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It was the the last Saturday night of my summer vacation, soon I would be off to college. My friends and I had decided we would find some herb and hangout back at my place. I was a bit nervous though I have never smoked and wasn’t quite sure how it would affect me. Minutes later, my buddy Corey was able to find someone willing to sell us a half ounce. The three of us were out the door and eager to meet our “dealer” which we had planned to meet a few blocks away near the river beach. We walked for a while hoping fences and taking some shortcuts when suddenly a loud voice screamed out of nowhere threatening to shoot us for trespassing. We ran to the end of the street and entered a small patch of woods which was right along the meeting spot next to the river beach.

Catching our breath, I noticed another group of kids hanging out on the swing set near the water. It was a girl and two boys. I turned my attention to my other friend, John. He had spotted our dealer and was walking out of the woods to make the transaction. For some reason I was still fixed on the girl on the swings. She was wearing board shorts and a tank top. Her red hair was pulled back into two pigtails. The two kids she was with looked kind of like nerds and I was wondering what she was doing with them. My two friends and I started to leave when the girl yelled out, “Hey!”. Immediately I turned and started to approach the group. My friends pleaded with me to leave it alone and just go back to my house and burn. I told them to meet me at my house in 20 minutes and proceed towards the girl. The two boys she was with looked somewhat scared and frantically started making excuses why they had to leave.

Finally the one kid said he and his friend were having a sleepover and his mother was expecting them home at 10:00 pm. I took a quick glimpse at this girl who was sitting in front of me on the swings, she smiled. I smiled back checking her out from top to bottom. She was wearing a black bikini under her tank top which I tried not to look at for too long for fear of her thinking I was a pervert. Her shorts were kind of loose at the waist, revealing some skin near her stomach and hips. While we were making introductions, the two boys had started walking away. Her name was Jessica and she was new in town. She was 18 also and was just starting her senior year in catholic school. I sat on the swing next to her. It seemed like we had known each other for years, though only a few minutes had passed. I couldn’t help my eyes from wandering back to her tits. They were perfect C-cup, which stood out quite nicely against her slender body. She caught me looking at them and nudged me with her thigh.

Realizing I told my friends I would meet them, I quickly explained to Jessica that I had to leave and offered for her to come along. She had very strict parents and an early curfew, but promised to sneak out in an hour after her parents were asleep. We decided to meet up near the ocean and go for a walk along the beach there. As she left I turned to get a good look at her. Her ass almost mesmerized me as it bounced Ataşehir Escort up and down, her hips moving adding to the affect. I picked up the pace and started sprinting home to meet my friends. They were already there and took the liberty of rolling a joint. The three of us went outside into the backyard and lit it up. The joint passed to me, every time I hit the joint it tasted so good, yet all I was thinking about was Jessica Her round perky tits, the way her ass danced, her sexy pigtails and that smooth skin. I started feeling a bit fuzzy when I remembered this was the first time smoking weed. I was always so paranoid, but suddenly I felt great.

I told my friends about Jessica and then insisted I should bring a couple joints to help break the ice. I agreed, and offered for them to stay and hangout at my house. My balls were aching at this point, I had a boner for almost an hour since meeting Jessica My buddy John gave me a strip of condoms and told me good luck. Being a virgin and never even getting a blow job started getting that nervous feeling again. The closest I had ever gotten was fingering my ex-girl friend. She was always scared when I pressed my hard cock against her, I had blue balls for months. I took the joints and the condoms and headed out the door and down the street towards the ocean. As I approached the dunes I realized Jessica wasn’t there and figured I was beat. I walked up onto the beach just as I heard a sexy female voice say, “Come over here baby…” It was a full moon and the beach was well lit up. I noticed her right away. Her hair was put up in a bun and she was wearing glasses. She had changed into her school uniform. A tight white dress shirt pressing against her nipples which were poking through. I felt like I was going to cum right then and there. My eyes followed as she turned around a couple times with a slight dance to show off her outfit. She was wearing a dark skirt which looked as though it might have been shortened or a few sizes to small for catholic school. I told her I was excited that she showed up and she gave me a big hug. She smelled so good.

She asked if I was smoking weed and I explained to her about my first time just moments earlier. She insisted she wanted to try some and I told her I brought a couple joints. Her green eyes widened and suddenly the hug broke as she started running her hands in my front pockets on my jeans. I was instantly nervous she would find the condoms or break the joints. She felt my huge boner, quickly withdrew her hand and smiled. She took a hold of my hand and we both sat down on the sheet she had laid out earlier before my arrival. With my free hand I pulled the joint out and pressed it between my lips. By the time I realized I forgot to bring a lighter she had already produced one and was lighting the end of the joint. I took a couple deep hits and passed it to her. Her lips looked so wet from her lip gloss and the reflection of the moonlight as she took her first hit. As she inhaled I saw her chest puff out and her tight little stomach suck in. I let go of her Anadolu Yakası Escort hand and put my hand on her thigh. She put the joint down and grabbed my hand again. She pulled my fingers up to her lips and opened her mouth. She was sucking my index and pointer finger. I had never felt anything like this and before I knew it, I was unbuttoning her shirt.

As I made my way down to the last button near her waist, a gust of wind pulled her shirt off like a sail and was now hanging from her free arm. She removed it directed my saliva drenched fingers down to her crotch. She was wearing silk panties and they were soaking wet and sticky. I started playing with her clit. This was amazing, it took nearly 3 months to get to this point with my ex-girl friend. I’ve never seen tits as perfect as these, her nipples were huge. Her pussy was so slippery now and she started moaning. I was so fascinated by her tits that I hadn’t realized both her hands on my bulge. I was wearing button up jeans and with one swift motion she pulled and had my fly totally open. She reached under the waist band of my boxers and grabbed my cock firmly. I couldn’t believe what was happening.

She started tugging on my penis head and I could tell she was really turned on, she was bucking her hips. She sat up and positioned herself in front of me on her knees. Her tits staring me right in the face, I immediately grabbed them and pulled her towards me licking and sucking. Meanwhile, she managed to pull my jeans and boxers down to my ankles. I felt totally exposed as we started kissing and my cock hanging out. I felt her hand on it again, stroking some more while she stuck her tongue deep in my mouth. She is now straddling me, my cock hard against her slippery, soaking wet panties. Both of our breathing intensifying, our genitals rubbing against each other, she withdrew her tongue from my mouth and told me she could feel like penis throbbing against her clit. She then moved down kissing my neck when out of nowhere, somehow her lips were wrapped around the head of my penis. I was fighting the urge to cum. I looked down, I was trapped! My pants were still around my ankles restricting my movement and she was straddling my knees. Her tits hanging and bouncing as she thrust deeper and deeper sucking my throbbing dick.

My cock felt great in her mouth, It was warm and smooth. I could see drool and precum running down her chin. She pulled it out of her mouth slowly then asked if I would eat her pussy. I told her I would do anything she wanted. I took the opportunity to pull my pants off completely then my t-shirt. She then lightly pushed me down so I was lying naked on my back with my penis standing straight up. She straddled me again, this time facing the opposite direction, then slowly started inching her way backwards until my nose stuck in her ass and her wet mound was pressing against my chin. I didn’t hesitate to pull her silk panties to one side and I started probing her slit with my tongue. It tasted so good, she started sucking my dick again. Again, I felt trapped, she Kartal Escort was laying on top of me with her crotch in my face while my cock was getting shoved deeper into her throat. Our rhythm picked up along with our intensifying breathing and moaning. Her moaning was increasing faster and faster, I could feel the vibrations of her cries all the way in by balls. With each thrust her perfectly round tits and hard nipples would bounce and lightly rub against my abs. She was now pushing her pussy so hard into my face, I could barely breathe for my nose was being buried far into her ass.

Jessica pulled her mouth of my cock and let out a huge growl. Juices started flowing from her pussy down my chin and onto my chest. The sweet salty cum tasted great, her clit and pussy lips still gyrating all over my mouth. She instantly took my cock back into her mouth still in a frenzy, shoving the full 7″ deep into her throat. I couldn’t take it anymore. The incredible taste of pussy in my mouth, her perfect little body in such a kinky position. My cock was throbbing and aching horribly. I could feel her nose against my balls where she held herself for several seconds gagging on my shaft. My hips started bucking as I tried to fight what was about to happen.

I was trying to withdraw my member from her clutches, but she fought my urges to escape and continued gagging. My whole body started tingling as I started to pump semen into her throat. The gagging quickly changed into moans again as my head and balls throbbed with each fierce shot of hot cum. Her black panties soaking wet and disheveled, I quickly pulled them aside to reveal a glistening set of pussy lips. Taking another taste of her cum I decided I had to have more. Holding her now sloppy panties to one side I started to slip a couple fingers into her wet lips. She instantly withdrew my cock from her mouth still throbbing with excitement and sat straight up, rejected my attempt to finger her. Now straddling my stomach with her back turned to me I was still pinned down. My cock was dancing and still pouring cum like a fountain as she positioned her pussy over it. I could feel her lips against my tip as she squeezed my cock with her hand and forcefully tried shoving it in.

At first it seemed like it wouldn’t fit, then another spurt of cum and my rock hard tip began to slowly slip in. I was still pumping fluid and cumming as I got deeper and deeper in her. Her pussy contracted along with my cock with every thrust. Our combined fluids were now leaking out of her and down my balls and into my ass crack. I thought about the condoms I brought and how I never even had a chance to retrieve them. It seemed like she didn’t mind and I quickly erased it from my thoughts. She stopped bucking and with me completely inside her I could feel the last few twitches of my enraged cock. As she lifted one leg up off the ground I slid out of her along with a generous amount of fluids. As I sat up she turned around to face me still insisting on straddling me. Her hard nipples against my chest we started kissing again. My hard cock standing erect against the crack in her butt she reached behind herself and took a firm hold of it again. This time there was no resistance as my cock easily slid deep into her with the first attempt. She then said, “I think its going to be a long night.”

-To be continued…

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