Tempting Trevor Pt. 02

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Chapter 6: Things Left Behind

Stacy bumped into some of her old friends at the mall and made the spontaneous decision to spend the rest of the day with them.

“I’ll have Tara drop me off later,” she said. “Thanks for letting me come along.”

“Sure thing. Thanks for getting Mary some stuff.” Trevor replied.

Stacy gave Mary a hug, pressing her tits into Mary’s face.

“Now, don’t go wearing the new suits without me. I just can’t wait to see how good they look!” She said, but there was a hint of command in her tone.

“Thanks, Stacy.” Mary said, shuffling her feet nervously as two of Stacy’s equally gorgeous friends looked on.

“See you at home later.” She said to Trevor and walked off with her friends.

Mary could hear the tall blonde proclaim, as they walked off, “She’s just such a little cutie!”

Trevor bought them an early dinner at the food court. Mary picked at her food, quiet.

“You ok, babe?” He asked, having no difficulty wolfing down his own meal.

“Yeah,” Mary said, trying to sound more cheerful than she felt. “Did…” she hesitated, “Did you really think I looked… sexy?”

“Oh, yeah!” He answered. “Stacy made a great choice with the swimsuits.”




Trevor grinned.

They arrived back at Trevor’s house, where he suggested they go upstairs and relax, maybe listen to some music. Mary agreed, fully aware that when a boy wants to “listen to music” it just means they want an excuse to lie on the bed, make out, and paw at your body.

Still, she followed him up the stairs to his room, where he shut the door and laid on the bed with her. He swiped open his phone, found a playlist, and music played through the bluetooth stereo.

Trevor put his arms around her and nuzzled his nose against hers sweetly. It wasn’t long before his mouth was on hers, and he was kissing her softly. His hands roamed down her sides, along her hips, back up, and then played along the hem of her shirt. His fingers slipped under the hem, and touched her bare skin, gaining inches as he teased his way toward his goal.

The incident in the dressing room with Stacy had put Mary’s mind in a wild state of confusion. Here she was, unwilling to go any further with her boyfriend, afraid of what he might do, or afraid of what she might not be able to do. She couldn’t decide which. Both? At the same time, she felt so turned on. Even as he touched her, though, she compared it to the way Stacy had touched her. Trevor was so sweet, pushing a little bit at a time, trying to make sure he went slow. Stacy just took control of her, though, like she was entitled to her body, because she was a hot and sexy woman. Mary felt a flush of desire, and as Trevor’s tongue snaked into her mouth, she couldn’t help but imagine what it would feel like if it were Stacy’s tongue.

She quickly broke the kiss, much to Trevor’s disappointment.

“You ok?” He asked, a note of annoyance in his tone.

That was to be expected, she guessed. He was a horny boy.

“I’m really thirsty.” She said, just to give her spinning thoughts time to sort themselves out.

“No problem, babe. I’ll get you something.”

Trevor got up from the bed and adjusted his rigid cock. Mary pretended not to notice. He shut the door, and Mary breathed in and out deeply, trying to get a hold of herself. She lay on her side and glanced about Trevor’s immaculate room, trying to take her mind off of her conflicted emotions. Trevor was very neat, not like a typical teenager with a chaotic and messy room. Everything was organized and in its place. Perhaps that was why something small and out of place caught her attention. The floor was spotless, clean. Except for something off to one side against the wall. She couldn’t say why this one thing made her rise from the bed with a sense of curiosity. It was just so out of place with everything else.

She glanced at the door, and then hurried over to the thing, picked it up, unfolded the bunched up cloth in her hands and blinked, perplexed. Panties? Black silk panties. Tiny, sexy panties. Oh God! They were another woman’s panties! Was Trevor cheating on her? No. No, that wasn’t him. She was sure of that. It just wasn’t in him. Another thought popped into her mind, and she knew it was right. They were Stacy’s panties. What other explanation was there? Trevor had been jerking himself off with his Sister’s panties!

She quickly shoved the little panties into her pocket and leapt back on the bed. It made sense. He was a horny boy with a big cock, and Stacy was so hot and sexy. He probably didn’t even think of it as wrong. He was just playing with his cock, thinking about big tits and a round ass.

“Do you think he’ll go home and jerk his cock, thinking about my tits?”

Stacy’s words from the changing room popped back into her head. He would! He would go home and think about big tits while he jerked his cock! Was he kissing her on the bed and imagining his cock between a pair of big tits? She shivered Magosa Escort as her mind conjured up an image of Trevor’s cock between Stacy’s tits, and she bit her lip. Jesus, save me! She prayed. I’m such a sinner!

Trevor returned with a bottle of water and handed it to Mary.

“Thank you.” She said, and accepted it, popping the cap and swallowing it down gratefully.

Trevor looked at her with concern.

“You sure you’re ok? You look a little hot.” He put the back of his hand to her forehead and felt sweat.

“I don’t know,” she replied. “I feel a little sick again. Maybe I pushed it too hard. Will you be mad if I go home and lay down?”

“No, babe. Go ahead. Feel better.” he said, genuinely concerned.

She nodded.

“Thanks. You’re the best.”

She got up from the bed and gave him a hug. Trevor held her with his big, strong hands, rubbing her back. He followed her down the stairs and saw her off. As she drove home, she felt the little lump of cloth in her pocket, wondering if even now Trevor was back in his room, jerking his cock to a pair of big tits.

Chapter 7: My Little Brother the Peeper

Trevor did, in fact, think about big tits. The day at the mall, being surrounded by so many hot girls, had the natural effect of giving him a raging boner. He relieved it at his computer. He consciously avoided any of the fauxcest videos, but many of the girls he focused on seemed to have dark hair and big, bouncy boobs. That was ok, though. They were just porno girls who had hot bodies, and they just happened to have dark hair.

Once he’d sprayed his cum, he spent the rest of the evening playing video games, sending the odd text to Mary just to ensure she was doing ok. She was resting. Good. The afternoon turned to evening, and the evening turned to night. Well past midnight, he finally resigned himself to sleep. Stacy hadn’t come home by the time he drifted off. Man, college life must be just one big all-night party, he thought.

In the morning, the day seemed to repeat itself. The sounds of Stacy’s yoga music drifted from the living room as he came downstairs. He entered the room.

“Morning!” Stacy said, her back to him as she stretched, then bent, pushing her ass out toward him.


“Come on,” she invited him, “we’ll make a yogi out of you yet.”

Trevor went through her instruction. This was actually really cool, he decided. Relaxing, calming. At the end of it, he felt more… balanced, he guessed.

“Thanks, sis.” He said, accepting a towel from her and mopping his forehead, “I’m liking this.”

“Me, too! I didn’t really think I’d like teaching it as much as I do, but you’re a good student. Quick learner.”

He took a seat on the couch and checked his phone, which he’d remembered to silence this time.


“Hmm?” He grunted, responding to a message from Mary.

“I don’t want to impose, but, well… I was hoping that I could use your computer again. If it’s not too inconvenient.”

Trevor stiffened, but tried not to show it.

“Uh, yeah… sure. I’m gonna shower and watch some TV, so whatever.” he said, his eyes on his phone, though he wasn’t really looking at anything.

“Thanks.” Stacy said happily.

Trevor watched out of the corner of his eye as Stacy’s ass wiggled away out of the room. He gave it a few minutes, and then showered. It was only as he got out that he realized his mistake. He hadn’t actually brought other clothes in with him. He wrapped a towel around his waist and padded softly to the door of his room. Maybe Stacy wasn’t using his computer yet. The door was mostly shut, but cracked. He raised his hand to knock, but then a tingle went down his spine. Was she…?

As soon as the thought entered his brain, he knew he had to know. It was just like the morbid curiosity that had prompted him to open those tabs. He just… had to know. Stealthily, he placed his finger in the door’s crack and eased it open just enough to see. And, oh, did he see.

Stacy was at his computer, pushing a thick, pink dildo into herself. Trevor bit his lip. Oh, shit! His desk was essentially just a table, so there was no back to hide what was happening underneath. The rise of the dual-monitor setup ensured that whoever was behind the desk could not see the door, but anyone at the door could clearly see what was happening beneath the desk. Stacy’s spread legs were quite visible, as was her busy hand, working the toy in and out of her sexy pussy. He could hear her soft moans of pleasure as she fucked herself slowly. He felt his own hand rubbing his cock through the towel, looked down, and quickly pulled it away. Fuck, this was wrong! He was looking at his first real pussy, and it was his own sister’s!

He tore himself away from the door, and hurried off silently, creeping down the stairs, and threw himself down on the couch. His cock was stiff, tenting the towel. He shut his eyes and breathed, but all he could see was a pink dildo, held in Kıbrıs Escort long-nailed fingers, being stuffed into a wet, sexy pussy. Jesus, he was the worst fucking brother!

The sound of the bathroom door clicking shut just upstairs drew his attention. Stacy was finished. Stacy was finished masturbating with his computer. He could get dressed. Yes, dressed. He quickly went up to his room and shut the door, locked it, and went to the computer. He ran his hand across the seat. It was wet. He’d just scooped up his sister’s pussy cream on his finger. Oh, God! He wiped his finger on the towel, but instead of putting the towel on the chair, he paused, and with a trembling finger he scooped up more of the wetness, and brought it to his mouth. It had a sweetness to it, but didn’t really didn’t taste like much.

He sat in the chair; the towel protecting him from the wetness, and took the mouse in his hand. There was one minimized browser window. Shit! He hovered over it, left-clicked, moved the mouse to “close” then to “maximize”. He had to know. He clicked.

The video was titled, “Beating my Brother’s Boner.”

He put on the headphones and clicked play. This wasn’t a fauxcest video. Chances are it was just a couple roleplaying, but it was certainly homemade. The camera was someone’s phone, set to the side on a table. The couple was young, probably about the same as him, if he had to guess. They did not show their faces. The young man sat on the couch, and his topless “sister” kneeled before him.

She poured lube from a bottle into her hands, and slowly stroked the man’s erection, getting it slick and shiny. She worked both hands up his long shaft, then used one to jerk on the head of his cock, and the other to stroke up and down his rigid pole. Trevor’s hand found his own pole and stroked. The motion of the girl’s hands was hypnotic. His eyes glued to the screen, he matched the rhythm. The “brother” moaned and gasped as his “sister” stroked.

“You like that?” She teased him.


“Do I do it better than your girlfriend?” She asked, hotly.

“Oooh, yeah. Don’t stop!”

“Am I hotter and sexier than she is?”


“She doesn’t suck your cock, does she?”

The man moaned, and somehow Trevor knew he was shaking his head in the negative.

“You could let me suck it,” the girl teased. “You could let your big sister suck it for you.”

“Oh, shit!” the man exclaimed, and his cock twitched wildly in the girl’s hand.

The man grunted, and Trevor saw a hot spurt of cum between the girl’s fingers as she worked the head of his cock. He continued to groan and buck his hips as the girl milked the cum from his hard penis, leaving her hands a sticky mess. She leaned in and sucked the head of his cock, swiping her tongue around the crown to lick up the gooey semen. Trevor’s own cock exploded over his hand. He fumbled for the edge of his towel and wrapped it around his spurting cock as the guilty pleasure flowed through his groin. The girl in the video giggled and slowly milked more cum from her “brother’s” cock, licking it up sexily.

Chapter 8: Lessons

Trevor, dressed in shorts and t-shirt, laid back on his bed watching TV. Well, the TV was on, but he wasn’t really watching. He wasn’t really doing much of anything. He was thinking about the video and feeling guilty. He’d done it again. He’d intruded on Stacy’s private fantasy world. This time, he’d even jerked off and cum to it. Jesus, why had she left that stupid browser open? The thought stopped him. Why had she left the browser open? It wasn’t like Tracy didn’t know the difference between close and minimize. Had she done it on purpose? Had she left it open for him to find? It certainly appeared to be the case. Why else?

She’d meant for him to find it. Teasing him would certainly be something that Stacy would do. She might just be doing it as some kind of sick joke. That would be entirely like her. She’d do it just to fuck with him. Like the time she replaced his shampoo with honey. It wasn’t malicious. It was just the relationship they had. Good-natured ribbing. That was all it was, he was sure. A knock at his door broke the thought.

“Come in,” he called.

Stacy opened the door, dressed in her new bikini. Trevor did his best to keep his eyes on the TV, but she posed with one arm against the doorframe, legs slightly spread. The keyhole top revealed deep cleavage, pressing her breasts together like an offering.

“Feel like hitting the pool with me?” she asked. “It seems a shame to spend such a beautiful day inside watching TV.”

Trevor fought with his hormones, but decided it was the right thing to do. Stacy was just being a jerk with the porno thing, after all. She was screwing with him, to see what kind of reaction she could get, probably laughing to herself the whole time. He couldn’t let her win.

“Yeah, ok. Let me get dressed.” He said.

Stacy did not move from the doorway. She watched him expectantly.

“Um, Lefkoşa Escort a little privacy pervert?” He said jokingly.

“Oh, right,” she laughed, “can’t divulge the location of the family jewels. Someone might steal ’em.”

She shut the door. Trevor sighed and dressed in his swim shorts. He found Stacy outside, already in the pool.

“If you cannonball me,” she yelled, “I’m gonna pants you.”

Trevor took the stairs into the pool, and made a few easy laps back and forth across its length, while Stacy floated on her back, soaking in the sun. Trevor wondered if her boobs helped keep her afloat, then chastised himself for thinking about her tits again. For a while, they just relaxed in the water, then decided on racing from one end of the pool to the other several times. Trevor could tell that Stacy was a bit surprised at how evenly matched they were.

Eventually, they tired of the water and laid out on the loungers to dry off. As they lay in the sun with their shades on, Stacy spoke up.

“So,” she said, “I hear you and Mary haven’t been…intimate.”

“Intimate? Wow, Stac. That was a whole sentence without the word fuck in it.”

Stacy laughed, saying, “I was trying to be nice, dumbass. Ok. I hear you haven’t fucked your girlfriend yet. Is that better?”

Trevor blushed, but he’d asked for it.

“Why was Mary talking to you about us?” he asked.

“We were girl talking, of course. Girls talk about dicks and clothes.”

“Hey, thanks, by the way. It was really cool of you to include her like that. She doesn’t have a lot of, well, regular friends. They’re all those churchy girls, and I’m sure they’re not talking about dicks and clothes. I know you didn’t have to be so nice, so I appreciate it. Most big sisters wouldn’t even try to get to know their brother’s girlfriend.”

Stacy reached out and touched his shoulder, genuinely touched, even if his supposition for why she was including Mary so thoughtfully couldn’t have been further from the truth.

“She’s a sweet girl.” Stacy said, then asked, “So, why haven’t you boned?”

“You’re weird.”

“No, I’m just embarrassed to have a studly brother that’s still a virgin. I’m thinking about my reputation. Tara was telling me how hunky she thought you were.”

“Tara?” he asked, thinking of Stacy’s statuesque blonde friend. “The last time I saw Tara, she called me a drooling pervert sicko.”

“Well, time has a way of changing one’s perspective, I guess.”

“In my defense,” Trevor said, “her bikini was way too small.”

“So was her boyfriend’s dick.”

They shared a laugh at the joke.

“You’re avoiding the question.” Stacy said, finally.

Trevor sighed. She would not drop it.

“Mary’s a good girl. She’s got all that Jesus in her head from her mom.” He said.

“Jesus isn’t what’s stopping her.” Stacy said.

“What do you mean?”

He rolled over onto his side, curious.

“She’s afraid, trust me. I can see it.”

“Afraid? Why?”

Trevor felt like he was being baited, but Stacy was discussing sex, and the prospect of something that might lead to him having sex with his girlfriend made any reservations about discussing sex with his sister irrelevant.

“Let me divulge the solemn secrets of the female gender to you,” she said, “and remember, these are closely guarded. To discuss them with a man breaks all kinds of rules, so I could totally lose my vag-club card by telling you.”

“Sounds serious.” Trevor joked, but he was genuinely curious. Of course, he’d read plenty of things on the internet about girls, what women want, the kinds of things every guy wants to know more than anything else.

“The thing about most girls,” Stacy said, “is that they’re actually a lot like guys when they think about sex. Especially when a girl hasn’t done it before. They get scared that they’re going to do it wrong, or that they’re not going to be good enough. They think that guys have these lofty expectations about what a girl should know, like kissing or touching, or giving a good blowjob.”

Trevor thought about the video. “Let your big sister suck it for you,” he heard the girl’s voice say, and he felt his dick getting hard.

“That’s stupid,” he said aloud. “Why would I expect her to know about stuff that she has no experience with?”

“It’s just the way people think. Let me ask you this: Are you afraid that you won’t do it right, or that you won’t be good enough? Don’t worry. It’s normal. Of course you are.”

There was no need to answer. She continued, “everyone is worried about that. But really, what were you good at the first time you did it? Hell, I’ll bet you couldn’t even jerk off right the first time. I know I couldn’t.”

“Ok, that makes sense.” He conceded, unable to stop himself from thinking about Stacy shoving a dildo into her pussy.

“It’s like anything else. You learn with experience.”

“Kind of hard to get experience,” he said, “when your girlfriend won’t let you.”

Stacy grinned and felt her pussy juice up. It was exactly the answer she wanted. Bait set. Spring trap.

“What you need,” she offered helpfully, “is to know exactly what works a woman up, so that she won’t say no. She’ll want it more than you do. Now, what you have going for you is that you already have most of what it takes.”

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