Tease and Denial introduction

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Tease and Denial introductionTease and Denial introductionI came out of the bathroom, freshly showered and smoothly shaved, yep also my pubic area. I like that to be smooth as well, I mean, the skin gets way more sensitive, so I leave only a little dot at the root and only at the belly-side of my cock. And besides, I like to lick and suck a lady, as long as there is no hair to get in your mouth, so I bet its the other way around as well. All the more reason to keep it smooth…. Anyway, fresh and smooth I walked towards the bedroom. I could allready smell the perfumed candles, my girlfriend used to lit when she was in a playful mood. I was hoping for that, cause all through the day she had been giving hints that directed to an evening of pleasure. And I was really into that, for it had been allmost a week since the last time we had sex, 6 days to be precise.I entered our bedroom and saw her in the flickering light of the candles. She was lying on our bed, wearing her string, my favourite, and nothing else. She is a nicely build woman, slim, but with a nice firm ass ( I am an “assman” ) and nice boobs. It’s not like she makes a lot of heads turn when walking down the street, but she looks nice and especially wearing my favorite string, she makes my cock grow without touching it… just looking at her. She beckoned me with her finger without saying a word. Ik walked to the side of the bed and she patted the covers, again without saying a word. I laid down beside her on my back, in the middle of the bed, my cock hard on my belly, my body shivering with anticipation.She bend over me, kissing me and her hand slowly pushed my arms upwards, to the headbord of the bed. She stradled me so she sat on my belly, my cock pressed against the small piece of fabric covering her pussy. She kissed me again, now stretching my arms above my body. Then she sat up and reaching out she cuffed both my wrists with a pair of soft cuffs, she had attached to ropes, wich were tied to the bedposts. My arms were now spread out. She smiled at me when she was done, still not a word was said so far. It wasn’t the first time she tied me up, she had done that before maybe 2 or 3 times and though I enjoyed the fact that she was in control, it was mostly her fucking me with her being on top and in control and me not being able to grab her hips or thrust back nice and hard. But on those occasions she really enjoyed being in control and she orgasmed really hard when she did, so I figured, why not….. I started to say “so you are in a play…” but then she hushed me with a finger on my lips and she kissed me again. A soft, slow kiss, the tip of her tongue teasingly playing with my lips and tongue.She let her lips and tongue slide down my cheek and neck and chest, lingering at my nipples. She used her lips and teeth on them and got me squirming a bit. All the while she let her fingers trace my body, just lightly touching my skin and sometimes she raked her nails down the side of my body, or on the inside of my arms. Not really tickling, but allmost. I am quite ticklish, but in a good way. I can stand it really well, but also enjoy it immensely and get really aroused by it. All in all she had me squirming and moaning when her chin touched my now really hard cockhead. It was so hard that my foreskin was allreay pulled down a bit, even though she hadn’t directly touched or stimulated it. I was tilting my hips upward, hoping she would take my cock in her mouth, but she had other ideas. She sat up between my legs and produced 2 more ropes fro the sides of the bed. The former times she also tied my feet so I was spreadeagle on the bed, but this time she fastened the ropes around my knees after pulling me down a bit so my arms were really stretched out now and my knees werd spread wide. This gave her full acces to my cock and balls and left me with hardly any room to move. I was wondering what she was up to, because in this position, se couldn’t really fuck me. My legs would be in the way, since I am really a man. To stiff in the joints…Maybe I should describe myself at this point. I am 180 cm, have an athletic build, but a pound or 2 to much around the waist. Not that the muscles are soft, hell no, but there’s a layer over them that I cant seem to get rid off…. not that I am really trying hard because i like a nice diner and wine from time to time. Luckily I play volleyball a few times a week, wich keeps me in shape enough. My cock has an average size and girth, not that I measured it, or compared it to others, but my girlfriend always said it was big enough for her…..But while I was wondering what she was up to, she sat between my wide opened legs and started to caress the skin of my groines with her fingertips and raking her nails over my belly, buttocks and in my groines. I really liked that, closed my eyes and sighed and moaned under her ministrations. But my eyes opened wide again when she raked her nails over my balls. My sack pulled tight against my body, wich made the skin even more sensitive. She kept tickling my balls with the nails of 1 hand, while the fingers and nails of her other hand tickled my buttocks an thighs. I started squirming again, but could hardly move at all because of the way she tied me down. Then she extended the caressing and ticking of my balls to my perineum as well and I started moaning out loud. Again, I have no comparison, but I have a really sensitive perineum. She then focussed her attention to my perineum and balls, sometimes lightly tickling my anus as well. I closed my eyes again and enjoyed the feelings. I was bucking with my hips, moaning out loud and breathing heavily. Then she spoke for the first time: “look at me”. I opened my eyes and saw her looking me in the eyes. She looked at me with a lovingly look in her eyes but a big grin around her mouth. “I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time, and now I have you here like this, you are not going anywhere soon. But it looks like you don’t want to go anywhere, do you” She accentuated her words by licking her finger and sliding it through the crack of my ass, via my anus to my balls. I shivered and just shook my head. “Looks like this one here doesn’t want to go anywhere else either” she continued, tapping my cock at its base with her slick finger. I bahis siteleri looked at my cock. The foreskin was pulled back even further, halfway down the cockhead, and a drop of precum was at the slit allready, even though that last tap was the first time she touched it!I smiled at her and my voice croaked when I said that I was enjoying it immensely. “Oh, for now you are” she said with a develish grin. I wondered what she meant, but didn’t think to long about it because she started her tickling again. Balls, perineum and anus with the nails of left hand but now her right hand was tracing the outer lines of my cock. Up and down the sides, and the underside with 1 or 2 fingertips, ticling and caressing ever so lightly. The only time she made a more than light touch was when she used 2 fingers to pull down the foreskin so my cockhead was exposed. This allowed her to also tickle and rub my sweet spot wich she did of course. Every once in a while she woul lick a finger of her left hand wich she then used to tickle my anus. This send shivers all over my body. I was really squirming now and my breathing became really heavy. She kept this up untill my skin was getting a little bit accustomed to the sensations and I calmed down a bit. When she noticed this she licked a finger of her right hand and started rubbing my sweet spot in circular motions, roudn and round and round, wetting her finger when needed. All the while she focussed her tickling on my buttocks and groins. This made me start the slow build up to orgasm. She just kept rubbing my sweet spot lightly up and down and round and round and tickling me here and there. Every now and then she put her finger at the base of my cock and pushed up towards my sweet spot. Thus she forced a drop of precum from my cock wich she used as lube on my sweet spot. After some minutes of this, wich felt like hours to me, because the build up was so maddening slow, I was finally about to explode and my cock started twitching. She felt it and stopped her rubbing and tickling. “Oooooh,” I moaned, “I was so close, please go on. ““Later” she said, “just be patient”. She stood up from the bed to fetch me a glass of water. When she lifted my head to take a sip I noticed my throat being dry, because of all the panting I did. “Better like that? “ she asked. Nodding I told her that it would be even better when she would finish what she started. She giggled and got on the bed again. This time she didn’t sit but instead laid down between my still wide open legs. She brought her mouth down slowly with the tip of her tongue peeking out between her lips. I thought she was going to give me the blowjob I wanted when she started this, but instead of my cock she touched my balls with her warm and slippery tongue. It was an incredible feeling. Surely she licked my balls before, but the skin was so sensitive after her tickling that this was way more frustrating then ever before. She used the tip of her tongue to lick every part of my balls and sack. Then she took my balls into her mouth 1 at a time and softly sucked on them. It felt like they were getting heavier than they allready were after allmost a week without release. Releasing my balls from her mouth she looked at me and said “so you liked the wet finger at your anus huh? “ and then dove down. I felt her tongue tickle my perineum up and down and from side to side, everytime a little closer to my anus. I started bucking but she grabbed my thighs and held me still, pushing my legs up and even wider open than they allready were. Using only the tip of her tongue she then tickled my anus and around it, going up over my perineum to my balls and tickling my balls. She kept this up for some minutes, up and down from anus to balls and back untill I started to moan out loud again. She then took a pillow wich she propped up under my ass so she would have her hands free. My anus, perineum and balls were now coated in saliva and while she kept tickling me there with her tongue, she started using her nails and fingertips on me again. When her tongue was at my anus, she would tickle my balls and perineum, when she was licking my balls she tickled my anus and perineum. I was moaning, babbling and panting like mad and trying to pull away from her maddening motions, but push me closer to her at the same time. She was driving me insane. But whatever I was trying, I was helpless being tied down with the pillow under my ass. She could have her way with me for as long as she wanted. And so she did. She kept on licking and tickling and sometimes even pushing the tip of her tongue into my anus slightly. I remember starting a mantra “please, please, please, oooohhhhhh, please, please, please.”Finally she stopped and with her face right in front of me she asked “please what darling” When I had enough breath to say something I said, “please end it”. Lifting her eyebrows she asked “Are you sure? You want me to end this?” “Yeeeesssss” I hissed/sighed/moaned at her. “Okay she simply said” and started to untie my knees. After that she untied my wrists and I was ready to throw her on her back and shove my cock to the hilt inside her. Note well, usually I wouldnt do such a thing, just “use” a woman, but she drove me crazy, so I had no other thought than getting off. But instead of laying down so I could get on top of her, she gave me a kiss and smiled “sleep well, you blow out the candles?” And with that she turned her back on me and got comfortable. I was speechless for a few moments and then stuttered “but…, hey…, no…, thats not what I meant” But before I could explain what I wanted, she slightly turned her head, “you wanted me to end it, so I did. Now blow out the candles and get some sleep. You’ll need it tomorrow.” She gave me an “airkiss” and turned away again. I thought about my options. But the promise in her words and eyes convinced me to do as she said. So I blew out the candles and cuddled up against her back, my still rockhard cock nestled in the crevice of her nice ass. It took me quite some time to fall asleep. Next morning I awoke with the feeling of a finger tracing the veins in my cock. I apparently had my usual morning-hardon and when I opened my eyes I saw her lying on her side, facing me and watching my cock, wich she teased with 1 nail, güvenilir bahis siteleri up and down, up and down. When she noticed me being awake she smiled at me and said “ Time for part 2” She didnt wait for a reaction but pushed me onto my back. She didn’t tie me up so I had room to move. Or so I thought. She started tickling my balls and cock again and when I started trembling and sighing, she pushed my legs up and outward, so my knees were chest-level and she had clear acces to every part of my body that remembered her tormenting so well. She told me to lie perfectly still, and started her licking and tickling my anus, perineum and balls again. In a few minutes I was squirming, moaning and finally bucking my hips again. She came up, grabbed my balls with 1 hand and squeezed them to the point where it hurted. “I told you to lie perfectly still and you are not listening” she said while looking at me with a nice smile that contrasted her squeezing my balls. Then, sternly, “now lie still or you’ll regret it”. And she continued licking and tickling again, but this time she also involved my cock in the action. Again she pulled the foreskin down with just 2 fingers, hardly any friction, and then tickled and licked me all over. I was really trying to lie still, wanting to please her, so she would let me cum. My balls were really aching, not just because of the squeezing, but also because they were loaded with a weeks worth of cum. She took her time, focussing her nails and fingertips on my anus, balls and perineum and her tongue on my cockhead. She licked every part of it, every now and then tracing the big vein at the underside of my cock down to my balls. But mostly she just tickled every part of my cockhead with her tongue, especially my sweet spot and the ridge of my cockhead. After a few minutes in wich my breathing became panting and then moaning I couldnt hold it anymore. When she had her tongue on my sweet spot I tried to buck up so I would have more friction. She suddenly stopped all movement and grinned: “So you want it in my mouth?” Without awaiting an answer, she lowered her head again en took the head of my cock in her mouth. It was the only part of my body she was touching, apart from her hands that were on my thighs, pushing them up and wide. She flattened her tongue at my sweet spot and started humming, keeping her head still. I tried to buck up, but couldnt beacuse of the position I was in and the way she kept me there. The humming made me crazy and pushed me toward the edge ever so slowly. Every once in a while she would lift her mouth from my cock and lick her lips “hmmmm, precum”. Then she would simply continue the torment of my sweet spot again. If she would have bobbed her head up and down 2 or 3 times I would have cum in her mouth,but she didnt. She just kept humming. Then she let 1 hand go and, while still humming my sweet spot, raked her nail through the crack of my ass, over my anus, over my perineum and over my balls. I felt I was going to cum right then, but then she let my cock plop out of her mouth and onto my belly and she sat up while letting me go. OOOOOOOWWWWW, I needed just 1 more stroke of her tongue. I said something like that to her, but she just looked at me and chuckled “that close huh? “ As if she didnt know!!!!!!! “Yes baby, please”. “Please what, she asked again” Remembering the night before I realised I had to make it clear what I wanted. “ Please make me cum” I pleaded with her. “So why should I do what you ask me if you won’t do what I ask you” she went on. I was confused, “what do you mean” “I asked you to lie still, even warned you to do so, and still you tried to buck up.” And again she asked “why should I listen to what you want, if you don’t listen to what I want”. The only thing I could come up with was “But I want to cum so badly” She started laughing “No, you think you want to cum badly, but wait untill tonight. Then you’ll want to cum badly” And with that she smacked my ass with her hand and headed off for the shower. As soon as she was out the door, my hand flew to my cock and started pumping. In a few seconds I was close to cumming, when suddenly I heard her voice coming from the hallway… You are not jacking off are you? You’d better not because I would really make you regret it!” That scared me enough to stop with what I was doing, even though I was really close… again!!!!From that point on we had quite a normal day (as far as I recall it it was a Saturday or Sunday, not sure about that anymore). The only thing that was different was that every now and then she would stand behind or in front against me, stick her hand inside my pants and rub and squeeze my cock untill I was rockhard and sighing. Then she would give me a kiss and walk away again. I was not sure what to think of it. I was getting quite desperate to finally cum, but on the other hand it was extremely hot to have at least a semi-hard cock all day and her fondling me every now and then. I went to the bathroom halfway the morning and I heard her yell “I dont need to check up on you do I” She didnt need to explain it, the message was clear. And even though I wanted to cum really bad, I also wanted to see what she had in store for me that day so I didnt jack off.That evening I could hardly wait to get to the bedroom again, but she said she really wanted to see the movie that was on tv. And I didnt want to look to eager, so I complied. We sat on the couch together and it was a real chickflick, “two weeks notice”. Under normal circumstances I might have enjoyed it, with Hugh Grant as one of the leading characters. But the circumstances were far from normal. About half way the movie my wife leaned in to me, and, with her head on my shoulder, she opened my zipper. I looked at her and she kept her eyes on the screen. I didnt because she put her hands inside my shorts and started to rub and squeeze my cock again, untill it was fully hard. I expected her to stop again, like she had done that day for about a dozen times orso, but, without taking her eyes of the screen, she said”undress” I looked at her to see wether she really ment it. She didnt even look back, but just squeezed my balls and said “haven’t you still learned that you better listen immediately?” I winched, cause this time canlı bahis she really squeezed my balls hard and it hurted. I stood up and undressed. She lied down on the couch fully and told me sit on the armrest. I sat down, but she told me to scoot up a little bit so my balls were hanging free and only a small part of my buttocks was on the armrest. She was still watching the movie, while she lifted her hand just a little bit, pulled down my foreskin an started to simply rub my sweet spot. That was the only thing she did. Rub my sweet spot with 1 finger, round and round, up and down, more pressure, less pressure. Then the movie was paused for a commercial. She simply turned on her back and had her head under my balls. She started licking my balls, perineum and anus with the tip of her tongue while rubbing my sweet spot. That was doing the trick for me. I felt the build up slowly but surely. She kept licking me and rubbing and I knew I was going to explode right there. But then the commercial was over and she scooted down a bit, stopped her licking and just slightly rubbed my sweet spot. I groaned. She just chuckled “Are you that frustrated? Go get me something to drink then” I went to the kitchen and got her a drink. When I came back she motioned me on the armrest again and resumed her rubbing my sweet spot. This was real torture. The rubbing alone was pushing me closer and closer to the edge, but not close enough. But during every commercial she would lick my balls, perineum and anus again untill I was ready to blow my pent up load. But everytime she sensed that and would slow down that much, that the movie would continue when I just would need 1 stroke or rub or lick to explode. This lasted for over an hour and she had me a the tip of her finger from the beginning (litterally and figuratively)Finally the movie ended. She sat up and asked me if I was ready for bed. I almost jumped up and said that of course I was. She smiled, kissed me while standing up and said “You clean up the kitchen, while I get ready for bed. You understand that the cleaning was quickly done….When I got into the bedroom she again told me to lie down. She tied me up again, wrists cuffed, legs opened wide at the knees. She lied in between them again with her mouth and her hands ready to torment me again. I groaned and begged her to please stop torturing me and just let me cum. With an allmost evil look in her eyes and a grin that couldnt be any wider she asked me: “Why would I let you cum, if you didnt make me cum yet” I started pleading if I could lick her and make her cum. She listened to me for a minute and then dove down to start licking my balls, perineum, anus and cock and working all those places with her nails and fingertips again. The feeling of her nails over a saliva coated skin was undescribable. Soon she had me dripping precum again and begging for her to make me cum. After what felt like a long time she rose up and said that she wanted to cum first. She sat herself in a 69 position on my mouth and I worked her over with my tongue the best I could. I noticed that she was allready dripping wet when she sat on me, so she obviously was really aroused by everything she did to me, or maybe it was my beggin that did it for her. I licked her clit, fucked her with my tongue as deep as I could and gave it my best to make her cum. I even sucked on her clit while she rode my nose with her pussy as if it was a mini-cock. In no time she came and I licked as much of her cum as I could. She kept grinding my face with her pussy till she stopped trembling. Then she got off my face and sat on her knees between my legs again. “ready to cum”? she asked. Without waiting for an answer she started to give me a real blowjob. Bobbing her head up and down on my cock, sucking it on the way up and down. And when she added a wet finger to it, rubbing my perineum and pushing at my anus, I felt the cum rise up in my cock. I started babbling again and I knew this was it. The reward for all the torment I had to endure. I felt her tongue on every outstanding vein of my cock, I felt her mouth on my swollen cockhead, I was ready to explode, starting to thrust up and down and she didnt stop me. She just went sucking a lttle harder. So i knew this was the time ….and then she stopped…. I was on the verge of cumming, but she simply pinched my cock at the very base and squeezed real hard. I was shaking and bucking like mad, but she just kept squeezing till she was sure the orgasm went down again. I slumped on the bed and started begging and (there’s no other word for it) whining for her to please please please please let me cum. She started to laugh and said she really enjoyed this. I asked her what she wanted me to do to make her let me cum, but she didnt answer, she just continued her blowjob again. Not hard and fast, but slowly and deliberately licking every part of my cock, while tickling my anus and perineum again. Then she took my cock in her mouth and sucked it while bobbing up and down a few times, then she just licked my sweet spot, then she just sukced on my cockhead, alternating every trick she could think off, all the while tickling me. Keeping me on the edge, letting me back off a few inches and then bringing me back on again. I never wanted to cum as much as then in my entire life. Then all of a sudden she stopped and said “my mouth and hands are getting really tired, i think we should stop for tonight” I nearly shouted NOOOOOOOO. She laughed out loud, in my imagination I can still hear that laugh, and then she took my cock in her mouth again, sucked my cock, bobbed her head up and down and suddenly pushed 1 finger all the way into my anus. She rubbed something inthere I knew existed, but never had pleasured before. The sensation of her sucking my cock and the pressure she created from inside of me that jolted like lightning to the very tip of my cock made me explode like a fountain. I came harder then I ever came before and I tried to thrust up deeper into her mouth, but she just leaned on my legs and had all control. I kept cumming for a long time, at least, that was how I felt it, and she tried to take it all, but just couldnt. When it was over I slumped on the bed and she untied me. I was exhausted and she laid next to me, just caressing my cheek, hair and chest with her hand while all the muscles in my body, that were strained while cumming, relaxed. I remember us taking about what I went through, but what we exactly said, i cant remember. I fell asleep during our “aftertalk”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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