Teenolivia and Amanda at the lake.

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Teenolivia and Amanda at the lake.Hi everyone, This whole story started out as a dirty comment I left for an xhamster user, teenolivia on one of her photos. I decided to make it an entire story based on that one photo in her profile which is this one:http://xhamster.com/photos/view/465936-7240437.htmlThe story is told to Olivia, from me. I meet you and Amanda at the park near the lake in this photo. I can’t take my eyes off of your hot little bodies and both of you girls keep looking down at my hardening cock in my shorts and keep smiling at me. We all decide to take a walk into the woods and go down by the lake for some more privacy. We get to the beach near the lake, and you and Amanda start rubbing my now raging hard-on through my pants as I start rubbing each of your pussies through your shorts… “Oh my God! You girls are incredible!” I moan as you both rub my cock firmly through my shorts while you stare at it. You and Amanda are breathing heavily now making little ‘MMmmm’ noises as I rub your pussies… I can start to feel the heat and wetness of your pussies through your shorts… and all of this getting you both so very hot…(That was basically Part 1 that I posted on her picture, the remaining is the story I decided to write)I start to undo each of you girls’ shorts now and pull them down to the ground as you both begin to undress me as well. My cock springs out of my boxers while you and Amanda’s panties are getting wetter. I lay down a large blanket on the sandy lake beach and I tell you and Amanda to strip naked and lie down on your backs.“Daddy is going to suck and fuck you now…”And you say to me, Olivia: “Oh yes, Daddy…”You start to feel a twinge of pleasure when I say that to you. Both you and Amanda eagerly comply and quickly remove your shirts and bras, then both lie back naked in the sun, and continue to rub your clits; squirming your hips around, biting your lips in anticipation, looking at me and waiting for me to remove my shirt and start lapping you up with my tongue.I stand there for a moment, stroking my hard cock slowly, just savoring the image of both you and Amanda writhing naked in the sun; each of you desperately wanting my hard cock inside of you… I get on my knees and move towards your hot little pussy and say: “OK, Olivia, it looks like you get the sucking part today.” Amanda lets out a little sigh and says “Well how come she gets to go first?”I look over to Amanda and say: “Because Amanda, Olivia’s pussy is not getting my cock today; only YOUR pussy is getting my cock… I’m going to make Olivia cum all over my face first, and then she’s going to watch me fuck you relentlessly like a slut while I stare at Olivia the entire time.”“Then, when I’m ready to cum, I’m going to pull out of you, Amanda, and shoot my load all over Olivia’s face.”“So Amanda, you are simply going to be my little fuck-slut today. I’m going to screw your mouth and pussy while I fantasize that I’m fucking Olivia and talking to her. Understand?” Amanda is somewhat in shock and completely turned on at the same time over what I just said and keeps rubbing her clit and breathing heavily.Staring at me with submissive eyes, she says: “Yes Daddy, I understand…” “Good…”Your clit starts to throb with excitement upon hearing what’s going to happen to you today. You are so turned on by the idea of watching your friend get fucked like a dirty slut by me while I stare at you, Olivia, the entire time and watch you masturbate to orgasm…“Oh Daddy, you are making me so hot for you right now. I can’t wait for you to cum all over my face.”I look to you as I lick my lips and start slowly moving my head down to your hot wetness, ready to lick up all of your now sopping-wet pussy into my mouth.My wet tongue teases your clit as I cup each of your ass cheeks in isvecbahis yeni giriş my hands and squeeze them. You’re moving your fingers around your areolas and pinching your nipples and then you feel my mouth envelope your entire swollen clit… “Oh GOD, Daddy; your mouth feels so good!”You gasp with pleasure as I suck on your clit and fondle it in my mouth with my tongue. I take my right hand and start to slide my index and middle finger up and down along your pussy lips while I work your clit with my mouth—your hips are writhing back and forth, trying to get my fingers inside your aching, hungry, wet pussy… But I just keep teasing your lips with them…You start to whimper through your moans: “Daddy, please… Please Daddy, fuck me with your fingers while you suck my clit… Please Daddy?…”I look into your eyes, still gently sucking on your clit and I slowly slide in my index and middle fingers into your pussy and then push deep and completely inside of you and hold them there while wiggling my fingertips.“Oh my GOD…” You say as your body starts to shudder from the enjoyment.I start moving my fingers in and out of you now. Slowly at first, then I increase the speed. Your pussy is so wet, Olivia. And my cock is getting so hard from sucking on your sweet little kitty.Amanda is staring at us with lust in her eyes—entranced by our spectacle, she bites her lower lip and grinds her hips around as she breathes heavily and furiously rubs her clit. You grab my head with both of your hands; you can feel the impending orgasm building up now. I keep sucking and tonguing your clit while I fuck your wet pussy with my fingers. “Oh God, Daddy I’m gonna cum! That’s it Daddy, right there! Right there! OOOHHHHHH DAADDYYYYY I’M CUMMIIIING!”I keep working your clit as I feel your juices flow out onto my fingers and out of your pussy. Your body is heaving and in spasms from the orgasm you are having right now. I pull my fingers out of you with a wet pop and greedily lap up all of your hot juices with my tongue as your hips convulse back and forth. I continue lapping you up—from the very crack of your ass slowly all of the way up to your still-swollen clit. You place your hand on my head and slightly push me away as your body convulses when my tongue reaches your over-sensitive clit. You’re still continuing to catch your breath. “No Daddy, PLEASE… It’s just too sensitive right now… I came so hard… Whew! Thank you Daddy, That was wonderful!”I pull my head back away from your pussy and up to your face.“You’re welcome, Olivia…”I kiss you deeply on the lips and you let out a coy little moan when I begin to French kiss you. Amanda, who has been a silent and aroused observer until now, finally chimes in with a serious look on her face: “Oh my God, that was SO FUCKING HOT!”She looks over at me and teasingly says: “My pussy is all wet and ready for you now, Daddy. You can pretend I’m her and call me Olivia, I don’t mind at all. I just want your hard cock inside of me now, Daddy. Please put your hard cock inside me.”Hearing your friend Amanda talk to me that way starts to get you really wet and horny again, Olivia.I stand up and Amanda gets up off of the blanket and walks over in front of me and gets down on her knees wiggling her ass back and forth as she settles into the blanket in the sand. I flex my cock up and down in front of Amanda’s mouth—at first she stares at it, then she looks up into my eyes and she opens her mouth, waiting for me to fill it with cock and pretend that she is you. I look over at you Olivia as I slowly push my cock into Amanda’s mouth and say: “That’s it Olivia… Take Daddy’s cock into your mouth…”You start rubbing your clit again as I start moving my hips back and forth—slowly and deeply fucking Amanda’s mouth. With isvecbahis giriş each deliberate thrust I push in all of the way down Amanda’s throat and hold it there while she looks up at me and gags on it. All the while I stare at you and say “Yea Olivia… Hold Daddy’s cock down your throat like the little slut daughter you are…Oh YEA baby-girl!”I pull my cock completely out of Amanda’s mouth; she releases a gag and gasps for air as a long string of saliva leads from the tip of my swollen dick back to her lips. Amanda starts stroking my bulging, spit-covered cock with her hand, looking up at me for approval, but just I keep looking right at you, Olivia, and your pussy is getting wetter and wetter as you watch us. “Daddy’s going to fuck your mouth now, Olivia.”Amanda still stroking me moans: “Yes Daddy…” and then hungrily inhales my hard cock into her mouth, pushing her head all of the way down until my balls are pressed against her chin. She holds it there for a moment, gags for a second, and then pulls her head back to the tip of my shaft licking my swollen cock head.I wrap a handful of Amanda’s long brown hair with my hand as I push my cock in and out of her mouth. At first it’s a slow steady pace, and then I start really fucking Amanda’s mouth. I’m looking at you Olivia, watching you masturbate and get off to me fucking your friend like I was fucking you…“That’s it Olivia… Oh yea…Fuck Daddy’s cock with your mouth like the little slut you are…”I keep steadily fucking Amanda’s mouth at a quick pace, she does all she can to not choke and keeps furiously rubbing her clit and wet pussy. Her gagging noises make my cock grow even harder and your clit is throbbing from hearing me groan with pleasure while you watch me screw your friends face like a whore as if I were fucking you like that. I groan out loud as I pull Amanda’s head off of my raging hard-on. Her face and chin are now covered in saliva and it’s running down over her tits and her stomach. My cock and balls are soaked from her mouth; Amanda is now able to catch her breath, she continues rubbing herself and looks up at me while tasting her juices from her index and middle fingers.I look over to you as Amanda looks on at me; masturbating and patiently awaiting my next command for her…“Now Daddy’s going to fuck your hot little pussy, Olivia… Get on your hands and knees…”Amanda starts rubbing herself harder now and nods her head up and down: “Yes Daddy…” She then gets on all fours on the blanket, arching her back and poking her ass up in the air for me as if it were a sacrifice made to the Gods, patiently waiting for me to finally fuck her and give her release…I rub the head of my pulsing cock up and down Amanda’s slit. She is so wet and aroused from pretending that she’s been you this afternoon, Olivia; being my little substitute submissive whore daughter, all while I look and talk to you as I use Amanda like my fuck toy named ‘Olivia’. I look at you Olivia, and with a deep groan I say “Ohhhhhh yeaaaaaa, Olivia….” as I effortlessly push my stiff cock deep inside Amanda’s hot slippery pussy. Amanda’s body shudders a little from a minor orgasm as I sink my shaft deep inside her wetness until I can’t go any further inside of her. “Ohhh God, Daddy, your cock feels so good…”Amanda pushes and grinds her ass thoroughly onto my hard cock as if she’s never going to have it again. She looks back at me and says: “Your little slut daughter Olivia loves pushing her wet pussy onto your big hard cock! I want you to fuck me hard now Daddy! Fuck your little slut-daughter Olivia right now!”Amanda was completely into character as you at this point, Olivia. She didn’t care that I wasn’t even looking at her this entire time, and she didn’t care that I was calling her another woman’s isvecbahis güvenilirmi name. All she wanted now was for me to fuck her like I was fucking you, Olivia. At first, a minor wave of jealousy comes over you; watching your friend who is completely fine with being used like a fuck doll, in your name, as long as she gets my cock inside her and gets to cum. Then that jealousy disappears, because you are so turned on by this unexpected chain of events this afternoon; where you thought you would just have a threesome with your friend at the lake with this guy and it turned out to be one of the most erotic times in your life.You look at me and say: “I get your cum on my face though, right Daddy?”I smile at you and say: “Yes Olivia, my cum is only for you. You just have to be ready when I say so, OK? ”“OK, Daddy…” You smile, then resume masturbating and I then grab on to either side of Amanda’s waist with both hands and start pulling her on and off of my hard cock while I watch you rub your clit, Olivia. My cock comes almost completely out and then back inside Amanda all of the way with every stroke. “MMMmmm…. Please keep fucking me like that, Daddy!” Amanda coos as I steady my pace…I’m looking at you now, Olivia as I pound my cock into Amanda: “Does Olivia like fucking Daddy like a little slut whore?”Amanda: “Ohhh God, yes Daddy! Keep fucking me like I’m a dirty slut! I’m your dirty slut whore daughter, Daddy!”You watch me as I thrust my hard cock in and out of your friend, making wet, slapping sounds as her ass meets my hips. “Daddy loves fucking Olivia’s little slut pussy!” I groan as I slam my hard cock in and out of Amanda’s pussy.“Oh Daddy! I’m cumming now! Keep fucking me like this! Keep fucking me just like this!”I go even faster now and start fucking Amanda’s pussy like it’s the last sprint finish of a marathon. All you can hear is wet flesh slapping, all the while I’m looking at you Olivia; watching you get off to watching me fuck your friend as if it were you.Amanda’s body starts to ungulate uncontrollably. Her mouth is making an “Oh”-face and then she starts to let out these quick loud screams every three seconds as I continue pounding my hard cock into her wet pussy. I can feel her cumming all over my cock with each delayed scream she lets out, she feels amazing. I look over to you, Olivia. Still pounding away on Amanda’s pussy while her body shivers in orgasm I say to you: “Daddy’s getting ready to cum, are you ready for Daddy’s cum?”You get on your knees and move your face over near Amanda’s ass, you look up at me and say: “I’m ready for your cum, Daddy! Cum on your slut-daughter’s face!”That’s all it takes for me; after feverishly pumping in and out of Amanda’s pussy, I pull out with a long groan and aim my throbbing cock at your face. I moan out loud: “Oh OLIVIA!!!!” as I keep jerking my hard cock and shoot load after load of hot cum all over your pretty face. You open your mouth and catch some and swallow it as I shoot more hot cum on your cheek and forehead. Its six huge spurts of cum before I’m finally empty and you take my cock into your mouth to get the very last spurt of cum you can extract from my huge orgasm… I groan in ecstasy as your greedy little mouth sucks the last of my cum from my erupting cock. You look up at me with my cock still in your mouth and make a loud sucking ‘pop’ sound when you finally release it from your lips. I then collapse onto the beach blanket, drained of cum.I’m panting so hard, trying to catch my breath. “Oh my GOD that was INCREDIBLE!” I moan. Amanda moves over to you and asks: “Can I have some of Daddy’s cum, too, please?”Feeling generous, you smile and say to her: “Yes, you can.” And she licks some of my cum off of your cheek.Both of you come over and lie down on either side of me on the blanket. The sun is shining on us, it’s a beautiful warm summer day by the lake and I put an arm around each of you at the same time and say: “Thank you ladies for a lovely afternoon.”You both look at me and say: “Thank you, Daddy!” and then both French kiss me.FIN!

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