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To the reader:

This is a story about how I met my spouse. Parts are true. Parts are embellished truth. It’s up to you to decide what is what. Enjoy.

A girl with long blond hair and a nice looking booty stood on the sidewalk staring Miles’ direction. Miles was in the middle of the street mumbling the words to New Edition’s “Can You Stand the Rain.”

It was not raining, just drizzling a little. The blonde looked down the sidewalk, watching a few fellas trying to pick up them a little “sumthin’ sumthin'” as the saying goes. But Teresa really had her eyes on Miles. She’d peeped him out in the club, watching him move while he was on the floor getting his groove on.

Teresa liked what she saw. She wasn’t much of a dancer, but his effortless and carefree moves suggested that he loved to dance. Teresa was interested in learning more.

And she did.

“Hey, you better get out of the road before you get hit,” she said, blurting the first thing that came to her mind.

“I’m all right. No worries about gettin’ hit.”

The street wasn’t busy anyway. In fact, it was just a side road, an oversized alley behind a hotel.

“What are you suicidal or something?”

Miles thought the girl was trippin’. Then again, he thought she was probably horny, too. Just like one of the fellas wanting to say anything to keep the conversation flowing. It amused Miles. He would have done the same thing.

Miles approached Teresa and noticed she was wearing some silky pants, stylish in a powerful female executive way. The slacks were a little looser than most, and Miles liked the type. They flowed with the booty a little more. They didn’t hug the booty, but they allow it its natural jiggle to, well – jiggle.

Miles had spied the booty from a distance and wanted peep it from up close. But walking to her and then circling around her like an inspector would’ve been ill.

Some commotion happened at the door to the club, and she turned around.

“Nice,” Miles said, under his breath.

Good width he thought. The roundness was all right, too. He could see she had a flat stomach and smallish breasts. But, she did a good job outlining her chest with one of those sweaters that buttons very low. The open part of the sweater came up on either side and went over the tip of each of her breasts. The white sweater and pastel-colored t-shirt she had under it did good job of giving her an innocent look.

Miles, however, knew that was a front because that innocence faded as soon as she turned around. He was standing about a foot and a half from her, definitely within her personal space.

She smiled.

For a few odd seconds of silence, Miles looked in her eyes, and Teresa looked in his. They both though the same thing: lips on lips, hands groping here and caressing there, fingers poking and prodding, her on top, him from behind.

They seemingly read each other’s minds and smiled and almost knowing smile.

“Why were you standing in the road?” Teresa asked.

“There were no cars coming,” Miles said. “I was just wasting time waiting for my boy.”

“Where is he?”

“Ahh, he’s inside tryin’ to find a girl to go home with. And probably strikin’ out.”

Teresa laughed.

“Why aren’t you inside?” she said.

Miles started thinking, ‘C’mon dawg. Be cool. This is a test. This is a test.’ Those were the thoughts going through his head.

“Hey, I came out to dance because I love dancing,” Miles said, smiling. “I’m not too worried about finding somebody to go home with.”

“Oh, so you think you got it like that, huh?” Teresa said. “Like you’re going to get somebody anyway?”

“Nah, it’s not like that. It’s not some ego thing. I just don’t go out looking to get laid. Now, now, don’t get me wrong. If it happens, hey. She’s feelin’ it and I’m feelin’ it, we can do that happy wild thing.”

Teresa gave Miles a smile that his dick stir.

They continued with a little small talk. He found out her name was Teresa. She thought his name, Miles, was different and interesting, especially for a black guy. She was a 22-year-old a psychology major at the local college. He was 19 and majoring in football. Business was his educational interest.

“Hey girl. What’s up?” came words from this girl Miles noticed as a somebody he’d danced with earlier. Outside, in the streetlight, she didn’t look too good. But Miles wasn’t interested in her anyway.

“Hey, Alicia,” Teresa said. “This is Miles. Miles, Alicia.”

Alicia gave Miles a quick once over and started talking about wanting to get out of there because of some guy who was following her around. Miles laughed, thinking it was probably his buddy. Barry liked those skinny booty girls anyway.

Some tall scraggily looking guy came up to the three of them, and Teresa gave him keys to go get her car. Two minutes later, he came back with a sweet looking charcoal gray Honda Accord.

Miles’ friend came out and wanted to leave.

“These girls are trippin’,” Barry said. “Man let’s jet.”

Miles quickly introduced Barry to Teresa and Alicia.

“I can give you a ride home if you need it,” gebze escort Teresa told Miles, hoping he would accept the invite.

“Oh, you can give me a ride?” Miles said, ever smiling.

“I’d love to. It’d be no problem.”

Miles turned to Barry and said things were cool. Barry looked on, dumbfounded. Miles didn’t try but was leaving with two women, and Barry was leaving with none.

The irony wasn’t lost on either of them.

Miles got in the co-passenger seat. Alicia got in the back, and the three left.

Barry stood there shaking his head.

Teresa drove ahead, turning left onto College Avenue. She said something about going out to one of her girlfriend’s houses. Her girlfriend supposedly had a pool and a hot tub. The hot tub talk perked Miles up a bit.

He had old shorts on under his pants, always did, some football thing. But Miles wondered what Teresa was going to wear if we got in the water. Would she have to wear a t-shirt that would cling to her breasts, maybe some shorts that when she got out of the water would cling to the crack of her booty outlining it just right.

“I’m glad to get out of there,” Alicia said, breaking Miles’ thought process.

“Why?” Teresa said.

“This guy … ah I don’t know. I’m tired of all these muthafuckas trying to get some play.”

“Well you know how the club scene is.”

Miles chuckled, thinking about somebody actually wanting to get into Alicia pants. Based on looks alone, she wasn’t doing it for him. Yeah, she was all right to dance with. But at one point while they were dancing, she had her butt on his pelvis and he felt her but bone.

Nothing was more disgusting. Miles likes booty, not fat woman, PHAT women, athletic women, thick women with some muscle definition. He didn’t want a body builder, but he could tell Alicia never saw the inside of a gym. Teresa, on the other hand, definitely had.

“Why are you laughing?” Teresa asked.

“Well, she’s talking like guys are the only ones in the club looking to get some play,” Miles said. “There are just as many horny females as there are males in the clubs. They want some play just like the we do.”

“You trying to say we all sluts?” Alicia said sounding perturbed.

“I was no where close to saying that. When you have sex, do you like it?”

“If it’s good.”

“There are probably some guys around town you’ve seen that intrigue you, aren’t there? I mean guys who make you wonder about their bedroom skills, right?”

“Hell, she has a few of those,” Teresa said, as both girls laughed aloud and gave high fives.

“That’s what I mean,” Miles said. “That guy or the other guy or the other guy, has probably been eying you for a while, and he finally decided to do something about it.”

“Yeah but guys will go after anything,” Alicia said. “They just want to get their dicks wet.”

Miles thought, Alicia should feel lucky that some guys would go after anything.

“Not all guys,” he said. “That’s just a stereotype. Look, I didn’t come out tonight trying to get laid. My boy wanted to go out. I haven’t been out in a long time, so he dragged me to the Kappa club party. I wasn’t doing shit, so I figured why not. It’s funny, I wasn’t trying to go home with anybody, and now I’m in the car with two women, it’s passed two in the morning and we’re going swimming and hot tubing.”

“Oh, so you think you’re going to get some tonight?” Alicia asked, sarcastically.

Miles paused for a moment, and looked straight at Teresa. He could tell she felt his stare because she went from looking at the road to glancing at his legs and back to the road.

“Yeah I might get some tonight. … Some good, long, intense, satisfying … conversation …”

Both girls laughed and shook their heads.

“You are a trip,” Teresa said.

“Like I told you before, if it happens, it happens,” Miles said. “Teresa, if you’re feelin’ me and I’m feelin’ you, I’m not going to do anything to stop either of us from feeling very happy.”

“So Miles, are you ‘feelin’ it?” Alicia asks. “Are you ‘feelin’ like you want to feel very happy as you say.”

“I think Teresa knows how I’m feelin’ right now.”

Miles leaned over to Teresa, about a half foot from her face and asked her, “Do you know how I’m feeling right now?”

“No secrets up there!” Alicia said before Teresa could answer.

Teresa smiled, downshifted and turned into an apartment complex in a part of Fayetteville that was foreign to Miles. The three drove around the place and she showed Miles a lake in the middle of the complex with a fountain shooting water about 50 feet in the air.

They continued driving around. Miles kept stealing glances at the way Teresa’s hand gripped and moved the gearshift. He obviously thought about her handling his gearshift. Would she be as smooth as she is now? Or would she just take the dick and be rough with it, trying to use it like she owned it?

He smiled at the thought and let out a sigh.

“What’s that cheesy grin for?” she asked.

Miles didn’t know Teresa was looking his way. göztepe escort He had to think fast.

“Oh I was just laughing at the situation and what my boy must be thinking,” he replied.

“So what are you going to tell him?”

“Only what he has to know.”

“Yeah right.”

“Look Teresa, if something happens between you and me, do you think I’d want to share that? Hell, my boys would be like, `Aww, man you got in `em guts, didn’t you? She came up to you, too. Dawg, I’m getting in that shit that tonight. Wait until I see her.’ Teresa if something happens, I’m not trying to share a damn thing.”

“You lyin’ your ass off,” Alicia said. “You’d tell all your boys.”

“If the three of us had a threesome, not that it’s going to happen, but if Teresa stopped this car right now and we stripped, jumped naked into to the pool and I pinned Teresa against pool wall, kissing her neck, rubbing her ass, feeling all of her body as I slipped my dick inside … and then did the same to you and back to Teresa and back to you … would you tell you girlfriends?”

“Damn! You get kind of descriptive with shit don’t you?”

“Well, would you?”

“Would I what?”

“Would you tell your girlfriends?”

“It depends on which ones.”

“Thank you. I’m the same way. And the friends I’d tell live in Arizona, not here in Arkansas.”

“OK…OK…” Teresa said. “Go back to that pinning me against the pool wall stuff.

Alicia and Miles both laughed.

“You’d like that shit wouldn’t you,” Alicia said to Teresa laughing. “You know you would. Hell, I was picturing that and thought like, ‘Damn! That’s some sexy ass shit.”

Teresa couldn’t help but to laugh and shake her head.

“No, no, no, it’s not like that,” Teresa said looking toward Miles. “What makes you think I’d let me pin you against the wall … ah, I mean, ah, let YOU pin ME against the wall?”

“Freudian slip there, Teresa,” Alicia said as we all a laughed.

“You know damn well what I meant to say,” Teresa replied.

Miles watched Teresa’s lips again as she talked. He thought about tasting them, seeing if they are as supple as they look. Of course, the thought of them going up and down his shaft was a much better thought. Teresa could’ve stopped the car and went down on him right then and he would’ve been the happiest guy in the world. He wouldn’t have cared that Alicia was there.

Miles had a bit of an exhibitionist streak in him. He wasn’t a total show off, but he liked the effect his body had on some women. But he was weird about it. Miles was a running back for the local college football team, and his body showed it. He was 6-feet tall, weighed 210 pounds and carried it with 8-percent body fat. And he always wore clothes that were too baggy, stuff that didn’t fit, stuff that didn’t match his body.

He wasn’t hung like the proverbial horse, but, in a flaccid state, very few of his teammates were larger than him. He had measured it once in fifth grade when another little boy boasted he was going to have a 10-inch dick like his dad. Miles never asked his own father. But Miles put a ruler to his own 11-year-old dick: four and half inches.

Miles was disappointed at the time. But by the time Miles was sexually active, he was a lot bigger and the girls never complained. In, fact, Miles always liked the looked of surprise a girl got the first time she grabbed him.

So, Miles knew he was packing promise, and didn’t mind showing it off every now and then. “Fuck Alicia,” he thought.

Teresa and Miles would’ve been feeling good.

“So?” Teresa asked, bringing him back to reality and her question. “What are you thinking about over there?”

“Hey I’m easy, I’d let you pin me. I wouldn’t mind. That way I’d be able to play with all your toys.”

“Her toys?” Alicia asked.

“Feeling her booty while she’s riding up and down. Kissing her lips, her neck, her cheeks. Licking and suckling on her nipples. Holding onto the narrow part of her waist, steering her pelvis while I’m buried inside her body. You know, her toys.”

“Oh my goodness, you have a fucking imagination.”

“Well you asked.”

Teresa gripped the steering wheel while Miles talked. She knew he was looking at her the entire time. She didn’t want to look his way. She didn’t want him to know that could visualize the same thing. Soon she whispered a quiet “shit.”

The three passed by another part of the apartment complex. Sarcastically, Teresa said the pool fun would have to wait. He friend’s car wasn’t there and the lights in her apartment were off.

It was 2:35 am. Alicia yawned, and said that they should just take her home.

“I don’t have a pool,” she said. “So you won’t be pinning me or anybody tonight.”

“That’s fine,” Miles said to nobody in general. Then he turned to Teresa. “Alicia, I wasn’t trying to pin you anyway. I think Teresa was talking about pinning me. That’s cool, too. Maybe next time.”

Teresa pulled out of the complex and headed back toward the campus. Miles watched her shifting the gears again. Thoughts haramidere escort started flowing again. She caught him again.

“What?” she said, smiling.

“Nothing,” he said. “Just thinking about feeling happy.”

“You and this feeling happy. You try to feel happy a lot?”

“Nah, not all the time. Only when I have good reason and the right motivation.”

“Oh Lord,” Alicia laughed then mocked Miles. “‘The right motivation ….’ You are a fuckin’ trip.”

“Well, let me apologize for not being the overzealous type of brotha you’re used to encountering.”

“Teresa, would you listen to this, ‘overzealous’ how many muthafuckas say ‘overzealous’? Muthafucka probably don’t know what the shit means.”

Alicia kept talking. With every breath she sounded more and more idiotic. Miles kept his attention on Teresa. She shook her head as Alicia yapped. It sounded like Alicia had a bit too much to drink. And after less than a mile, she was sleeping.

Yeah, too much to drink.

“She can be a little chatty,” Teresa said. “Don’t pay much attention to her.”

“Trust me, I haven’t.”

“Uh huh. You’re just a flirt, aren’t you?”

“Me? A flirt? C’mon, now. I don’t go out enough to flirt. I just like keeping interesting conversation, and if the woman … or person … happens to look as good as you, so be it. But it’s just talk, no flirting.”

Teresa laughed more and shook her head again. She said didn’t know what to think about Miles. He liked it like that. Keep them guessing. That’s what his pops always said. Show the interest, let them know that they are everything they think they are. But keep them guessing.

Teresa thought Miles was nice enough, engaging, even. His words, his pause for effect when he spoke and the way he phrased his sentences let her know he was more intelligent than he was letting on. But there was something different about Miles that she said she couldn’t seem to put a finger on.

She asked him if he flattered all the girls in his own peculiar way. Miles told her only the girls who deserved it. Miles was having a great time. He hadn’t left campus in several months. And the first time he does, he meets a girl whose first question was not, “Are you a football player?” It was a nice change. Miles wasn’t one of the team’s stars, but his status of being a football player for a Division I university afforded him a lot of life’s pleasures – if he wanted them.

But Miles was a strange one. If a girl wanted to fuck him because of his body or because she connected with him in some mental way, it was cool. If she wanted him because he played football, he tossed them along to one of his teammates who were more than eager to get in the ass.

Miles and Teresa had a nice little flirt game going on, too. He wondered how far to take it. He didn’t want to piss off the girl and have her pulling over, calling the cops at three in the morning.

He quickly thought about what she could pull over to do, though. He smiled, and blood began flowing to his dick as his imagination wondered.

They had been driving south on College, passed by a Food4Less, Wal-Mart and a Hastings video shopping center. It got very dark after a right hand turn took them onto a street by this German auto shop.

Miles wanted Teresa to stop right there. He didn’t care that Alicia was in the back. Teresa slowly drove down the street, so slow, that Miles didn’t think she wanted Alicia to get home. Maybe she was scared she wouldn’t be able to handle her hormones after Alicia left the car. Miles laughed at the thought. A little ego on his part. But it was still funny.

“OK, you’re quiet again,” Teresa said. “What are you over there thinking about.”

“Nada. Just looking around trying to get my bearings.”


“In case you get tired of a brotha. I’ll know how to get back home.”

“Oh, I don’t know if I’ll get tired of you.”

“Yeah, I know. We haven’t done anything to get tired.”

“OOOO, OK Now. No we haven’t, have we?”

“It’s a trip, isn’t it? Instead of taking her home, we could be somewhere getting tired.”

“Like where.”

“Maybe a park.”

“A park? Why there.”

“They all have swings, monkey bars, merry-go-rounds, you know, things we could use to help us get tired.”

“Monkey bars? You’re a bit adventurous, aren’t you?”


“Yes. Adventurous.”

“Oh. Oh. Oh. I get now. You thought I was talking about sex, the happy wild thing.”

“Don’t even try it. I know that you know that I knew what you were talking about.”

“Hey, I was talking about doing pull ups on the monkey bars, working our legs and lats on the swing …”

“And the merry-go-round?”

“Well, I figured you could chase me around it, and once you caught me I’d have to chase you. I’ll tell you, it works wonders on the lateral quickness.”

“Well, what happens when you catch me?”

“When I catch you then …”

“Yeah, Miles,” Alicia said, sounding groggy. “What happens when you catch little missy? Huh? Huh? Is that when you want to introduce her you little Miles? Is that when you want to, ahh how’d you say it … Feel her booty while she’s riding up and down. You want to kiss her lips, her neck, her cheeks. I think you said you wanted to lick and suckle on her nipples. Oh yeah and then, hold onto the narrow part of her waist, steering her pelvis while you’re buried inside her body. Is that what you want to do when you catch my friend?”

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