Terror at Umbelleaf Lake Part. 1

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Famous curvaceous model Anel Peralta, standing at 5 ft, with 34 DDD and huge hips wore leather jacket with black sports bra and black leggings with leather black shoes on looking up a place to have a vacation, getting away from all the fame and social media. She heard about a small town of Umbelleaf, somewhere in the dreaded, murky, quiet some jungle area where a legend resides in the terrible woods that terrified the lock townfolks. She looked up about the town, there’s little people who lives in the town, some left because of the legend these creatures that haunts the woods, they kept the local hikers away from their territory, and they never returned to finish what they started. She also looked up information about the area that has a lake that was big and little homes that surrounds the lake. She booked a charter flight to fly out to the small town, hoping to see to believe what they say what is true about the legend that dwells in the darkness.

She took out her small duffel bag from her closet and packed some clothes, lingeries and nightgowns to go with it, and a bit of bikinis to swim in the lakes. She also took a blanket to pack in her bag all set ready to go on her adventure, she made sure everything was set to go, she took her keys to her car aftee departing from her home to the airport where her lovely adventure begins. She found her charter plane waiting for the last passengers arriving, as she found her seat next to the window, there were only small anount of people aboard when she looked around. Each seat was spaced out for safe distance, but no bathroom as she sigh placing her bag under the seat, taking her blanket out and rest her eyes until the plane lands near their destination. Once the plane landed on the airstrip in the hot, humid atmosphere of the jungles, she got out and found the rental car with the keys inside the building, she got in driving to her new home, she admired the beautiful scenery as she pulled over at her new home.

She got out of the car and took her bag into the home, a balcony that leads to the lake, stairs that leads to the outside door with entry on the balcony. She walked in and admired how beautiful the house was inside, a nice kitchen that led to the living room, a fireplace that was across from the kitchen, some windows that can view the lake. Upstairs where the bedroom is, how lovely the bathroom looks that leads to the bedroom where she would stay. Walking into the bathroom to set her shower products in with her towels, she walks into the bedroom where there’s a sliding door that leads to the balcony. She sets her bag on the bed and walks towards the sliding door, unlatching the lock and steps outside to see the lovely view of the lake.

“It’s so beautiful out here!” She says looking around as there were trees that surrounded her home, downstairs was the kitchen and living room, upstairs was the bathroom and bedroom, and she walked around as the balcony practically leads all around the home. There was a window where she can see the lake whenever she can shower to see the view as well, she saw a tv on top of a drawer in her room, and downstairs a tv that sits across from the doorway outside of her home. She decided to take a drive around town as the area was small. She drove to see where there was food, store, market is, and pulled over to buy couple of things. Once she had what she needed, some of the townfolks stared at her body as she looked back as they returned to do their duties.

She drove back kinda creeped out at the people who stared at her when she bought her items for her home, she came back carrying the bags inside, closing the door and placed them to organize in the house. Once she finished she cooked dinner early before walking to the window opening it, and looks at the view of the lake. As she continues to stare at the lake view, there were rustling noises coming from outside of her home, a figurine could be made out from a far distance, she looked around to find where the noise could make out from. She closed the window and the curtains, she walked into the kitchen to clean her dish that she made for dinner and locked the door before making her way upstairs.

Once she enters her bedroom, she took off her leather jacket and drapes it on the drawer where the tv could be seen, she had her sports bra on and her shoes were by the doorway downstairs. She took out nice lingerie with see through nightgown, making way towards the bathroom, setting the lovely clothes on the sink. She pulled the shower curtains turning the knob on opening the window, looking at the moonlight reflection on the lake. She sigh slowly removing her sports bra off, her huge tits bounced off once the bra came off, then removing her leggings with her panties, as she rolled them down her ankles and pulls her feet once she was fully naked.

She stepped inside the shower feeling the water flow down her sexy body, her hands roam on her body washing away anything dirty off her body. She took the soap and rubs it all over adding shampoo on her body, she starts to move her hands on her tits and down to her pussy, rubbing her clit slowly before uttering a moan from her mouth. “Mmh fuck” she says rubbing her finger around her pussy, leaning her body against the shower walls continuing her pleasure. Out of the blue a small creature could be seen making its way around her home, making its way upstairs to where her bedroom is and locating the bathroom.

It wandered around the balcony before seeing the lights on and steam coming from the window, hearing her moans rubbing her pussy faster, grabbing her tits squeezing them while the small creature made its way to where the steam coming from. He took a peek inside the window and saw her masturbating inside the shower, he pulls his massive erect cock out stroking it in rhythm Esenyurt Escort as she moans loud and he grunts pleasuring themselves. She continue to squeeze her nipples placing a finger inside her pussy, fingering herself to the extent of the troll stroking his cock while looking down at her, licking his lips as her huge tits was bouncing with each stroke of her finger inside her pussy.

Time went by as she soon came on her finger after fingering her pussy for quite some time, she sighed out loud before the small troll outside grunted loud and unload his spunk on the window screen and on the window frame as well. She felt liquid of some sort splatter on her shoulder, looking out the window to see globs of the liquid drip down into the shower, and it dissolve down the drain. She scooped it off her and took it into her mouth, tasting it before spitting it out “holy fuck this is gross” she said before washing the spunk off her shoulder. She went on putting her lingerie and put her nightgown on and walks towards her sliding door, and notice the door was slightly open when she looked around and saw nothing and shrugged it off.

She closes the door and walks downstairs towards the fireplace to keep warmth, and sat by it lighting the woods and took her blankets and drapes it on her as she drifts away in her sleep. She continue to sleep as the small troll came out of hiding and looked around to see what he could find amusing, much to the excitement he sniffed a smell that came from her pile of clothes and sift through it. He found her thin sports bra and pulled his cock out, stroking it as he picks her bra up and places his cock in it. When she woke up he grunted more as he shoots his spunk inside her bra and hears footsteps downstairs, he wipes his cock with her bra and headed into her closet hiding without being seen.

She smelled a foul stench coming from upstairs and made her way to where the smell came from, walking towards the smell leading it to her bedroom. She looked around and spots her door open, she walked up and closed the door pulling the latch down. She turned her head and notice there were footprints on the floor as it was around her room, and her pile of clothes had the foul smell and she went through them. She found her sports bra covered in spunk good as she had a disgust look, her fingers covered in it as she tossed it in the bag and soon smelled attracted to it as she then put her fingers in her mouth and sucked on every spunk and swallowed it, and looked down knowing something is in her home.

That’s when a noise could be heard in her closet as she turned around and saw footprints that lead into the closet, she walked over to see her door open and she took a look inside and saw nothing. That’s when she turned around again to see a yellow scaly figurine, standing on her bed with massive erect rock hard cock, pointing straight at her. Her eyes widened in horror as she gasped loudly, he grunted at her eying the door to escape from the small troll that was behind all of this. She tried to run to the door but he jumped in front of her, inching closer as she got up on the bed, he then jumped on the bed and stood over her.

He then straddle on top of her, her nightgown on with her thin black lace lingerie on, he roamed his hand all over her body as he looked down at her, she let out a scream trying to not look at the troll that’s on top of her. She tried to kick him off her as he grabbed her hands and kicked out her legs, his hard cock poking at her pussy as she let out a moan, but yet tried to break free from his grasp. He sneered and grunted at her “arggg” he grunts wrapping his arms around her and started to dry hump her, she screamed and yelled as she tried to push him off but his grip around her was too tight as tears flowed down her face, she let out a cry as he continue to dry hump her before moving her panties to the side and shove his cock into her pussy.

She started to cry in pain but at the same time she never took a cock like this before, but she moaned in pleasure as the troll drilled his cock deep inside her pussy, he saw her huge tits before his eyes and latched his mouth around them. He sucked on her tits through her bra squeezing them in his hands while thrusting his cock deeper inside her pussy, she moaned more and tried to resist his urge to fuck her. Her nightgown was soon removed by him as she took it off, he thrusted his cock nonstop feeling his cock explore her pussy as she will never know how long this would last. He ripped her bra in half taking her nipples into her mouth, she let out a moan “oh fuck please no” she plead as he grunted powerfully thrusting his cock continuously, pounding her pussy deep and harder, his ballsack slapping against her ass, he grunt nonstop drilling her pussy with his massive cock.

He continuously drilled her pussy harder and deeper with such force, her moans grew loud feeling her pussy being stretched out by his hard cock. He lifts her legs and rest them on his shoulders thrusting his cock harder and harder while looking down at her. She moved her arms up while closing her eyes not looking at him, he grabs her big tits and squeezes them in his hands. He continue to thrust his hard cock ferociously deeper and deeper, grunting more while she moans louder, her tits bounce in his hands squeezing her nipples with his fingers. “Stop please, it’s too sensitive” she plea at him when he rubs his fingertip on her nipples, she let out loud moan as he powerfully thrusts his cock deeper before pulling out.

He straddles on top of her body, shoving his cock between her huge tits and thrusts at a quicken pace. Her tits jiggled as he licks his lips at the sight of her tits jiggling all over the place. She moaned more her finger reaches down rubbing her pussy vigorously, Escort Bayan she looked up at the troll still tears coming down as it’s been almost hours it felt. He grunted thrusting his cock between her tits faster before shoving his cock into her mouth, taking her head and slammed his cock all the way down her throat.

She gagged on his cock inside her mouth, he held onto her head thrusting his cock deep inside of her mouth as she couldn’t breathe, her tears came out again while rubbing her pussy faster. “Mmmmmh” could be heard while he mouthfucked her nonstop, he pounded her mouth deep and shoving his cock deeper down her throat. He held her head against his base as his cock lodged all the way down as she flailed her arms as he pulled out, she gasped for air as he turned her around onto her stomach, as her night was about to take another turn.

He pulled her ass up slapping her asscheeks, she yelped as he yet to explore her ass and her pussy. He stuffed his face against her ass darting his tongue against her ass, sloppily licking it all over as she yelled and moaned at the same time as she never had anyone pleasure her ass before. “Mmmh fuck” she planted her head into the pillow as he licked her ass and darted his tongue into her ass, licking inside of her ass while she moved her hand up on the wall. “Fuck fuck shit!” She yelled as he ravaged her ass with his tongue, he reached down his hand on his cock stroking it while her hand reached down to rub her pussy.

He grunted savoring the flavor of her ass in his mouth with each dart from his tongue, he also put his hand on her tits squeezing them while he fucked her ass with his tongue. Lick after lick from her fat ass he continuously maul her ass with his tongue while she started to cum after time that passed. She moaned groggily as he moved his tongue from her ass to her pussy, he grunted finally tasting her pussy with his tongue licking her clit, she moaned loudly “mmmh fuck!” He bit her clit tugging at it with his teeth as she shriek but moan in pleasure, he licked her clit as she started to squirt before unloading, he felt her juices cover his mouth as he cleaned it all up with his tongue as she sighed in relief.

“Mmmh fuck!” she moans feeling his fingers enter her pussy, he thrust his finger inside of her pussy slowly as she rubbed her pussy faster, moaning louder as he fingers her pussy deeper reaching her g-spot. “Oh fuck not there!” She whimpers as he fingers her g-spot with such force she came again, moaning softly he went back tasting her pussy again, licking all the juices that flowed out. “Arggghh” he grunts licking her pussy clean before standing up and slapping his cock against her pussy. He stuffed his cock inside her pussy as she gasped loudly “holy fuck!” she threw her head back and he grabbed it, pounding her pussy ferociously deeper and harder, “errgh” he grunts feeling his cock stretch her pussy slowly with each thrusts.

“Mmh fuck it’s so big!” She moans loudly rubbing her clit rapidly as she came on his cock, he pounded her pussy harder and deeper, hitting her g-spot she continue to moan out holding the wall with her one hand, keeping the other on her clit. “Fuck keep going don’t stop!” She looks back at him grunting louder “arrggh” his cock drilling deeper inside her pussy as she couldn’t hold it much longer, she wants his cock in her mouth. As her pussy kept getting pounded time after time, she pulled his cock out and sucked on it hard, gagging and stroking it. “Mmmh it’s so big fuck!” She slobbered all over it while he grunted feeling her mouth with his cock inside.

She spat on his shaft and stroked it rapidly, looking up with her watery eyes, full of list as she bobbed her head back and forth on his cock “mmmmh fuck” she reached down rubbing her clit and slipped her finger inside her pussy, moaning more in pleasure rubbing her clit as she came once again while sucking his monster cock. He thrustsed his cock deeper down her mouth while she continued to finger her pussy and rubbing her clit, “mmmmhh” she moans with his cock in her mouth as he grunted more.

He pulls his cock out of her mouth and slid underneath her, taking her tits in his mouth and sucked them ferociously, she grabbed his cock and slid it in her pussy slowly, as she sat on it stuffing inch by inch by grabbing her tits and squeezes them in his face. “Mmmh fuck oh fuck” she moans sitting up and bounced on his cock rapidly faster, he rubbed her clit fast looking up at her grunting enjoying her bouncing on his cock. “Fuck it’s feels so good” she moans grabbing her tits and squeezes them while he watch in amazement his night got even better, her bouncing on his cock she came once again as she felt weak after cumming so many times.

“Oh fuck I’m starting to feel weak” she moaned louder bouncing slowly on his cock, before lowering herself as he continue to suck on her nipples licking and biting it, she moaned more while he grabs her fat ass, bouncing it on his cock. She moaned out each time his cock continue to stretch her pussy out, her ass slapping against his thighs each bounce she makes on his hard cock. “Fuck fuck fuck!” She moans he thrusts his cock deeper and deeper inside her pussy, he bounces her pussy on his cock rapidly faster. “Arrggh” he grunts more wrapping his arms around her body, still sucking on her tits as she moans more, as he pulled out lifting her legs up and went down licking her ass once again.

“Oh fuck not again” she said wrapping her hands on her legs as they were up in the air, her asshole still waiting to be explore with his hard cock, as he darted his tongue against her asshole. “Fucking shit oh fuck!” She moaned out loudly she felt his tongue inside her asshole again, he licked her asshole rapidly fast while holding her ass in his hands. istanbul Escort “Mmmh fuck” she moans out each time he sticks his tongue in and out of her asshole, he stuffed his mouth against her asshole eating it out “fuck yes oh yes!” She cries out tears again opening her legs, reaching down her pussy and rubs her clit again moaning more.

He continue to maul her asshole with his tongue licking inside of her ass, she rubs her pussy quickly moaning louder than ever “fuck oh fuck I’m gonna cum again!” feeling her cum flow again dripping out, he continues to pleasure her asshole before going up to her and plants a kiss on her lips. She moans out as she felt her asshole taste inside of her mouth, he grunts kissing her deeply while sticking his tongue with hers, interlacing their tongues together as she wraps her arms around his head as they kiss each other. As his cock rubs against her asshole he rubs his tip against her asshole, she moans out feeling the tip pop inside of her ass, “oh fuck!”

She screams out feeling his cock enter her ass, she spreads her cheeks apart looking at how big his cock stretches her ass, stuffing inch by inch, throwing her head back and holding her legs above her head with her arms around it. He continue to stuff her asshole with his cock all the way as she screamed in pleasure, he thrusts his cock slowly inside her ass pulling it out, slowly back inside as her eyes rolled the back of her head as he stuff his cock all the way inside of her ass. “Oh fuck it’s so big fuck!” She yelled feeling his cock stretch her asshole apart, she got up on her elbows looking at her asshole being stretched by his massive cock.

He thrusted his cock deep inside of her ass slowly, but picked up the pace as she threw her head back again with her eyes rolling back of her head, “fuck it feels so good it hurts!” She yells in pain and pleasure as he pounded her asshole deep and hard, stretching her ass apart watching her huge tits bounce again, he slaps her ass licking his lips as he grunts with each thrusts. As he continue pounding her ass ferociously harder and deeper, he got up on top of her thrusting his cock deeper and faster inside of her ass, her sucked on her tits once more as she moans out.

She places her hand on her clit and rubs it once again, moaning softly her eyes again back of her head feeling the sensation of the pain and pleasure from his cock inside her ass. “Mmh fuck I’m cumming once again!” she let out a sigh feeling her cum coming out of her pussy, his cock continue to drill deep inside of her ass. “Argggh!” He powerfully thrusts his cock all the way down her ass, slamming it with such force he felt his load of cum loading up. “Mmh fuck how long will it end?” She moans out scooping her cum from her pussy and licks it in her mouth, moaning as he slammed his cock all the way inside of her ass.

“Mmmh fuck!” She sigh feeling his cock pulling out before he straddles on top of her, his cock sliding between her huge tits as he thrusts his cock between them, feeling closer than ever. “Arrggh!” He moans out watching her tits bounce up and down with his cock lodged between them, she looks up at the small troll licking her as she placed her hands on her tits, helping him slide his cock between faster and faster. “Mmmh I feel you’re coming close” he says seductively feeling his cum coming out soon, he grunts more fucking her big tits rapidly faster with his cock before she sat up, watching him move his cock into her mouth.

He grunted loudly stuffing his cock into her mouth, he lets out a load of cum inside of her mouth, she cupped his ballsack while he continues to cum inside of her mouth, swallowing every drop of his cum, some overflowed down her mouth onto her huge tits. She swallowed most of his cum, but his cock slid out of her mouth as he drained the rest onto her huge tits, covering them with thick globs of spunk on her tits. “Mmh fuck”, she moaned out leaning her head back, placing one hand on her pussy, rubbing it slowly while watching the small troll finished cumming on her tits. He fell back as his cock splurged, drained out as she couldn’t move her legs.

“Damn that was the best fuck ever.” She said swallowing his cum, scooping some that dripped from her mouth and placed it in her mouth. She swallowed every single drop before looking down at her big tits, glistened with his thick spunk as she rubs his cum all over her tits and licked it up off her hands. “Mmh you taste so good,” she says getting up slowly moving her legs dangling off the bed, she tries to feel strength in her legs after cumming multiple times. She reached for the closet door trying to get up, her feet touch the floor pushing up as she felt strength through her legs to walk. She held the closet door with her hands, slowly walking towards the door as the small troll was off the bed, and took off once she was out the room.

She finally started walking after taking time to regain all the strength she needed, her holes sore from taking the pounding of her life, the troll that fucked her good. “I’ve never been fucked like that before” she says walking into the bathroom and cleaned herself off. She rubs her pussy slowly to relive the soreness as she finished cleaning herself with all the cum from the small troll down the drain. She came back putting on comfortable clothing and packed her things, before noticing her sports bra and pantie were missing.

She grabbed her things and walked out of the house, leaving the sliding door open as the troll took off with her clothing and took it into his hideaway in the dark caves, deep down in the woods, as gruntings could be heard after sniffing her sports bra and panties the small troll snatched away. She placed her bag in the car along with her blanket, driving to the airport feeling relieved after taking the fucking of her life, in the house she hopes to never return. Once she hopped onto the plane with other people in it, it took off and flew back to her home not far away as her ordeal is finally over.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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