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This series of stories is a mixture of fact and fiction. The factual parts are pretty hot and could stand alone as great sexual adventures. The fictional parts are situations that for one reason or another never quite materialized (except in my mind, and hopefully in the minds of the other people who missed out.) The names have been changed or rearranged to protect the HORNY!

I had been a late bloomer sexually. I was outgoing and funny but also very shy around girls when it came to one-on-one interaction on a more personal level. Many of my friends had been getting lucky since Jr. High, but for some reason all the girls, while liking me and enjoying my company, seemed to always think of me as a “friend”. Let me tell you, there’s nothing more frustrating to a horny, testosterone filled young man than to hear from a hot young lady, “I like you a lot but more as a friend…” or “I’ve always thought of you as a brother…” If I heard that one more time I was going to kill myself. (If nothing else it would be an accidental death from yanking my cock completely off my body some night!)

The one real girlfriend I’d had in High school apparently was game but I was so hung up on her that didn’t realize it and I was afraid to take it beyond the heavy petting stage. Partly because, being a virgin I couldn’t see the signs and was afraid of rejection. Plus I wasn’t sure what to do to take it further. And I was so in love with her I didn’t want to disappoint her or otherwise mess up what we had in some way. I still regret that.

Anyway, I had known Missy from Jr. High. We both had our birthdays in February and as it was late in our senior year we were both 18, but sexually we were years apart. She was a good friend as we were both part of the “party crowd”. She was one of those girls who started experimenting with sex at a very early age and by the time we were seniors she had a reputation as being easy. The guys thought she was “fun”! Of course the “good girls” had other names for it.

Missy didn’t care. She was living her life on her own terms and other people could say or think what they wanted. I always respected her for that but knew she was way out of my league. So even though I knew she was always game I never tried hooking up with her as I was too intimidated by her obvious sexual prowess

Missy had witnessed my affair with my girlfriend in our Jr. year, and I’m sure she knew why we broke up probably before I did. It turned out that my girlfriend cared for me deeply but needed more. She eventually dumped me for an older guy who wasn’t afraid of getting laid. I, of course was crushed. But with the help of my friends and all the partying we were doing I managed to get through it.

Somewhere along the way Missy must have decided I just needed a little push into the world of sexual freedom. Either that or she decided she wanted me to be another notch in her bedpost. Whatever the case, one day toward the end of our Sr. Year we were all working diligently on emptying yet another keg of Bud, instead of sitting in class trying to make the most of our chance at an education.

We were at somebody’s house about a mile from the high school. Apparently they’re mom was at work and dad was not in the picture. I could never figure out how anyone got away with that. How did they get the house cleaned up before they’re parents got home? I mean, some of us were over 18 and had been drinking for years, but there were always some younger or less experienced kids who raised the risk of something getting broken or somebody puking on the furniture or carpet. Not to mention the spilled beer. What if the neighbors said something? I don’t know, all I knew was it was raining that morning and we couldn’t go up the mountain like we usually did and somebody volunteered they’re house.

So by 11:00 that morning the party was in full swing. There was a quarter’s game going in the kitchen with a lot of other kids standing around watching and cheering them on. A few of us were going through the album collection and playing D.J. Still others were huddled around the coffee table rolling joints to sell, most of which got smoked on the spot. Overall it was a typical party for us. We would drink the first ½ keg and see how many people were left, what time it was and how much money we could come up with and decide from there whether or not to get another, or maybe just a ¼ keg so everybody could get back to school and sneak onto their busses to go home like nothing ever happened.

We had this down to a science; we knew which girls could forge which parents signatures on the excuse forms. We knew which beer distributers we could get served at. We even knew where the bus drivers parked while waiting for the designated time to go pull up at our school and which ones were cool enough to let kids on early so they just had to stay out of site at the school while the other kids boarded.

Yep, we had this down to a science and today was turning out to be just Side escort another good party day. My friends and I had picked out enough good tunes to last us all day and I decided I needed another beer. As I made my way to the keg I found a couple guys standing around it and realized Missy was in the center of the crowd. I nudged my way into the circle and asked”What are yunz up to? It better be good if you’re blocking my access to the beer!”

My buddy Kevin replied with a big smile “Hell yeah it’s good! Missy got new underwear!”

I looked over at Missy and she had her trademark naughty grin as she stated proudly, “UNDEROOS!” while holding her unzipped pants as far open as possible.

“Cool!” I told her. “But don’t girls usually wear them when they’re 8, not 18?” While checking out the slight bulge made by her trimmed bush.

“Yeah, but you know me. I’m young at heart!”

“Well those cartoon characters sure look happy.” I told her smiling and making eye contact.

She maintained the eye contact as Robbie chimed in “You’d be happy too if you spent your day where they are! Hell Miss, let me take their place awhile and we can make each other happy!

“No Robbie, you’ve already been happy there. I think it’s time somebody else got a turn.” Missy said happily, all the while maintaining our eye contact. Now, my heart rate had increased when I saw Missy showing off her panties and raised a little more when I realized I was seeing her small bush of pubic hair under them. But it really jumped when I came to the realization that it was going to be my turn inside those cute little underoo’s.

I could feel myself blushing as my mind fought for something to say. Finally I remarked “It wouldn’t be fair if everybody didn’t get a turn I guess.” I was trying to sound as casual as possible while considering all the implications. Was I really about to finally get laid?! Could I even begin to satisfy this experienced sexual creature? I mean Missy was never the hottest or most beautiful girl in school. She was a little on the skinny side and while pretty, she didn’t automatically turn heads like some chicks do. But she had something else. She had this air of sexuality, of confidence that seemed to say “I’m a great fuck!” Now don’t get me wrong, she never dressed slutty or anything. She wore jeans and tee shirts like everybody else. And she didn’t wear them too tight, which tended to give you the impression that she was skinny. But up close she just had this sexual aura. She just oozed sensuality.

And now she was going to unleash all that on me? Frankly I was more than a little scared. I was terrified! I knew I didn’t know much about sex besides what I’d seen in magazines and heard from my buddies and this girl knew it all! I mean I knew theoretically what to do and what went where and all that, but this chick had had boyfriends ten years older than us and had supposedly done threesomes and maybe more! How could I even begin to keep up with her?

I did however have one thing on my side. I knew how to carry myself when scared. Having grown up running the streets in one of the rougher neighborhoods in town I knew you never let anybody know when you’re scared. For one thing your friends will never let you live it down. For another, everyone loses respect for you.

So when Missy wiggled her hips while still holding her pants open and asked sweetly “So what do ya say? Want your turn” I did what instinct dictated. I squared my shoulders and smiled. “Sure, let’s go.”

She just smiled and hooked the top button on her pants so she could walk without losing them, and repeated my “Let’s go!” We both filled our beers and started for the stairs amid the excited clamor of my friends. The cheering started with the guys that were in on the conversation. By the time we were on the open staircase, everyone in the room was aware of what was going on and the catcalls and lewd remarks had my flushed face a deep crimson. By the time we got upstairs I could hardly hear them over the sound of the blood rushing through my brain. As we found an empty bedroom Missy looked at me closely and asked, “You o.k.?”

Trying to sound confident I told her “Yeah, I’m fine. And I’m about to be a whole lot better.” I was a little concerned about my blood pressure though. As we closed the door behind us we embraced. My worries that all the blood in my body was pulsing through my brain were eased when Missy pushed her body against my cock. I was harder than I ever remember being! We began kissing fiercely and pulling each other’s clothes off. When we were both naked except for our pants tangled at our ankles and our socks we simply flopped over on the bed and used our feet to finish the job. Our hands were too busy groping and pulling. I had one arm under her and reaching down to grab her ass while my other hand stroked her hot pussy. She was already wet and my fingers glided easily between her lips. I had heard that you had to be gentle at Side escort bayan first and I was trying to go slow but the way she wrapped her leg around me and began humping against my hand I knew it was time to stick a finger in. She gasped into my mouth and pushed herself harder onto my finger.

Now while technically still a virgin I had been this far before with a couple girls and I had heard rumors of that mysterious spot inside that will make a chick come so I tried to find it. I reached in with one finger as far as I could and started to feel around in there. While we were still kissing and lying on our sides with her stroking me with one hand and grabbing my ass with the other I soon realized I wasn’t going to find it today, at least not in this position. So I moved on to what I did know I could find. Her clitoris! When I withdrew my finger from her now drenched and grasping hole I drew it up through her lips and across her swollen nub. She shuddered with pleasure and I knew I was onto something. I kept rubbing her there, trying not to rub too hard but the way she pushed back and squeezed my cock harder I figured I was doing it right. By now we were both gasping and moaning happily.

She rolled over on her back, trying to pull me with her by my ass. I stayed beside her on my side and started to kiss her neck while still working her sensitive clit. She finally let go of my ass to lay flat on her back and spread her legs wide for me. Something in my brain clicked and I remembered I didn’t have any condoms. Maybe I did learn something in that health class. When I mentioned it she told me she was on the pill and not to worry about it. AIDS was not a part of our vocabulary yet.

It was then that I heard the first voices on the stairs. I knew right away from the tone of those voices that it was trouble. Some of the black kids from school had come to the party this time and it was their voices, mixed in with some of my buddy’s that I was hearing. The street kid in me instinctively wanted to go see what was going on, to see if I could help. The horny male in me dictated that I stay right where I was and keep doing what I was doing. The horny male won out and I told myself my friends could handle whatever was going on without me.

I rolled over and got on my knees between Missy’s spread legs while still rubbing her flexing snatch. She tried to guide my cock into her but I held back. I had heard so many good things about eating pussy that I knew I had to try that first. I wanted to taste her before I put my cock in because I knew I might not last long and I wouldn’t want to taste it once I came in her.

The angry voices in the hall got closer and I recognized one of the brothers sounding like he was trying to be the voice of reason, “We aint gonna interrupt, we’ll wait till he’s done.”

Just then I heard the sounds of a scuffle and looked up at the door just as it opened. A big black guy walked in and over his shoulder I could see my buddy Koenig pushing another brother out of the way, trying to get at the one who entered our room. I jumped up off the bed yelling “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING HERE? GET THE FUCK OUT!”

I realized that besides Koenig there were two more of my friends in the hall and at least three more of the black kids. I was scrambling to get back into my pants because it looked like there was going to be a fight. Missy had pulled up the blankets over herself and was screaming at everyone to get the fuck out and leave us alone.

Now I had grown up with a lot of black kids and counted many of them as friends, but these guys were from a different part of town and I didn’t really know them at all. Not only that, but the ones I did know weren’t at this party so I couldn’t get any help on that front.

As I was pulling my pants up the big guy that had walked into the room said to me “It’s cool, man. Just go on with what you were doing. We just want to go next.”

As he said this he calmly sat down on a chair in the corner like he was taking a seat in a theatre. I was pulling my zipper up by then and said “She doesn’t want to pull a train with you guys!” Koenig and Robbie walked into the room after having pushed the other intruders back. “Sorry man, they were all starting up the steps before we realized what they were up to.” Robbie told me.

“Not your fault man.” I said. Then I looked at the guy in the chair and said “Look at her man, does she look like she wants to pull a train with you?” To prove my point Missy cut loose with a series of racial epithets that would make a klansman proud. “See?” I asked him.

He leaned back in the chair and crossed his arms saying “Man once you get done and she ain’t satisfied, and I pull out my slab of beef, she’ll change her mind!”

At that point Koenig and Robbie stepped to either side of him saying “C’mon man. You gotta go!” and tried to take his arms and pull him out of the chair. “Let’s go!” He locked his arms together and Escort side leaning back to let them try to lift his dead weight from the chair but he was too heavy to lift at that angle

That left Kevin barring the door and he was not going to be able to keep the other brother’s out for long. I was expecting all hell to break out at any second when I heard Missy behind me saying “Fuck this! Let him sit there guys I’m leaving! He can sit there and jack-off for all I care!” I looked back at her and she already had her pants on and was stuffing her panties and socks in her pocket. As she picked up her tee shirt she said to me “If you guys fight here Debbie’s house is gonna get trashed. Do you wanna finish this later?”

“I want to finish this now but your right about Deb’s house.” All other activity stopped when everyone realized Missy was getting dressed. Everybody watched her pull her tee shirt on covering up those titties that were a lot nicer than I had realized before today. We were all disappointed, but for different reasons.

Once her shirt was on she stepped up to me and said “Pick me up in that church parking lot by my house at 6:00.”

“You got it” I told her as she walked to the door. Everybody stepped aside to let her go. My buddies apologized and the brothers told her she was missing out. One of them tried to cop a feel and she slapped him hard. Everyone whooped and hollered at that except the guy who got slapped. He called her a bitch and she told him to fuck off.

She accepted the apologies and told the rest to fuck off too. She didn’t stick around the party long after that and the rest of us spent the rest of the party arguing with the black kids. We never did fight but it came close a few times until one of the white girls who had dated one of the brothers talked them into leaving as well.


6:00 couldn’t roll around fast enough and I found myself wheeling into the church parking lot at quarter till. There was no sign of Missy yet, just some kids sitting on a wall hanging out. I had a Rolling Stones 8-track in and sat listening to that, trying to calm my nerves. Was it really going to happen this time? Was I really going to get laid? Of course it was. I wasn’t picking up just any girl for an average date where you hope you might get some. This was Missy I was waiting for! And the sole purpose of this date was to finish what we had started this morning!

When this all got going this morning I was nervous. No I was scared, but I hadn’t had time to think much about it. She had offered and I’d accepted. We were heading to that bedroom before I knew it. But this was different. By now I had a little over six hours to think about it. I thought about it now. Worrying about whether or not I could keep up, whether I could satisfy this girl. Missy was the most sexually experienced girl I knew and the only experience I had before today was necking and heavy petting with my old girlfriend and one other time I had made out with another chick at a party and we had gotten to the point off masturbating each other. That had come to a quick end when someone saw the cops coming and we had all ran away. Luckily we were already in the bushes away from the main party and had a head start, because it’s not easy running through underbrush under normal circumstances. When you have a raging hard-on only partly tucked away it’s downright difficult.

My head was full of possible scenarios of how this might go. Some of the possibilities were downright terrifying. What if I came too fast? If it went badly would everyone in school find out? No, I decided, Missy was discreet. She had to be. Everything we knew about her sex life had gotten out from guys bragging or from people seeing her with this dude or that one. I realized I’d never once heard her say anything about her past adventures. But still, what would she think of me? If this went well I might get to do it again with her. If I disappointed her I might not get another chance. And while I had never heard her talk about her sexual adventures that didn’t mean she didn’t talk about them with her friends. What if I was a lousy lay and all the other girls in school found out? I knew girls talked to each other about sex as much as we did. This could potentially fuck up any chance I might have with any other chicks at school. What if something came up and she couldn’t make it? What if after seeing my cock this morning she decided I wasn’t enough for her and she was going to stand me up? How long would I sit here and wait?

Time seemed to drag by and I was getting really antsy. I was considering lighting up a joint to calm my nerves when she came around the corner. Her face broke into a smile when she saw me sitting there and at least some of my anxiety was erased. I looked at the little clock I had glued to my dash and it read 5:58. I thought about how it felt a lot longer than thirteen minutes since I’d pulled into this parking lot. That didn’t matter now. All that mattered was that Missy was walking towards my car. She was obviously happy to see me because she was smiling ear to ear and she was planning to fuck me!

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