Thanks to Shelley Ch. 02

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This is the second part of an ongoing story entitled ‘Thanks to Shelley.’
It’s part fact and part fantasy – people’s names have been changed.
I hope you enjoyed the first part and are looking forward to this instalment.
Any feedback would be gratefully received.


Thanks to Shelley – Part 2

Alex smiled contentedly as she began to awake, remembering the amazing evening before. It had been so long since she had connected with somebody like this… in fact, she had never felt such a strong connection before.

It had been incredible.

Perfect even.

That’s why it hurt so much when she reached out for Sophie and realised that she wasn’t there anymore.


Grasping at empty sheets, Alex felt herself blinking back the early dawn’s daylight. Her eyes fell disappointedly on the space next to her. Glancing at her radio alarm clock, she noted the time – 6.23am. As she stroked the bed linen next to her, she couldn’t help but realise that it was cold. Sophie had left a while ago.

Turning over and burying her face back into the pillows, Alex couldn’t hold back or control the sob that escaped her as tears began to cascade down her face.

She had never felt so bruised, so empty.



What was it?

Was somebody down stairs?

Red-eyed from crying and choking for breath, Alex sat up in bed. Glancing back at the radio alarm she noticed barely an hour had passed since she had awoken in an eerily empty bed. Now she could hear somebody moving around downstairs, opening cupboards, the gentle clinking of plates.

Grabbing her short, silk kimono from the back of her bedroom door, Alex tentatively tip-toed down the wooden staircase and crept stealthily towards the back of the house, through the lounge and towards the kitchen.

Humming – was somebody humming?

Peering through the open doorway Alex felt her breath hitch as she took in the scene around her –

A vase of white lilies were on the kitchen table (she had told Sophie they were her favourite).

Two mugs of fresh, Italian coffee were steaming on a laden tray with a vast array of pastries and croissants (Sophie had laughed when Alex told her she refused to drink instant coffee, and then smiled when she had told her about her favourite local bakery).

Last night’s dinner plates and cooking utensils had been washed and stacked neatly on the kitchen counter and Sophie had been in the process of opening cupboards, searching for each items home (Alex had pouted over dinner as they talked about how much she loved cooking, but loathed clearing up and cleaning afterwards, especially as she was such a messy cook).

Finally, resting beside the tray was a copy of that day’s Independent, and a trashy women’s magazine (Sophie had obviously listened carefully as Alex had told her about buying the high brow daily paper, even though she always tucked a trashy magazine into it, one of her guilty pleasures).

Wiping her eyes as she absorbed all the details around her, it hit her hard in the chest.

Sophie hadn’t left her.

She’d planned the most amazing morning for her.

She’s listened to, remembered and acted on just about every tiny detail from dinner the night before.

It really was perfect! Her heart was thumping in her chest as she finally gazed over to Sophie, who was watching her every move, her every reaction.

Sophie didn’t look happy at all!


Laying wide awake at four o’clock in the morning had become a regular thing for Sophie. Over the past few months she had experienced insomnia – her brain just wouldn’t stop turning and she had such fitful and pitiful sleep, if any, most nights.

What was very irregular was that as she lay awake this morning, an unbelievably stunning and amazing woman sleep soundly beside her! Sophie had already spent the best part of two hours watching her sleep, the soft, olive skin of her breasts rising and falling steadily, a half smile on her lips, silk-like black hair fanned out over pillows. God, she looked heavenly!

Her brain still turned endlessly though – she couldn’t help it. Last night had been perfect. Sophie was absolutely besotted with Alex, couldn’t get enough of her and it was taking all of her self control not to rouse her sleeping beauty by pouncing on her and devouring her all over again.

So she planned. She schemed, smiling devilishly to herself, retracting every glimmer of detail from their dinner. Lilies, they were her favourite. She’s very fussy about coffee and likes that quaint little bakery in town. What paper does she read? The Mail? No – it was the independent. The kitchen needs tidying!

Just before five o’clock, Sophie reluctantly climbed out of bed and away from her new lover (not before brushing several gentle kisses on her cheeks, forehead and breasts of course). Pulling xnxx on her scattered clothes she crept from the room, still formulating her master plan as she tip-toed down the stairs and out of the front door, ensuring she picked up a key from the hall-way table before she left.

Sophie spent the next hour with a love-sick grin plastered to her face as she dashed through town in her car back home. Bursting though the door to see Shelley she instantly showered her beloved dog with praise, even going as far as recounting her entire evening to her pet as she fed and watered her, allowing her time in the garden, before promising a walk later. Perhaps Alex will join us? She thought wistfully.

‘What would I do without you?’ Sophie grinned as she scratched behind Shelley’s ears. ‘You have NO idea how glad I am that you pounced on her!’ she laughed.

Settling Shelley back into her dog-bed, and again promising a mammoth walk around the park in the afternoon, Sophie dashed back out of the house to begin stage two of her plan.

Flowers, paper, magazine, breakfast! Flowers, paper, magazine, breakfast! She recited over and over in her head.

Had she always been romantic? Probably, though she admitted it to very few people. Being the geeky, science teacher, so into facts and evidence, romance didn’t seem to be a likely trait for her. But she was, she had to admit it to herself, a hopeless romantic who wore her heart on her sleeve.

She’d treated Eve, her last partner, like a princess.

Surprise tickets to see the Lion King in the West End of London during their first year dating; drawing hearts in ketchup on her burgers whenever they had a BBQ in the summer; a valentine’s trip to New York; sending flowers to her work, just because it was a Tuesday; cups of tea brought up to bed every Sunday morning; trails of rose petals up the stairs to a freshly run bath when she knew Eve had had a tough day…. And so many other things over the years.

Sophie sighed at the memories, she had loved doing it. Adored how Eve squealed with delight. Took pride in the fact that Eve would boast about how well Sophie treated her to just about anybody that would listen.

Problem was, Eve never treated Sophie that way.

In fact, Sophie couldn’t remember a single time that Eve had bought her flowers.

Was it her fault? Should she have spoken up and asked, demanded romance from her partner?

But where was the romance in that?

It broke Sophie in the end, and was one of the many reasons she had ended her relationship with Eve all those months ago. Another, more painful reason had been Eve’s complete lack of trust and insecurity. No matter what Sophie did, Eve always questioned her love – so much so she even accused her, completely falsely, of having an affair with a colleague! Eve always seemed to think the worst of her, despite all the lavish love and attention. Yes, that had been the real heart ache over the last few years, and finally, Sophie had given up, couldn’t take anymore.

It was also the reason she had sworn she would never fall again!


Consumed with heady feelings from the night before she bustled around town picking up all the supplies she needed before heading back to Alex’s townhouse, constantly checking the time and feeling reassured that there was no way she would be awake yet.

Carefully unlocking the door and unloading her car Sophie got to work.

She brewed fresh coffee as she cleaned and tidied the kitchen (my god, it was like a bomb site, how can somebody make such a mess preparing just one meal). Sweet smelling lilies were thoughtfully arrange in a vase Sophie found under the sink before she heaped breakfast onto a tray, placing the paper and magazine next to it to ensure she remembered them when she took the breakfast upstairs. Checking the time, just after seven o’clock, she decided to try and put away all of the plates and utensils before going to wake Alex.

Humming quietly to herself as she rummaged in the cupboards, butterflies in her stomach from the excitement of starting a new day with her new lover, Sophie contemplated how she would ask Alex how she felt – did she feel the same way as her? Did she think it was perfect too? Would she wake up feeling better than she had in a long, long time?

Then she heard it – a small gasp of shock from the doorway behind her. Sophie whirled around, the humming stopped and her smile slowly began to fade as she took in the sight before her, her world slowly but surely crashing down around her.

Alex looked terrible!

Eyes red and puffy from crying – no, sobbing! Matted hair from hiding away from the world under the security of a duvet. A look of pure bewilderment and shock on her face rather than the look of delighted surprise.

Sophie felt an all too familiar pang of sickness.

She thought I got up and left her!

She thought I had gotten what I’d come for and crept out in the middle of the night!

She thought the worst of me!

Their eyes locked across the bakire porno kitchen.


Disappointment, hurt and just a trace of anger – with Alex or perhaps herself, Alex wasn’t too sure, but it was there. A heavy mix of emotions danced across Sophie’s face as her shoulders slumped, deflated.

It broke Alex’s heart.

‘Sophie…’ her voice breaking as she stepped forward, desperate to take the pain away from her blonde lover, desperate to tell her how deliriously happy she was to see her again, how astounded and grateful she was for such a thoughtful and wonderful surprise.

Sophie stopped her in her tracks by firmly raising a hand, signalling her to stay away.

Her voice cracking with emotion Sophie hung her head as she whispered ‘You thought I’d gone, didn’t you?’

Dropping her own head and covering her face in her hands, trying to control herself and failing, Alex wept ‘Yes.’

Without a second though Sophie strode from the kitchen and past Alex, never turning round as she felt Alex grasp for her, trying to explain through painful sobs how sorry she was for doubting her.

Not enough! Not again! Sophie thought to herself, furious she would make the same mistakes a second time.

Pacing quickly, wounded, Sophie leapt into her car and turned the ignition as Alex frantically chased her, but to no avail. A peel of tyres squeaked and roared up the road and into the distance, both women desolate.

Perhaps it wasn’t quite as perfect as they had both thought.


Weeks passed. Pure, hellish weeks. Stubbornness, hard-headedness, hurt – who knows what, stopped Sophie from answering the numerous calls and messages from Alex. Soon she regretted it, wondered if her own hang-ups and baggage had made her over react?…..Probably!

Then she felt it was too late. Alex was so incredible; she could have any woman she wanted. For some reason she had seemed to want her, but that was over now, lost.

Sophie plunged back into her own darkness, spending far too long wondering about what might have been, distracting herself with everyday life and of course, Shelley.

She didn’t go to the park anymore though, couldn’t face it.

Life moved on.


Begged, she had literally begged her to call back. But she didn’t.

Sophie was obviously a woman that knew how to make somebody feel special, like they were the only person in the world, the universe. Generous, thoughtful, attentive – and Alex had blown in because of her own insecurity. Assumed that she had been used and left, again.

Regularly she wandered the park, searching and hoping for a glimpse of blonde hair being followed loyally by Shelley. Alex stopped by at all times of day, as often as her busy schedule would allow, daily in fact. It soon felt hopeless and she began to mourn what might have been. So as she headed to the park that sunny Friday afternoon she promised herself that this was the last time. If she couldn’t find her, life would have to move on.

Both women were resigned to being alone.

It seemed fate, and Shelley, had very different ideas though.


Slipping into her flip flops and clasping the lead to Shelley’s collar, Sophie blew out a frustrated breath as she locked the front door. It was becoming ridiculous, avoiding the park. Shelley loved it and almost seemed to pine for it most days, obviously unimpressed with the laps of town streets and roadways on the lead.

Plugging herself into her trusty iPod, Sophie lost herself in the world of musical soundtracks – Moulin Rouge, her favourite, played out in her mind as she ambled towards the park.

Shelley was tugging at her lead excitedly, almost pulling Sophie over as they got through the gates. Laughing quietly to herself Sophie unlatched the lead and lead Shelley around their usual circuit, feeling more relaxed in the sun than she had for a while. Wagging tail and happy yaps were given off as a clear signal that this little routine had been very much missed by her furry friend.

After a while they came to their usual spot for a sit down. Thumbing through her emails, facebook, twitter and messages on her iPhone, Sophie soon got lost in music and technology as she basked in the sunshine. She realised, albeit too late, that Shelley had once again wondered off, out of sight.

Some things never change!

Jumping to her feet and beginning to scour the nearby trees, shrubbery and bushes, Sophie searched for Shelley, calling out and whistling urgently.


Having left work early, Alex wandered the park in her usual fashion, knowing this would be the last effort and hoping and praying that today was the day she would have success. But after nearly an hour of aimlessly pacing the park she began to prepare herself for the inevitable – the end.

Fighting bedava porno back the sting of fresh tears she pushed herself to accept it as she steered towards the park gates.

That’s when she saw her.

That’s when she came to her.

That’s when she smiled down at the wagging tail – the sound of yapping had never sounded so heavenly.



‘Shelley! Shelley?’ called Sophie, starting to worry.

A tell-tale bark and snort gave the dog away as she began to round the large oak tree and shrubbery a short distance ahead.

‘There you are! Where on earth have you…’ Sophie began, and then stopped, staring as Shelley walked up to her.

What was that?

Tucked carefully underneath Shelley’s collar was a single red rose with a small card attached.

Those are my favourite flowers, Sophie thought to herself, her heart suddenly leaping in her chest as she searched her brain, daring not to hope. Had she told her that? At dinner?

Shakily Sophie bent over and removed the rose before reading the card. In careful, sweeping letters were just three words.

Mi dispiace amo.

Tears began to fall instantly as Sophie grasped the card, hopeful and confused at the same time, looking up to see who was around. That’s when she felt the warmth of olive skinned arms wrapping around her waist, pulling her close as a chin rested lightly on her shoulder, whispering in her ear.

‘I’m sorry love.’


Turning slowly in Alex’s arms, Sophie gazed into tearful green eyes as she felt her heart melting, knowing that she had been given a second chance.

Resting her forehead again Alex, breathing in the scent of fresh jasmine from her silky smooth hair and grazing a kiss on her nose, she choked out the whispered words she had been dying to say to her for weeks.

‘Mi sei mancato.’

Alex gasped with delight as her blonde, sight for sore eyes lover whispered Italian to her, albeit with a slightly British accent. Kissing her fiercely back on the lips and grasping her tight, she broke the kiss to whisper back, smiling –

‘I missed you too.’


Fate had smiled down on the two women, and one furry little friend had again stepped in to the fold to ensure a chance was not missed. All three ambled around the park once again, the two women having managed to stifle their tears of joy as they entwined their fingers and refused to let go.

‘Soph… what you did, that morning…’ Alex began tentatively, glancing at the ground, ‘well, it was incredible. Nobody has ever done such a wonderful thing for me. I’m sorry that I was so taken aback.’

Running her thumb over the back of Alex’s hand, reassuring her that everything was alright, Sophie leaned in and placed a soft kiss on the younger woman’s cheek.

‘Alex, it’s ok. What were you supposed to think? I just couldn’t sleep, got a little carried away I guess…’ Sophie started to explain quietly, ‘I perhaps should’ve left a note or something. But, you know, I wanted it to be a bit of a surprise I guess. Stupid really.’

Alex stopped in her tracks and pulled Sophie into a close hug, wrapping her arms around her neck, seemingly frightened to let go.

‘Don’t ever say it was stupid! It was incredible! The most romantic thing I have ever known,’ she whispered hotly into Sophie’s ear, ‘Thank you.’

Sophie blushed as she nuzzled Alex’s neck, sweeping the hair behind her lover’s ears as she smiled, feeling reassured and secure.

‘And thank you for the rose, I can’t believe you remembered!’ Sophie started, then paused, ‘Kind of lucky you were carrying a rose wasn’t it?’ she teased.

It was now Alex’s turn to turn scarlet from blushing as they began to stroll along another pathway, hand in hand.

‘Well, not really,’ she sighed, beginning to explain ‘I… erm… I’ve kinda been a regular here at the park, hoping to bump into you. I always brought a fresh red rose, just in case.’ She whispered, almost embarrassed by her own admission.

Sophie’s heart leapt as she stopped and stared, not quite believing what she was hearing, but desperate to ask her next question.

‘How long?’ she asked, barely audible, not having to explain her question any further.

Biting her bottom lip and shuffling her feet, her head down, swinging their joined arms restlessly, Alex smiled sweetly. ‘Oh, I don’t know,’ she sighed ‘Everyday … for about three or four weeks.’

Elated, Sophie was simply elated. How long had she wanted romance? How long had she wanted to be treated like a princess? How long had she waited to feel this desired?

Slowly but firmly Sophie pulled Alex towards her, staring down at the blushing young woman before using a single finger to caress her chin, pulling her face upwards to allow them to stare into each other’s eyes. They stood, motionless, simply staring at each other, deep into one another’s souls for what felt like an eternity.

The spell was broken when Sophie broke out into a face splitting grin and raised her eyebrows.

‘So…erm … what’s the Italian for come home with me right now?’ she purred suggestively, wiggling her eyebrows up and down playfully.

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