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Double Penetration

Subject: That First Time Part 2 That First Time Part 2 Chaosmode Intro: Part 2 picks up where Part 1 left off, you get to learn how Dan and Mason get to meet in person here. Its a nice little twist to the story and then things really get moving! If you want to leave me any comments I can always be reached at my email address: ota Nifty can always use your support if you can fty/donate.html Chapter 7 Dan closed down the program he used to interface with clients and their computers on tech calls when it became necessary. He stood up stretching as he walked the four steps from his computer desk to his kitchen. In the kitchen he grabbed a drink from the fridge, and was heading back to his computer desk when his phone began to ring. It wasn’t unusual for his company to have someone call and check on you when you were in the middle of the day if you weren’t averaging what they considered a good amount of clients. Dan knew though that this wasn’t a call from work as he had actually gotten all of his clients done plus a few extra today. The name on the caller id actually surprised him, he hadn’t talked to Erin since that first day when he had gotten her permission to set up the stream with Mason. It had been four weeks now since the day that Mason had called him worried about breaking his penis. Dan had masturbated that night to the boys words and the images that were swimming in his head around it. In the past few months since setting up the streaming Dan’s feelings for Mason were only growing more complex. They weren’t lessening like he thought they might as the boy pulled away to hang with a boy his own age. No if anything despite River, Mason and Dan had gotten even closer to one another. So when he answered the phone a bit of dread crept up on him. Dread that Mason’s mom had somehow found out about his attraction for her boy and was going to put a stop to it. He answered on the third ring, “Hello, Erin everything okay with Mason?” A worry that something was wrong with Mason suddenly gripped him. Erin on the other end sounded tired, “Mason is fine, this is… difficult for me to ask… especially since I barely know you…” Dan felt that grip of fear start to build in him again, “Its okay really…” Erin seemed to hesitate for a moment then said, “I don’t have anyone in my life, I mean there’s no one to take care of Mason. His father’s out of the picture, I couldn’t even begin to figure out where the man is… my parents passed away a few years before Mason was born….” She sighed deeply then chuckled dryly, “I was in my late thirties when Mason was born, a woman who hadn’t planned on having kids and got knocked up on a second date…” Dan had no idea why she was telling him this, but a growing sense of uncertainty was growing within him now. “I guess… what I need right now is someone to take care of Mason for a while…. Someone who would come out here. To be here when he gets off of school…” As she trailed off Dan sat down in his chair and said, “What’s wrong Erin?” She let out a much longer sigh, “I’m going to need an operation, then a few weeks of recovery at the hospital before they’ll feel comfortable letting me go home. Then probably a few months of recovery at home… I guess what I’m asking for Dan is help from someone who is a stranger to me, but isn’t to my son. Mason thinks the world of you. As such I feel like I know you even though I don’t. So you really were the only person I could think of to call when my doctor told me what needed to be done. The pain has only been getting worse these past few weeks and now I know why…” Again she trialed off. Dan looked at his computer, his job was done remotely, but suddenly it didn’t even really matter. “When do you go into the hospital?” “Day after tomorrow, I’m talking with Mason tonight. I’ve tried my best these past few months keeping him in the dark about how much pain I’ve been in. I didn’t even know it was anything serious until I went to the doctor after falling down at work the other day. I just thought I had a bad back, but its not that simple. I thought I was just tired… Reminding myself all the time I’m in nearly in my fifties and raising an eleven-year-old on top of working a tough job. I thought it had all worn me out, but its not that simple it turns out.” Dan was quiet for a moment then said, “I can be there tomorrow if I can find a flight. I just need to pack a few things and let my job know that I won’t be working tomorrow. I work remotely so I know they can set me up when I’m there to keep doing it.” On the other end of the phone Erin let out a small sigh of relief, “Thank you Dan. I know that we don’t really know each other, but I feel like I do know you from how much Mason talks about you. You’re… what I always wished his father could have been.” Dan almost chuckled at that to himself. He had no desire to be Mason’s father, but he’d keep all of that locked up inside even while hanging with Mason in person. “I will text you our address in a few minutes. I look forward to meeting you in person.” She paused for a second, “I watched a few of your streams just to get an understanding of what my son was doing. I can see why he likes talking with you so much, the two of you have a lot in common.” “T-thanks Erin. I will see you tomorrow. Mason’s a really strong kid he’ll be able to handle you having to go to the hospital.” Erin chuckled, “Yes he will, but he’ll handle it better with you here to watch him and not some random stranger.” After they said their goodbyes Dan got on the computer to hunt for a flight out to Dallas. He found one that would leave tomorrow and have him in Dallas by tomorrow afternoon. He booked the flight then sent an email to his boss at the tech company which got a response in about ten minutes with an understanding about it being a family emergency. Dan had been working for the company long enough now with a great track record. They didn’t want to loose him so they gave him three days off. Which would give him enough time to set up his computer at Mason’s house for remote work. Dan then went to his bedroom to start packing. He decided that since it would be at least four weeks that he was staying with Mason and his mom the he should bring three weeks worth of clothes. He started some laundry and went to the kitchen cleaning up things. He was packing some more things up when his phone buzzed with a Discord connection. Despite the fact that Mason had his phone number the boy still liked to talk over Discord instead of the actual phone application. Dan picked up on the third ring… * Mason jumped off of the bus running down tot he end of the street hurriedly as he didn’t want Rob or Jerry to mess with him. Jerry had sat behind him on the bus today throwing paper airplanes at the back of his head and laughing every time it hit. As he approached the house Mason paused not sure at all why his mom’s car was parked in the driveway. She never came home on a weekday this early, it felt strange to see her car in the driveway. Mason went in through the garage like always pulling his shoes off before walking into the kitchen. As he was grabbing the pitcher of water to pour a glass his mom came into the room. As always his mom looked tired, but she also looked worried about something too. “Can we talk for a moment Mason?” Mason wondered if his mom had found out what he had been looking at his computer. If she was going to make him stop talking to Dan or River. Lately River had been sending him even more amazing things to jerk off to. River was older than Mason, but he wasn’t like Mason. River was into girls and boys both and sent Mason drawings of both. After a few times of this Mason had admitted to his friend that he was pretty sure he liked other boys. River had only told him that was cool, his cousin was gay. Mason wasn’t sure what he felt for River. They had been talking for nearly two months now, and he really liked having a friend who was close to him in age. River did look nice, and Mason had gotten an erection once from a picture River had sent of him and his current girlfriend at the lake. Yet Mason didn’t feel the kind of feelings he felt for Dan when he talked to River. The older boy was just his friend, and he wished he could tell River how attracted to Dan he was. HE felt that River might understand and not judge him for liking an older man. River’s girlfriend was sixteen after all, and he had just turned thirteen two weeks ago. His mom though didn’t even bring that up instead what she said was one of the worst things that Mason had ever heard in his life. His mom sat down in one of the kitchen chairs grunting a little as she did. She gestured for him to sit down too as she said, “I’m not sure how to tell you this, its not an easy thing for me to do, but I think you’re old enough to handle the truth.” She took his hands in hers holding them tightly, “I’m going to have to go into the hospital for a few weeks, they have to operate on my back to fix some problems with a few of the disks… if its not taken care of I could get paralyzed from the waist down…” She paused for a second her hand reaching out to touch his cheek as clearly she could see the worry in his eyes, “Its okay sweetie, they caught it in time… just barely but they did. I fell down at work the other day from my legs going numb and I was taken to the hospital.” Mason swallowed feeling his fear bubbling up, he could feel tears in just the corners of his eyes as his mom told him all of that. He said, “B-but you’re…g-going to be okay right mom?” His mom smiled, “Of course I am sweetie. Its actually a really easy operation according to the doctor, but the healing is the part that takes forever. So I’ll be out of commission for probably most of the summer, but you’ll help mom right?” Mason agreed, “Yeah of course! I just… whose going to take care of me while you’re in the hospital? Do I have to go somewhere special?” There was no one else in their world, since as long as Mason could remember it had been just him and his mom. That was why he was so worried without his mom Mason didn’t have anyone. Well other than Dan, but Dan couldn’t take care of him as he wasn’t legally Mason’s guardian or anything like that. His mom said, “Well I figured that one out, I think you’ll like my solution. I called a friend of yours, and he agreed to come out here and take care of you for a couple of weeks until I’m back home…” Mason suddenly looked up at his mom meeting her eyes, “D-Dan?” There wasn’t anyone else that Mason could think of, and he tried his best to keep the flush out of his cheeks though he was pretty sure his mom would just see it as excitement not as part of a crush. “Yes, Mr. Puttermen is going to come out here and take care of you for a few weeks while I am in the hospital. That way you can still go to school, you can also come visit me in the hospital, and you’ll have someone to pester with your need to eat all the time.” Mason flushed at that as his mom chuckled at her joke, “That’s really cool.. I still don’t want you to go to the hospital though mom.. or be sick..” His mom stroked his cheek, “I’m going to be fine sweetie and so are you. When I get out we’ll spend as much time together as you want. How does that sound?” Mason agreed, “Yeah… and I’ll help you around the house till you’re a hundred percent better! I’ll even cook!” His mom laughed and stood up with a grunt before kissing his forehead, “Now that’s one thing that I definitely would love to see.” Mason smiled as he stood up too. “Go on, call your friend I know you want to.” Mason agreed, “Yeah…” He started to go for his backpack and his phone when he stopped, “Um mom, a-after I talk with Dan can we watch a movie together?” His mom smiled, “Of course…” Mason hugged her as gently as he could then picked up his phone out of his backpack as he connected to Dan on discord while carrying his backpack to his bedroom. His mom was going to be okay, Mason knew that she was. More than that though Dan was coming to stay with him for a few weeks! He’d actually get to see Dan in person! TO actually maybe hug Dan and… and… try to kiss him too. No that was stupid, Dan didn’t like him that way, he was a good nice adult not a… what was that word again… a pedophile. Dan picked up on the third ring, “Hey there kiddo.” Mason flushed at the use of Dan’s nickname for him as he said, “You’re really coming to stay with us for a few weeks?” “I sure am, packing right now. I Hope that you like watching movies and playing video games…oh and doing homework.” Mason groaned, “You’re gonna make me do school stuff just like mom aren’t you?” Dan chuckled, “Afraid so kiddo that’s what life is, but after school is done we can have some fun right?” Mason agreed, “Yeah,” He sat down on his gaming chair as he softly said, “I… I’m trying really hard to be brave for my mom…” He heard Dan sit down on his end of the call, “I know you are Mason, you’re worried though huh?” “Yeah… w-what if something goes wrong?” “It won’t, so don’t even think it. Your mom is going to be fine Mason, better than fine. We’ll go visit her every day that we can and we’ll find ways to pass the time.” Mason softly said, “I know you’re right, but I still worry…” “Well that’s what you do when you love someone who has to go to the hospital. Your mom is going to be okay. Right?” Mason agreed. They talked for a few more minutes before he went back out into the living room. After dinner his mom put on one of their favorite movies ET and Mason cuddled up next to her watching as Elliot tried to get ET home. He felt like a much younger boy than the eleven-year-old that he was now as he lay there next to his mom worried about her going into the hospital. Another part of him though was so excited that he was actually going to meet Dan in person, he just hoped he didn’t ruin their friendship by doing something stupid because of how in love with Dan he was… or at least thought he was… * The plane had been horrible, small and too cramped honestly how did airlines get away with torturing people? The thought that he was actually going to get to meet Mason in person was enough to make anything unpleasant nice again. He had of course packed both his rig and his laptop that he used for work along with three weeks worth of clothes and all of the necessities that he would need while living out at Mason’s house. In total he had brought two suitcases and a carry on full of things that Dan might or might not need. He used his Uber app to call a car that could handle all of his bags then waited till it showed up. A part of Dan was very nervous about all of this, wondering if Mason’s mom was working with someone to set up a trap for him. Which was crazy to even think as he had never given off a sign that he was attracted to her son as far as Dan could tell. He knew that he was just being paranoid, and that Mason would have told him something if he even thought that for a second. Plus anyway Mason wasn’t interested in Dan that way so there was just no way that his mom would even suspect. To her they were just friends, and Dan had an overactive imagination. He confirmed with the driver the address that he wanted to go to then sat in the backseat of the car relaxing as the driver drove to Mason’s house. It was one in the afternoon which mean that there were still a few hours till Mason got out of school. The plan was for him and Erin to meet first and talk for a little while before Mason got home from school. The car turned down a street a few minutes later pulling up in front of a small one story house that had probably seen better days with an older car out in front of it that had also seen better days. Dan was reminded of his own place growing up almost immediately, parents that had nearly had nothing and lived pay check to pay check. They were more common than anyone else in the country, but no one seemed to care to do a thing about it. Dan studied the old one story, it could use a paint job and a few other things, but overall it still looked well kept. With his bags he headed up to the front of the house feeling nervous, but not as nervous as he would be around four in the afternoon when Mason got home from school. He rang the doorbell, a moment later a woman who had to be Mason’s mom just based on the facial features answered the door. She was barely over five feet tall having to look up at Dan who was just under six by a couple of inches. “Mr. Puttermen, come on in.” Erin did look as worn as she sounded. Dan could see the age on her face, wrinkles before their time from all the hard work she had been through. He didn’t know Erin’s entire history only that she had become a mother at an older age but absolutely did adore her son. Dan brought his bags in taking a look around the old house, it was sparsely decorated with a couch that had seen better days, an older flat screen television and a coffee table that had scratches on it. The house felt lived in though and comfortable as well. The kitchen was through a door behind the living room and Dan imagined the garage was that direction as well. “How are you feeling?” Erin smiled, “Good enough, I have some extra strength pain killers they gave me after determining what needs to be done. Come on let me show you to your room.” She led him through a doorway into a small hall with a bathroom in front of them. “To the right is my bedroom right here is the bathroom then to the left is the other two rooms. Yours is the door on the right.” She led him down the hallway. Dan stopped before the open door to Mason’s room, seeing it in reality not on camera was a surreal experience. The boys bunk bed was in one corner of the room, the top bunk looked made, the bottom one was a mess with the sheets down at one end of the bed. His computer desk had a laptop on it that was closed with a mouse next to it. He turned from there saying, “Its strange seeing his room off of camera.” Erin smiled as she led him into the other room. There was one double bed with its headrest against one of the walls. A dresser and a window that looked out onto the front yard completed the room’s decor. “Its not the most comfortable bed…” Dan said, “It’ll be fine.” He turned to look at her, “You’re sure that you’re okay with this? I mean I’m practically a stranger.” “To me you are, but not to Mason. You have been talking what almost every weekend for nearly six months now?” Dan gave a small nod, it was actually most every day at least a little bit. With Mason knowing almost everything about Dan’s life and Dan knowing all of Mason’s there was just less for them to talk about now. They still checked in with each other and talked a whole lot on the weekends while they streamed mainly about the games they were playing. “Still, this isn’t how I envisioned meeting the two of you.” Erin smiled, “And what was your idea?” Dan shrugged, “Figured it would happen a few years from now, maybe never if Mason got bored of talking to me.” Erin chuckled, “You know Mason really well now do you think he’s the type of boy that gets bored of his friends?” Dan chuckled too, “No, he’s always finding something for us to talk about or do online together. Still I figured he’d probably get a girlfriend or boyfriend sometime soon then disappear.” Erin rested a hand on his arm once then she said, “if you want to unpack feel free too. I’m going to get started on dinner.” “Is there anything I can help with?” She eyed him up and down once then said, “I can manage just fine for dinner. I figured that since you would be taking care of Mason that tomorrow when I check in at the hospital the two of you could come with me. I’ll let you keep the car so that you and Mason can come visit me and also go places as needed like the grocery store. I’m going to leave you my bank card for the food and gas for the car.” Dan gave a small nod, “I’ll help out as a I can.” She started to say something but Dan held up his hand, “I’ve got a decent paying job and I don’t want to make you go broke Erin, plus I think I would hate myself if I made you pay for everything I ate. Let me help while I’m here.” Erin sighed, “Okay, you’re probably right anyway. Mason was right by the way you are a really nice guy.” She left the bedroom then. Dan got to work unpacking his clothes into the empty dresser then tried to figure out a place for his computer. He looked over at Mason’s bedroom and got an idea. Dan headed over to Mason’s bedroom with his computer and the monitor for it setting both of them up on Mason’s desk next to his laptop. It was a perfect fit. He was still working on setting it up when he felt the presence of someone watching him. Dan turned to see Mason standing in the door way of his own bedroom. The barely eleven-year-old boy was a lot smaller than Dan had figured from their streams and also the tiktok videos. The boy was perhaps right at four and a half feet tall, his light brown hair was cut short on his head, but was thick enough that Dan could run his fingers through it. The boys face was a little too round to be fully oval, but he had light full lips and a small light brown beauty mark just below his left eye. He wore a simple tee-shirt that had the Minecraft green blocks covering it and shorts that went almost to his knees. He was beautiful, more so in person. Mason seemed hesitant as he looked at Dan then softly said, “Y-you’re really here?” Dan gave a small nod then said, “Touch me if you don’t believe it.” The preteen boy stepped further into the room coming over to Dan. When he used a hand to touch Dan’s chest he chuckled then said, “Well?” Mason smiled, “Its kinda strange…” Dan agreed as he nodded with his agreement he was shocked when Mason stepped closer then suddenly hugged him. “You’re really here!” Dan chuckled then as he hugged Mason back. It was strange like welcoming an old friend that he hadn’t seen in a long time, but they had never actually met in person until now. He let Mason hug him just a little to long loving the feeling of the small boy pressed to him tightly. When Mason stepped back it was with a small flush on his cheeks, “Sorry! What were you doing in my room are we going to be bunk buddies?” Dan looked at the bunk bed, “Uh no offense there kiddo but I don’t think I’m going to be all that comfortable on a bunk bed. I’m in the other room. There’s just nowhere to set my computer up so I thought that your room would be a good place. That way we can sit down together and play games side by side what do you think?” Mason smiled, “Yeah! That’d be awesome! It sucks that my mom has to go to the hospital, but if you’re hear it won’t be so bad.” Dan agreed as Mason’s mom from the doorway of Mason’s bedroom said, “Mason don’t bother Dan too much, and you need to get your homework done anyway.” Dan agreed with that, “Yes you do. I’m going to see if you mom needs any help with dinner while you do your homework okay kiddo?” Mason agreed, “Yeah okay. Its so cool that you’re here!” Mason said as he squeezed Dan’s arm once before letting go with a giggle. Dan before stepping out of the bedroom did something that he had wanted to do for months, he ruffled Mason’s hair making the boy giggle and pulled back trying to straighten his hair as Dan said, “Yes it is and we’re going to have a lot of fun…. After school work is done.” Mason nodded in agreement heading over to his desk with his backpack to get started on school work. Dan followed Erin out of the kitchen trying his best not to focus on how beautiful Mason was and how much seeing him in person increased his desire to make love to Mason. * Mason still couldn’t believe it as he came out of his bedroom after doing his homework, and saw Dan talking with his mom while they set the table. Dan was really here, like there was no way around it that was Dan in his kitchen setting the table! Mason had known that Dan was taller than him and more mature looking as well for months now, but actually getting a sense that Dan was a foot and a half taller than him was a lot to take in. Mason’s head came to about the bottom of Dan’s chest roughly he had noticed when he hugged him earlier. It had felt nice as well being engulfed in Dan’s much lager arms as the adult man held him. When he walked into the kitchen Dan said, “Did you get your homework done?” Mason gave a small nod, “Good afterwards your mom and I were thinking that we could all watch a movie before bed time.” Mason said, “Sure that sounds great.” As they all sat down at the table for his mom’s meatloaf and mashed potatoes Mason sat in the seat that was in between both his mom and Dan so that they were facing one another. He really did it because he wanted to be close to Dan, not away from him. Having Dan hundreds of miles away made his attraction for the adult easy to handle, he could just push it away when Dan wasn’t on the phone or computer screen. Like this though it was impossible for Mason to stop thinking about it. Strangely though he was too nervous about all of it get an erection. His mind was just trying to comprehend how it was possible that Dan was actually here sitting in his kitchen. Mason could reach out and literally touch Dan as he was physically right there! He smiled at Dan a few times as he ate. Dan always smiled back. The butterflies in his stomach started to lessen the more that he sat there listening to his mom ask Dan about his job. “Well mainly its like working at a call center, but I get to do it remotely. Ever since the pandemic last year the company found it easier to just not have a central office. Every employee works from home, other than a few specialist at the central office. Its actually a very boring job, but it pays the rent and that’s the important thing.” Masons mom agreed, “Yes it is, did you always do that job?” Dan shook his head, “No, I used to be the Social Media manager for a resale company. I actually got a degree from college for marketing, but when the company folded I realized that I wasn’t enjoying the idea of staying in marketing. Now I’m just looking for that thing that makes me passionate I suppose. As long as this job keeps paying the bills I can spend time building an audience with Mason and who knows where that might take us.” His mom smiled at that as she said, “You boys are very talented, both of you grew up around this stuff most of it flies over my head. Still I like how kids today can just share their creativity online for thousands if not millions of others to view. I’m actually kind of jealous of it. My best friend Sherry and I growing up used to put on these dumb little skits for ourselves and kids today are doing the same thing, but they get to share it to millions. Its crazy how the internet has changed our lives.” Dan agreed, “Indeed, for kids like Mason its just natural that they’d want to share with each other. Most kids don’t even care if adults are watching. The pandemic really changed the game though. My degree in marketing has shown me that we’re not going to go back to how things were before. Companies are going to have to shift and adapt as kids today aren’t going to go back to living offline worlds anymore. After spending nearly a year online they’re used to it and comfortable with how easy it is to share with millions of people all across the world. My guess is that ten years from now everything is going to be different, but in a good way.” Mason looked at Dan, listening to everything he said. Some of it was hard for his preteen mind to really grasp onto, but most of it he really understood. He could remember how before the pandemic had started in March of last year he had not spent much time on his phone doing things like tiktok, but then he had been stuck inside of his house for months with nothing to do. Suddenly millions of kids had the same problem and they all flocked to the same place to share their ideas and to connect with one another. It was how Mason had met Dan, River, and his whole Discord group. He didn’t see any of them just abandoning it because they could go outside again. The Discord group regularly played Fortnite with one another on the weekend, they liked hanging out together on a Zoom call, Dan had even joined a few times as the only adult the group allowed to talk to them. He was Mason’s moderator and best friend after all. After dinner Mason helped Dan clear the table as his mom went to go get into her pajamas. As hew as handing Dan a plate to clean off Mason said, “I never thought to ask you what you did before the tech support job.” Dan rested a hand on his shoulder, “No reason you should have kiddo.” Mason disagreed, “I should have asked. You know about the time I was six and I broke my arm.” “Yes, but you know about the time that I was nine and threw up in class.” Mason smiled at that and almost chuckled. They had both told each other their most embarrassing thing at school. For Mason it had been a pantsing in third grade by Rob, after which Mason learned to stay away from him as much as possible. For Dan it had been throwing up in his fourth grade class when he thought he wasn’t sick and had gone to school anyway. “What kind of job I did isn’t as important as knowing those kinds of things about your friend.” Mason agreed, “Yeah and best of all you’d never tell anyone about the pantsing just like I won’t tell anyone about the throw up…” From the kitchen doorway his mom said, “What throw up?” Mason said, “No throw up, not any anywhere mom… except in Dan’s fourth grade classroom!” Dan said, “Well at least I didn’t show my underwear off to all of the third grade!” Mason’s jaw dropped and his mom casually said, “Yes, well I seem to recall a moment when I was in fourth grade and my best friend and I accidentally bumped foreheads. Everyone in the school thought we had kissed. For a whole semester we were called the French buddies.” Mason and Dan looked at one another then both laughed before his mom just sighed walking out of the kitchen, “I think I shall be picking our movie tonight.” Dan as she walked towards the kitchen said, “I can’t believe you told your mom that!” Mason shrugged, “Its my mom Dan she won’t tell anyone, she knows all my embarrassing stuff!” Dan studied him for a moment then said, “I Never thought about…” He stopped for a second then putting the last dish away he suddenly leaned down and kissed the top of Mason’s head, “I think you deserve to know this, I love you.” Then he walked out of the kitchen. Mason stood there for a second more looking at the empty sink his cheeks heated as he rested a hand on top of his head. Had Dan really just said that? He knew that he meant in a brotherly way, or really close friend way, but that kiss hadn’t felt very friendly. Nor had the look in Dan’s eyes unless Mason was imagining it. After leaving the kitchen he went into the bathroom to brush his teeth and change into his pajamas. As he came back out into the living room he sat between his mom and Dan on the couch. He debated on how to cuddle then rested on his mom’s shoulder as he was going to miss her so much when she was gone for three weeks. The movie his mom had picked was another favorite of Mason’s, Wreck it Ralph. His mom liked it because of the guy playing the main character. Mason loved it because it was really funny and Vennelope was really awesome. Dan seemed to be enjoying it as well. About half way through the movie his mom kissed the top of his head as she said, “Okay boys I’m going to bed, we’ve got to leave tomorrow around ten to go to the hospital so don’t stay up too late.” She gave Dan a small smile before heading off to bed. Mason sat on the couch next to Dan watching the movie missing his mom, but still not sure if he should cuddle up next to Dan or not. He started to make a move to do so and Dan actually lifted his arm putting it on the back of the couch as Mason moved to rest against his side. He put his feet under him as he leaned against Dan watching the movie. He could feel it in Dan’s chest when he laughed at a scene, which felt comforting. Mason said, “Dan?” “Yeah kiddo?” Dan’s hand rested on his shoulder squeezing it making Mason lean in even more against his side closing his eyes. His penis had started to rise again at the feeling of being cuddled next to Dan. “I…I love you too. Y-you’re my best friend in the world. I think the only person I love more is my mom.” Dan gently ran a hand through his hair as Mason closed his eyes and relaxed. The next thing he was aware of was someone gently lifting him and complaining that he was heavier than he looked. Mason opened his eyes then as Dan smiled at him not putting him down as he carried him into his own bedroom. He put Mason down on his bed as he did Mason said, “T-thanks for coming to take care of me while my mom’s in the hospital.” Dan smiled, “You know now that I’m here in person I can do this.” He tickled the boys ribs once making Mason giggle as he squirmed under the covers. Then Dan gently kissed his forehead, “Goodnight kiddo, sleep well okay? See you tomorrow.” Mason snuggled deeper into his covers feeling warm all over even as his penis went erect again at the thought of Dan doing more than tickling him. “Goodnight Dan…” he closed his eyes again not even aware of Dan stopping in the doorway to look back at him one more time before he left the room. Mason dreamed of Dan doing more than kissing his forehead that night… Chapter 8 Mason woke up the following morning with an almost painful erection. The dream that he had woken from was of him laying on top of Dan. Somehow now that he had a real idea of how heavy Dan was, and how much bigger he was as well the dream had become even more realistic. Mason often dreamed of Dan. A few times he had even had dreams of River though those weren’t as clear or as remembered. This dream of Dan had been so intense. In it they had been kissing deeply with tongues and all. Mason had been pressing his erection to Dan’s stomach while Dan’s hands touched him doing more than just ruffling his hair or holding his shoulder. He lay there on the bottom bunk looking up at the top one while he slipped his hand under his sheets then into his pajama pants. He had to slip under them and his briefs too in order to get to his stiffy which was confined within the layers. Resting his hand on the small pole that was barely thicker than pencil and almost four inches long when erect sent a shiver up his spine. Mason had become really good at pleasuring himself these past four months since learning how to do it. No one had really told him how to do it, somehow by instinct he had known how. It was Dan telling him that he should explore himself that had made him realize it was okay to do so. Now with his eyes closed he stroked his penis in his underwear using his other hand he pulled the underwear down to free his erection as it clipped the bottom of his balls. He could feel it when he pulled the foreskin back fully to reveal the head a moment later. Letting it go back up over the head sent a shiver up his spine as Mason imagined that instead of his small hand it was Dan’s much larger one circling around his penis while stroking it. The feeling of someone else touching him would be amazing Mason knew it. The feeling of Dan kissing every part of his body would just make him cum so fast! Mason could feel it now, that sensation of release building in the base of his penis. His balls scrunched up in the sack as his hand stroked faster on his stiff preteen pole. Mason thought about how amazing it would be to kiss Dan. To feel his tongue and Mason’s meet like he saw in movies or shows when two adults kissed one another. He wanted Dan to be his first everything, and Mason knew it was wrong because he was a kid and Dan an adult. It was just he love Dan that much! He gasped pressing up through his fingers as his penis surged in his hand that familiar feeling of it twitching as he came making Mason’s entire body relax against his bed fully. He rubbed his finger over the exposed head as he felt that one tiny drop he could produce fall to his pubic region. He shuddered with a second small orgasm as he lay there wishing that he could do this with Dan. Mason was just falling back to sleep from his orgasm when there was a knock at his bedroom door, “Hey there Kiddo we gotta get going in a few, your mom told me to wake you up.” He liked that Dan didn’t just walk into his room. Yet the thought of Dan seeing him with an erection did send a thrill of excitement through Mason’s body. He still sounded a little breathless as he said, “I’ll be there in a moment!” Then he heard Dan moving away from the door and swore he heard a chuckle as well. Mason felt his cheeks flush wondering if Dan had known what he was doing in his bedroom? Well Dan had once been an eleven-year-old boy so he probably had some idea of what Mason was doing. His mom probably did too, which made him flush even more in embarrassment. The idea that Dan knew he masturbated was exciting. The idea that his mom knew was… well embarrassing moms shouldn’t know their boys masturbate right? Mason pulled his underwear back up, the thought of his mom knowing he masturbated actually helped him clam down and his erection disappear. He slipped from his bed going over to his dresser to grab new underwear along with socks and a tee-shirt. He grabbed a pair of jeans from his closet then with his hair still sticking up at weird angles on his head Mason stepped out into the hallway. Dan was in the bathroom with the door open brushing his hair. His shirt was off showing off his flat chest and stomach. Dan had just the barest hint of pectoral muscles, he wasn’t the type of guy that worked out but he was the type that kept himself in shape. He had just a bit of hair on his stomach and chest, he wasn’t super hairy like some guys that Mason had seen before. Looking at Dan, Mason started to feel his penis rising again. Dan was dressed in just a pair of jeans that showed off his legs pretty nicely as well. Mason tried not to make it obvious he was looking, but there was a part of him that was still recalling his dream. That same part that wanted to put a hand on Dan’s chest and feel how strong he was. “All yours kiddo!” Dan said as he walked past him saying, “If you’re not going to take a shower I’d at least do something with that hair… it makes you look like an anime character.” Mason gave a small giggle, “Yeah mom says its bedhead.” Dan ruffled his hair, “Well its cute but not public appropriate. That was something my mom used to say to me all the time.” He winked at Mason before moving on to his own room. Mason giggled again before slipping into the bathroom. The fact that Dan had called him cute made his face heat as he closed the bathroom door. There had also been a brief moment where he swore Dan had looked at his much smaller very skinny chest as well. Though that had probably been Mason’s imagination at work. Mason started the shower as he put his clothes down on the counter by the sink. He pulled his pajama pants and briefs down, as he did his penis popped out fully stiff pointing right at his face as he looked down at it. Mason loved how it felt when he got stiff. River had said that he did too, and Mason had a feeling that Dan did as well. Something about it being erect was exciting, but also it just felt really good to have a boner. Mason stroked it slowly as he slipped into the shower. His thoughts were again on Dan. Having him in the same house was difficult, his feelings for Dan were going to be so hard to contain. He wanted to just run over to him and hug him as deeply as he could. He knew it was what adults called a crush, but for Mason it was so much more than that. In the shower he started cleaning his body quickly. When he reached his penis with the washcloth he started rubbing it instead to get those good feelings again. Standing there in the shower once more Mason thought about Dan and what it would be like. How would it feel if Dan was touching him? To have Dan kiss him on the lips? He wasn’t usually this…needy, but with Dan being there physically somehow Mason’s mind was all focused on what it would karabük escort be like to be with Dan. How would it be to fall asleep in Dan’s arms with the older man holding him tightly? Mason gasped resting one hand against the shower wall as he stroked faster sending himself over the edge. This time that little pearl didn’t come out as Mason had an orgasm. Sometimes it still didn’t, it usually took a lot of stimulation to get that small bit out. As his orgasm passed the eleven-year-old slipped from the shower drying off then dressing. He was combing his hair when there was a knock to the bathroom door, “Sweetie we gotta get a move on.” Mason opened the bathroom door, “Coming right now mom.” In the garage he grabbed his shoes pulling them on as he walked with his mom and Dan to the car. Dan sat up front with his mom since he was the guest it was only right. Mason sat in the back trying his best not to think about Dan in any way other than him being his friend. As his mom and Dan talked about Mason’s school schedule for the next three weeks. Which reminded Mason that he only had three weeks left of school before summer came! Though he had no idea what he’d be doing this summer other than playing video games. The hospital that they arrived at was a lot bigger than Mason had thought it would be. He had actually never been in a hospital other than that time when he was six and broke his arm. He could barely remember what they were like though the smell was very familiar. It took about an hour to get his mom checked in then up to her room. Because of the pandemic stuff that was mostly over the hospitals were still taking precautions so they weren’t allowed to stay for long visits, but at least they could visit. They set up a daily visiting schedule with the doctor, though they couldn’t come see his mom tomorrow as the operation wouldn’t be done till after visiting hours. Dan and his mom had decided that Mason would miss Monday at school so they could come up here first thing Monday morning and see his mom. Mason hugged her and said, “I don’t want to leave you all alone mom…” His mom stroked his back, “Sweetie I’m fine. I’ve got shows to watch, things to read, and lots of other stuff to pass my time. You should go and have fun at home, play some games, or get outside on your bike.” Mason hugged her just a bit tighter. “I love you mom.” He didn’t care if it was embarrassing to say so in front of Dan, he knew that Dan wouldn’t think it was. She stroked his cheek then kissed his forehead, “I love you too now go on before your stomach eats itself.” Mason flushed so his mom had heard his stomach growl at him. He had only had a banana for breakfast today. They had been in a hurry, and it was now one in the afternoon. Dan actually hugged his mom once just slightly, “I’ll take care of him Erin. I’ll send you status updates on how much of a pain he is.” She chuckled, “See that you do.” As they got on the elevator together Mason said, “I’m not a pain!” Dan agreed, “Nope, not right now anyway. Later when you won’t make me dinner and won’t make your bed, or do your homework… well we’ll see.” Mason said, “I’ll make you dinner but it’ll be burnt….” Dan chuckled, “That was a joke, but thanks kiddo.” As they stepped off of the elevator Dan rested his hand on Mason’s shoulder, “I know its tough not being able to stay for your mom, but we’d just be doing a lot of sitting in waiting rooms. She’s right about us going back home.” As they started for the car he said, “Plus you can call her tonight and tomorrow.” Mason walking by Dan wanted to so badly just reach out and taken his hand, but he was afraid that Dan might not like that. “I know. It’s just weird that mom’s in the hospital, and at the same time I have to keep doing things like she’s not.” Dan agreed, “Yeah but your mom doesn’t want you to sit and wait with her. She wants you to be able to do the things that you usually do.” As he finished Mason’s stomach growled again as Dan said, “How about McDonald’s for lunch? There’s one just a few blocks away.” Mason nodded in agreement as they got into the car. The drive over to the McDonald’s wasn’t a long one, the familiar smell of one greeted him as they entered. It wasn’t that it was the best fast food place in the world, but it was the one that his mom brought home the most often. Dan went up to the ordering kiosk to place their order. They were everywhere now. Before the pandemic a lot of restaurants had gotten them, but now they were widely used. Dan got a Big Mac meal and said, “So what do you want kiddo?” He let Mason pick his own food. He went with his usual six piece chicken nugget meal. He had once loved the happy meal, but that wasn’t really enough food anymore for his age. They got their drinks before sitting down at a table. As he sipped his drink Dan smiled at him once. When their number was called Dan got up and got the food. As he came back he said, “When we get back to the house we could test the stream if you want to, see how it works with both of us in the same house?” Mason agreed, “Yeah that could be fun.” He felt a little excitement at the thought of sitting close with Dan. “We’ll need a second chair though.” “Your mom already figured that one out for me, there’s an office chair in her bedroom, it’ll work for a few weeks.” As they ate Mason tried his best not to look at Dan, but with him sitting across from him it was hard not to. He had to remind himself that it wasn’t Dan’s fault he wanted him to be his boyfriend. Dan had just become his friend because they shared things in common despite their age difference. Also Dan was are really nice guy who Mason could tell really cared about him. Mason figured that Dan saw him as little brother. He just wished that he could see Dan the same way, but he couldn’t. As he was finishing eating Mason said, “It still feels so strange that you’re… right there.” Dan smiled, “Yeah, never thought we’d meet in person huh?” Mason gave a small nod as Dan said, “I wasn’t sure we would either, but here we are. I’m glad I could help you and your mom out.” “I-if you couldn’t what would I have done?” Dan shrugged, “Not sure, probably ended up staying with a neighbor. I know you and the other kids on your street aren’t best of friends, but I’m sure you would have ended up staying with one of them.” Mason nodded, “Yeah probably Kevin’s family. His mom and my mom are friendly and he’s the only one that doesn’t bother me on the school bus… but he’s also two grades behind me.” Dan said, “Well I’m here so there’s nothing to worry about right?” Mason agreed as they threw their food wrappers away before heading out of the restaurant. Mason decided that it was going to be strange and a little tough to hide his desire to be Dan’s boyfriend. Maybe he didn’t have to hide it though, maybe he could actually convince Dan that he should be his boyfriend. Well that was kind of stupid as Dan was an adult and not a pedo creep either. He’d never touch Mason in a bad way or make him do bad things. Yet a part of Mason wanted Dan to do those things with him so very badly. * Dan sat in the smaller office chair next to Mason in the larger game chair trying not to think about how beautiful the boy was as they worked on calibrating and checking the stream. More than once while in the hospital and even at McDonald’s an hour ago he had wanted noting more than to pull the boy into his arms and hold him tightly. He wanted so badly to just lean over and kiss Mason deeply on the lips. His desire to feel his smaller body pressed to his own growing with each passing moment he spent with the boy. This morning when he had knocked on Mason’s door he had known without a doubt just by how breathless the boys words what he had been doing. Dan had been eleven once himself. He could remember discovering just how much fun could be had touching your boners. Seeing him shirtless in the hallway a moment later Dan had almost become overwhelmed with a desire to not only tickle the boy but touch every inch of his body with his hands and mouth. Maybe even take a shot at licking the boys armpits just to hear him giggle as he knew he would. Instead he had settled on that little bit about the hair. Then even ruffled it before the boy went into the bathroom. When he had come out of his own bedroom ten minutes later to the sound of the shower he had chuckled. In the kitchen as he ate an orange Erin had commented on how her son’s showers had increased in duration in the past month. Dan had only said, “My mom used to complain all the time about my sudden increase in showering right around sixth grade…” Erin had only chuckled, and said something about boys and their toys to which Dan had only agreed with a chuckle of his own. That little stick was quite demanding at around the age that Mason was. It was all new and exciting right now. Then it only got more confusing in middle school then in high school as well because you wanted to start experimenting with other kids not just by yourself. For Dan of course that had meant other boys, and the signs were all there that Mason might be just like him. Of course sitting next the boy Dan wasn’t a hundred percent certain. He could see some of the signs, but Mason wasn’t what you would have called back in the day flaming. He was clearly different than other boys, but that didn’t always equal to someone being gay. He didn’t like things that used to be associated with being gay. If he was gay he was more like Dan, a guy that liked other guys but also liked doing things that guys usually did like doing. Although in Dan’s case it was totally different, he didn’t really like guys. No Dan liked boys right around Mason’s age and a few years older. It was a difficult thing to live with. Being around Mason though, physically close to him like this, Dan knew that he’d never do anything inappropriate now. He could see himself actually starting to be around young boys more often. He had been a little afraid that if he got really close to one he might give into his base impulses, but now Dan knew that he never would. Boys weren’t interested in being with adult men, and Dan wasn’t the type of person to force another person into anything. So unless Mason was going to suddenly start raping him nothing would ever happen between the two of them. Dan knew that wouldn’t happen either as time and time again he had been proven that preteen boys had no interest in adult men. Hell most teen boys didn’t, even the ones that were gay. Was it because society put a huge roadblock up to make sure that kids knew it was there at every turn? So they just figured it was wrong and disgusting because the world said it was? Probably a little bit of that and a little bit of kids just wanted to be with kids. As they worked on building something in Minecraft Mason said, “This feels weird sitting right by each other building stuff. How are we going to do the stream like this?” Dan said, “Well for the stream we’ll only be showing my screen like always but now we can both be in just one webcam so we can talk together while we stream.” Around four River sent Mason a message asking about his mom then if he wanted to play some Fortnite. Dan said, “You go ahead, I’m going to figure out what we’re doing for dinner tonight.” Mason as Dan stood up stretching said, “I could help.” Dan smiled at the boy resting a hand on his shoulder, “Its okay Mason.” It wasn’t that he didn’t want the boys help it was that he wanted Mason to hang out with his other friends too. “You should hang out with River and the other guys from the Discord. Tomorrow you can help with dinner.” Mason agreed, “Okay, uh Dan?” Dan stopped at the doorway looking back at him, “Thanks!” Dan smiled, “Anytime kiddo, now go frag some bad guys.” Mason giggled before loading the game up on his laptop. Dan headed down the hall to the kitchen. In truth he needed some time to decompress from Mason. Being around the boy was intoxicating. If he had been just some strange boy he met on the street Dan would have been able to just ignore his feelings. This was Mason though, he was as close to Mason as he was to a family member now. He knew everything about the boy, and he loved him far more than he should. Dan wanted those moments that Mason would experience with another boy to his moments with Mason. Yet he knew he’d never do anything with his feelings, he loved Mason to much to hurt him. As he was starting to finish up with the chicken that he had cooked along with the other parts of the meal Mason appeared in the kitchen, “Can I help with anything? River had to go eat dinner.” Dan said, “Yeah you can set the table its about time to eat. I just hope its good.” Mason putting down to plates said, “It smells good.” Dan smiled at that as he finished with the chicken putting the two breasts down on each plate. Once they had their corn and mashed potatoes on the plates the two of them started eating and Mason said, “Yeah it’s really good.” Dan chuckled, “Well its about the only thing I know how to make other than sandwiches, hot dogs, and hamburgers.” Mason looking up at him the boys beautiful green eyes sparkling as he said, “That’s all really good stuff too.” Then he went back to eating. Mason’s mom had been right the boy did have an appetite despite how skinny and small he was for his age. It went in and disappeared in a flash as the boy got seconds of the corn and potatoes. Dan could remember being that way as well at Mason’s age. It wasn’t until he really hit puberty at thirteen that he stared to fill out and build some muscle. Of course the two years of high school football he played had helped with that as well. He had dropped that when he realized after breaking his wrist that he didn’t really want to damage his body playing such a rough sport. That was where he had found his love of computers shortly after as well. As they were finishing eating Dan said, “So what do you want to do tonight?” Mason actually flushed for a moment as he said, “Could we watch a movie again?” Dan had to wonder what was going on in the boys head with that flush to his cheeks. Dan shrugged, “Sure why not? Perhaps someone should get into their pajamas first?” Mason said, “Yeah, that’s usually what mom and I do is get in our pajamas and watch a movie if I’m not playing a game.” Dan putting the last of the dishes in the washer said, “Well do you want to play a game instead?” Mason shook his head, “No I want to watch a movie tonight, I just thought I dunno that you’d want to get in your pajamas too!” Dan studied the boy then chuckled, “Okay yes that might be more comfortable huh?” He wasn’t sure at all what was going on with Mason, but he was pretty sure it had something to do with the boy missing his mom. He had seen how close they were, how they cuddled on the couch while watching a movie. It reminded Dan of his own time with his mom when he was a few years younger than Mason. They had lost some of that closeness when Dan had started middle school, almost like his mom hadn’t found it as necessary as she had when he was younger. Dan put on his pajama pants and debated on a tee-shirt finally deciding against it as the house just like his was a little warm. Seeing Mason without a shirt a moment later Dan knew that he had made the right choice. The boy looked marvelous shirtless. His nipples were tiny roughly the size of a dime and almost the same color as the rest of his chest. Dan had seen him without a shirt before, but never for more than a minute. Now though he couldn’t help but admire the boy and how beautiful he was. His pajama pants were Minecraft related as a lot of Mason’s stuff was. It was strange to realize that boys his age still were as obsessed with it as boys his age ten years ago had been. It made sense though, the game was a sandbox and free mostly so kids would find it and play it. He let Mason pick a movie, the boy settled on Toy Story 2 as they sat down on the couch together. At first Mason sat next to him, but when Dan leaned back more on the couch the boy shifted slowly resting his head on Dan’s shoulder. When he took too long to do so as if he was hesitant about it Dan said, “It fine Mason… come here…” He pulled the boy into a cuddle at his side as Mason gave a small sigh Dan dug a finger into the boys ribs making him giggle once against Dan’s side. The boys skin was as soft as Dan had figured it would be. He could feel how warm Mason was as well as the boy cuddled up to him. Dan tired to not have a reaction, but as the movie went on Mason rested his hand on Dan’s leg. Then a moment later the boy rested his head fully on Dan’s chest it was impossible for Dan to not react. Dan felt his penis start to stiffen with the thoughts of doing more than idly stroking the boy back while they watched the movie on the couch. He hadn’t even been aware that he was stroking Mason’s back until the boy shifted and said, “That feels nice.” Dan liked how warm his skin was under his fingers, the boy had a definite heat to him. Dan shifted at one point hoping that would make it so that Mason wouldn’t spot his sudden impossible to hide bulge. Maybe the pajama pants had been a mistake, jeans made it easier to hide such things. Still even though it was slight torture to have Mason resting against him like this he wouldn’t stop now. The fact that he could touch the boys back and softly stroke him while they watched a movie was worth it. As the movie came to a close Mason turned his head up to look at Dan. He shifted so that he was looking right at Dan. Dan smiled stroking the boys back as Mason leaned up. He wasn’t sure what the boy was doing when he suddenly moved to press his lips to Dan’s once. Dan felt a shock run through his whole body as he pulled Mason back, “W-what are you doing?” Mason’s cheeks went red as he softly said, “I-I know I can’t, but I Just wanted to know what it was like to kiss you once.” Then he slipped off of the couch, “I-I’m going to bed.” The boy shifted his pajama pants just then as he headed for the back of the house. Dan sat there shocked not sure how to comprehend what had just happened. Or the fact that Mason had clearly not only wanted to kiss him, but had also been stiff. Dan pushed back his own sudden thoughts of going into Mason’s room and showing the boy how to kiss properly. It had never occurred to him, not in a thousand years that Mason’s feelings for him were not just friendly or brotherly. The boy was a kid, and kids were complex just like adults. They got feelings, but those feelings could be hurt a lot easier than an adults as well. Dan had no idea what to do. He was pretty sure that Mason wasn’t really interested in him like that. The boy just hadn’t ever had feelings for someone else before, and was confusing familiar love for a different kind of love. Dan stood up his mind filled with thoughts of what to do as he walked back toward the bedrooms. He knocked on Mason’s door, “Mason can we talk?” “C-come in.” Mason was sitting on the stairs that led up to his top bunk not really looking at anything. When he saw Dan coming in he wiped at one of his eyes as he said, “Please don’t leave… I won’t ever do it again.” Dan felt his heart breaking at how sad and scared the boy looked. There were a thousand little alarm bells going off in his mind about how young Mason was and how impressionable. All of that was easy to push away and ignore as he stepped over to where Mason was. This was Mason, not some random kid he had just met on the street or something like that. He had known the boy for more than half a year now. He wasn’t going anywhere he’d figure out how to fix this. * Mason hadn’t intended on kissing Dan, not at all. He had just wanted to lay in his arms like he had the night before. This time though Dan didn’t have a shirt on, and his chest felt so warm against Mason’s cheek as he rested his head there while watching the movie. Really even then he had not had any intent to kiss Dan. All he had wanted to do was be close to the older man, and let him stroke his back. That had felt amazing really, even better than his mom doing it. Mason figured it had to be because of the size of Dan’s hand, it was bigger than his mom’s. Also Dan’s touch was also a little firmer as well. Mason could feel his penis growing as he relaxed against Dan. He could feel it when Dan laughed at the movie. He rested his hand on Dan’s stomach and loved how firm and warm Dan felt under his fingers. The young boy had never touched someone that wasn’t his mom. So it felt a little strange to touch Dan’s stomach while Dan stroked his back. Yet it also felt so right to be this close to Dan. Like he was supposed to be this close with Dan. In his pajamas he could feel his penis fully harden, but his boxer-briefs would keep it hidden from Dan’s eyes. He didn’t want Dan to know he had a boner that would be embarrassing even if it was Dan. He knew the older man didn’t have any interest in him like how Mason did for Dan. So in a way having Dan rub his back while he snuggled up to him was a little painful because of how deep his feelings for Dan went. As the movie came to an end Mason looked up at Dan, the older man smiled down at him so warmly. Suddenly Mason was so overcome with love and desire for Dan that he just had to release some of it. He had to show Dan that he loved him, but he wasn’t sure how to do it. Saying the words didn’t seem like enough. Hugging him was almost enough, but not quite what Mason wanted. Dan’s brown eyes looking at him with love, though different than Mason’s own for for Dan, was enough to make Mason want to do something more. So without thinking he leaned up to kiss Dan’s lips like he would his own mom only he put more pressure behind it when he pressed his lips to the older mans. When he pulled back the stunned look on Dan’s face was enough for Mason to know he had messed up, “I-I know I can’t, but I just wanted to know what it was like to kiss you once.” He felt his entire body shake with barely contained tears of fear and regret as he jumped off of the couch, “I-I’m going to bed.” Maybe by tomorrow Dan would have forgotten what he had done. Mason ran to his bedroom as quickly as he could overcome by his emotions. It had been a mistake to try and kiss Dan he knew that it had been, but he had been so filled with love for him in that moment that he had to let it out. Dan was so good to him! He had always been so nice and kind over the phone and computer. He listened to Mason’s problems, and he helped him solve them. Yet Mason knew that Dan didn’t like him that way. He knew that he had messed things up for real now. After all Dan was an adult who was also nice and kind, so he wasn’t into kids. No, for some reason only creeps wanted to be with kids. He felt tears go down his cheeks that he stubbornly wiped away as he sat down on the ladder leading up to the second bunk bed. He hadn’t cried in a long time, but he had been stupid kissing Dan. There was a knock to his bedroom door, “Mason can we talk?” Suddenly Mason was afraid on a whole other level. He was afraid that he had just messed up the best thing that had ever happened in his life. Even if he couldn’t be Dan’s boyfriend, even if Dan never liked him like how he liked him, Dan was still the best thing to ever happen in Mason’s life other than his mom. “C-come in.” Dan opened the door stepping into the room. Mason could see worry on the man’s face but also something else that he couldn’t place. He wiped at his eyes as he looked at Dan, “Please don’t leave… I won’t ever do it again.” Dan sat down on the edge of the bunk bed just behind were Mason sat on the ladder leading up to the second bed. “I’m not leaving Mason. Why did you do that?” Mason shrugged looking over at where their computers were set up, “Because I really like you.” Inside he was saying even more: I wanted to know what it was like to kiss you, to have you hold me like in movies that my mom watches all the time. I wanted to know why I have all these confusing feelings about someone that I’ve never had before! Why I can’t have them for someone my own age. Why instead I have them for an adult just making it even harder to understand them! Dan softly said, “I really like you too Mason, you’re very important to me.” Mason turned on the stairs to look at Dan then said, “I-I know… b-but not like how I like you a-and now you know that I… and… its all… so…. Big…” He couldn’t find a way to get the words in his head out of it. They were there just floating around, but he didn’t know how to express the feelings that were bubbling inside of him. They had been there just below the surface for months now, struggling back and forth with how he knew it was wrong to have them. How he knew that no caring and good adult would ever return the feelings he had for them. He should have been having feelings for River, or a boy at his own school. Not for an adult who he had befriended by total accident. He felt a few tears roll down his cheeks then. Dan moved from his spot on the bed coming over to where Mason was. He surprised Mason by gently pulling him from the stairs then enfolding him in his arms letting Mason press his head to his chest as he cried. He wasn’t even sure why he was crying, like really he couldn’t figure it out. His head was filled with so many emotions that all he could think about was letting them out. The confusion of his feelings for Dan for months had collided with his fears about his mom being in the hospital. Then his own shame at having kissed Dan, and telling him that he really liked him when he knew that Dan wouldn’t ever return such feelings. Dan though just held him for all of it stroking his back, even kissing the top of his head as he softly said, “I-I tried not to… I know I’m not supposed to… that you don’t….” Dan just held him and stroked his back while he recovered. After he had recovered for a few minutes Dan still holding him said, “How long have you felt this way?” Mason looked up at him then slipped from his arms wiping his eyes as he sat down on the bed. “I dunno… a few months I guess…” Dan slowly sat down on the bed next to Mason, “I see…” “I’ll try really hard not to have them anymore… I-I want to be your friend still…” Dan put his arm around Mason’s shoulders, “Mason there’s nothing that you could do that would make me stop being your friend. Your feelings for me are your feelings, theirs nothing wrong with them. We spend a lot of time together and we know so much about one another. On top of that you’re right at the age where you start to get really complex and hard to understand feelings for other people.” Mason leaned in closer to Dan, “I-I wish you were my age so that we could both have the same kind of feelings… I know adults don’t get these kinds of feelings for kids… just really bad adults that want to hurt kids get feelings for them…” Dan was quiet for a long while then softly he said, “That’s not true, even really good adults can get feelings for kids…” Mason turned his head looking up at Dan, “I don’t understand, I thought that… well… you and mom and my teachers…” He sighed looking away from Dan feeling even more confused then he said, “oh… you mean you love me like how mom loves me, those kinds of feelings?” Dan kissed the top of his head, and Mason’s world shifted, “No Mason, my feelings for you are anything but parental. I love you, but not in that way or even a brotherly way. I didn’t keep talking to you or hanging out with you because I wanted a little brother. I could just let you keep thinking that you’re alone with these feelings, but you’re not and that wouldn’t be fair of me to do. I thought you saw me as an older brother. I didn’t know you were struggling with this…” Mason looked up at Dan as he said, “B-but you’re… I mean I only thought…” Dan stroked his back, “There’s two sides to every coin Mason, good and bad people both exist. Just like there are bad people who would force kids into things that they don’t want to do there are also good people who just love them. I haven’t lied to you, but I have kept a part of me from you.” Mason sat there leaning against Dan trying to understand his words then softly said, “So you started following me because you were a-attracted to me?” Could it really be true? Mason wasn’t sure how, but if Dan liked him too that made him feel better somehow. * Dan felt like he was walking a minefield that ended where he didn’t know. Watching Mason have a break down, the boy unable to get the words out of his mouth to describe what he was feeling was too painful for Dan. That was why he had taken the boy into his arms. It was why he had held Mason as tightly as he could and let him cry while trying to let the words out. Never in a thousand years would Dan had figured that Mason was in love with him in this way. He knew that the boy loved him, but he had figured it had been brotherly. He hadn’t known that for months now Mason had been struggling with a growing love that was deeper than brotherly. The boy was struggling with his first real feelings for someone who wasn’t his mom. That someone else just happened to be Dan, a man who was deeply attracted to boys. Now sitting there with Mason on the bed Dan had two options. Either he could deny his feelings for Mason and help the boy work through his own. Or he could admit his feelings, but make sure that Mason understood why they would never lead anywhere. Dan was slightly weak, deep inside he believed that boys Mason’s age were capable of consenting with adults. He believed that Mason knew what he wanted, and the boy had proven more than a few times that he was capable of making his own decisions on things. Dan believed that Mason could be in a relationship with him. Sure all of it would be new to Mason, but as the adult Dan could guide him and nurture the relationship so that Mason could know what a healthy relationship was for when was ready to have one with someone his own age. Of course all of it would have to be on Mason’s terms, so Dan could only see what happened now. Mason still resting against his side softly said, “So you started following me because you were a-attracted to me?” Leading them down a path where Dan couldn’t take back the words that he was about to say. “Yes, that is why I started following you. You’re not supposed to know this about guys like me. Very few adults believe it to be true, but not all men or even women with my sexuality are bad people. Most of us are able to control our urges, and not be creepy online or even offline. Most adults are like that, no matter what their sexuality or sexual desires are…” He stopped talking letting Mason take all of that in, the boy was smart but he’d need time to process things. After a little moment of silence had passed Mason said, “I-is that why you kept talking to me when I messaged you?” Dan stroked the boys back again, “No, I kept talking to you because I really liked you. Not in the boyfriend type of way. Just in a real friend type of way. Yes I still had the other feelings for you, but the friendship was more important to me than anything else.” Mason shifted so that he could look at Dan, “S-so if we both have feeling then what happens now?” Dan smiled, “Nothing.” Mason looked down. Dan gently turned his face back up to his. “Look Mason, I do have a lot of feelings for you, just like you do for me. But at the end of the day you’re eleven and I’m twenty-four. You’re only discovering who you are, what you want, and I’ve already been through all of that.” “B-but you like me like how I like you…” the boy looked confused and sounded it as well as he looked up at Dan. Dan gently rubbed his back again, “You have to understand Mason. You’re not supposed to want to be with me. This.. if something happened between us it’d be bad.” “Why? If we both like each other it can’t be bad.” Dan sighed, “Its not legal Mason, and hiding it isn’t just dangerous it also leads to other bad things. One day you’re going to meet someone that you care about a whole lot. Then when they ask you about our relationship you’d have to lie every step of the way… your mom could never know about us either. If anyone ever found out that I had even kissed you I could be put away for a long time. This just isn’t how a relationship is supposed to work. Keeping it secret, never being able to tell someone else about it. Its the kind of thing that ruins lives Mason….” Mason was quiet for a long while then finally he said, “I understand… c-can you make the feelings go away then?” Dan slipped off of the bed as he went on his knees before Mason, “No, and now that I know you feel this way about me I’m going to struggle to not give into temptation for a very long time…” Mason thought for a long while in the silence then said, “So if I leaned over and kissed you right now…” “Mason.” The boy moved then before Dan could even comprehend it, his lips pressed to Dan’s a second later. He could feel himself becoming lost in the feeling of Mason’s smaller lips pressed to his own. His penis shot back up fully as quickly as possible, as the boy clumsily pressed his lips to Dan’s. Dan pulled back, breaking the kiss, “What did I just tell you?” * Kissing Dan’s lips the second time felt amazing. Listening to Dan talk about their attraction for another and how wrong it was felt stupid to Mason. River and his girlfriend had to keep their relationship a secret, and River said he knew two other boys in his school who were seeing girls and keeping it a secret from parent who didn’t want them to date or have girlfriends yet. So Dan saying that he had to keep this a secret, and that it would harm him in the end seemed kind of stupid to Mason. Also Mason was almost positive that Dan wanted him to kiss him again. Dan was trying to be a good person, but he clearly also wanted to be Mason’s boyfriend. So in Mason’s mind this was the only way to proceed forward. He wanted to do the kinds of things with Dan that he had seen in the drawings, or the things that River said he did with his girlfriend. He wanted the kisses, the touches, all of it! He was going to get it too! Dan finally after a long while of lips pressed to lips pulled back, “What did I just tell you?” Mason could feel his penis pressing in his boxer-briefs. From the moment that Dan had admitted that he wanted this relationship as well Mason had been erect. The thought of kissing Dan, of being his boyfriend was so exciting to Mason. He wasn’t sure about the things beyond kissing yet, but he had a feeling that Dan wouldn’t make him rush through them either. That Dan would give him all the time he needed to go beyond just kissing even if it was years. “That it was wrong, but I don’t think it is.” Dan touched his cheek, “I don’t want to hurt you Mason… or make you hurt in the future.” Mason with his mind seeing things in a totally confounding way to Dan said, “So then don’t.” Dan sighed, “Mason… I don’t think you understand what happens if we break up, or you grow up and I don’t… feel this way for you anymore?” Mason could see the worry on Dan’s face, so he tired his best to make it okay, “Why would you stop loving me?” “People break up all the time or fall out of love Mason its how the world works…” Mason agreed, “Yeah I know that.. my mom and dad fell out of love… River’s parents did too. I-I thought our love was more than just… this though.” Dan studied him for a moment then gently reached out to touch his cheek. Mason loved the feeling of the larger hand on his cheek, “It is Mason. I will always want to be in your life, and be your friend. I just can’t promise that I will always be sexually or even romantically in love with you because of who I am… or that you will either. You might want this now but then one day you might want something else.” Mason didn’t see it that way. He’d never stop loving Dan, maybe it’d change but he’d never stop and he knew that Dan wouldn’t either! “So if we stop loving each other this way then we’ll just love each other another way…” It was a lot for him to say and Mason wasn’t even sure he fully understood what was happening other than he and Dan felt the same way for one another. Mason was bright enough to know that Dan was right, relationships didn’t always last forever. Still, there was a part of him that knew that Dan would always be very important to him, even if they stopped having these kinds of feelings for one another. He got what Dan had been saying, and he wanted to tell Dan that he felt the same, “E-even if I stop feeling this for you I will still always want to be you friend too…” Dan smiled then, “Mason.” He sighed, “This is something that can’t be taken back. I don’t want you to sometime in your future to wake up and realize that being with me was a mistake. I don’t want to hurt you or make you think that I was only your friend because I wanted to sleep with you.” Mason had already figured that one out too, “Its not though.” Mason knew it wasn’t because Dan wasn’t trying to do anything at all. In fact Dan was trying really hard to get out of this altogether. He was trying to protect Mason from harm. Mason loved him for it. He loved everything about Dan and he knew so much about him that he didn’t see any reason why he could stop loving him. Maybe that was just young first love talking, but right now all Mason knew was that he wanted to be with Dan. “I want to be your boyfriend.” Dan chuckled, “And what would that entail?” “Well, um we’d go out on dates on the weekends, and uh, kiss, and uh m-maybe more.” “Maybe more?” Mason flushed red as he felt his penis strain again then he stood up and went to his computer as he loaded up a drawing that he had jerked to more than once, “Maybe that!” Dan looking at the drawing shut the screen on the laptop, “Where the hell did you find that?” He didn’t look mad, he sounded amused actually, “On the internet. River says that sex is amazing, and stuff like that sure does make it look amazing…” Dan sighed, “I often forget that kids today have access to things that I would have killed to have access to at your age. Dating, being your boyfriend, even kissing.. okay but that Mason… not any time soon.” Mason felt his heart fill with joy as Dan finished talking, he leaned over and hugged Dan as hard as he could, “So I’m your boyfriend now?” Dan stroked his head, “Yes I can’t say no to you Mason. I should… but I’m too in love with you.” Mason looked up at him, “I am in love with you too Dan.” This time Dan leaned down and kissed Mason’s lips. It was gentle and more intimate than the one that Mason had attempted somehow. He could feel Dan stroking his cheek. As they broke apart Mason said, “So now what?” “Now bed time, that’s what. Or at least for me it is…” Mason got an idea, “C-could you um sleep on the bottom bunk tonight? So we could lay in bed and talk like we do on the phone?” Dan smiled in agreement. After they had both gotten situated on the bunk beds Mason said, “How is it?” “Mildly uncomfortable, I’m almost too tall for this short bed.” Mason giggled leaning down from the top bunk to look at Dan on the bottom one, “Sorry.” Dan just chuckled, “Its okay kiddo.” Mason laid back on the top bunk again, “I feel all excited…” Dan said, “Oh?” “I’ve never had a boyfriend before.” “You sure you don’t want a girlfriend?” Mason was confident on that one, “Yeah, I dunno why but River tried showing me some girls and I just didn’t find them… interesting.” Dan said, “I remember the feeling. All my friends in sixth grade couldn’t stop talking about how a few of the girls had gotten breasts. All I could think about was wanting to kiss a couple of the boys that had gotten taller than me over the summer…” Mason closed his eyes snuggling in the top bunk, “Maybe that’s why I kept talking to you, because I wanted someone like me to help me…” Dan shifted slightly on the bottom bunk, “I think that was definitely part of it Mason. I think you realized you were into boys far earlier than you actually became conscious of it. I also think we kept talking because you’re not the kind of person that karaman escort abandons a friend.” Mason tiredly said, “You aren’t either Dan. Y-you’re always there for me even when I get scared by stupid things…” “I love you Mason, I want to take care of you. Yes I want to be intimate with you, but I also just really want to take care of you. Its more important to met hat you’re happy and loved than it is that I get to kiss you or even touch you in the ways that you’re clearly thinking about.” Mason closed his eyes, “Yeah… but we can do that stuff right? One day?” Dan chuckled, “Well see Mason, lets just try and go about it slowly huh? Tomorrow we’ll try a date and see where things go.” “Okay… I… love…. You… Dan.” He managed to say before he drifted off into sleep. On the bottom bunk Dan told him the same. He was no longer struggling with his feelings for Mason, he would let the boy figure this out on his own time. He wouldn’t push Mason towards anything, it was better that way. If all Mason wanted to do for the next three weeks was steal kisses every now and then or cuddle Dan would be fine with that. If he never got to sleep with Mason or even see his penis or any of that he’d be fine with that as well. He wasn’t going into this relationship to sleep with Mason after all. He was going into it to show Mason how much he loved and cared for him. He’d make sure the boys first relationship was a good one… it was about what Mason wanted not what Dan wanted. Of course he had no idea how interested in the rest of it Mason already was… Chapter 9 Mason woke up the following morning feeling excited about a lot of things, the biggest of them all was what had happened last night. That single amazing kiss had led to so much more than the young boy could have ever imagined, not that he had any idea what was going to happen next. There was a part of him that was pretty sure Dan wasn’t going to let them go beyond just kissing and sitting together on the couch. After all Mason was smart enough to know that it was all illegal, but learning that Dan was attracted to him too made Mason feel better. Knowing that he wasn’t going through all of these strange new feelings on his own was really nice. The strange fact that there were good adults that were attracted to kids actually made sense now when he thought about those drawings. They were probably from those kinds of adults that liked kids but wouldn’t make them do bad things. Not that having sex was bad, but making someone else do it was bad. Dan must have struggled so much with his feelings for Mason, and now that they were out in the open Mason was going to do his best to make Dan realize how much he loved him too. It wasn’t like they were strangers, they knew most everything about one another already. After all he had known Dan and talked with him nearly every day for six months even if it had only been a short conversation sometimes. Mason slipped from his bed feeling good. The excitement of a real date with Dan started to make his penis stiffen. Mason knew that adults and kids didn’t usually date one another, but strangely enough that just made it all the more exciting. Dan wasn’t an adult to Mason, he was Dan. They were more than friends to Mason, and learning that Dan felt the same way excited Mason. This was an all new thing about their relationship that they could explore together. Mason looked down at his pajama pants thinking about maybe playing with his erection, just as there was a knock at his bedroom door. “You alive in there?” Mason jumped slightly at the sound then ran to open the door. His boxer-briefs combined with the pajama pants did a good job of hiding his erection, as he wasn’t sure he wanted Dan to see that just yet. Yes he did want to experience all of that stuff with Dan, but Mason agreed with Dan they didn’t have to rush into it. As he opened the door Dan smiled down at him. “Yeah I’m alive, what are we going to do for our date?” “Well I was thinking that I’d let you choose that. I thought we could go out soon though, you know spend the day doing some things around the city. I know your birthday was a couple of months ago now, but I want to get you something for it anyway.” Mason felt his cheeks flush, “You don’t have to do that Dan.” Dan disagreed, “Sure I do. Look if I’m going to be your boyfriend you’re going to have to take the good with the bad… the good is that I will do things like this…” He touched Mason’s chin then surprised him by leaning down and kissing his lips once. Which when it happened made Mason’s penis strain in his briefs it felt so nice to feel Dan’s larger lips pressed to his own. In his dreams Dan had woken him up with kisses before. “The bad is that I sometimes want to buy you things. I know its a horrible fault of mine… but well you’re going to have to either live with it or break up with me kiddo.” Mason grabbed his hand holding it as he said, “I’ll live with it.” He giggled feeling like he was on top of the world as he leaned in and suddenly hugged Dan. Hugging him this morning left Mason with a surprise of his own. Dan was still in his pajamas also, and apparently Mason was not the only one that their kiss had affected. Mason felt it only for a brief moment as Dan hugged him back, but knowing his own anatomy told him that what was pressing to his lower stomach was Dan’s erection. He looked up at Dan as the older man stepped back and ruffled his hair, “I’m gonna get dressed then we can go.” Dan smiled, “Me too kiddo…” His eyes rested on Mason’s bare chest for a moment longer than normal. The boy felt a flush rush through his whole body as he wondered what kind of thoughts Dan was having about him. With his bedroom door closed again Mason started undressing taking off everything other than his underwear. A silly thought of walking out into the hallway in just his underwear to show Dan his erection passed through his mind. Then he pulled on a pair of jeans and a tee-shirt before heading out of the bedroom. Mason was in the kitchen grabbing a banana to eat when Dan walked out of his bedroom dressed as well. There was a moment where Dan paused at the kitchen doorway looking at Mason that made the young boy wonder what the older man was thinking as he ate a banana. They got into his mom’s car, and as they were pulling away Mason said, “So where are we going?” Dan put in a destination in his phones GPS as he said, “Well first we’re going to the place where I’m going to buy your gift, then after that I thought we might go somewhere and get something to eat. I’ve heard this rumor that growing boys like to eat food.” Mason flushed a little as he buckled his seat belt with Dan looking over at him, “And I figure that I’ll let you pick the place that you want to go eat at if that sounds good to you?” Mason agreed, “Yeah could we go anywhere I want to go?” “Well I’m not rich Mason, so lets say we have to stay somewhere in the city.” “I know exactly where I want to go, there’s this place with like a lot of different kinds of burgers and they have really good fries too.” Dan smiled, “AH a kid after my own heart…” Mason looked over at Dan as he stopped at the red light that led out of the subdivision, “I thought I already had your heart…” Dan reached over and touched Mason’s hand once briefly, “Its an expression kiddo. So do this place have a name?” “Yeah Red’s Burger Barn. Its even got a really cool fake bull that you can ride on if you want to.” As he pulled out onto the freeway Dan said, “Well that does sound interesting, might be fun to watch you try that.” Mason tried to contain a giggle at his own thought, “Yeah or you to try it!” “Me? You won’t get me near any bull fake or real! What if I broke something!” Mason laughed this time, “There’s pads all around it and its totally safe!” “Well then we’ll just have to see. If you survive maybe I’ll give it a try.” Mason rolled his eyes which made Dan laugh too. He knew that Dan didn’t expect him to be all adult like and such just because they were dating. Mason figured that what Dan had said was right, he liked Mason for who he was. Part of that was getting annoyed when Dan acted too much like an adult or parent. When they pulled up at the Best Buy a few minutes later Mason said, “Why are we here?” “This is where I’m buying your gift. Come on, lets go take a look, it said online that they had what I was looking for here. I want you to check it out yourself and see what you think.” Mason was curious now as to what Dan was thinking about getting him. Maybe a new mouse, or a really cool new gaming controller, or even maybe something else that he hadn’t even thought of. When they arrived at the computer section, and they were standing before the gaming towers Mason didn’t know how to process it when Dan said, “Well what do you think? Its not the latest model, but its’ got double the ram you currently have and this model comes with a really nice monitor as well as part of the sale price.” Mason stared at the rig, the price below it, then at Dan, “Y-you can’t do that Dan… that’s… its really expensive!” Dan studied the price tag then shrugged, “Its not that bad and I think you deserve it.” “B-but.. its… its not right… I mean…” Dan rested a hand on his shoulder making Mason look up at him. He looked around the Best Buy then seeing no one was around he said, “Listen Kiddo, I love you, and even if things hadn’t gotten more complicated last night in our relationship I had already planned on buying this for you. I have the money and its my money to spend how I want to. I want to spend some of it on you because I think you’re worth it Mason. There is no expectations here, no favors requiring other favors. This is a birthday gift and as your best friend first and now,” he looked around again, “boyfriend as well this is something I think you deserve to have and I’m getting it for you.” Mason looked back at the computer then before Dan could say something else he leaned over and hugged him tightly. Dan returned the hug rubbing his back once as Mason said softly against Dan’s chest, “I love you too.” Mason picked up the box with the tower in it. Dan offered to carry it, but since it was Mason’s gift he insisted that he could. Dan didn’t argue he just got the monitor box as they carried both up to the check out counter. About ten minutes later they were in his moms car again with the boxes stored in the trunk. Dan input the restaurant name on his GPS as they pulled out of the parking lot. While they were driving Mason said, “A-are you going to teach me stuff?” Dan looked over at him, “Teach you stuff?” Mason shrugged as he felt his cheeks flush, “L-like how to kiss o-or other stuff.” Dan chuckled, “Ah to be eleven again… so you want me to teach you stuff?” Mason had thought about this before when he masturbated, the thought of Dan teaching him how to do stuff excited him. “Yeah… I-I don’t know how to and um River said that Natalie his girlfriend taught him how to do all that stuff. So I-I thought that since you’re my boyfriend and older than me that you could teach me how to do all that stuff.” Dan looked over at Mason as he pulled in front of the Burger Barn, “So this Natalie, River’s girlfriend how did she know all the stuff she taught him?” Mason shrugged, “Natalie’s three years older than River, she’s a high school um Sophomore.” Dan’s eyes widened a bit as Mason said, “Oh.. I shouldn’t have told you that… its bad huh?” Dan chuckled, “Kiddo I’m twenty-four and you’re eleven why would I think that a three year difference was bad? I was just surprised it usually goes the other way. Girls that age don’t usually want to date boys River’s age. They think that they’re kids. Yes though, its not a bad way to learn, having an older person teach you I mean. Is that how you see our relationship?” Mason shook his head, “N-no, but kissing you is something I really want to be good at.” Dan smiled, “Well then if that’s what you want tonight I will let you practice all you want, just kissing though nothing more, and only after we’ve set up the new rig and tested it on the stream okay?” Mason agreed with a nod as they walked into the restaurant. * Dan studied Mason as the boy ordered a Bronco Burger which sounded pretty good honestly. Though Dan stuck with something standard for himself a simple bacon cheeseburger that they called the Extreme Bacon Burger for some reason, maybe it was the spicy BBQ sauce that made it extreme? Mason as always looked amazing to Dan, over the past six months the boy hadn’t really gotten any older looking. He was still slightly small for his age, and he had yet to show any signs that he was starting to become a young man. The boy didn’t look like puberty was taking hold of him, yet he was able to from his own words to Dan before, shoot one little clear glob of liquid when he masturbated. Dan had thought many times about how hot it would be to watch Mason masturbate, to see the boy stroke his tiny pole and make it cum. Of course the better thing for Dan would be if he got to make it cum himself. To taste his new boyfriends sweet nectar. That was looking like it might be a possibility one day, and Dan could hardly believe that he was even entertaining the idea of it happening. Somehow the boy sitting across from him had talked Dan into crossing lines that he had sworn he wasn’t going to. It wasn’t really a matter of if Mason was mature enough, or even if Mason could understand what consent was. Dan thought that he was more than old enough and mature enough for both things, but legally that was a different matter. That was what Dan was struggling with the most, how illegal this all was. His feelings for Mason weren’t illegal just like Mason’s for his weren’t. It was acting on them that was. Even just kissing Mason was against the laws of the world. It didn’t matter if the boy knew the difference between wanting something and someone taking something from him. The laws said that they weren’t allowed to be together. Even if Dan thought those laws were wrong, which he did, it didn’t mean that he should break them. Yet looking at Mason, as the young boy smiled at him, Dan knew that he was helplessly caught here. His love for Mason was far too complex for him to stop what was happening. Worst of all, Mason’s feelings were clearly just as complex as Dan’s. Mason perhaps realizing that Dan was looking at him said, “What are you thinking about?” Dan smiled, “just how lucky I am that I know you.” The boy actually flushed just slightly. At first Dan had been worried that his own desires for Mason had somehow leaked over into the boys subconscious. Now though watching how he reacted to Dan’s words he could tell that Mason had been dealing with his own discoveries privately. He had never told Dan what he thought about when he masturbated, but Dan had a feeling that it was other boys not girls. The odds were pretty good too that he had looked at some kind of porn online as well, since the average age for boys to discover porn was right around Mason’s age in today’s world. It had been when Dan was the boys age as well, for him though it had been the printed page not the internet. Then when he got his first computer at thirteen it had been the internet. Mason said, “I’m lucky to know you too Dan.” Just as the waiter came with their food. The boys burger was bigger than the boys mouth, but Dan had no doubt that most of it would disappear as he had learned just how much the boy ate. It was clear to Dan that Mason was at the start of puberty, those first growth spurts would hit soon and he’d start getting taller. Eventually by the time he was fourteen, and probably before he entered high school Mason would be out of Dan’s usual age range of attraction. That was three years away and Dan would rather focus on the now not on the later. Maybe love would conquer desire, or maybe Mason would grow tired of their relationship first. As they ate Dan said, “So you really want to try and get on this mechanical bull they have here?” Mason nodded, “Yeah! You should try too! Its a lot of fun.” “So you’ve done it before?” A shake of his head no as he took a big bite of his burger. Dan chuckled watching the boy eat. Where it all went was beyond Dan, he could imagine that Mason’s mom thought the same thing. Dan remembered being the same age, the need for food with the bottomless pit of a stomach was a real thing for boys at that age. It seemed to all disappear as well with how high the metabolism was going as they started to grow taller and more mature. “Well I for one would love to watch you get on it.” Mason studied the mechanical bull then as he ate one of his fries the boy said, “I’ll get on it if you get on it.” Dan smiled, “Oh so you’re daring me to get on the big mechanical bull, what if I hurt myself?” Mason said, “There’s padding all around it! See!” He gestured as a young girl about his age fell off of the bull onto the mats below it giggling as she got up to run to a man who had to be her father. “You’re a coward.” He said with a smile and a smirk. Dan chuckled, “Oh I am no coward, if I were I wouldn’t be dating you…” Dan said it low enough just so Mason could hear, “You know how dangerous that is?” Mason’s cheek went scarlet as Dan said this. They stared at one another, burgers, fries, mechanical bulls all fading away into the background as the two of them locked eyes. He wanted to just lean over and kiss Mason passionately in front of all these people. The boy was beautiful and Dan was helplessly in love. “Okay, I’ll do it, I’ll get on the bull, but if I fall off and you laugh…” Mason got the implication right away, “You’ll laugh even harder when I fall off?” Dan smiled, “You bet your ass I will.” He held his hand out, Mason shook it then Dan stood up slowly looking at the bull. The things you did to impress a preteen boy that you were in love with. Dan shook his head once then approached where the guy was that handled the bull. He selected easy ride, and the moment he got situated on the thing Dan realized that this was no easy ride at all. The bull bucked him around until he finally let go and fell off of it hitting the mats on the ground with a grunt. This was definitely not a ride for adult men who rarely did this kind of stuff. As he sat up Mason sitting at their table was giggling, most definitely giggling at him! Dan rubbed his sore bottom pointing at the preteen boy then at the bull. Mason stuck his tongue out at Dan who shook his head then pointed at the bull again. The boy giggled once more but started for the line. Dan watched Mason walk. He had worn shorts and a tee-shirt today, the shirt was large on his small figure. Dan could remember growing up with parents who weren’t that well off how they had always bought him clothes that he could grow into. He imagined that Mason’s mom did the same thing. The boy’s small shoulders were barely visible in the shirt, his shorts were just a little too big, but all together with how small Mason himself was it made him look younger than his barely eleven years. Dan moved to go back to the table as Mason got up onto the bull. You could see a little nervousness in his eyes, but also determination as he gripped the horn on the saddle. Watching from the outside Dan could see what he had done wrong almost immediately. Mason’s legs held tightly onto the bull as did his hand on the saddle horn, Dan had barely held on at all figuring that an easy ride was just that. Well the bull bucked you around and though Mason held on for longer than Dan eventually it became faster until he lost his handhold and went tumbling to the mat down below. Mason came up actually laughing as he rubbed his bottom while moving out of the way for another kid to try it. Dan just sighed, he couldn’t laugh as Mason was already laughing. Back at the table Mason picked up one of his fries as he said, “That was a lot of fun.” Dan studied the boy, “You lied to me.” Mason said, “Well I had to get you up onto the bull.” He shrugged his shoulders. Dan sighed, “Mason… now I have to wonder if you’re lying about other things? Or if you’re…” He looked around the restaurant, “never mind.” Maybe he had been wrong about Mason’s maturity level. Maybe the boy was too young to understand exactly what their relationship would entail, and thus one day the boy would hate Dan even if he did have a crush on him right now. Mason softly said, “I’m sorry I lied, I just wanted to see you get on the bull and I knew you wouldn’t do it… unless it was to show me it was okay.” Dan looking at the boy could see how sorry he was as he said, “Why did you want me to get on it so bad?” Mason smiled in triumph, “So I could do this!” He held up his phone and showed Dan the video he had taken of Dan falling on his ass, a video that Mason had posted on his Tiktok account with a description that said: Uncle Dan takes a nasty fall. Dan studied the video, “Uncle Dan?” Mason shrugged, “No one can really see your face or anything, and the only person that knows who you are really is River.” Dan nodded, “And if that gets more views than anything else you’ve ever posted on Tiktok?” Mason smiled, “Then we’ll have to come back and you’ll have to do it again.” Dan chuckled, “Deal.” Now he got what Mason had been trying to do, while he shouldn’t have lied about it Dan could see the funny part of it. Dan took the last of Mason’s fries as he said, “well come on nephew lets get you home before the sun goes down so we can set that new computer up.” As they started to walk for the car Mason said, “You know I Don’t really think you’re my uncle right?” Dan found the young boys hand gently squeezing it, “I know you don’t Mason. I just hope that ten years from now when you look back on all of this you don’t do it with any regrets.” Mason’s fingers squeezed back his own, “I won’t unless you refuse to get on that bull again in a few weeks.” Dan just shook his head, for some reason he had a feeling that Mason wouldn’t regret anything that happened between them even after they ended. Dan knew the odds were that they would. The truth was that eventually Mason would want to try dating boys his own age, probably when he hit high school. Or maybe Dan’s waning interest in him physically would send Mason looking for something else? His love for Mason would never go, just as he felt Masons love wouldn’t either. That didn’t mean that it wouldn’t change as the young boy grew older. Love was complex and complicated. There was no way to tell where things would land in a year or five from now. All that Dan and Mason could do was see where things went now… * Mason sat in the car next to Dan while they drove back to his house. It was a strange kind of quiet, he felt bad for lying to Dan about not having ridden the bull before. Yet also it had led to one of the funniest things that he had ever seen Dan do. He hadn’t even lasted a minute on the bull before he was flying off of it. Mason as they drove said, “I really am sorry I lied Dan.” It felt like the right thing to do, to apologize to Dan. After all he was going to be Dan’s boyfriend and that meant that he had to show he was mature enough to be a boyfriend to an adult right? This was all still really strange to Mason. Dan said, “Its okay Mason, lets just try to keep it to a minimum huh? I mean we’re both kind of already… well… we’re going to be lying to a lot of people if you really want to explore what this is between us.” Mason had been thinking that same thing as well. He loved that Dan had the same feelings for him. The thoughts of Dan touching him, making him feel good were exciting. It wasn’t like when one of those creepy guys online had tried to hit on him or make him do strange dares. Dan actually cared a lot about him, probably as much as his mom did but in a different way. These were new feelings for Mason, he was just eleven after all, and had never even had the thought of having a boyfriend until he met Dan. Thoughts of being River’s boyfriend had entered his mind before as well, but well, River wasn’t Dan. Those were more like replacement thoughts. River was like a second option if the boy ever was single. The third option was Neil a boy in his fifth grade that Mason thought was pretty cute. If he could have the first option though why would he want to have the other two. Mason looking over at Dan said, “I do, more than I’ve ever wanted anything else… its just these feelings Dan they’re um…” Dan looked at him, “Confusing? New and strange?” Mason gave a small nod, “Yeah what you’re feeling Mason is what a lot of people call young love, or first love. Its the first time you’ve fallen in love with someone so its strange to think about. Your basically trusting me to guide you through this since I’m the adult, but Mason… I haven’t had these kinds of feelings as an adult… and I don’t know if what we’re having are the same type of feelings, just that we both love each other.” As he pulled into the house driveway Dan turned to look at him, “So I’ll make a deal with you, if anything we do is uncomfortable for you then you tell me and we stop. If we’re going to fast you tell me and we slow down. I’m the adult so I’ll make sure that we’re safe, and that you’re taken care of. You’re the kid so you need to speak up if something is uncomfortable to you. We go at your pace, not mine.” Mason flushed thinking about all the things that he wanted to try with Dan. He pulled out his phone as he pulled up something and said, “s-so one day w-we could um.. maybe try this?” He showed Dan his favorite piece of artwork of the older teen and younger preteen. The older teenager was pushing into the preteen’s bottom while stroking his small penis. Dan closed the phone screen handing it back to Dan, “Fuck Mason where did you get that?” Mason shrugged, “The internet. River showed me a really cool place with all kinds of stuff like that. I um even saw some real porn once, two guys your age doing stuff… one looked younger, but he was clearly an adult… it wasn’t as… interesting as this.” Mason indicated his phone. Dan chuckled and sighed, “I forgot for a moment how easy it was to find porn online even for kids. Search boobs and they’re everywhere, search penis and there they are…” He looked over at Mason once and the boy felt his cheeks flush as Dan softly touched his cheek, “Yes Mason when you’re ready we will try that, although it might be difficult once things return to normal out here. I was thinking that I might just move out here for a little while… make sure that your mom doesn’t need any help after she gets out of the hospital.” Mason liked that idea a lot, “Could you just do that? I mean what about your job?” Dan shrugged, “They have people working remotely, even a couple here in this city. I could still do it here too… and,” he looked at Mason again, “I don’t want to be too far away from you even after your mom is out of the hospital. You’re the most important person in my life Mason. I don’t know how it happened, but it did.” Mason felt his face flush as he said, “I l-love you too Dan.” Dan smiled then slipped out of the car with him. As they walked to the trunk of the car Mason shifted his jeans slightly. Showing Dan the naughty picture of what he wanted Dan to do him eventually, and for him to do to Dan as well had excited him. More than that he remembered that Dan had said they could practice kissing and that was far more important to Mason than the other stuff. At least for right now, as it was all new to Mason. He knew Dan was right they didn’t have to rush through things. They got the computer and monitor out taking it into the house, then back into his bedroom. In the bedroom Dan started to undo the box that the computer came in. He started setting the tower up next to his own underneath the desk to the side of it. Mason put the monitor up on the table next to Dan’s own monitor. They were roughly the same size. Dan asked him to hand him a cable and then told him to plug the computer in next to the other one on the power strip. As it started to power up Mason sat down on his gaming chair looking at the screen. Dan said, “Its got a few hours to install the updates if there’s anything else you want to do.” Mason looked up at Dan who was resting his hands on top of the gaming chair watching the computer. Mason felt his penis start to rise again as his thoughts went to what it would be like to actually kiss Dan more than he had yesterday. “Um some more kissing?” Dan chuckled, “Sure, we could do that if you want to.” Mason stood up again his eyes meeting Dan. Dan was roughly a foot and a half taller than Mason who was just a little over four and a half feet tall. His face came to about the bottom of Dan’s chest honestly. Mason had always hated being the smallest kid in his fifth grade, but now with Dan being small didn’t’ seem to bad. The thought that Dan could pull him into his arms and cuddle him, or how they sat on the couch together all of that felt so right. Mason knew one day he’d grow up, but for now.. well for now he could be smaller and happy about it because he knew that Dan liked that he was. Dan’s eyes met his as they stood there looking at one another. When Dan’s hand reached out to touch his cheek Mason felt his heart start to race. Dan moved his hand down to Mason’s arm finding his hand as he did Mason said, “My heart’s beating really fast now.” He put Dan’s hand on his chest, the adult smiled as he took Mason’s other hand putting it on his own chest. Dan’s heart was beating at least as fast as Mason’s. Then Dan led him over to the bunk beds where he sat down on the edge of the bottom bunk. Mason got the message when Dan pulled him to him, the boy moved up onto the bottom bunk with Dan sitting on his lap facing him. Like this they were eye level, though both of their heads were just below the top bunk. Dan’s hand stroked his cheek, “First you start off with something gentle. Like this.” When he leaned over Mason felt like he was getting lost in Dan’s brown eyes as they got closer to him. Dan’s lips were larger than his own, but Mason knew from looking at himself in the mirror that his own lips were fuller than Dan’s. When they made contact he could feel Dan’s lips lightly touching his. Mason rested his hands on Dan’s shoulders as he leaned more into the kiss turning his head sideways slightly. At first it was just simple, their lips meeting, lightly touching with pecking sounds as Mason adjusted to the feeling of Dan’s lips on his own. The butterflies in his stomach had started to filter around the rest of his body, his penis growing while the kissing began to become more. “H-how do we you know.. with the tongues.” Dan with his eyes inches from Mason’s own said, “Patience young padawan patience.” Mason giggled at the Star Was reference. “Here, lets try a longer kiss first.” This time when Dan’s lips met his own Mason felt the older man’s hand go to the back of his head softly holding him there as he leaned in more for the kiss. Dan definitely knew how to kiss, his lips kept applying more pressure as his hand stroked down Mason’s back. Mason felt a shiver slide up his spine when Dan broke their kiss and softly whispered, “Now when you feel my tongue just go with it, let your tongue out to touch mine. At first it’ll feel weird, but I promise you once we start getting into it you’ll want to keep doing it.” Mason flushed with excitement as he said, “O-okay.” Dan leaned over again, this time as his lips softy made contact with Mason’s the young boy twisted his head sideways slightly liking how it felt to actually touch lips with Dan like this. When Dan’s tongue touched his lips Mason hesitated, almost forgetting what Dan had told him. He parted his lip slightly, his heart pounding as his smaller tongue made contact with Dan’s. It was like a firework show going off inside of him when their tongues touched, he could feel Dan’s hand on his head now holding him as he turned it sideways. While their tongues started to play with one another Mason put his hands on Dan’s shoulders, he felt like he wanted to lay down on top of Dan while they kissed, so he pushed. Dan got the message letting them fall back onto the bed with Mason on top of Dan. When Dan’s tongue pushed into his mouth Mason felt a strange shiver of pleasure slip up through his whole body. He let out a long breath. The feeling was so incredible that it made him press more to Dan. Mason could feel Dan’s hands on his back stroking him as their lips continued to play with one another. The young boy never wanted the feelings that their kissing was producing to end. * Dan at first wasn’t sure if he should even be doing this. Yes he had given in, yes he knew that Mason wanted it, but a part of Dan was still terrified that he was going to mess Mason’s life up forever. Kids should learn with other kids after all wasn’t that the way it should be? Yet Dan was helpless to not give in, his feelings for Mason were that powerful. Now though as their kissing continued he could feel Masons urgency and desire for more. The boy pushed him down onto the bed, his tongue now actually pushing into Dan’s mouth eagerly. Mason was a pretty fast learner when it came to kissing, he was already catching on how to twist your tongue with the other persons. He could taste their lunch on Mason’s tongue still. The boy pressed to him as Dan ran a hand down his back, the other one sliding up to run through Mason’s hair. A small moan escaped the boys lips as he pressed to Dan while their tongues met in the space between them. With that Dan felt something on his stomach that he hadn’t thought he’d feel. Dan was already erect, the first moment that Mason had sat on his lap he had started to rise. The moment that the kissing had started he had been fully hard. Yet he hadn’t known until this very moment that Mason had an erection too. Dan could feel it pressing to the lower part of his stomach while they kissed. Just like he could feel Mason’s legs on either side of his waist as they lay back on the bunk bed. The boys tongue pressed to his as he pushed his middle to Dan’s stomach. He couldn’t tell the exact size, but Dan could feel the boys stiff penis for sure. It was small but clearly fully hard as Mason pressed it to Dan’s stomach while kissing him. Dan stroked a hand through Mason’s hair as the boy pressed to Dan’s stomach again. He could tell that Mason was doing a gentle dry humping motion, that was what finally made Dan rest a hand on Mason’s cheek and gently pull him back from their kiss. “Whoa there kiddo, lets slow down a little huh?” The boys cheeks were flushed red, his green eyes sparkling with what Dan knew was desire. The fifth grader was clearly deeply turned on by what they were doing. He looked disappointed that Dan had stopped their little exploration of one another mouths. A little breathless Mason said, “S-sorry..” Dan stroked his cheek, “Nothing to be sorry about Mason its… you’re a little excited…” When Mason got what he meant the boy flushed deeply pressing slightly to Dan’s stomach again. “S-sorry…” he slipped off of Dan. The loss was sudden and a little disappointing. Dan had loved having the young boy on top of him, loved every moment of their bodies this close to one another. Yet he also knew that Mason didn’t need this to be a rush job. They had to take things at his pace, but also not let him get too carried away as kid sometimes did. Dan put his arm around Mason’s shoulders as he said, “Nothing to be sorry about kiddo, there’s just no reason for us to rush through things. The fact that you liked me touching you makes me feel wonderful too. You’re not the only one with an erection.” Mason flushed leaning his head more onto Dan’s shoulders, “D-do you want to see it?” Dan chuckled, “Eventually Mason, when it occurs naturally. Lets just be boyfriends for now, we don’t have to rush to all the sex stuff. Lets spend some time kissing and getting closer to each other before we figure out where we go from here okay?” Mason agreed, “Yeah… can we um watch a movie tonight and cuddle again like last night?” Dan kissed his temple, “Of course we can, right now though we need to finish setting up your new computer.” They both got up, forgetting about the sex stuff and the whole new boyfriend dynamic for awhile. Pretty soon Mason was testing out the new machine with a few games, talking with River about the new rig he had gotten and then playing some Fortnite. Dan worked on some of his own stuff, then around seven they ate dinner before sitting on the couch to watch a movie. As they were watching the movie Dan pulled Mason into his side, the boy resting against him his hand on Dan’s stomach as they watched the movie. When the movie ended Mason was half awake, Dan gently kissed his head as he said, “Come on kiddo bed time. Tomorrow we’ll go see your mom then we’ll put your new computer through a stream test…” Mason walked with Dan halfway to their bedrooms. As he got into his bed Dan leaned down and gently kissed the boys lips once more. Mason as he held Dan’s head with both of his hands pushed his tongue into Dan’s mouth once more then said, “I love you Dan!” Dan kissed his forehead then his lips again, “I love you too Mason.” There was nothing sweeter than a preteen boy as far as Dan was concerned, and no other preteen boy was as sweet as Mason. Chapter 10 Mason deiced pretty quickly as he stepped off of the elevator on the floor that his mom was staying on that he didn’t like hospitals at all. He wasn’t sure if it was the smells or the fact that almost everyone in here was sick or dying. He held Dan’s hand reassuringly as they walked down the hallway following a nurse that was leading them to his mom’s hospital room. The hospital still had a lot of rules in place because of the pandemic, the biggest was that Mason and Dan had to wear masks and gloves which felt really strange to Mason. He only had to wear the mask at school and even that was kind of mostly gone by now. The other rule was that they only had a short amount of time to visit his mom whereas before he could have stayed all day long if he wanted to. Thankfully his mom only had one thing hooked up to her at the moment as the operation was later this evening. Mason went over to hug her gently as Dan took a seat in one of the chairs, “Are you listening to Dan like you would me?” Mason felt his cheeks flush as his thoughts went to last night and the moment on the couch with Dan. He wanted to tell his mom that Dan was his boyfriend, but Mason knew that wasn’t something you were allowed to say as a boy of eleven. If it had been another boy around his age he could have said it, but Dan was an adult, and Mason was only eleven. Yet he knew that he was Dan’s boyfriend now, knew that he wanted to be as well. “Yes Mom I am. We watched movies yesterday and we’re going to do some streaming… oh and Dan got me a birthday gift. A new computer!” His mom looked over at Dan who just said, “It was nothing. I know he’s going to need it for school, and all the other stuff he does for the stream. This way in the future he can even stream without me.” Mason could see the worry in his moms eyes, “You shouldn’t have done that Dan… its not your job I don’t want you to over extend your own finances…” Dan gently patted Mason’s back as he stood up to say, “It didn’t hurt my finances at all really Erin. Let me help you guys out a little bit. I don’t have much family and I felt like spending a little of my savings on a friend.” He squeezed Mason’s shoulder once, “I’m going to get a drink, let the two of you talk for a little bit then I’ll come back.” Mason could see his mom’s eyes linger on Dan for a moment. After he left the room his mom said, “Did you at least thank Dan for getting you a new computer?” Mason nodded as he said, “Yeah.” He again felt his cheeks heat thankful for the mask that hid them as his thought was that he had thanked Dan quite a lot with the kisses that he had given him. “He’s right though I did need the new computer and its really cool too. I’ll show you all about it when you come home!” She smiled and patted his cheek, kars escort “I know you will sweetie.” Mason sat on the edge of his mom’s bed as he took her hand and said, “When do I get to see you again after the operation?” “Two days, you and Dan can come back up on Wednesday to see me again. Then as long as there’s no lock down again you can come see me every day after school if you want to though sometimes I might be doing therapy workouts.” Mason shrugged his shoulders, “I’ll help if you want me to mom. I like being with Dan, but it feel strange not having you in the house.” His mom reached out taking his hand before squeezing it. “I know it does sweetie but I’ll be home soon enough.” A few minutes later Dan returned with a drink for Mason too as the nurse came to herd them out of the room as visiting hours were over. Mason didn’t want to leave his mom, yes he wanted to spend more time with Dan, but he felt really bad about leaving his mom all alone in the hospital to go through the things she was going through. It felt wrong honestly that there was no one there to be with her even when she assured him that she wouldn’t want him to stay with her during all of it anyway. As they road the elevator down to the first floor Mason told Dan how he felt, “I don’t feel right about leaving my mom all alone in the hospital day after day…” Dan rested a hand on his shoulder gently squeezing it. “I know you don’t Mason, you care a lot about your mom and she taught you how to care about others. I will tell you that she was a very independent woman before having you. She knows how to handle a few days on her own. I think that having you to come home to will drive her to get better faster too.” Mason reached out taking Dan’s hand again as he said, “That’s true and I’ll help her lots when she gets home as well.” “Of course you will.” The elevator opened letting the two of them out onto the bottom floor. They walked through the hospital out the front doors to the parking lot as Dan said, “You ready to try out that new beast of a machine?” Mason agreed with a nod. He was excited about all the things the new computer would be able to do. The drive back to his house felt so long because of it too even with Dan’s company. They did stop at Whataburger to grab lunch as Mason insisted that Dan should try it since they didn’t have it back in Atlanta. At the house they took their burgers into Mason’s bedroom where they ate while he and Dan worked on downloading the software Mason would need for his computer. Dan didn’t do it for him, he just directed Mason on where to go to download the software and the drivers that were needed to run it as well. Mason got it right away why Dan was doing it that way. He was teaching Mason how to do things, not showing him how to do them. When the computer was finally downloading all of the drivers and programs needed for him to set up his own streaming sessions Dan went to throw away their food. Mason wasn’t sure why, but when Dan came back into the room and took his seat again the young boy felt an urge to kiss Dan. In all honestly other than when visiting with his mom Mason had felt the urge to kiss Dan more than once today. It was just that other things kept happening. Or they were public and Mason knew that he wasn’t allowed to kiss Dan in public because of their age difference. So now in private Mason moved to sit on Dan’s lap facing him on the smaller chair as the adult man said, “What are you doing huh kiddo I’m no Santa you know…” Mason felt his cheeks flush as he responded, “I um.. wanted to kiss again.” Dan chuckled, “Oh did you now?” Mason bit his bottom lip not even aware that he had done it when Dan reached out and stroked his cheek. The way that Dan touched him felt so different than the way that his mom did. He was touching the same spots, stroking his cheek in a similar way even. Where his mom made him feel loved and cared for, Dan’s touch imparted the same feelings, but it also ignited something else in the young boy. First off it made his heart beat twice as fast, then as his green eyes met Dan’s it also made his penis start to rise in his shorts. The eleven-year-old realized that while he was attracted to Dan physically, it went beyond just how Dan treated him. Softly Mason said, “I really do want to…” Dan just leaned over and kissed him then. The feeling of the larger man’s lips pressing to his sent shivers up Mason’s spine. He could feel Dan’s desire for him in the kiss, how it mirrored his own. When he pushed his tongue out Dan didn’t tell him to slow down or stop, he just joined him. Their tongues slowly tangling together to play again. He rested his hands on Dan’s shoulders as he leaned in more for the kiss. In the preteen boy’s underwear his erection was pressed at the material in a way that Mason was finding it hard to deny. He was pretty sure he had his answers about what he liked now as he felt Dan’s hand stroking his back. Mason got bolder as the kiss began to heat up. The young boy rested his hand on Dan’s chest first feeling how fast the older man’s heart was beating as their tongues danced. He could feel Dan’s larger hands stroking up and down his back softy. Mason let their tongues continue as he moved his hand lower, he had to know something. In the back of his mind he knew he should ask permission, but he was afraid that Dan would say no, that he would always say no till Mason was older. He knew he could wait till he was older, but he also understood Dan now. He knew Dan wanted to be with him now, not a year from now, not two. A part of Mason wanted it as well, it was all so new to him so interesting. He wanted to discover these feelings with someone that cared about him, not with some random boy that he met in his middle school in the fall. So he moved his hand down lower, seeking and finding what he wanted. His hand pressed to Dan’s middle right between the two of them, and for the first time in his young life Mason felt another boys penis. It was through two layers of clothes, but it was there. He could feel the shape of Dan’s erection, how it strained in his jeans and underwear as Mason’s hand pressed to it. That was when Dan pulled back from their kiss, both the boy and man breathing heavily. Mason looked down between them at where where his hand rested. Softly as he squeezed, “Its bigger than mine.” Dan chuckled putting his hand on Mason’s moving it away from his erection, “Yes well I am older and eventually when you go through puberty yours will get bigger too.” Mason bit his bottom lip after he said, “You can touch mine too i-if you want.” Dan stroked his cheek, “Mason…. I don’t think going beyond kissing is a good idea.” Mason slowly slipped off of his lap as he said, “I thought it was what boyfriends did.” Dan took his hand surprising Mason as he pulled him back down on his lap this time though resting sideways. “There’s nothing to rush through Mason. You’re young and exploring things for the first time. I don’t want you to rush into sex just because your boyfriend is an adult who knows all about it. That’s actually the benefit of having me as a boyfriend I know when you’re going too fast and I can slow you down.” Mason sighed resting his head on Dan’s shoulder as he said, “But I might be too old for you to keep dating eventually…” Dan kissed the top of his head, “Listen Mason… I’d be a pretty shallow person if all I cared about was your body. Those creepy guys online that tired to hit on you and make you get naked for them remember?” He nodded, “They only wanted one thing, to have sex with you, and it would end with you hurt and alone regretting every moment of it. I don’t want to have sex with you.” Mason turned his head up to look at Dan in the eyes, “Y-you don’t? But I thought…” Dan put a finger to his lips, then gently stroked his cheek, “I want to love you Mason, and if that means waiting till you’re older than I’ll do that. We’re not on my timetable we’re on yours. Right now all of this is brand new to you. It’d be really selfish of me to just push you towards things that I wanted, or that you think you want because its all new and exciting.” Mason had to try and work through what Dan was getting at. “B-but how will I know when I’m ready to do more… and don’t say when you’re sixteen or eighteen you’ll know. That’s not a real answer.” Dan smiled and chuckled, “Kiddo you’re too smart for me…” Mason flushed at the compliment. “You know when you know Mason. Right now when you touched me what did you want to do beyond that? What did you feel like you were ready for?” A part of Mason wanted to tell Dan that he was ready for all of it, but in reality deep inside Mason knew the answers because it was his body and mind that carried them not Dan’s or anyone else. “M-more kissing I think… I just wanted to know what it felt like. I guess I wanted to know if you really did get them like I did. I don’t think I’m ready for more than just maybe seeing or maybe some touching but not right away… like I don’t want to right now I guess… maybe I’m confused.” Dan smiled, “Then that’s the answer, see we wait till you’re not confused and you’re certain what you want. I’m not going to tell you that we wait till you’re legal. I just…” he paused his eyes resting on Mason’s again, “I don’t want you to look back on us Mason and regret that I did things with you that you weren’t ready for. I want to do all the things that you’ve seen in pictures with you. All the things that you have probably thought about doing.” Mason flushed again, “I do too.” “But I want to to them on your timetable not mine. The worst thing I could do Mason would be to take you to your bunk bed right now and undress you and do that thing you showed me in that picture. Sure you’d probably like parts of it a lot, but I don’t think this part of you is ready for more than what we’ve done so far.” He rested a hand on Mason’s temple for a second, “and I hate that if we do go any further you’ll have to live with the secret of it for your entire life because of how this world views our relationship.” Mason slipped from his lap then as he went back to his own chair, “I don’t.” “You don’t?” Mason twisted in the chair, their talk had actually calmed his excitement down even letting his penis go back to normal in his underwear, “Nope, I…” he admitted to something he had thought about during the car ride back to the house. “I kind of like that its this secret I’ll have forever. The only person I’d ever want to talk about it with besides you anyways is my mom, but even if I have to keep it from her I’d be okay with it.” Before Dan could say something he admitted the rest of it, “You take care of me Dan, protect me, love me. Its not for anyone else to know what we do in private.” Dan chuckled as he stood up, “You sure you’re only eleven?” Mason grabbed his headphones, “Yeah my birthday was in February remember?” Dan sighed, “I just meant you don’t sound like an eleven year old.” Mason put the headphones on his ears, “I feel like I’m eleven… can we see if the computer works?” Dan ruffled his hair, “Yeah let me get a drink and well test it out…” “Can I have a soda?” “Now you sound like an eleven year old.” Mason stuck his tongue out at him which made Dan laugh as well. For now Mason was fine letting the serious sex stuff go to the side. He wanted to do more than just kiss, but he wasn’t in a rush to do it anymore. He figured that he’d let it happen naturally though he had no idea what that meant. He figured that he’d know somehow by instinct when he was ready to try more than kissing and that was when he’d let Dan know as well. Then he just hoped that Dan let them explore beyond simple kisses. Mason had a feeling he’d have to prove to Dan he was ready for it, the question now was how? * Dan was relieved when the next few days went by without a mention from Mason to do more than some light kissing. The boy didn’t even go to the extreme of last time and tried to touch his penis which Dan was grateful for. The relationship had definitely gone to new grounds but the last thing that Dan needed was them stepping too far into grounds that Mason would later regret. He was fine letting the boy explore their relationship at his own pace, though he had no idea how Mason was going to perceive things. He knew that tests were coming, that the boy would test their boundaries again eventually. Right now though Dan also figured that Mason was anxious about his mom. They had given the okay that Dan and Mason could visit her tomorrow for an hour or so. Over the phone when she talked to both him and Mason she seemed of high spirits. They doctors were saying that she would probably get to come home in three weeks instead of four based on how she was already coping as well which was good news. Dan was working on a few things for his job, he had made all the calls he was required to for the day, but he needed to fill out the logs for that day as well when he heard Mason coming into his bedroom. Dan turned to the boy taking him in, he wore a tee-shirt with Minecraft on it and a pair of shorts showing that it was the end of spring and clearly getting closer to summer. Dan smiled as he said, “Tough day at school?” Mason sighed laying down on his bottom bunk as he kicked off his sneakers and said, “We had to run two miles in PE today… I still hurt.” Dan turned from the desk looking over at the boy. His desire was just there buried beneath the surface like it always was. He knew that he was in love with Mason. That it was more than just a simple sexual desire now as he took in the exhausted boy on the bottom bunk. He ignored his desires as he got up going over to the bed, “Well I think I might know something to cure those aches and pains.” Mason said, “Does it involve water and a bottle of aspirin?” Dan chuckled before he sat down on the bed at the end where Mason’s feet were. The boy eyed him as he picked one of them up then removed the sock. He started to pull it away clearly suspecting that Dan was about to tickle his foot when Dan said, “Trust me.” Mason still kept his eyes on him as Dan removed the other sock then he began to massage Mason’s foot. Feeling the boys small foot in his hand did send a sensation up Dan’s body, and he could feel where his blood was rushing though he was trying his best to remind himself that Mason was just a boy of eleven. He wasn’t going to push through things or rush any of this. As he started to massage the second foot Mason said, “You know its also my legs and arms that hurt, oh and my back…” Dan chuckled softly, the boy’s eyes meeting his own, with a flush filling his cheeks. He should stop now Dan realized, this was going into that territory that was beyond simple kisses. Yet, looking into Mason’s green eyes Dan felt helpless to stop. It was clear Mason was enjoying the attention. He gently started by massaging one of Mason’s calves. The boy had no hair here just like Dan was pretty sure he had no hair anywhere else on his young body, well other than his head. He loved the feeling of Mason’s firm leg under his fingers as he massaged it. When Mason shifted on the bed Dan saw a small bulge in the boys shorts and knew exactly what it was. He ignored it though the reaction in his own was impossible to ignore. Knowing that Mason was feeling good from this made Dan feel good too. He picked up the boys second leg and began to massage that calf as well. Mason’s eyes were closed as Dan moved his hand up more on the boys thigh massaging it through the shorts. The material of Mason’s shorts did make it difficult for Dan to massage his thigh but he wasn’t about to ask the boy to remove his shorts that was one line too many. The shorts were pretty loose so instead of having him remove them Dan ran his hand underneath the shorts to rub the boys upper thigh just up to about the middle of it. His skin was so soft and warm, Dan had never touched a boy this age in such an intimate manner. The feeling of his preteen skin would never leave Dan’s memories. When his hand brushed against the boys briefs while rubbing the upper thigh he could tell that he was reaching towards dangerous territory. He pulled his hand back, sliding it out of the shorts as he realized that Mason’s lips were parted slightly. Dan moved to slip off of the bed as Mason said, “I wish you wouldn’t stop,” as he opened his green eyes partly. “I probably should… its affecting you.” It was affecting him to Dan knew it, but he also knew his limits. He was an adult in this situation, and had to stop things from going forward no matter how much he wanted them to. Mason changed tactics to get what he wanted, “Could you do my back?” He shifted on the bed laying on his stomach only after he pulled his shirt up and off. Dan wondered if the boy was trying to entice him? There wasn’t really any way that he was, Mason was just a kid after all and had never seduced someone before. He stared at the boys perfect back, there were a few freckles here and there on it, but nothing really broke up the perfect smooth skin. As he rested his hands on Masons’ back he was reminded just how much smaller the eleven year old was compared to him. He began to massage the boys shoulders first gently applying pressure before he started going down lower, applying it to Mason’s upper back as he leaned over the boy on the bed. He went down lower on the boys back, reaching the lower part of the back just above the shorts after a few minutes. Dan could feel himself getting lost in the feeling of Mason’s skin under his fingers, the warmth and softness of his prepubescent skin. The sounds of Mason’s breathing relaxing fully as he was clearly enjoying the sensations Dan’s touch was producing. The loose shorts hid the boys small but very round bottom almost perfectly. Dan realized he wanted to see it in just the boys briefs, but he wasn’t about to ask him to remove them. As he finished with the back he slowly sat up on the bunk bed his head brushing the top bunk as he said, “I think I’m done..” Mason moved off of the bed a second later. Dan was about to get up as well when Mason moved instead to sit on his lap facing him. For a moment Dan wanted to tell Mason to get off, that this had to stop, but when the boys eyes met his there was this look in them that Dan had only fantasied that he would ever see. He reached out and touched Mason’s cheek as the boy said, “I wish you’d touch me more… I want you to touch me more.” Dan swallowed and said, “Mason… we talked about this…” Mason took Dan’s hand on his cheek and put it down between them on Mason’s shorts, “Please Dan, I won’t ever ask for anything ever again if you just touch me… it was starting to feel so good then you stopped…” Dan studied the boys face, the flushed look was one that Dan knew really well. There was excitement mixed with the desire in Mason’s eyes and Dan was helplessly drawn by it. He leaned over kissing Mason. At first it was just a light simple kiss, but then the hunger behind it became obvious. Dan let the boy take charge, he liked that Mason wanted to show his desire. When the boy smaller tongue pushed into his mouth Dan put a hand on Mason’s back, stroking it while he let the boy lean into him more for the kiss. Dan only pulled back when Mason was breathless as he said, “There’s no need to rush Mason.” The boy was flushed as he said, “W-will you?” Dan stroked his cheek, “Okay, just no further than the massage though… here stand up for me.” Mason stood his face still flushed, his eyes still filled with both trust and desire for Dan. Dan put his hands on Mason’s waist as he said, “The main reason why I stopped was its hard to give a massage of the legs with shorts on… so before you lay back down lets take them off.” His eyes met Mason’s, “If you’re okay with that.” Mason flushed, “Yeah.” The boy even went to undo the button on his shorts but Dan said, “Let me.” Mason moved his hand away as Dan reached out and undid the button on the shorts, then the zipper. In his own pants the man could feel his penis growing to full size with his desires. As he slowly pulled the zipper down the shorts loosened up even more falling off of Mason’s flat hips. The shorts were just a little too big for the boy and without the button and zipper up they wanted to fall down. He wore briefs underneath them Dan noticed, dark blue, and inside he could see the bulge that was the boys penis. Dan felt his sudden desire to go beyond just looking. It was clear that Mason had an erection, probably close to four inches which was a little bit for a boy his age. Dan could feel his desire to have all four inches in his mouth. He wanted it, was turned on by the thoughts of having it be his. So why not just pull down the boys briefs, and take what Dan wanted and the boy wanted as well? Dan pushed the thought back in his mind, he wasn’t going to rush though what would define Mason’s future relationships. He wasn’t going to take, if this was going to happen it would be on Mason’s own timetable not Dan’s. He felt right about it that way, if in ten years Mason regretted all of this then Dan would live with that as he let it happen. Yet the young man knew that he was weak, he wanted and loved Mason so much that he couldn’t say no to going further if the boy wanted to push those boundaries. They were clearly both feeling the same things. His eyes roamed over all of Mason’s mostly naked body now. The eleven year old boy was flushing, his one hand rested in front of the briefs to hid how his erection strained in the small bit of cotton underwear. Dan said softly, “You’re a very good looking boy Mason…” he wanted to say beautiful, but he wasn’t sure how Mason would feel about that word, lots of boys even ones that might be gay didn’t want to be called beautiful. Yet to Dan he was the most stunningly beautiful boy. He wasn’t perfect, but to Dan’s eyes he was. “Here lay down on the bed again.” Mason with a flush on his cheeks moved to lay down on the bed as Dan moved to sit at the bottom of it by the boys feet again. He could see the little bulb that was the boys ball sack at the bottom of his briefs with how he lay on his back. The boy still had his hand resting on his erection, with a flush on his cheeks. “Here rest your hand at your side and tell me if this is uncomfortable.” Dan decided to not mention the boner, instead he rested his hands on the sides of the boys stomach after Mason removed his hand from his briefs. The bulge was obvious, it probably would have rested flat and straight up at the boys chin if it was out of the underwear. Dan was pretty sure it was glorious looking, but he’d wait till Mason was ready before seeing it. He stroked and rubbed the boys chest and stomach with his hands as he worked lower Dan saw that Mason had closed his eyes in a very trusting way. He skipped the middle area that was enclosed in the briefs, moving back down the boys legs again. His thighs were skinny without much meat on them, but they felt very nice under his hands as he applied pressure and rubbed first the upper parts of his thighs then he spread the boys legs slightly so that he could rub the inner sides. When his fingers brushed against the briefs Dan saw a slight bit of movement in them, but again he ignored it. He finally finished as he sat back on his own legs looking down at Mason. He was shocked to realize that the boy had fallen asleep. He must have really been worn out from school. Dan grabbed a blanket from the boys bed and put it over him before walking from the room after kissing his forehead once. He was in so deep now, it wasn’t even about the thoughts of doing something inappropriate anymore. Not having Mason in his life seemed impossible now, the boy meant that much to him. He sat down on the couch letting his desires calm, letting his penis slowly go back to normal though he desired to go back into that room and cuddle with Mason. He didn’t want to invade the boys private spaces yet, he needed to let Mason decide he was ready for more naturally. Not force the issues because of his own selfish adult desires. All of this was new to the young boy, he needed to be free to explore it on his own terms. * Mason woke up as the sun was starting to set, he felt the warmth of a blanket over him as he slowly sat up on his bed. The memories of how good it had felt having Dan touch him came flooding back now. Like most boys that were just starting to become aware of sex, and all of the things about it just thinking of it would make him start to rise again. He could feel his penis go from soft to fully erect in a matter of seconds as he thought about how good it had felt. Dan hadn’t touched him in the place that Mason most wanted him to, but a part of the boy was actually grateful that he hadn’t. Mainly because deep inside he was pretty sure Dan was right, he needed more time to figure out these new strong feelings. As strange as it was he felt better about the thoughts of kissing Dan and maybe seeing Dan over the thoughts of Dan seeing him, though a part of Mason understood that Dan really did want to see him and found boys his age attractive. He pulled on his pajama pants after running a hand through his hair then stumbled out into the living room. It was five in the afternoon so he had only slept for about an hour, but he didn’t feel like putting a shirt on. Dan was sitting on the couch watching a movie that Mason knew he had seen before but couldn’t remember the name of it. When he walked into the living room Dan said, “He lives!” Mason flushed as he sat down on the couch next to Dan who moved to put his arm around his shoulders, “Mom would have made me wake up if she found me asleep on my bed at five.” Dan as he rested his head on the mans shoulder said, “Well I thought you looked too exhausted to wake up. So how are you feeling?” Mason shrugged, “Better… mostly.” He moved then to sit on Dan’s lap facing him again, “I was thinking that we could we try kissing again like the other day?” Dan smiled, “You really like that huh?” Mason nodded, he really did like kissing especially with Dan as it felt both right, and also thrilling. He was doing something that other boys didn’t get to do at his age. Yeah other boys got to kiss boys or girls their own age, but an adult man? No way, and Mason got to. Best of all he knew that if it was too much and he pulled away Dan would stop and never force him to go further. Dan had put Mason in charge of how things went, well not really in charge, he was still the adult in their relationship. Which meant he might stop what they were doing if he felt Mason couldn’t handle it that, was what he had said. Still Mason knew that if wanted to kiss Dan that Dan would let him. So he leaned in and brought his lips to Dan’s again. Dan tasted like a mint, and he realized that he probably tasted like his lunch from earlier int eh day, but if Dan minded he didn’t say so. When their tongues touched again eh felt Dan’s hand go through his hair. Mason leaned in more on Dan’s lap resting his one hand on the mans chest as their tongues began to play with one another. He started to slide his hand down lower, When he reached the middle of Dan’s stomach the man pulled back from their kiss and said, “What are you doing Mason?” Mason flushed, “I…I… I’m not ready for you to uh see me… b-but I want to see you.” He could see the working in Dan’s mind on rather or not he was going to allow it. “Its not like I haven’t seen what they look like…” He looked down, “I mean I have one of my own…” Dan chuckled then followed it with a sigh, “Mason… were you born to test my resolve?” Mason’s eyes went back up to Dan’s, “Um I was born to be your boyfriend….” There he’d said it, he wanted to be Dan’s boyfriend for real, forever too if he could. He knew all the stuff that Dan had said, but he still had this dream of them somehow ending up together. Of course Mason was new to all of this stuff, he had never been in love before, just like he had never had sex before. “So can I?” He looked back up at Dan. He knew the reasons why Dan shouldn’t show him, all the legal stuff but Mason also knew himself. He’d never tell anyone what he and Dan did, even if it ended one day he’d just leave it up to himself to figure it out. Dan finally touched his cheek stroking it once with his thumb, “Okay, but just that.” Mason nodded though he knew as soon as he saw it he was going to want to touch it too, he wanted to know if an adult man had a lot more cum compared to a boy his age. He hesitated with his heart beating quickly when his hand reached the button on Dan’s jeans. He liked that Dan didn’t do it himself, he was going to let Mason do it. He knew he was younger than most boys that did sex stuff, especially with an adult man, but Mason also knew that Dan wouldn’t make him go beyond what he was ready for. In fact Mason knew that Dan would slow things down if he had to or stop them all together. Mason used both hands to undo the button on Dan’s jeans. Undressing someone else was also new to him. He had to pull the zipper down next, the sound of it going down was the only sound in the entire living room other than Mason’s excited heart. He finished with the zipper and could now see the light blue color of Dan’s boxer-briefs. There were no cartoon characters on them like Mason had on some of his briefs still, they were adult underwear. As he pulled the jeans open he saw the bulge that was Dan’s erection in the boxer-briefs. Mason had felt it before the other day, even once or twice when he hugged Dan the last two days, but this was actually seeing it. He could tell already that it was both thicker and longer than his own erection which was right now straining in his briefs under his pajama pants. He slipped off of Dan’s lap and with the older man helping him he pulled Dan’s jeans down then his eyes went to the underwear again. Dan seeing where his eyes were while Mason stood before him said, “We don’t have to go any further Mason.” Mason knew that, “I know, but I want to Dan.” He really did his heart was racing with the thought of actually seeing Dan naked. Of actually seeing an adult man’s penis. He had seen his own and knew that one day it would be adult sized. He had seen drawings of them, even saw one in a medical book once. This though was a real one, right there trapped in Dan’s underwear. Mason wanted so badly to see it that it surprised him. He had known that he liked Dan for months now, known that he wanted to be with the adult man. He had never realized just how badly he wanted to until this very moment. The eleven-year-old didn’t care that Dan was in his twenties, he didn’t care that it was wrong for him to like an adult, or for the adult to like him back. What he cared about was how Dan treated him, but also his burgeoning discoveries and realizations that he knew he was gay and not straight. Girls held no fascination for him at all when he looked at them, men did though. He put his hands on Dan’s boxer-briefs after a moment of self-realization and again Dan lifted his bottom off of the couch done fighting with Mason over if he should be doing this or not. When it popped out of the underwear Mason had to stop for a moment to examine it. First there was this dark brown hair that matched the hair on Dan’s head almost perfectly surrounding the base of it, and some of them were on the balls as well which looked a lot larger than Mason’s own. Dan’s penis though was where Masons’ eyes went as he swallowed back this sudden flood of desire making his own smaller one twitch. It was far bigger than Mason’s own, well maybe not like gigantically bigger, but it looked like it to Mason’s young eyes. The head was fully exposed unlike Mason’s own penis where you had to pull the skin back to reveal the head even when erect. It was probably six inches in length and the girth was definitely about the thickness of three of his own skinny stick put together. With how Dan sat on the couch the head rested against his stomach and the erection was twitching every now and then. Dan’s eyes were on him Mason realized as he slowly sat back down on the edge of the man’s legs so that he was facing the erection. His eyes met Dan’s, “Can I touch it?” He saw that moment of hesitation in Dan’s eyes, that moment of wanting to remind Mason that their agreement had been for him to see it not anything else. Yet Mason could also tell that he had won, “I want to.” Dan gave a small nod of approval. Mason reached out with one of his hands circling it around Dan’s erection at the middle of the shaft. It felt like a larger version of his own he realized. Even though it felt similar it was larger so it also felt different. When his was hard it was really hard, this one was hard but there was still some more meat on it so it was a little more squishy that was the best way to put it. He squeezed at the middle of the shaft as he did a small pearl of white liquid appeared at the head. “I thought adults had more stuff… like in the pictures I saw..” Dan chuckled, “They do Mason, that’s just my pre-cum or pre-ejaculate. Its the stuff that comes before the rest, it helps make the head slicker for going in places.” Mason looked down studying Dan’s penis. The head was very similar to his own when it was exposed, though it was larger than Mason’s. “Like my butt?” Dan chuckled again, “Yes like your butt, though this one going in your butt isn’t going to happen any time soon.” Mason didn’t argue about that, this was just the first step in his master plan. The second one was letting Dan touch him, like he knew Dan wanted to. The third was going to be Dan taking his virginity, he had already decided that. Especially now after seeing that while Dan was longer and slightly thicker he wasn’t so big like he had seen in some of those drawings he had looked at. He was almost confident that somehow he could get this up his bottom if he and Dan worked at it, though it might hurt a little. The pen had hurt a little going in that first time, but after Mason figured out how to do it, well, it had felt really good. He stroked it with his hand, “Can I make the stuff come out?” Dan looked back down at where his hand was circled around the man’s erection, “Yeah if you want to see I guess you can.” Mason did want to see. He started stroking it with his hand, he could get his hand nearly all the way around the shaft though he couldn’t really close it fully around it like he could with his own. Still stroking another erection that wasn’t his own felt really good. It made the butterflies fluttering in his stomach start to flow around his whole body. His own penis was demanding attention in his underwear at how exciting this was. Mason really was turned on more than he had been from any of those drawings that he had seen. He felt the penis surge a little in his hand as he stroked it, “Is it going to happen soon?” Dan gave a small nod, clearly the adult was excited by the fact that Mason was the one stroking his erection. Though he didn’t rush Mason through it. Mason stroked slowly at first, in the months since he had started really stroking his own penis he had gotten pretty good at making those good feelings come. Because of that he had a pretty good idea how to do it for Dan too. After a few strokes at one speed he started to speed up stroking Dan was getting easier as he sat there on the man’s lap watching his hand move up and down the shaft. Dan pulled his shirt up and off after a few minutes of Mason stroking. His stomach was mostly flat though not as flat as Mason’s own skinny figure, he had a little bit of fat on it. There was some hair on it and his chest as well though not a lot like Mason had seen on some adults. Was it strange that he desired to actually touch Dan’s naked body? Mason figured not because he clearly liked older men not boys his own age… well not most boys his own age. He stroked faster when Dan said, “Its going to happen really soon Mason, keep stroking.” Mason nodded determination making him bite his bottom lip as he started stroking faster. His eyes were focused fully on Dan’s erection as Dan’s hands were now rubbing Mason’s upper thighs while he stroked his penis. He could feel what Dan was doing and realized that it felt really nice, but he was more focused on what was about to happen. Mason was fully unaware that Dan was admiring him which was bringing the adult to the edge. He could feel it when it happened, Dan gave a grunt and let him know, then it all happened at once. There was this surge in the middle were Mason was holding the erection, as Dan pushed up in his hand. The first spurt shot up into the air then landed on Dan’s stomach. Mason kept stroking as he knew from his own experience that the best cums always came when you kept stroking while the stuff shot out. There was a lot of it too, not like how much he had seen depicted in some of the drawings, but there was a lot more than Mason could produce. Spurt after spurt shot out landing first on Dan’s stomach but then they started not begin able to go up as much rolling own the head over Mason’s fingers that were still wrapped around the pole stroking it. Finally after a small final spurt it stopped coming out, and Mason moved his hand off of the slightly softening shaft. He looked down at his fingers and the top of his hand that had gotten some of the load on it. He brought it up to his nose to sniff it. Dan said, “Here use my shirt..” Mason shook his head, “In a moment, I want to try something.” He dipped the tip of his tongue into a small bit of the white liquid on top of his hand to taste it. He shook his head at the slightly bitter and salty taste. Dan said, “Yeah its not the best…” He tried to hand Mason the shirt again. He took it but he didn’t wipe it off yet. He ran his tongue across it once more, it was salty, and had a strange bitter taste, but all things considered it wasn’t the worst thing in the world. “Its not all that bad…” As he wiped it off of his hand Dan said, “Its an acquired taste they say. There’s lots of even gay men who won’t eat semen. They just spit it out after the well…” Mason flushed, “Blowjob?” Dan gave a nod as the eleven year old slipped off of his lap so Dan could put his clothes back on. “When it happened I was surprised by how much stuff there was, but it was really cool to see.” He sat down on the couch next to Dan again. After a moment of the two of them sitting there Mason said, “If I wanted you to make me feel good too really soon would you?” Dan was quiet for a few moments then softly as he put his arm around Mason’s shoulders and kissed the top of his head while drawing him in to his side Dan said, “Yes Mason when you’re ready I will make you feel good too… I guess I’m a hypocrite after all…” Mason didn’t know what that meant, “What do you mean?” Dan sighed, “I promised myself that I’d never do anything with an underage boy, that no matter how much I loved him, cared about him, or how much he returned the same feelings I’d never do anything other than be his friend… and now here I am…” Mason leaned in more to his side resting against Dan felt right, “I love you Dan, and you’re not hurting me… or making me do things I don’t want to do. I want you to be my first, and I don’t want to wait till I’m older because I don’t. I wish I could explain why or how I know I don’t but I can’t.” They were both quiet for a long while then Dan softly said, “I love you too Mason and wherever this goes however far you want to take it I will let you, at your pace.” As he sat there Mason knew that was the difference between Dan and those creeps online, one of those guys got him alone like this they would have already done way more than this. Dan knew that this was Mason’s exploration not his own, it had to be at Mason’s pace. Mason just hoped that his pace was slow enough for Dan too. Closing words: I will be pushing out the third and final part of this story sometime next week. Each part is roughly 30,000 words though Part 3 is the biggest of the three. I thought about splitting this into smaller chunks, but so little happens in the first 5 chapters other than character building that I didn’t want to leave you hanging for too long. I hope everyone enjoys this and where it goes! If you want to leave me any comments I can always be reached at my email address: ota Nifty can always use your support if you can fty/donate.html

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