoulder. She slipped her feet into a pair of little fluffy open toed slippers and left the room. The thin material of the old T-shirt clung to her damp skin, making it’s way into every crease as she went down the stairs, Carole didn’t notice.

She went into the kitchen and put the next load of washing into the machine, she had almost finished when the doorbell rang. Quickly she set the program and started the machine washing, as the doorbell rand again, accompanied by three loud knocks. She trotted quickly back through the house to the front door and opened it.

Before her, crouching down in her secluded leafy porch was the most magnificent example of a man she had ever seen, he literally took her breath away and she gasped audibly when she saw him. He was bending down to place a large brown cardboard envelope by the door. When Carole appeared he flexed the taught toned muscles in his strong thighs and rose back up to his full, well over six foot, height. He wore scruffy tan safety boots with his socks gathered around the top, his long muscular legs rippled as he moved. His rather small looking cargo shorts were embroidered almanbahis with a company logo as was the baseball cap shading his face. His broad muscular shoulders tapered down to a slim waist, while the slightly grubby gray vest he wore struggled to contain his chest and the damp patches on the front of it highlighted his six pack. The young mans dark skin was almost gloss black thanks to the film of perspiration covering it and he looked down at Carole with a glint in his dark brown eyes and the expression of a starving man who has just stumbled upon a feast. Carole had never experienced a look like that in her life and it left her utterly speechless, standing in awe of him in her open doorway.

“Hi,” he said, his eyes, roaming up and down Carole’s body, pausing momentarily, and quite obviously, on her damp cotton clad breasts. “ummmm, Mr Hinde?” he asked, looking down at the package for a moment then back at Carole. She tried to speak, but she was suddenly very nervous and her mouth had gone dry, so she had to swallow a couple of times first.

“My son,” she explained in a quiet timid voice. The young man held the package out to her and in a daze she reached out and took it. Then he pulled what looked like a phone out of his pocket and started tapping on the screen.

“Sorry miss,” he explained a moment later, “but I need to photograph it… ok?” He waited for a response and at last Carole managed a little “ok,” in reply. He held up the small device, pointing it at her. She pinched the package at the corners between the thumb and forefinger of each hand, holding it in front of her tummy like a clutch purse, feeling silly.

“Sorry, this things playing up, just a minute,” he said and lowered the screen to tap on it again. Carole’s eyes the drank in the young man’s dark glistening body as he tapped the screen until he held the device up again. Embarrassed as he caught her gazing at his thighs, she dropped her eyes down to the package in her hands, only then realizing that the T-shirt was clinging to her damp body and her large round breasts now wore a tight fitting layer of the thin translucent material, and her dark nipples were showing clearly through it. She felt her face blush red with embarrassment as she looked back up at the delivery driver who had taken his photo and was staring at her, with that look again, as he slipped the screen back into his pocket.

Carole could feel his eyes on her, she may as well have been stood naked in front of him. she hadn’t felt so turned on for many many years. A thrill ran through her body, almost like she had been given an electric shock, earthing with a strong irresistible tingle between her legs. She could feel her sensitive skin moving against the clingy T-shirt as her nipples hardened uncontrollably and she watched in horror as the young man never took his eyes off them. This made the tingle worse and her knees grew weak. The two of them stood and watched each other for a long uncomfortable moment. Nothing was said, but their hearts raced and their passions, grew as the birds sang and bees buzzed around them in the quiet shaded suburban front garden. Carole was screaming at herself to shut the door, but her body had other ideas. She willed herself to move, but instead of going back inside she just leaned forward slightly, thrusting her large breasts out at the stranger, they bounced slightly as she moved.

Their motion seemed to seal her fate and the young delivery driver glanced around, now wearing a very serious expression on his face, making sure they were not being watched. Then he stepped closer, his large frame filling the small entrance porch, and he reached out his right hand, turning it palm up he placed it carefully under Carole’s left breast and took hold, lifting it and gently squeezing it in his big dark hand.

“It’s ok?” he asked cautiously as he stood on the doorstep fondling a total strangers breast. Carole starred down at his hand, watching as the strangers strong fingers gently lifted, caressed and squeezed her soft round flesh. She couldn’t move, she just stood with the package in her hand and watched.

“Yes,” she whispered breathlessly after trying to speak for some time. His thumb lifted slightly and began rubbing the firm mound of her hard sensitive nipple and Carole whimpered softly, her legs wobbled, her hands fell weak at her sides and her pussy throbbed slowly like a second heartbeat. The young black man continued to caress her, moving a little closer.

“Are you sure?” he asked again, taking hold of her left breast with his other hand. He squeezed and pulled gently on her breasts, watching intently as they moved in his hands, then he pinched her nipples between his thumb and forefingers, twisting and pulling on them harder than before. Carole looked up at him, opened her mouth and moaned softly, her hips squirming ever so slightly as the strangers firm grip on her breasts triggered an instant reaction in her pussy. Suddenly almanbahis giriş he pulled his hands away, leaving Carole panting and trembling on her doorstep, he looked up and down the quiet street again, but there was no one around at all.

“Can I come in?” he asked in a deep quiet voice as he moved close again and Carole wanted more than anything to say yes. To take this young stallion by the hand and lead him up to her bed. But instead all she could do was mumble.

“The kids.”

“Right,” the stranger acknowledged, clearly disappointed, then he grabbed one of her large soft tits again, squeezing it, harder more confidently this time. It hurt a little but as the young man grabbed her Carole felt an overwhelming thrill at being manhandled by this stranger. She whimpered softly, her head spinning, her body refusing to let her mind think about what the fuck she was doing. It had been so long, and he was such a beautiful young man. He took hold of her other breast as well, lifting them both together, fascinated with their weight, watching closely as they deformed in his strong grip. He wrapped a large hand around each breast, lifting them with his palms as his thumb and forefinger found the dark stiff nipples again, pinching, twisting and rolling them. Carole squirmed, her hips making little circles as the man’s fingers teased her. He noticed and watched her for a short time before bending down a little to slip a hand up under her T-shirt, his fingers pushed into her soft damp curly hair and his excitement at finding she had no panties on was obvious. He pushed his fingers between her soft thighs, brushing against the soft folds within.

“Oh god…” Carole whispered.

“Open your legs.” he urged and Carole took one shaky step to the side placing her feet apart in her open doorway. His fingers slid over her wet lips, the soft tender pink folds opening easily for him. One slipped inside her and Carole moaned, dropping the package on the floor and grabbing the door frame to steady herself. The young man gripped her breast hard through her T-shirt as his finger fucked her, she squirmed on his hand, biting her lips trying not to moan, rubbing her clit on his palm in a sudden uncontrollable need.

“Show me those tits.” the youngster demanded as he slipped a second finger inside her, and Carole glanced back, listening and looking for any sign of life upstairs, before grabbing the front of her T-shirt and obediently exposing herself the the stranger, lifting the T-shirt all the way up to her chin. Her large soft breasts swayed from side to side as the stranger fingered her wet pussy and bounced softly up and down she rubbed herself on his hand.

“Ooooooh fuck me…” the young man said as he watched them, “oooohh fucking amazing, I don’t believe it.” he whispered almost to himself as he watched the naked woman squirm, he seemed to be transfixed for some time, Just watching her body move as she fucked herself frantically on his hand. Then suddenly he grabbed hold of one breast, bending down and pulling her toward him by her breast and her pussy, lifting the soft pale flesh it to his mouth, and devouring the the large dark nipple hungrily. Carole moaned loudly, and quickly lifted one clenched fist to her mouth, pushing it between her lips, biting her fingers, in an attempt to muffle her sounds of pleasure. Her orgasm began to swell and grow within her, filling her exposed quivering body until at last it burst free, flooding her scared and confused mind with wave after wave of pure unimaginable pleasure. It was an orgasm like nothing she had experienced before, her body totally and utterly lost to the pleasure that rushed through her every nerve.

“Oooooh fuck lady…” the young delivery driver exclaimed, watching her in amazement as she bit her finger, threw her head back and came in a shuddering orgasm all over his hand. Her climax easing he pulled his wet hand from between her legs, her whole body trembling as she stood with her T-shirt pulled up and legs wide open, on display for him in her doorway. He stood back a little and looked up and down the street again, then he opened his fly and pulled out the longest, thickest most magnificent cock Carole had ever seen.

“Oh my god…” Carole gasped.

“I have to get inside you” he said stroking his long thick black snake like cock at her. Wanting his cock inside her now more than anything else, she threw all caution to the wind, dropped her T-shirt and took him by the hand. She lead him across the front of her house and down the little ally beside it to where they couldn’t be seen from the road, only overlooked by a single window, in the house of the sweet old man next door. She stopped and turned to face him, then he was on her, pulling the T-shirt off over her head and dropping it like a rag on the floor. He turned her around and stood close, she felt his huge cock push between her soft round ass cheeks and slip between her legs as his almanbahis yeni giriş arms wrapped around her and he grabbed great big handfuls of her tits again. His mouth was on her neck and shoulder, licking her sweat, kissing and nibbling as he moved his huge shaft in and out between her thighs rubbing it against her hot wet lips. Carole looked down, watching his large dark hands knead and grope her big soft pink breasts. He pulled them apart and she saw his fat swollen cock head emerging from between her thighs.

“Oooooh my fucking god…” she gasped, half scared half excited by his size.

“You need my big black meat inside you baby?” he asked as he held and groped her “I know you do, tell me you want it, beg me to fuck you,” he hissed in her ear. Pushing her closer to the wall of the house until her soft breasts pressed against the rough brick. Carole put her hands out to hold herself off the wall and he grabbed her hips, pulling them back and bending her over. Panting and whimpering with excitement Carole looked back over her shoulder as he stood back and unfastened his belt, the dirty work shorts fell to his ankles and he stepped out of them, standing close behind her in his vest and boots with his massive black cock pointing straight at her gaping wet cunt he demanded.

“Beg for it.”

Braced against the wall as she opened her feet wide and thrust her ass out at him. She felt the soft warm breeze caressing her sweat covered skin and gaping wet pussy for a moment. Then he stepped close behind her and rubbed his fat hard cock head against the open lips of her soft wet pink cunt.

“Beg me to fuck you lady.” he insisted.

“Oh god please fuck me, pleas, pleaaaaaaarrgghh…” Carole squealed uncontrollably as he filled her with his meat, her hips bucking, her round ass and thighs shuddering as he slid his length deep deep inside her. He reacted quickly, and pressing his cock all the way home until his hips pressed against her soft pale cheeks, he reached forward and clamped a sticky pussy juice covered hand over her mouth to muffle her cries and he and started to fuck her.

She pushed hard against the wall, screaming with pleasure into his hand, his other hand held her hip and started to drive his long black cock into her over and over again, faster and faster. His hand gripping her hard, squeezing her smooth pale ass cheek, pulling it to one side so he could see her little pink bud of and asshole and below that his thick black shaft, glistening with the juice from her wet cunt as it snaked in and out pulling and pushing on her wide open pink lips.

“Aaaawww fuck baby,” he hissed at her as he thrust himself into her harder and harder, “you’re the hottest fuckin MILF ever… aaaahhhh…. Aaaaahhh I wanna fuck you in the ass as well, I wanna fuck you everywhere.” His hips slapped against her as he fucked her, his thick cock driving into her again and again, she wailed into his hand, tears running from her eyes as she let the young black delivery driver fuck her in the narrow allyway, and enjoyed every second of it. Suddenly he grabbed her hair, pulling her upright, his hips pressed hard against her ass, his long cock still buried deep inside her pink pussy. His arm reached around her, holding her tight as his fingers gripped her tit and sank viciously deep into it’s soft yielding flesh. He pressed her naked body against the rough course brick on the side of her house, pinning her there for a moment, until. His magnificent cock throbbed inside her as it spurted jet after jet of his seed into her hot wet cunt. He groped her as he came, holding her in place until, satisfied, then at last, he released her.

Carole’s legs gave way beneath her and she slumped to the ground in the allyway, her arms clutching her bright red tits and her quivering pussy leaking a strangers cum from her well fucked cunt. The driver stepped closer, his long cum dripping cock waving around above Carole’s head. She knew what he wanted, she had never done it before, never tasted a cock that had just been inside her. She looked up at him, “why the fuck not.” she thought to herself, the reached out, took hold of his slippery dick, and pushed the fat cum smeared head into her mouth.

She felt a thrill of excitement as the thick white liquid filled her mouth and she swallowed. Her fingers wrapped around his thick shaft and she sucked him slowly, tenderly, milking every last drop from his hot sweaty black cock. She looked up at him through watery eyes, his thick black meat opening her mouth wide even though his erection was starting to ease.

“Mmmmm fuck yeah baby, that’s a good girl.” he growled. Then he pulled his magnificent weapon from her loving lips and somehow managed to push it all back inside his little shorts as he pulled them back up. He dropped down ton one knee next to her in the allyway.

“You ok baby?” he asked in a whisper. Carole looked up at him and, a moment later, she nodded and smiled timidly. The young man grinned, “That was fucking amazing,” he said, taking her arm and helping her to her feet, he picked up her T-shirt and handed it to her, watching her body intently as she stood naked and trembling before him “You sure you’re OK?” he asked again.

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