Teachers Make the Best Lovers

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Teachers Make the Best LoversMy adventure as a Bull began in Tulsa Oklahoma, while road tripping across country in route to Austin. I made a stop for the night at the Doubletree Hotel in downtown Tulsa and arrived at about 8:30 in the evening or so. Before checking in I thought I would grab a burger and a beer at a nearby pub called Baxters Interurban Grill. It was Friday night and the place was hopping. I moseyed up to the bar where a friendly white couple was seated and nodded my arrival. The waitress quickly offered a water and took my drink order. The couple introduced themselves as Steve and Megan. Megan was a blond that stood about 5’9” and was dressed in a red dress with lipstick that matched. The dress was the slim conforming, cut-out shoulder type, but very tastefully fitting; not slutty in anyway. I estimated that Steve was in his mid-forties and Megan was in her late 30s. She was quite pretty, slim with small martini glass size breast and otherwise very well proportioned. I always said that when it came to women’s breast, more than a mouthful was a waste so the small breast were an added benefit to me. But before I go on, let me tell you a bit about me. First I am black and a military officer—well was one and I’ll explain that a little later. I am in my mid-forties, 6’1″, 210lbs, with green eyes, and in reasonably good shape, consistent with the ideal hunting physique: broad shoulders, narrower waists, and no pouch yet. In other words in reasonably good shape for my age. I’m certain it was from the military humping the ruck, the M60 and all the time we spend doing the gym. I recently left the Army (retired) after 23 years as a graduate from West Point, as a field grade officer and combat veteran. I have been married for 21 years to Sherri, a white soccer mom type of gal, and I have always been faithful to her. Not that I didn’t have my opportunities but as an officer, the ones that came on to me were my female subordinates and/or wives of subordinates—officer fraternizing is a real taboo in the military. Sherri and I have two beautiful young adult c***dren—one is a junior in High School and the other is attending college. Well back to the story, we ordered our meals and Megan started small talk, from the wraparound corner bar stool, asking me about where I was from and about my life. I explained my situation and what it was like being in combat and the military for so long. She told me that Steve was an engineer at a local architectural firm here in Tulsa, and that she was a third grade school teacher. I can assure you they didn’t make them like that when I was in third grade. She talked about her students and the funny things they said over the years. We laughed and noted that “k**s Say the Darnedest Things.” Like the time she was walking up the isle and she accidentally ran her hand under the desk and came up with slimmy nose secretion. She asked the table who did it and one girl said, “It’s not mine, I eat mine!” We laughed and laughed as though we were just ole pals. I could see she loved her work and especially working with young k**sWe continued our conversation about married life, sports, the weather, stocks and life after the military as I approach my next chapter in life. I told them about my c***dren and family and she told me that she and Steve were married for five years without k**s of their own. Steve had two girls from a previous marriage, however. We ordered our meals, ate, drank and continued to chat like we were best of friends around that corner of the bar. Just past 9, a DJ starting to spin some songs. I am a reasonable dancer and Steve said that Megan was too but that he had two left feet and could only do the “whiteman’s” overbite. Megan was rocking in her chair to the music and Steve shooed me off to go dance with her. I said sure but I have been traveling all day and not really all cleaned up. She didn’t seem to mind and grabbed me by the arm as we danced onto the dance floor to three or four R&B songs before returning to the bar to refresh our drinks. I complemented her on her dancing and her face lite up with a grim. She kissed me in the cheek and excused herself to the little girl’s room. Steve ordered us another round and said, “I thinks she likes you.” I had yet to comprehend what was happening as she returned and took my hand and asked me to dance again, but this time to a slow song— “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin,’” her favorite she said. I thought that was a bit strange that she asked me instead of Steve, but then it hit me. I remembered my wife talking about the new cuckold life style where white women liked to hook-up with black men and Sherri even said, “don’t you remember when we were dating and first married we got a lot of attention and stares, it was taboo” —not all of them good as I remember. She said that women liked the skin contrast, the taboo of having interracial men, the size rumor and that researchers found that women prefer masculine-looking more aggressive men when they are ovulating. They referred to the woman as a Hot-wife and the hubby as a cuckold. Megan was clearly acting like I was her bull and that she was a hot-wife. I guess I could play along. She was whispering in my ear that I was a hot man and that she wanted me to have a wonderful time with her. It was all a bit new but I was enjoying her dancing and flirting. I flirted right back and said, I want you tonight, let’s go to my room at the Doubletree. I held her close in my arms, kissed her on the neck, and told her it would be great for both of us. I assured her that I would take gooood care of her …, that everything would be fine and that she would have the time of her life. I even asked the DJ to play, “Time of Our Life,” by Pit Bull. We even mouthed the words, “Ooh I want the time of my life,” and she mouthed back, “Oh baby ooooh give me the time of my life.” As we danced I pulled her close while rubbing her ass and touching her silky nylons. She bragged that Steve was the one that suggested the red dress, outfit all the way down to the high heeled sandals. At one point she slid her hand down the front of my pants and squeezed over manhood. So I moved my hands to the back of her dress and began to pull it up. She kept trying to push it back down and saw a camera flash go off, then another. Steve was having some fun. She asked me to behave and stop giving others a peep show. As I was rubbing her ass I whispered if she had liked what she felt and if she and Steve were going to be OK about going to my room. She moaned affirmatively when I kissed her neck and squeezed her ass again. She said she and Steve have not had sex in over a week and that they were thinking about this all day. Megan told me how, earlier in the day Steve had prepped her with a sensuous bubble bath, painted her toe nails, picked out her red dress, lip stick, and sexy thong undies and matching bra. He had the biggest boner but I was not going to let him have me, she decried. She did a double squeeze on my bum, and said, “it is all for you!” I knew my role now and took charge of the situation. When we returned to the bar, she took Steve aside and I saw him nodding in the affirmative. They returned and Steve paid the tabs, and said let’s get that room.We left the pub and walked to the front check-in desk together–Steve, Megan and I. I asked for my room reservation and the clerk said it was only for one person and asked how many were staying the night. I said it was only me and that these were just friend’s stopping by for a night cap. He looked at me strange when Megan took my hand and led us to the elevators while Steve followed behind. bahis firmaları We entered my room which had two double beds and a nice suite area with a wet-bar and frig. loaded with wine and liquors. I offered Megan and Steve a drink and he took a beer, while Megan took a wine cooler and I had a Jameson and 7up. We started talking again about our k**s and family and other nonsensical stuff. Megan said that Steve and she had been trying to get pregnant for the last three years but that since his bout with cancer, his sperm count was zero and doctors felt that it would never come back. I said I was sorry but Steve said it was OK because he had two c***dren before. Megan looked a little disappointed none-the-less. We talked about the world cup and anything that came up. Megan came over and sat on my lap while Steve made it be known that he wanted protection—asking if I had condoms. I said no as my wife is fixed and I never have fooled around on her. He said that we should go buy some and Megan quickly countered with, “Steve, please go to the store and get them. Make sure they are large and get the 12 pack,” jokingly.Steve jumped to his feet and walked to the door as if he was a puppy. Megan and I began kissing immediately after he departed. You know, the act of kissing releases massive amounts of oxycontin, a “love potion” that helps couples bond, I said. Through bonding, each lover’s face becomes personally attractive to the other and that a woman’s face is most beautiful and alluring once a month, exactly when she is at the peak of her fertility. Megan you look beautiful tonight, is that because you are most fertile? She began thinking back to her last period and cried out, “you know, that is what it must be as I am supper horny for certain and it is almost two weeks to the day from my last period. Uggh, she replied. After a short kissing spell, I said I need to get a shower as I have been driving all day and am quite stanky. Megan said, “mind if I join you?” That will be fine, I replied. I entered the bathroom first to brush my teeth, and then turned on the shower. Just after cleaning my junk, Megan stepped in with this strange looking shower cap on her head. She didn’t want to get her hair wet and Steve had not agreed to this totally, yet. She had red toe nail polish on and her small B cup breasts were standing fully erect. I played with and sucked on her hard nipples and worked a finger over her clit. She asked me to squeeze her nipples hard. Harder she said and then she lowered herself near the floor so that she could take me in her mouth. It was the strangest thing as I looked down on what looked like the jiffy pop popcorn head with her plastic shower cap on. She sucked me for a few minutes, came up to kiss and then suggested that we return to the room before Steve got back. We dried each other off, kissed madly and then she put her bra, panties and a Doubletree robe on while I wore only a Doubletree bathrobe. We settled in the room waiting for Steve like nothing had happened yet. We talked about sensual things and what she liked best while making love—favorite position, oral sex, a bit about what was about to happen and what she thought Steve’s reaction might be. She explained that she liked a lot of kissing, to be taken doggy style with the man in charge and to squeeze her nipples really hard—I found that a bit strange but who was I to judge. We were already getting pretty hot. She came over, straddled me and began French kissing me as she forced her tongue into my throat over and over. While kissing, she began telling me how good I looked and started untying my robe. She put her hand inside and began rubbing my back, while woody came to life between us. I let my hands slide down her back, squeezing her by the ass, and pulling her in so she could feel my growing manhood. She had her arms around my neck and was resting her head on my chest while encouraging woody with her pelvic rolls. It was a beautiful feeling but the spell was quickly broken by the knock on the door by a returning Steve. Steve came in with a box of condoms held high and two tooth brushes. He was a bit surprised as he noticed Megan in her bra and panties, and me in my robe. Of course he didn’t even know that we had taken a shower and that I had run my fingers into her pussy. As Steve approached us, Megan said thank you honey, and gave him a peck on the cheek while saying, I am sure we will need them in a little while so hold on to them. She regained her focus on me, and moved her hands around front and started feeling me up and tweeking my man nipples. My nipples are so sensitive, I let out a low growl. I slid one hand down, moved around her panties and started to finger her as Steve looked on with his beer in one hand and a camera in the other. Megan looked over at Steve for his approval and he nodded. She took one hand from my neck and put it on my dick and started playing with me. Woody became hard instantly and was poking out of my robe. Steve look on intently and he started pushing down on her shoulders. Megan knew what he wanted and what I needed to do is to be the black stallion. She knelt before me and tried to get me in her mouth. I saw the flash go off and knew Steve was busy taking pictures. That was fine because I did not want her to stop sucking me as I too was sex starved for the past two weeks. While sucking and stroking, I reached for her nipples and gave them a squeeze like my hands were vicegrips. Her 36B tits had red nipples now that were harder than granite and the “headlights” came on if you know what I mean. She looked up with tears of joy and started stroking and stretching my cock skin back over its head. She could barely get her fingers around it but licked it like a pro. Steve jumped in and stopped us saying, “Larry, did you know I planned and prepped her for this evening I got her that sexy outfit, got her hair done and I polish her toenails and help shave her pussy just for tonight. I hope you liked how I trimmed and neatly prepped her pussy to create that sexy landing strip. She got so hot and wet as I touched her. I wanted to fuck her on the spot but she wouldn’t let me ruin the mood for this evening. She would only let me kiss and suck her titties, I wasn’t allowed to finger her pussy, or to fuck her for over a week. She wanted to be sex starved when she left the house. This is her first time with anyone but me. How do you like her, Larry–being transformed from a grade school teacher to a bonnerfide slut for black cock?” Megan asked him if he was going to be OK because once they do it, there is no going back. He assured her that this was going to be more exciting for him than for her. She assured him that she loved him and explained that she was not even sure if she would cum with anyone but him. I was so horny by now that I ordered Steve to go sit on the other bed and strip down to his tighty whities and to get ready for the show of his life. He obeyed like he was one of my soldiers…. Megan got so excited about Steve taking orders from me. She was wetting herself so much that she had to use Kleenex to keep her juices from running down her legs. We began to tongue kiss again. Just to try this bull stuff out, I ordered Steve to eat her before I would take her and I assured her that everything would be alright. She spread her legs while in the chair and he moved between them as he pulled her panties aside to lick her pussy, she played along. As she moaned to his tongue, she reminded him that he would not be fucking her tonight– so don’t even think about it. After Larry gets through with me, my cunny will be way kaçak iddaa too big for your little five inches. But if you’re nice, I might help you stroke yourself off later. I motioned Megan to come to me again and she pushed Steve’s head out of the way. We kissed as I lifted her in the air and she locked her legs around my waist. I was diamond cutter hard as she slid down trying desperately to wiggle her panties to the side so she could get me into her box. My cock was trapped under her panties and wasn’t going anywhere as she cantilevered on it. Megan’s kiss became passionate and our tongues continued to probe each other’s mouth, I sensed that she wanted me in her badly. She was right where I wanted her and I continued to suck on her tits as she leaned backed around my waist, I was leaving red hickeys all along and she loved it. I pulled her close by her backside feeling up in her panties. Megan wanted to be “taken” and I knew it. I laid her on the bed and began tonging her pussy until she squirmed in pleasure and pushed my face away panting. She pulled down her thong panties and immediately kneeled on the bed and presented herself high in the air to me. Steve jumped up to get a better view.She motioned Steve to unfurl a rubber but Steve said no try stroking him a little without it first. I moved into position and to my surprise, Steve reached for me and said, since she is presenting herself to you, I want to be the one giving her to you. Please let me put your cock inside her. He grabbed me and pointed me into her pussy as I thrust forward. It slipped off of her and under her clit carrying his hand right along. It was the first time for me to have another man touch me but it made me feel powerful and in control. I pulled back and re-aimed again. This time he guided it better and it slipped right in. She grunted and Steve continued to fondle my balls and her pussy on each thrust. She motioned for him to sit down and he obeyed; she reached out and squeezed his hand lovingly as if to say thanks for being such as great hubby. Steve got off the bed and turned on some R&B music to hide her moans of pleasure while I stroked her long and hard. I pulled her in deeper by grabbing her breasts with each thrust. I could not believe how wet she had become. I grabbed her by the shoulders and forcefully slammed my dick up her wet pussy as she pushed her hand back to stop me from penetrating her cervix. I fucked her for about ten minutes doggy while reaching around to play with her clit. I had a great angle on her pussy and was making her clench her teeth. I stroked her with deep penetrations that seemed to make her belly bulge. Her tits were bouncing back and forth with ever thrust. My long black fingers rubbed her clit and she was moving her hips back to meet my every thrusts. The fucking of her cunt and touching of her clit were making her pant and then it happened in a loud guttural scream, she had her first climax. I continued to stroke her and she began what seemed like a continuous climax while biting her lip to keep from screaming. Megan was dripping wet and continued to moan and pant loudly as she shuttered to several more climaxes. She was bucking uncontrollably with several huge spasms. She turned her head back, moaned and French kiss me as I reached around to squeeze her hardened nipples. As Megan bit her lip trying to hide her cries of passion, I could feel I was close to shooting my load into her pussy but pulled out just as she dropped to the bed and I came out. She was loving it and turned to face me. She sat on the bed so that she could taste us and tried to suck me clean of her juices. Before we knew it, Steve had once again embraced my dick and said he wanted to taste her on me. It was only fair… they both licked me. Steve continued while Megan stopped to sip on her drink before returning to the bed lying on her back. Her tits had several hickeys and she was admiring how Steve looked so good sucking cock. Steve move off of me and started licking Megan’s pussy and it was not long until she climaxed again. She reached for me as I climbed in the bed next to her head. She sucked me for a bit and then came up to kiss me. She provided me with a strange taste—cock, pussy lips and alcohol aftertaste but I enjoy it. I moved between her spread legs in the missionary position, and began kissing her while pushing my hardness over her clit and into her pelvic–bumping and grinding to the R&B music. You are perfect she said—my milky white body and blonde hair and your ebony skin and light eyes–she was ready to take my big black dick. I moved in again to mount her and began to rub the head of my dick around her pussy lips. My pre-come and her juices made her very wet and excited. As I teased her, she began pushing up trying to impale her cunt on my huge cock. I pushed it in a little ways and she pushed back to get me in deeper but Steve interrupted waiving a condom. That totally broke the mood and so I pulled out. Megan told Steve to join her in bathroom. I could hear her talking and then they returned and she kissed me deeply on the lips while Steve sat on the other bed. She instructed Steve to take off all of his cloths and be a good boy otherwise he would be denied his treat later. Wank if you want too, she said. Megan told me that she wanted me to bareback her. Steve looked at me for my approval. I said to them both, are you OK with that, I am not fixed and very potent. I may not be able to pull out and cannot take responsibility here. Megan spoke up and said, I aya want it like that. She laid back on the bed with her legs spread and said now where were we. Woody had gone to sleep so she had to bring him back to life, I said. Steve and she both started to suck me again and within moments the flag was flying high. I asked her what she wanted? Megan said, “you. I want your black cock in my white married pussy, right honey as she looked at Steve. She begged me to fuck her hard and deep. She said, pinch my nipples hard now.” I could see how horny she was as she was shivering and still leaking all down her legs. “I want you to totally take me in every way,” she said, “There is nothing like the feel of a hard dick in my pussy fucking away. There is nothing like having a big black cock in me! I love the way you fucked my white pussy, it is delicious and I want more.” We continued to kiss as she smelled of alcohol and sex. I pulled myself to my knees and spread her legs to get into the mounting position. I was going to pound that pussy like she had never had. I put my dick at the entrance and she impaled herself trying to get me to go even deeper. I thought well if that is what you want, that is what you’ll get as I pushed deep into her pussy from the loving missionary position. I was sucking her tits with ever thrust–she loved it.She was getting what she wanted and Steve was getting a show of his life, while he wanked his little Winnie. I was sucking on her tits and stroking her as hard as I could. I was worried about how hard we fucked but she loved it and told me not to stop. I must have been penetrating her cervix as it felt like a flower had opened up and then closed around me as we stroked. She purred softly and within minutes her breathing quickened and she shivered to an orgasm. I was relentless in stroking and she began to buck again and again in a huge orgasm. I groaned that I was coming. She pulled he legs up grabbing her ankles to get it all the way up in her and said, “give it to me lover, fill my pussy up with your cum.” I came in her as she wrapped her legs around me to hold me in place as we collapsed in each other’s arms. kaçak bahis I kissed her and our eyes met as thought in a trance. We kissed again and she reached for me asking to suck me clean. We calmed down and began kissing passionately for a long time and then laid together in the spooning position. She had been totally taken. I got hard again as we spooned, but she let out a low moan indicating that she was too exhausted to continue. She quickly got up and put her small panties on and climbed into bed with me. Steve looked over and said hey what about me. I didn’t come yet. She actually asked me for my approval to go help Steve with his little problem. I said OK but he cannot enter you I don’t want his DNA mixed with ours, lover. Do what you need but no fucking. She kissed me and said, I’ll be right back. It was clear that she planned on sleeping with me all night and that we were going to be like rabbits latter. She went over to Steve wearing her panties and began to stroke his cock. They moved into a 69 position and Steve pulled her wet panties off and began eating her pussy and my creampie as she jerked on him. Within a few minutes she was coming and he did too all over his bed. She kissed him, tucked him in, and then returned under the covers in our bed as I spooned up to her. Her blonde hair d****d over me as I kissed her back and neck; she smelled so much like a women it got me hot again. This gave me a chubby and Megan felt it on her backside and smiled as I pushed it inside of her. What an unusual feeling to be looking across to the other bed at Steve while being inside his wife. I whispered to Megan how good she felt and she reached back over her shoulder to kiss me goodnight with me still in her pussy. She said lets dose a bit thinking we would make love later in the early morning. By this time her hair was strewn, her tits looked like they had been stung by bees with love bites, and her cunt was soaked from front to back now. With me inside her, we dosed off for over an hour. I awoke thinking of her beautiful pussy and got hard again. I reached around to play with her clit and to finger her pussy. I gently rub her clit in an attempt to wake her. She let out a soft moan and I knew she was ready again for our round II. I softly rubbed her clit while rhythmically touching her in sync with her moans. She was fully back and so I entered her and stroked her from behind as she pushed back to meet my soft thrusts. While rotating my hips, I fucked her from behind and continued to caress her clit. She moaned softly as I stroked her pussy before she raised up on top in a reverse cowgirl–she leaned forward and gave me a clear shot of her beautiful ass. I touched her ass and she jumped up a bit and I knew that was off limits. I continued to stroke her from the back as she rose up and down on my BBC. She was moaning softly and within minutes her breathing quickened and she shuttered to an orgasm. I felt her run down my leg as I continued stroking her. She came again violently. She moaned loudly and yelled for me to fuck her deeper. Each forceful stroke made her beautiful belly bulge out. She did the best she could to control moans not wanting to wake Steve but the fucking of her cunt and circling of her clit were making her cry out loudly. She was very wet and her head was thrown back indicating that she was about to come again. I squeezed her tits and fucked her harder from behind. She began to moan and pant loudly, “Yes, Yes, fuck my pussy, Larry, I want your baby” she said—“fuck me hard with your big black cock, cummm with me as she shuttered to another huge climax.” Her moaning woke Steve who looked on in admiration.She realized what she had said, as I continued to fuck and finger her hard until she begged me to stop. She begged me to, “Come with me she yelled, squirt me, right in my pussy!, I want to feel your hot semen shooting inside of me.” Megan, I want to but if we do, I want it to be our love c***d and to shoot in you while in the missionary position as we look each other in the eyes during our climax. I knew she loved her tits pinched and so while making love I rolled her onto her back and began to suck her nipples to get them hard. I could see clearly that Megan already had hickey marks from earlier but I want to give her a few more love bites to remember this night as I sucked her breast flesh. I rubbed the head of my big black dick around her pussy lips as she squirmed, and then slowly slid it in her until our pelvics met. I wanted to have super-connected sex. Knowing that simultaneous climaxing during intercourse can be as allusive as winning the lottery; I was determined to make it happen tonight. If she wanted my baby, I was going to give it to her while making love. I entered her all the way and continued to move in and out of her pussy with a flurry of short thrusts followed by a few long strokes deep into her pussy. The shallow penetrations were only half way in the beginning followed by deeper full length penetrations as I felt her moisten. It was working and we got locked into this wonderful rhythm of stroking and rotating our hips. I could feel her flower open and with every stroke my lovely Megan was getting close to an intercourse climax. A moment later Megan’s lovely hips started to buck as she cried out in ecstasy I’mmm going to cum, cumm with me. Four more strokes and she came bucking uncontrollably with several huge jerking spasms. She was orgasming continuously as her body jerked to and fro. She moved wildly begging me to cum in her. I couldn’t hold back. I announced I was cumming, and as our eyes met as if in a trance I grunted and she wrapped her legs around my back and pulled me to her. We’re cumming baby she moaned. I let out a torrent of black seed as we both melted together. I grunted over and over as I shot my baby seed in her again. With her legs pulling me into her, she moaned and we kissed for nearly a minute before I rolled on my back exhausted. I heard Steve wacking himself off to our climax in his bed. “Larry,” Megan said, “I think I love you,” as we cuddled and fell off to sleep again. The next morning, Megan woke after some coaxing and told me that she had a great evening and thanked me. Megan was totally satisfied and was coming back to life. Then she whispered to me, “I love the way you fuck my white pussy, it is delicious. I am a white slut for your black cock and I admit it, what can I say?” I told her that I wanted to make love to her while Steve was still asleep across from us but he heard us rustling and sat up on the side of the bed. Our night was over but she asked me to shower with her and we entered the bathroom, brushed our teeth together and then jumped into the shower in preparation for breakfast. She confessed that she wanted to see more of me and asked if someday in the near future I would come back to Tulsa so that she could be taken in her marital bed. Of course I said yes and Megan responded, “When? I will work to get Steve onboard.” Recently she told me they had been watching a lot of BBC porn and she would find one showing a lover in their marital bed to share with Steve and to think about me. We kissed passionately and I didn’t want the shower to end. Steve knocked on the door saying I need to use the latrine. I held her in a loving embrace for as long as I could before we moved out of the bathroom to get dressed. Steve ran in and while he was readying himself, Megan and I had our last embrace kissing passionately before getting dressed. She grabbed me and at the same time I felt her pussy saying, “I will remember this until we meet again.” While at breakfast they hardly said a word. Jokingly I asked what we are doing tonight. They said, “We know you must be getting on down the road” but mused that, “I had their phone number, and that if I was every in Tulsa to look them up.”

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