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Huge Boobs

Teens MOM helps me FUCK her VIRGIN DAUGHTERThe pictures to this story and are at my site here on HAMSTERS and it’s a TRUE STORY!I was at a friends house and he had invited several couples over for a cookout. I knew one of the women coming and she and I have been fucking around for about two years now. Camille is married and her husband has no idea that we do! A few times, I had even been at their house and she and I would sneak off to the bathroom during parties and she would suck me off or just bend over and let me fuck her! At one party, when she and I went back outside to join everyone, I noticed that cum was running down her legs and she was wearing only a bathing suit so I actually pushed her into the pool and then pretended it was a joke, later telling her WHY! I sure as HELL didn’t want her old man seeing that!Tonight, she and her husband came together and they brought along their young daughter with them. I hadn’t seen her since she was a little girl and she had grown up to be a hot teen and a VERY FUCKABLE girl! As the night went on and the drinks flowed, the talk turned to sex and I couldn’t keep my eye’s off either Camille OR her daughter. They were both sitting side by side at the kitchen table, both in shorts, barefoot and both had their legs up on the table. I could see the outline of Camille’s daughters pussy under her shorts and I could tell she wasn’t wearing any panties. Her shorts were made of a thin white material and I could see her camel toe outline as clear as a bell. Camilles husband walked out on the back porch to talk with some folks and thats when she noticed me digitalbahis yeni giriş looking at her daughters pussy and k**dingly pushed me and laughed. I laughed back of course and then watched as her daughter began running her fingers over her crotch. She didn’t know I could see her doing it and it was killing me thinking about what that little pussy would look like with my cock in it! I knew she was getting horny and so was I to tell the truth. Camille then asked if I wanted another beer and I of course said yes and the two of us went into the kitchen to grab a couple from the fridge. Her daughter walked out on the back porch with a few other people and her daddy and thats when Camille asked me just what the hell I was thinking, staring at her teenage daughter like that. I just laughed it off and told her that she shouldn’t worry that I wasn’t going to make a move on her, not without permission. Thats when Camille shocked me by telling me that she had been wanting to see her daughter get fucked by the right person her first time and that I was the perfect guy since she knew I would be gentle and make it a good experience for her. I was kinda caught off guard by her comment but it made me hard as a rock just thinking about it! After the party settled down, They all left and Camille asked me to meet them at my house the following weekend since her husband would be out of town for several days. The next Saturday night, they both came over and Camille, along with their daughter came inside and sat down. I could tell her girl was really nervous, so was I actually, digitalbahis giriş and I figured the best way to break the ice was to have us all go for a swim. Her daughter said she hadn’t brought a bathing suit and thats when her mom just pulled her top off, then her jeans and panties and told her daughter that NO clothes were allowed in Hal’s pool! We all undressed and I saw her girls pussy and tits for the first time and I knew right then I wanted to fuck her! She had beautiful full tits and perfect nipples. There was a belly ring on her navel and her pussy was light pink and surrounded by soft hair that had just begun to really grow. I could just see her clit sticking from between her lips and it was pinker than the rest of her pussy.During the swim, Camille and I fooled around, k**dingly of course, to see what her daughters reaction would be. To my relief, she seemed to enjoy it and after we had dried off, we headed back into the house. Camille asked to excuse them for a minute while they freshened up in the bathroom. I sat there waiting for what seemed like 20 minutes and heard Camille call me. I walked to the back of the house and there they both were, on my bed, butt naked and with their arms around each other. While I watched, they kissed and I mean KISSED!! It was a long, hot and wet one that nearly killed me watching!! ..LOL Camille signaled me over to them and I crawled in between them, ready for anything! Camille sucked my cock first, followed by her daughter and she actually told her how to suck it, lick it and even lick my ass. I then placed her daughter digitalbahis güvenilirmi on her back and gently spread her legs apart so I could see that sweet virgin pussy up close. I licked it at first and noticed her arch her back and then I stuck my togue deep inside, swirling it around and she was so sweet I could hardly believe it! She was soft as butter and as she got wetter, I started gently sucking on her clit and was MORE than ready to fuck when Camille told me it was time to break her girls virginity and help her grow up. She had her sit over my cock as Camille held it in place and she slowly lowered herself over my dick. She moaned a little when it went inside and I knew that her being a virgin I would have to go slowly! As she began pumping me I could feel myself about to cum and I asked Camille if the girl was on birth control. She told me yes and that for me to shoot it deep inside and not to worry about any pregnancy. I continued letting her ride my cock and then I fliiped her over and fucked her doggie style. That really got the little girl going and as I came, Camille began kissing her and was squeezing my balls at the same time. After filling her newly fucked pussy with my jism, Camille had her girl get up and roll over. Camille then told her to lick my cock clean and made sure she licked my balls too. Camille then went down on her daughter sucking out every last bit of my cum. She then leaned over her girl and spit some in her mouth so she would know what cum tastes like. After we had all finished, her daughter hugged and thanked me for being so nice and that she had just had her first sex with a man. Turns out that she and her mom have been having fun with each other since she was a junior in highschool! Now, we get together every few weeks and fuck all night long and I had even fucked them both in the ass as they lay side by side but thats another story!! Hal

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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