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My job is fantastic. It allows me to travel across the country for about one third of the year but it does put a crimp in my sex life. Unfortunately, I don’t get to have sex as often as I would like, then again who does, and I spend many nights alone in my hotel room masturbating to porn on the internet.

I have a close female friend that I have been talking to through private emails and texts and often I would complain to her about my lack of bedroom time and she would too complain about her lack of a sex life as well. Regularly, we would tease each other about who was more horny, who was more sexual in bed, who was more experimental and who is kinkier. Of course we both bragged that we could outdo the other.

At one point, I told her that conversations like the ones we have been having would lead us down a path where one night when I am travelling I’ll find her knocking on my hotel room door.

She asked what I would do if that would happen and I teased back that I wouldn’t send her away. I was making a joke but what ended up happening is that that one joke made our conversations become less sexual. In a way, I was glad. She was a very good friend and one that I didn’t want to cross any lines with and yet I did find her very sexually attractive and alluring.

My work sent me out on a job that was to take two full weeks and it wasn’t far from where I live but because it is a four hour car ride away I have been staying in a hotel and staying through the weekend too. It was Friday and I hit a few local restaurants and had a few drinks and was having a good time but I was being responsible enough to know that it was time to call it quits and return back to my hotel room. On the way back, I received a text from her asking me if I was having fun and if I was picking up any women for the night.

I texted back “LOL” and then typed “I am not the kind of guy that can easily pick up a woman like that.”

Her reply back was “You are too hard on yourself. You could easily get some tonight with very little effort.”

Again I typed, an LOL and my reply of “Only with my hand and some internet porn am I going to be having any action tonight.”

She texted back to me “You shouldn’t do anything to yourself yet and you should hold out until later in the night.” She then followed up with the text, “I dare you to hold off until after 10 PM.”

My reply back was, “Why? What happens at ten?”

I didn’t get a reply back and by this time I had returned to my hotel room. After changing into some comfortable shorts and a tshirt, I flopped down on the bed and started flipping through the channels on the television and after settling on the sports network I pulled out my laptop and began to surf the web checking email and catching up on the news. My phone chirped which indicated that I had received a text message and when I looked at it I saw that it was from her.

“How are you holding out ;)” was her question.

I responded with “So far so good and I am glad it is almost 10 PM.”

My phone chirped again with her reply, “Good boy.”

I texted back to her “what happens at 10? Are we going to have phone sex?” And then quickly texted “LOL.”

A few moments later she replied, “Stranger things have happened.”

I was curious and yet apprehensive because we could be crossing over a line much farther than we ever have before. I had about 15 minutes before it was 10PM and I continued to flip through the hotel TV channels. Ten o’clock came and I waited for my next text or call.

The minutes clicked by and finally about five minutes after ten o’clock I received a text Anadolu Yakası Escort from her with the question “What would you do if I showed up at the door of your hotel?”

I replied back. “If you came all this way I would not kick you out and make you drive all the way back home.”

“What if I was there to have wildly amazing sex with you?” she texted.

I typed back “You don’t have the guts.”

She texted me back with an angry response telling me that I was ruining the fantasy and just go with the flow and then another one quickly came through repeating her question, “What if I was there to have wildly amazing sex with you?”

I typed back, “I would invite you in and kiss you, remove your clothes and ravish you in my bed.”

“Prove it!” was her response back.

“LOL” I typed. “How?”

A moment later there was a knock on my door. I walked across the room and looked through the peep hole and was shocked to discover that she was outside my door and in her hand was her cell phone and typing a message into it.

My phone chirped again with a message from her, “Well?”

I slowly and apprehensively opened the door.

She smiled and quietly said “H.i”

“Hi.” I responded.

I stood in the doorway with the door slightly ajar and was just in shock that she was here, now, and on top of all that willing to be here with me and in my bed. She was dressed in a pair of jeans, a tshirt, sandals and her hair pulled back. She was looking at me sheepishly and with an apprehensive look. It was clear that we were both nervous about what was to happen next. It was a big move in our relationship for both of us.

After what seemed like forever, I snapped out of my trance and opened the door all the way inviting her in. She moved into the room meekly and waited as I locked the locks on the door. I turned to her and as I was about to say something she wrapped her arms around me and kissed me.

As we kissed I wrapped my arms around her pulling her tightly against me and embraced her as we kissed. She walked me backwards until my back was up against the wall. I pulled her shirt out from her jeans as she pushed my shirt up over my head. In a flash she made her way to her knees and pulled down my shorts exposing my penis to her for the first time. I was already semi hard but went immediately rigid when she wrapped her hand around my shaft and slowly stroked me to full hardness. She moved her hand down my cock and held it against the base of my shaft as she gave light little kisses over my cock first starting along the top middle of my shaft then moving to the head and then kissing along the sides.

I let out a slight moan and she slowly returned to stroking me. She looked up at me with her beautiful eyes and smiled before looking back at my cock.

I started to leak precum which she noticed and taking her other hand swirled it around the tip of my penis. My cock twitched in response. Moving forward, she then took me into her mouth, slowly, drawing me in slowly and teasingly, inch by inch, until I was about half way into her mouth. She reached behind me grabbing a hold of my hips pulling me deeper into her.

I don’t know if it was the excitement of the situation, who I was with or how great of a job she was doing with her mouth and hands but I could already feel myself getting close and warned her, not wanting to spoil the moment, but she seemed to have the situation under control as she took her hands off my hips and reached for my cock again and her other hand started to fondle my balls. She sucked me into her mouth as deeply as she could and Pendik Escort holding before pulling back off of me. Again and again she repeated sucking as much of me into her mouth as she can which did nothing to help me hold off from nearly cumming.

Without warning she quickly began to stroke and suck me and massage my nuts which caused me to erupt into her mouth with my cum which she heartily swallowed as much of as she could. When I was done with my orgasm I collapsed back against the wall as my softening dick escaped from between her lips.

With a finger, she cleaned the corners of her mouth where some of my juices had leaked out. She looked so wonderful, so beautiful, so sexy, kneeling at my feet and yet still completely clothed. There was something sexy about her there in my room clothed while I was completely naked before her.

I reached down for her hands and pulled her up to her feet and guided her to the bed. I slid her sandals off her feet and grabbing her ankles I pulled her to the edge of the bed. I stood over her as I worked to remove her top and her bra. I paused to admire the top portion of her body. Her nipples were hard and stuck out proudly from her chest. She wasn’t huge by any means but she did have a nice handful.

It was now my turn to go to my knees as I leaned in to worship her breasts. I kissed her lips, momentarily tasting my cum, still slightly on her lips, before working my way down her neck while softly cupping in my hand her breasts. I felt her hands move through my hair and across my shoulders while also holding me close to her body. I moved across the base of her neck and across her shoulders laying little kisses on her. Her nipples were between my fingers and I rolled them between my finger and thumb and gently pulling on them. Finally, my mouth moved over her breast, first her right one and then the left. My tongue traced a circular pattern around her areola before sucking her nipple into my mouth. Her hands roamed through my hair and then tightened into a strong grip as a moan escaped her lips.

After spending time teasing her tits I kissed a trail down to the top of her pants. I stood up and once again exposed my semi-rigid cock which happened to be bobbing nearly face level. She reached out and took it in her soft warm hands and for a moment I was lost in her manipulations.

I gently, yet forcibly, pushed her to her back and began to unbutton her pants and pulled them off of her. She lifted herself off the bed so that I could easily remove them. I purposely left her panties on so that I could prolong her teasing. I had her move back towards the center of the bed and climbed up on the bed too. Starting with her feet I kissed and sucked on every toe before moving up her ankles and along her calves. I moved back and forth between both legs and each time I moved up between her legs I was forcing them farther and farther apart.

I could see her wetness on her dark blue panties forming along her slit. I could smell her as I moved up her thighs. I could see her breathing heavy and looking down at me as I moved over her legs. I could tell she was enjoying herself but wanting me to hurry along with the teasing.

Without removing her panties I licked and nibbled and teased her pussy. I could taste her through her panties and she was wonderful. I wasn’t able to take it any more and reached up and pulled her panties down to which she eagerly helped me with by lifting herself off the bed. Once removed, I buried myself into her smoothly shaved pussy running my tongue along her slit, sucking her lips into my mouth and flicking my tongue Kurtköy Escort over her clit giving her a tease.

Using my fingers I opened her up and slid my tongue up into her and slowly fucked her with my tongue and used my thumb to rub her clit. Her hips began to move and she was starting to moan and groan with pleasure. This only served to make me more diligent in pleasing her. I moved my mouth over her love bud and slipped two fingers into her wet pussy. As I nibbled and sucked on her clit I curled my fingers up and rubbed along the top wall of her pussy. I could feel her body jump each time I did that.

I sucked faster and harder and stroked her pussy with my fingers harder and faster until she let out a deep grunting moan as she came. Her body clenched and her hands gripped the sheets as her orgasm tore through her.

I eased my fingers out of her and lightly and lovingly cleaned her with my mouth letting her come down from her high. I sat back on my heels and watched as she slowly opened her eyes and let out “oh my god!”

I lightly stroked her legs and feet until she was able to catch her breath before moving up over her body. She reached down between us and positioned my cock to the entrance of her pussy. I slowly sunk into her very wet pussy and when I was completely in her I paused enjoying how great it felt being inside her. I reached down and took her hands and positioned them over her head with our fingers locking together tightly. I slowly began to pull out of her until just my cockhead was inside her before slowly moving back into her again. I kept this up while staring into her eyes. This slow, lazy, teasing fuck continued as we gazed into each others eyes.

As I began to pick up my pace I released her hands. I supported myself over her and bent down to kiss her. She wrapped her legs behind me and pulled me into her tightly as she raked her nails down my back. I could feel her pussy spasm around my dick in a mini orgasm.

After, she somehow pulled me down and rolled me over, never disconnecting from each other as she took the top position. I held her hips as she placed her hands on my chest and ground herself against my pelvis. Faster and faster she ground into me. I looked up and saw her biting her bottom lip and eyes rolling to the back of her head. Faster and faster her hips moved over mine. Faster and faster until a powerful orgasm engulfed her. She arched back tracing her finger nails down my stomach and let out a small scream of ecstasy. I held her hips to support her.

When she recovered, she gave me a wicked smile as she moved forward over me placing her hands on either side of my head. She now moved her hips up and down on my cock quickly and I leaned up to kiss and suck her breasts. She was fucking me now with everything she had. Hard, fast and noisy is how I can best describe it. He hips were magical as she was able to quickly get me close to cumming.

She pushed herself up at just the peak moment pressing hard down onto my cock. I felt my cockhead move against the inner walls of her vagina causing me to explode up into her deeply. My back arched off the bed as I filled her up with my semen. My dick twitched over and over inside her as she held her position. I could feel her squeezing her muscles milking my cock for all that is has.

She collapsed back down on top of me, kissing me passionately, running her hands through my hair and I ran my hands over her naked back and through her hair.

We broke our kiss and she pulled herself off of me and lied beside me. She laid with her head on my chest and my arm around her as we cuddled together for a short while. Neither of us spoke while we caught our breath.

“Better than being alone and jerking off to internet porn?” she teased.

“Better than texting back and forth,” I countered back. “You might need to travel with me more often.”

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