Teacher’s Pet Pt. 03

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I awake suddenly to my alarm going off. I usually don’t set it on the weekends but today is a special day. Was last night a dream? I have to keep reminding myself that it wasn’t. I can still smell her perfume and scent on my sheets and on me. My heart immediately starts racing as I realize I really need to get in the shower! As I soap up real good and enjoy the warm water my thoughts turn to her. My cock becomes hard and dances in anticipation but I calm myself because today I’m in for more adventures…I hope.

As I get dressed I start to become nervous but yet have no idea why. Excitement? Anticipation? I put on a little Obsession cologne to sweeten the deal and look into the mirror. Everything seems to be in order. I just hope I don’t sweat too badly on the way over because my truck doesn’t have air conditioning. Luckily the hotel isn’t too far away. So I head out into the morning full of lust and excitement.

I arrive at the hotel and stroll through the lobby nervously. Luckily nobody takes much notice of me so I get into the elevator and get off on the third floor. As I get to the room she told me she was going to be at I get even more nervous. I can practically feel my heart about to jump out of my chest. What if something came up and she’s not there? What if she changed her mind?

I start to knock on the door but notice it’s cracked so I slowly let myself in while I let out a cautious “Good morning”.

“Good morning handsome.” I hear her say in that sexy, confident voice of hers. “Come on in, and will you lock the door please?”

I comply and walk in to see her standing by the bed and sipping coffee. She smiles widely and comes to me. My eyes involuntarily take her all in. She’s wearing a very short, silken green nightie that shows off those beautiful, sensual curves of hers. So short in fact that it almost looks like a mini skirt. Her erect nipples show through the nightie, hypnotizing me, beckoning me. She’s obviously showered this morning and done her hair…all for me.

“You like?” she taksim escort asks as she reaches for me arms open.

“Yes ma’am indeed!” I stutter. As we embrace and melt into a steamy, long kiss her wonderful scent and perfume wraps around me like her arms, captivating me so completely. She takes my hand and places it on her ass, which I eagerly explore. I can feel her shudder ever so slightly and gasp at my touch. What a wonderful feeling to have this type of effect on a woman!

We pause kissing and look into one another’s eyes. I see lust and passion in hers as her hand ever increasing bulge in my shorts and she kneads my cock with slow expertise. All the while smiling at me with a raised eyebrow.

“Mmmmmm” she moans. “That’s just the type of reaction I like.”

The floor becomes littered with our clothes as we steadily progress to the bed. She spreads out on the bed before me with her head upside down over the edge. She reaches out and pulls me to her. I feel her accept my hard rock cock into between her soft, succulent lips. I stand paralyzed before her as rapturous chills run throughout my whole body! I open my eyes slightly to see that she is pleasuring herself while pleasuring me. I lean forward just slightly so I too can dip my fingers into her moist, delightful love nest. She breathes and sucks harder as I dip my fingers in again and again. My moistened fingers tease her clit as she twists and writes on the bed. Suddenly she stops sucking and looks up at me adoringly.

“Would you like to try something new?” she asks as she slowly stokes my stiff cock.

I agree, though not knowing what to expect. She has me lay down on the bed, and then straddles my face so that she’s facing the opposite way and she goes to work on my cock. I zealously follow suit as my lips and tongue find their mark. I take her clit between my lips and gently suck and alternate between flicking and lapping with my tongue. By the way she moaning and squirming I can topkapı escort tell she’s enjoying immensely so I pick up the pace. Her pace matches mine as we devour one another in a pleasurable bout of attrition. Who will climax first?

At last I can’t take anymore and explode in splendiferous ecstasy. At the same time her writhing becomes much more intense and urgent. Suddenly she cries out and quakes violently over and over. I keep on going until at last she rolls off and lies on her back gasping for air with closed eyes and a smile.

“I haven’t done THAT in years!” she breathlessly whispers.

Even a blind man could tell I just showed this woman a great time. I’m beaming with pride and satisfaction that not only was I able to pleasure this beautiful woman, but did so in a way that hasn’t been done to her in a long time.

We lay there and chat for a few and then she rolls onto her tummy. I gaze upon this woman before me. Her tan skin, tousled hair, and voluptuous curves. What man wouldn’t be turned on by such a hot lady? My hands and fingers explore her back and neck, all the way down to her ass and back of her thighs. I alternate rubbing and stroking; only using my fingertips at times.

“Mmmmmm oh yes.” she moans.

I keep on rubbing and touching as she coos and whimpers. She rises slightly off the bed and her ass grinds in the most seductive manner. It’s as if she’s slowly riding a cock that isn’t there. Obviously my massage has had more of an effect than just relaxing. I stare at her beautiful arching back and her ample backside transfixed as my cock comes alive again. I look over to see her smiling with her eyes half shut. I lean over and we kiss long and hard.

“How about you continue that from behind handsome?” she requests softly.

She doesn’t have to draw me a picture! I ease behind her and ease my now throbbing cock into her welcoming pussy. I go just barely in and out nice and slow so that I glide easily. I do just tüyap escort as she instructed from the night before, slowing up when I feel the urgent need for release. She moans louder and louder as I get deeper and deeper. All the while my hands roam her shoulders, back and her lubricious ass. I can tell this combination of touching and penetration is extremely pleasurable to her by the way she rocks harder and harder against my thrusts. Before I know it I give her a smack on the ass which brings forth from her an impassioned gasp! Did I overstep my bounds?

“Ohhhh yes!” she cries out. “Do that again!”

I comply as she bucks against me harder and harder. I grab hold of her hips and pull her onto me harder as I feel her tighten around me. She screams into the pillow and quivers violently as she cums over and over.

Gradually she somewhat regains her composure. She looks over her shoulder and inquires as to why I didn’t cum yet. I tell her I wanted her to climax first. She smiles from ear to ear obviously pleased that her lessons had borne fruit for herself.

She re positions herself at the edge of the bed on her back and has me stand before her. Once again, I ease my rigid cock inside, slowly at first. Then she places her feet on my shoulders.

“I want you to cum hard baby! I want to watch you cum all over me, I want to see it!” she shrieks as my pace quickens. With her legs on my shoulders and my hands gripping her hips I thrust like a man possessed. We have become a torrid mass of passion as I feel her tighten around me yet again! My lungs gasp for air as I cry out in elation. I pull out and shower her with my hot spunk. She moves around to me so she can take my cock into her mouth devour what’s left as I’m still standing. At last I can no longer stand on my feet so I collapse on the bed.

We remain entwined over the next 24 hours until it’s time to go our separate ways. It’s agreed we shouldn’t leave together as to not arouse any suspicion. As we hug she says I’m a quick learner and that one day I’ll make some girl very happy. Then she kisses me and says thank you.

“Ms. Peaches, why are you thanking me? If anything I’m the only one that needs to do the thanking.” I inquire.

“Because you made me feel that I am still desirable and feel so alive.” She whispers in that sultry, but relaxed voice of hers.

“Yes ma’am”

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