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Subject: Tasting Kit – Part 2 (Adult-youth) Disclaimer: The following contains explicit scenes of male sex and a variety of consensual activities. This story may not be copied or posted to any other websites without explicit permission from the author. All characters depicted are above 18 years of age. If any of this content is offensive to you or illegal to access in your geography, please do fty//gay/urination/getting-my-medicine/ *** ???? feedback always welcome to ail *** I knew I was addicted. Just tasting Kit that one time, and I was hooked. I spent much of yesterday evening thinking back on it, his young naked ass bouncing on top of me. I needed it again, and I couldn’t wait till he got home. Chores be damned, I needed my tongue inside his snug little shitter of his again. Time seemed to drag. He had a whole day of school before he would be here. Sitting on his butt in class all day, learning God knows what. I just wanted him back here with me. Soon after 3pm, there he was. Finally walking up my garden path, trudging up the front, with a backpack almost as big as he was. Fuck, kid, hurry up and get in here because I need it. “Hi..” he said, coming in the front door, dumping his school bag on the floor. “Hey little guy, did you have a good day at school?” “Yeah, I guess. I’m real tired though. What do I gotta do today? ” He was always looking to please. Most boys would whine and complain about having more work to do after a long day of school. Not Kit, though. He was always looking to please, no matter what. “Nothing much, actually. Pretty quiet day around here today. I think you’ve got everything about up to date.” “Oh cool! Then, um, can I just watch TV today, please?” “Sure thing, champ. Take a day off.” “Yay!” He did a little hop for joy, then grabbed the remote. I don’t think I mentioned this last time, but when he watched TV, he would always just lie on the floor in front of it on his stomach. He would flop down face first, propping himself up on his elbows. Laying like this made his butt look flatter than it really was, making the material look almost level. But I knew better. He was wearing blue jeans today, ones which went to just below his knees. They glided up the back of his thighs, over the slight rise of his soft cloth covered rump, then along his back. The two pockets on either side looked like a couple of eyes staring back at me. It was as if they were looking at me, asking me if we were going to get up to anything like yesterday. My mind wandered back to what lay within that single layer of denim. My eyes were transfixed on it. The loud jabbering noise of cartoons playing in the background made him occasionally giggle or shift slightly on the floor. I wasn’t interested in the TV, I wanted him. That bum right there, wiggling in front of me every so often, which had been covered to the world all day. He would have been lying there only a few minutes, before I couldn’t resist any longer. I had to smell him. I got down on the floor with him. He briefly turned his head as he noticed me get on the floor with him, then turned away again. He must have known what I had in mind. I sat between his slightly spread legs, where there was just enough room to park myself between his knees. I reached my hands under him, lifting him under the waist to unbutton the top of his jeans. His giggling and gyrations went quiet, but he was still trying to focus on his cartoons. His laughter was replaced by nervous curiosity. He was a bit more distracted now as he let me tug down his denim shorts without struggle. He was wearing white briefs today. Those had to go too. I pulled them both to his knees, his legs coming together slightly as I pulled them down. I was glad he hadn’t objected at all this time, all his layers peeled away to reveal his creamy skin within. I smiled as his pale white cheeks and vertical crack were now back in sight. His skin was so smooth, not a wrinkle or blemish to be seen save for the crease where his glutes met his upper legs, making it look like a curved smile. A few goose pimples formed on his bare skin, with it now exposed to the fresh air. “Sorry if I am a bit sweaty today,” he said softly. I placed a hand on each globe, spreading him open. The colour of my thumbs quite a contrast against his pearly white skin. Spreading him open, bursa escort there it was again. This tiny asshole. The slightly discoloured ring of skin, and the puckered, wrinkled hole in the middle. His cheeks looked so cute, as I had them spread wide with my hands and thumbs, his tiny moist anus with not a hint of hair. A sweaty little thing, just begging to be sniffed. I had been waiting all day for this. I bent down, placing my nose as close as I could to it, but not quite touching it. I inhaled hard. He was definitely more pungent today. His exertions of school life during the day making his hole sweaty and sticky. His scent was strong, taking me aback. It was a good sweet boy stink though, it burned the inside of my nose as I breathed it in. “Why do you do that?” he asked mid-sniff. “Do what, buddy?” “Smell my butt?” “Well, to me, it smells good. I can’t get enough of it. You have your own special scent Kit, and I need it.” “Yeah, but…it’s my butthole…” I didn’t answer him. Time was wasting. I took another deep snort from his ripe little hole, right at the source. His little crinkle twitched slightly as I took in its odour. It was like a drug to me. This steamy place reeked of sweet and sour, of boy honey. A certain scent one can only find in the secret places of a school boy. I slid my tongue up his damp valley, running it from the base, deep between his thighs to the small of his back. I felt him shiver. The flavours of ginger, cinnamon, and salt exploding in my mouth. My senses became overwhelmed as I licked this forbidden place. My head was swimming as my senses were flooded by ode to boy. I needed more, though. I knew his tiny opening would be much too small to fit what I really wanted to do, but there were other means. I sucked my pinkie finger wet, and brought it to his entrance, prodding his anus gently. “This might hurt a little at first, just trust me, okay?” Despite saying this, I felt him tense up. It just took a bit of pressure, and with the help of my spit, I pushed my finger into his warm, snug little cavern. His cheeks and sphincter muscle immediately clenched around my invading finger, but it was too late, and I had been too quick. “Ouch, owie, it hurts…” he whined as he bowed his head. “Sorry little guy, just wait a moment and the hurt will pass.” I could feel his body heat around the tip of my finger, as his muscles gripped it tight. His heartbeat throbbed around my finger as his ass slammed shut around it. Eventually, I felt him relax and the grip around my finger lessen. I pushed in a bit more, up to the next knuckle, then back out. “How does that feel?” “It’s okay, I guess. Kinda pokey…” “You’re such a good boy, Kit. I’m so happy that you’re more willing than yesterday. ” Kit groaned as my finger explored his insides. I was right in there now, but I will have to use a longer finger in the future. I felt my digit rub against his walls and found a tiny, immature nub behind where his penis would be. His whole body shuddered when I rubbed against it, I don’t think he had ever had a feeling like that before. “Do you know what that is, Kit?” “Nooo…but it feels so nice. What is it?” “That’s called your prostate. It’s still little now, but when you grow older it will be a very special place, and will give you a lot of pleasure.” Kit sighed, resting his head on its side. All interest in his TV show was gone as I violated him. My own cock throbbed in my pants. I desperately wanted to put it in him, but I knew I would be far too thick for him to take. “You know, Kit, I still haven’t gotten to see your little dicklet yet.” “It’s not little!” he protested, almost offended. “I’m bigger than most of my classmates!” “Oh well, now I definitely want to see it! Can I have a look?” As I asked, I pushed firmly against his prostate as I asked him. I might as well be brainwashing him to show me at that point. He groaned as I caressed his pleasure centre. He simply did not want to show this last bastion for some unknown reason. “Uhhmmm… I don’t want to though… I don’t want you to see it. ” “Why not? If you have a big one, I would have thought you would be proud to show it. ” “But it’s private! Mom says I shouldn’t show it to strangers, and yours is probably way bigger anyway.” “Do you really think of me as a stranger? We’re buddies! bursa escort bayan Come on, Kit, turn over for me. Show me cock. ” As usual, Kit could never say no. He knew I was no longer asking, but telling him. Kit whined, knowing I was no longer giving him a choice. I took my now slick finger out of his hole and I made the moves to flip him over myself. With his clothes still stuck around his knees, I lifted him slightly and turned him over myself. His pants and underwear might be off, but his shirt was still draped low enough, covering his naked groin. His face was a flush of red, I’m not sure if it was from my probing or from shame. He quickly moved his hands to the base of his shirt, as if trying to stop me. “Come on Kit, move your hands.” He didn’t put up much of a fight when I pulled them aside. He just sort of grizzled a bit as I pushed his shirt up, making himself exposed to me. And there he was. My first look at his young, hairless dick. It wasn’t enormous, but certainly decent for his age. His horny 3-4 inch sausage stood proudly from his groin. Even though he was fully hard, his foreskin still tapered to a puckered end at the tip, his little spike sticking out from a generously sized ball pouch. His balls were bigger than I expected, hairless of course, his pair of nuts nestled within his smooth, hairless sack. As I stared, he kept trying to cover himself again, but it didn’t take much more than a gentle swat to keep them at bay. No doubt having an adult assess his naked cock so closely was uncomfortable for him. I’d never sucked a cock before, but his cute little morsel was irresistible. I looked him in the eye, seeing his shame. He would have likely seen lust in mine, but we both knew what was coming. I leaned down, placing my nose at the junction of his pink scrotum and his leg, and inhaled. The sharp scent of sweat, boy funk, and a pit of pee assaulted my airways. He would have showered that morning, but the scent of his long day confined in underwear was certainly present down here. The smell of sour milk, of musky boy and sweat. I ran my tongue over his ball bag, feeling the marbles inside move slightly. Kit moaned softly. “Are you okay, little guy?” I asked him. “Mmm, yeah, it feels nice….” “Do you want me to keep going?” “Um, yeah… do what you want…” He replied dreamily, surrendering his body to me. I took the tip of his cock between my thumb and finger, pealing his foreskin back. His glans were slightly wet, looking like a juicy red cherry, with the tiniest slits of a peehole at the crest. I went down on him, his cock the perfect size of my mouth. I felt him flinch, and his penis lurch in my mouth. Even though he was big for his age, I was still able to easily take in his full length, my lips bumping into the bald skin of his pubis. I went up and down on his length, applying more suction as I got to the tip. I could hear him gasp as I pulled on his boyhood, his fingers subconsciously finding their way to the top of my head, grasping my hair. My finger found its way back to the cleft of his cheeks, against the soft sensitive flesh just outside his hole, but not pushing in. In that moment, I decided to be cruel. I didn’t want to be the one always taking the lead. I stopped. I didn’t say anything, I just got up, stood up, and sat on the couch. Poor Kit was obviously confused. His legs were still splayed, his hard cock desperate for further attention, prominently sticking up from his almost horizontal legs. Just moments ago, he was so careful about it. Now his naked glory all on display. “W…what’s wrong?” he asked. “Hrm? Nothing.” “Why…you…why’d you stop all of a sudden?” “I’ve done what I want. I’ve had enough.” I was so mean, but now I wanted Kit to take charge. Kit looked down at his leaking cock. A pearl of precum oozing at the opening of his wrinkled foreskin. “But…you didn’t finish…” “Finish what, Kit?” Kit furrowed his brow. I think I saw a flicker of annoyance in his eyes. I knew what he wanted, and he knew by the feeling in his gut, that I had stopped early. “The men. The men in that video you showed me yesterday. When they did it, there was stuff that came out…” “When you’re a bit older Kit, then you will be able to do that.” “Nooo…I need it. Please. You can’t just stop. I feel all…achy and escort bursa tingly. You can’t stop now!” He stood up. His ridged cock ached for attention. I wasn’t used to seeing this amount of frustration in him, but I had pushed him to this. Deliberately. His cock needed release and I had brought him to the edge of the unknown. He knew his body needed more, but couldn’t describe what he didn’t understand. “Stop what Kit? What is it that you want me to do? ” “Ugh, you know… just suck me some more!” A sly smile grew across my face. There it was. “But I thought it was private?” I teased. “It is but, um… I need it.” He looked so adorable standing there with his cock sticking out from under his shirt. His cock had drooped slightly, now more horizontal. “Well, you’re standing up now, so tell me. How do you want me to do it? ” God, I could be so difficult sometimes. But he had to learn. “I don’t care, I just want you to suck me more.” “If you want it, you have to tell me. In your own words. Listen to your desires, and tell me how.” “Um…lie down on the couch like yesterday?” I had intended to kneel in front of him, but his mind seemed to have wandered to yesterday. Yet, I did as instructed, laying my body lengthwise across the cushions, my head against the armrest. He climbed up after me, clambering over and putting his knees either side of my head. His cock leading the way, pointing straight at me. It bounced around as he drew nearer, until his hairless groin was staring me in the face. “Open please” Kit asked, tipping my head back and holding his penis in front of my lips. I hoped wide, Kit inserted his cock, and I closed again, forming a close seal around his base. His cock felt hot this time, much hotter than earlier on the floor. It was like it was vibrating in my mouth. He began to slide his dick in and out of my mouth at his own pace. He started out slow, but as his need grew, he forgot about me, just using my mouth for his own pleasure. I reached around behind him, grabbing his still naked buns as his speed picked up, fucking my mouth like a rabbit in heat. I did my best to suck and lick his now rock-hard cock, his balls were drawn against his body now, now low enough to swing, but I could feel them press into my chin each time he pushed all the way in. I just held on for dear life. His horniness was my creation, and I had created a monster. He fucked my face with all he could muster. It would have only been a few minutes, but his tummy was heaving as he panted. In and out, he just kept going, his youthful energy unending. I just kept sucking. Occasionally, his penis managed to expel a single tasty, sweet and salty drop of precum. It was an extra bit of lubrication too, allowing him to piston my mouth even more desperately. That said, eventually I felt him slow to a stop and trying to pull away. I didn’t stop though. I moved my head back and forth even though he had stopped moving, sucking his rigid cock. He pulled with all his might, trying to get away, but I wouldn’t let him. “No, let me go, I’m gunna pee!” Of course, there was no way I was going to let go. I held on to those little bum cheeks for dear life, keeping his cock firmly in my mouth. I wanted this to be a moment for Kit to remember. He probably can’t produce anything yet, but he would feel it. I felt his whole body shudder, and his cock danced in my mouth. It was like it was buzzing against the roof of my mouth. He gripped me tight as his body was awash in his orgasm. His cock trying to expel cum, but too immature yet to offer any. His excitement waned, and I felt him slump slightly on top of me. “How was that little man?” “Yeah…”He puffed. “That was…so cool…” “Well, champ, how about you get up? I’ll make us some dinner, huh?” “No, not yet, you have to do something else.” My ears perked up. “I..have to?” That was a bit more forceful than what I was used to hearing from him. Kit got up, but only turned around, his cheeky rear end staring back at me this time. He spread his own cheeks, wide enough that his little hole was there, and shifted so it was right in my face. “Lick my hole,” Kit demanded. “You sniffed it, but you have to lick it inside with your tongue.” “Right inside?” I gasped. “Yep, now taste my actual bumhole.” He edged backwards, sticking his butt out. This time, it was his young hole nearing my mouth. The faint aroma of his humid asshole rose from his hole, as I resigned myself to tasting Kit directly from the source. — *** ???? feedback always welcome to ail ***

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