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Subject: The Tales of Sol 62 The Tales of Sol 62 By Joe hoo This my second attempt to write so please tell me what you think. This is a fictional story it is not intended to imply that any members of the Backstreet Boys, Nsync or 98 Degrees are gay, or any of the other celebrities mentioned are homosexuals. If you are not old enough to read these stories do yourself a favor don’t get caught. The same goes for those people whose countries have these sites made illegal. And for everyone else enjoy Captain Planet and related characters was created by R.E Turner and copyright by AOL Time Warner Company and Trademark by TBS Productions Babylon 5 and all related characters and props were created by Michael Straczynski and copyright by Warner Bros. Star Trek and all related characters created by Gene Roddenberry. Copyright Paramount Transformers and all related characters, and props are trademarked by Hasbro inc. Copyright Rhino Home Videos and AOL Time Warner Entertainment CO He-Man, She-Ra, related characters, and props are trademarked by Filmation 1980’s Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, Angel and all related characters created by Joss Whedon. Copyright 20th Century Fox. Batman, and all related characters created by Bob Kane. Copyright DC Comics and Warner Bros. X-MEN, and all related characters created by Stan Lee. Copyright Marvel Comics and 20th Century Fox. To those who’ve been reading Tales of Sol. I want you to know that while there is sex in this story. That is not is sole purpose and yes I do hope the sex sense makes you all hard and gets you off. Sol is an adaption from my childhood favorite show Captain Planet and the Planeteers, The cartoon showed us that the world can be a better place if we took a few moments to care for it. Tales of Sol is meant to express hope. It is also shows how music can have an impact in our lives. While I don’t know if my favorite bands 98 Degrees, Backstreet Boys or Nsync have ever read this. They saw me through some of the hardest moments of my life and offered in their own way hope. To them I say thank you. I dedicate the Tales of Sol to all of my brothers and sisters of the US armed service past, present, and future. I like to thank my friends who I had the privilege showing these chapters with. They helped with editing and inspiration, John Rivera, Albert-Russ Alan Rivera-Odum, Derbe.D. Hunte Yvette Ortiz Samuel Diaz Jr for all their help in Making The Tales of Sol an enjoyable story to write. And I have a few other names starting with the beginner of this universe. James the author of Tales of a Real Dark Knight. I still hope to reconnect with you dear friend and all the rest of this series. Blake the author of Tales of a New Phoenix Jeremi author of the Tales of Young Mutants To understand what is happening in the next couple of chapters read Tales of a Real Dark Knight they came from James. If are reading James I hope you like my take on your story. The Tales of Sol 62 Deep Wounds Leaving Nick’s room and into the hallway I came face to face with Howie. He had tears running down his face. I wasn’t surprised to see him here. From his disturbed aura I knew Howie was at the center of this, and the one who needed me now placing a hand on his shoulder. Beginning the much needed conversation, I started, “Are you ok, Howie?” “I am, sorry but, I overheard your conversation with Nick,” Howie apologized “How come?” I asked as I guided us to Howie’s room “I saw how you looked at Nick and how you could sense his pain,” Howie said “And yours,” I told him “I kind of figured that, and I figured with your connection to the world, you would know how Nick got in contact with that bastard in the first place,” I could hear Howie’s anger toward himself “Yes I do,” was my only response “You must hate me?” Howie sobbed “That is not my place,” I replied “It is my fault that Nick got those treatment,” Howie said “I was so against it, I was raised to believe those acts were so unnatural, it went against God’s design,” I heard the self loathing. I just let Howie vent it was what he needed most at this moment to let all those bottled up feelings out. “I couldn’t stand the fact that Nick was gay, and urged him to seek help,” Howie said full of self anger “As if he had some kind of disease,” Howie fumed “I had a talk with Dr. Israel and he told me he found a way to make gays, straight,” Howie closed his eyes “I was overjoyed. I knew I found hope for Nick,” I watched as Howie began to shudder. “I introduced Nick to Dr. Israel, I put that bastard in the position to preform his fucking experiments on my best friend,” Howie was now shaking like he was in an earthquake. “It is my fault that Nick was hurt,” Howie burst into tears like a soda bottle shook up his feelings were exploding “What Nick was forced to endure I wouldn’t want for my worst enemy,” Howie’s voice found itself in all the uncontrolled tears. I walked over to him and put my hand on his shoulder causing us both to glow. “Howie talk to Nick and tell him this,” “But he will hate me,” Howie tearfully gaze shot up “Howie, Dr Israel is gone but his legacy remains,” I said gently “He hurt Nick and he hurt you all in the process,” my voice was filled with compassion and empathy “Nick is angry and not at you but himself,” I shook my head “You both need closure, Howie you are all feeling the same pain and guilt just in a different way,” I told him “This storm has caused enough destruction, it is time it came to an end. There is a sun that is trying to come out you all deserve peace and happiness,” my voice seem to echo with more than one voice “Are you going to let this bastard win or prove to him that he is no longer in control,” I retorted not to hurt Howie but help show defiance to a maniacal bastard that it was indeed time for him to leave and let this band heal. Howie just leaned into me and all those repressed feeling shot out there were no words just a release of all the hurt and guilt, “Mike tell me something?” Howie shaky voice quaked out Staring into his eyes redden by tears “You told Nick that Dr Israel did not get off easy,” The compassion I felt for Howie was definitely not there for Dr Israel my harden and unforgiving response “Howie there are no words that I can say to you to express the levels of torments Dr Israel is now facing they make what he did to Nick look like a bee sting in comparison,” I saw some recognition pass through redden eyes “So God is in charge?” Howie grinned “Howie he is always in charge,” I snickered then I soften my expression and spoke “Talk to Nick put this moment into the deep dark past where it belongs,” “How can you ask us to forget it?” Howie sniffed as he wiped his tears away. I finally gave him a tissue. Yes, I know I am such a gentleman. “I never said forget use it to help forge a tighter bond to those you have called friends and brothers,” I shook my head in serenity “Those like Dr. Israel always fail for one very important reason and they are always guaranteed to fail,” That got Howie’s attention “What did he fail to see and why bursa escort bayan did he lose?” “Simple he tried to snuff out Hope,” I simply said this made Howie smile the first true smile I have seen since I walked into his room “Because you can’t kill Hope,” He laughed “No you can’t, it can be bent, it can be wounded, it,” I softly acknowledged “But you can’t kill Hope it has a strength that no force on this planet has ever been able to crush,” Howie wiped away the last of his tears Placing my on his shoulder I gave it a gentle squeeze and just like Nick a gentle energy passed between me and Howie and he slowly closed his eyes and a new peace came through as he slipped into sleeps embrace. As with Nick I gently took Howie into my arms and carried him to bed where I said the same prayer. I left his room and softly closed his door and right into a three dimensional AJ McLean “So you are done playing the Healer?” I heard the voice seemingly appear out of nowhere. I looked up into the mischief grin of AJ standing there. “Jesus AJ!” I squealed my hand flew to my heart and the shock of his sudden appearance finally registered with me ‘So much of me always being aware of my surroundings’ I thought to myself “Hey man,” AJ smirked I tried to recover some of my lost dignity “So what do I owe thee honor, of you scaring the crap out of me?” I laughed “Just seeing if you were up to talking more?” AJ asked then he laughed, “And seeing your reaction was more than worth it,” I shot him a withered gaze that only made AJ laugh harder I gave up and simply laughed “I can’t see why not,” “How is the arm?” I asked “Good as new thanks,” AJ responded, moving his arm around a little. We went into AJ room and “Howie must still feel like such an asshole,” AJ stated as we approached his room “You knew?” I asked as AJ opened the door and leading me in “Yeah there isn’t much I miss man,” AJ told me “I noticed,” I cocked my head “Do you blame Howie for what happened to Nick?” I asked “Sometimes I do but I also knew how uncomfortable Howie was when Nick first came out,” AJ confessed “You can’t ask someone to raise a certain way to change their feeling overnight it just can’t be done,” AJ sighed as he remembered something “Hell I was raised with those same beliefs, half the freaking world has been raised that way,” AJ huffed in annoyance. Something I rarely saw come off of AJ’s cool and collected manner. I doubt I ever see him this upset. “So what do you think now?” I asked the look I saw on his confused face showed me that he too hasn’t come to the grips of all that has happened he let out a harsh breath. “That we all still have some healing to do,” AJ said I redirected the question “AJ how did you handle Nick coming out?” I asked him He pondered it and shrugged “Nick is like a little brother to me, and as such I loved him no matter what” I nodded I smiled a little knowing that would be AJ’s response but the smile soon left and a much softer and more calmer expression came off of me I tried not to sound like I was condemning AJ but I was asking what I knew he was already feeling, “So as the older Brother, you feel as if you should have stepped in, when Howie suggested those treatments for Nick?” I asked That caught AJ off guard but it was exactly what he was thinking. “Yeah, I do Mike, I wish I had done something I should have done something,” AJ snarled “I could have helped avoid all the shit Nick had to endure, and all because Howie couldn’t get passed his own self rightness to see Nick was still his friend, and not some demon that needed to be condemned to hell,” AJ huffed just as with Howie all the repressed emotions were not just coming now coming to light and now they were not going to stop until it burns itself out I sat there listening, “There were times I wanted to punch,” I watch AJ ball his fists up and looking ready to hit something “Howie, and make him come to his fucking senses, after we found out that Dr Israel wasn’t curing Nick, but hurting him in every way a person can be hurt,” AJ forced his hands to relax. The effort had more significance then AJ knowing it was his body’s way of telling AJ it was time to let go. “Nearly did if not for Kevin,” AJ confessed, remembering whatever conversation the two of them might have had over this subject. I just listened to yet another damaged heart unburden itself “Nick was my little buddy and had his whole world crammed down his throat, and was force to do things that no man had the right to make someone do,” AJ swore again Falling into the chair behind him as if all exertion has finally left his body. His head rested on the top of the chair and he looked up at the ceiling. As if the tacky ceiling paint could offer any kind of comfort, not that they were. He was looking past them and seeing the Father who was watching the whole thing. A part of AJ was praying to God his next words would be forgiven. “And when I heard that the bastard died in a fire I thought he got off to easy,” AJ stated I knew there was nothing to forgive for the Father’s love was Here I was somehow his vessel, a conduit thanks to the Mother who was channeling all of this through her to me and into my dear friends who needed closure. AJ then squeezed his eyelids shut as a unwanted image suddenly made an ugly appearance, “And when I heard the Nick’s friend Hunter had killed himself, all I could see was Nick hanging from the ceiling and one of us finding him that way,” I heard the fear in his words He paused then brought his head up and looked at me chuckling softly but there was no humor in there. AJ asked, “How in the Hell did you get me to open up like that?” I came to him and crouched down putting my hands on AJ’s knees. “All that happened my friend, was your soul found someone to unburden, this mess, one man, laid on to your whole group,” I looked up at his eyes “One man, AJ one man with a dark agenda,” I softly said as I moved the blame from AJ to the person who really deserved the judgment “He spoke pretty words to make seem like they were true,” “If it sounds too good to be true it usually is,” AJ said wiping tears from his eye unlike Howie I decided to actually be a gentleman and offered AJ a tissue. “And it was,” I agreed, “The point AJ, is Dr Israel fed on Howie’s fears, and appealed to his beliefs,” I brought the conversation back. “Fuck those beliefs,” AJ snarled “You don’t mean that AJ,” I shook my head Sighing loudly “No, no I don’t,” AJ sounded resigned “AJ you are all doing the one thing, Dr Israel was hoping would happen,” my hardened but gentle voice tried to inject. AJ finally understood “We turned on each other didn’t we?” “Close enough that but he failed, and will fail because he can’t kill what meant to be,” I said firmly “How do we get past this?” AJ asked “By denying him the satisfaction, by stepping out into the sun and letting this darkness fade into the depth from which it came,” I offered AJ got out of his chair and pulling me into a hug “For a shorty, you,” AJ laughed as he stood a head taller than me “You stand taller, görükle escort then any person, I have ever come across,” AJ said softly I took his words in as I felt AJ arms wrap around me “Brian is one lucky man,” AJ said pulling me into a hug and with that the soft energy that has been present in me passed to and AJ “Oof,” I groaned as I was suddenly the bearer of more than just AJ’s emotional weight, as he fell into a peaceful sleep in our hug. “I might be short my friend but I am not afraid to carry this for you,” I whispered as I picked AJ up and carried him to his bed “Mother and Father watch over my friends as they dream of a brighter tomorrow,” I said into the great ether Closing the door behind me, my feet took me to the next stop on this road of healing. I made my way to Kevin’s room figuring we would need to talk. Knocking on his door “Come in,” I heard opening the door and Kevin was looking out the window and watching the clouds roll by. “Hey Kev,” I called “Mike, where have you been?” Kevin asked as he gave me the hug only a family member could give “I am doing some damage control repairs,” I replied “Damage control?” Kevin asked “Yes, starting with Nick,” I began “Then to Howie,” I went down the list “Finally AJ after he scared the daylight out of me,” I laughed remembering that memorable crash. “Those steps have brought me to your doorstep,” I replied, pulling him back towards me and giving him a hug only a family member could give. I felt him shudder and heard him huff in disgusted sigh, “And what could you guys have been talking about?” pulling out of the hug and looking back out the window “I somehow doubt you are thinking about our concert in Orlando?” Kevin snapped as he looked out at the night sky “A stain on your group that has eaten a hole right through, and left everyone trying to clean it up only to make the mess even worse,” I replied as I looked out at the same dark skies that he was seeing. He snarled “I take it you too have some thoughts on that subject?” I stated “You could say that,” Kevin sneered but there was an underlying self loathing that was present in all of them. “Am I overstepping my bounds?” I asked still looking out at the night “No, and it not like we can hide it from you with that damn connection of yours,” Kevin snapped at something he hope would be buried forever coming forward “But you feel as though as I should have come to you first,” I spoke I could feel a degree of emotions pouring out of him “Yeah maybe a little,” Kevin confessed “But you would have told me not to interfere in Band business,” I pointed out “Band Business,” Kevin snorted in mock laughter “That was all I was thinking about at the time Mike,” Kevin sat down at the nearest chair I sat in next to him and just listened. “A gay Backstreet Boy,” Kevin huffed “Just what we needed, just what tabloids would have feasted on,” Kevin growled “I feared of what would happen if someone found out if one or more members of the Backstreet Boys was gay,” Kevin told his story “Then I find out that such worries would nearly cost us a friend,” He crowed “Howie came to me, telling me he knew someone who could fix the problem, and though skeptical as if there was some cure for something that really didn’t need to be cured,” Kevin told his story and even confessed that there was nothing wrong with Nick. “Hell my own cousin is gay and he has landed one hell of a man,” Kevin turned his gaze on me and I saw the love of a family member “I count you already as cousin Mike,” he hugged me tightly Getting back to what was buried deep “Nick on the other hand wasn’t given that chance,” “All that worrying about band businesses lead Nick to an evil man who even used us against him,” Kevin snarled “Kevin, can I ask you something?” I asked as we both looked out the window “Sure,” Kevin almost sounded relieved to be talking about anything other than this. I noted the moon “Why do we pay attention to the Moon at night but ignore it when it is out during the day?” Kevin looked at the moon and watched as it softly lit the night sky. “The Moon hangs over the Earth, rotating, and its effect is only really seen on the ocean, where we called it high tide or low tide depending on where the moon is as it revolves around the Earth,” I wondered “However we never look up at it until the sun has set and the moon rises all aglow?” I pondered Kevin looked out the moon again and said “Unlike the moon what we have hanging over us is neither helpful nor beautiful,” “But the effect is not all that different is it?” I directed “No it isn’t, I would walk by Nick’s room and hear him crying or condemning himself and I couldn’t bring myself to open the door and talk to him,” Kevin sighed in anger “This darkness is circling over you all, and as it does it pulls and pushes,” I ventured In the reflection I saw Kevin nod “And when we heard about Hunter’s suicide I was numb I didn’t know what to do,” Kevin stated “You felt powerless?” I asked “That and more,” Kevin said “You know what is funny about the moon Kevin?” I pointed to our closest spatial neighbor “What?” Kevin asked wondering where I was going this time “There are those who say that the Earth’s gravity will eventually bring down the moon,” I remarked as I watched the moon go across the night sky. “And yet there are those who say that Earth will eventually throw the moon into the void,” I speculated “The effect of the Moon being pulled down is a guaranteed death, and destruction of the Earth, and everything on it,” “It is the effect of the Moon being thrown out that still has many wondering,” I pondered Kevin again looked out at the Moon and said “The effect of Dr. Israel on Nick was disastrous, and it is still pulling us down,” “I mean compared to me Nick is but a kid, and children should never be tortured the way Nick, and Hunter were made who knows how many others that fucking asshole! Doctor Israel had hurt with his treatments,” Kevin snarled the last statement “The effect of his departure has left us as equally wondering,” Kevin conceded “We were left with no justice, no real closure, and still are reeling with how Nick was destroyed inside and out,” “So, now what are you going to do about it?” I asked “What do you mean?” Kevin asked back “Well Doctor Israel maybe dead and can no longer pull anyone down into darkness,” I pointed out “But the scar he left which is the size of Mount Everest hangs over this band,” I told him and pointing to the moon “And is still orbiting this group,” “What am I to do Mike I still hear Nick’s cries and I can see what it has done to Howie, and AJ even Brian,” Kevin stated as he looked at the moon “How do you stop the moon from crashing into you when you can’t even duck when it being dropped on you?” “What happens, when its being thrown into the void,” I countered as I looked at the moon “You never know where you are going to land,” Kevin finished my thought “Why is it when something like this happens, people always insist that to take a leap of faith, you are to close bursa escort bayan your eyes, take a step out into the street, and try to walk through traffic?” I looked out again but this time at the street below watching the cars drive by. “Mike, I have to admit that is a damn good question,” Kevin declared as he too looked down at the road, “Yes, walking blindly out into that road,” I started to say. “Is almost a guarantee that you are going to get hit by a semi and not cyclist,” Kevin completed “Kevin, we must be family you are already starting to finish my train of thought,” I chuckled This made my cousin laugh and then he looked uncertain as he stared at the road. “Taking a leap of faith is actually not the same thing,” I stated as I brought my sight back to the moon as it was now hanging over the Empire State Building. “How can you say that, a leap of faith is you closing your eyes and walking out into traffic expecting God to protect you from your own stupidity,” Kevin gasped “Then you blame God for not stopping that semi as it runs you over,” Kevin growled as he looked at the road. I shook my head “It is not, that at all, taking a leap of faith in this case is not blindly walking in traffic,” “It is putting your trust in God, trusting he is leading you,” I put my hand on his shoulder. “It is trusting in those who you call family and friends,” I turned him so we were no longer losing ourselves in the night sky “It is taking a step into that void into that uncertainty only to find at the bottom of it all is power far greater than you rushing at you ready to change you for the better,” I said as the globe on my chest began to glow. “The same thing you did when you stepped off from the safety of your personal helicopter plunged into the ocean to save us to become Earth’s newest champion,” Kevin said putting a hand over my globe. “Like telling all of you that I was some strange freak with powers growing inside of me,” I said as I held Kevin’s hand over that same globe “You are not a freak Mike you are a wonderful person,” Kevin reiterated “Kevin revealing that I carrying Captain Planet within me, to you all, was as much a leap of faith as it was when I had to take that plunge into the watery deeps,” I said just as firmly “Why we wouldn’t have thought differently of you,” Kevin inquired “Kevin you guys could have acted differently, I could have freaked you out, and losing you as friends would have been just as devastating as failing to save you from that plane wreck,” I shook my head in disagreement Kevin thought about it for a moment and then said, “You are right but why did you even take that chance if you were afraid,” I thought back to the plane crash and how terrifying the whole experience truly was. Slowly I spoke “I admit, I thought, I was going to die down there Kevin, and I thought you all would die because I failed you,” I hung my head in recognition “And trying to pushing you away from that void was just as important to me then is it is now,” I put both hands on his shoulders “Revealing to you all that I was Sol,” I slightly changed the subject “Before I was even Sol,” I pushed ahead, “It was a leap of faith and what happened was indeed something that makes Sol’s return pale in comparison,” I smiled. I could see Kevin slowly smile then he frowned again “Mike how do we step back from the void that Dr. Israel left us in?” Kevin finally asked “By trusting in each other, by putting it all out for all to see and letting the pieces fall where they lay,” I reaffirmed “You start by talking to your brothers and cousin, and uses that heart of yours to help heal the rift that formed in your band,” I answered “You make it sound so easy,” Kevin sneered “Trust me pushing a plane back away from a chasm was far from easy. In fact I did more damage to the plane while I was trying to save it,” I snorted “With all my superior strength that allowed me to flip Sentinels head over heels, for all the good it did all while a whole airplane was coming at me was bend the metal of the planes nose,” I admitted That got Kevin attention “I never said it was going to easy,” “It is pushing on that plane and watching as its frame got pushed in as it continued on its journey to oblivion,” I reiterated “But what is the point if we are already going into the void?” Kevin said “The effort alone is what will keep you from the plunge,” I reaffirmed “I am not making this easy am I Mike,” Kevin snickered I just shrugged as it really no big deal “We all have our burden that the hardest to bare,” I told him “Really what kind of burden could you be dealing with?” Kevin asked “You mean outside becoming the Planet’s newest Champion?” I smirked That got a chuckle out of him “Yes outside of that,” “My friends are in pain because of one bastard, all I can do is look out at the moon,” I gestured towards the moon “I am speaking to them in rhetoric telling them about how nothing misses the Mother’s attention and how she uses that pain as her duty as the Mother to heal her children,” I replied “Mike I must ask what is it with you and the Earth? I know you’re her champion but you speak as though she was alive?” Kevin asked me honestly “The Earth is indeed alive Kevin, and thank God she is,” I told him “But it so weird to think of this world as anything more than that the world,” Kevin told me “Let me ask you this Kev, what are your thoughts for God?” I asked him “I know he is there and he has a plan for all of us,” Kevin spoke “And when he created Heaven and Earth don’t you think he had other ideas in mind?” I asked “Yeah he created the Earth to suit our needs,” Kevin supplied “But in order for her to do such a thing would she have to be alive to know what our needs were?” I asked “I guess there is some logic to that,” Kevin wondered “Kev the Earth very much alive she comes to us in hour of need,” I told him “I like to see that,” Kevin said “I am here aren’t I, you are here aren’t you? If it weren’t for the Earth, you guys would have fallen into that chasm, and been crushed by the water pressure,” I pointed out That gave Kevin a shiver at the thought of the underwater grave they just escaped He then said, “We’ve seem to gone off topic,” Kevin said softly “And what topic is that Kev?” I asked “What I am going to do for Nick and the rest,” Kevin answered. I pulled him to another family hug and the same gentle energy this time came from the globe and our hearts began to beat together. It passed through and I fell backwards as Kevin came at me in blissful sleep. Carrying my new cousin to his bed I kissed the top of his head in family way brushing aside his hair “You’ll know what to do after a good night sleep,” I told him There was one last person who I must attend to. And this is where I end this chapter. I hope you all enjoy this as much I do writing it. Sol is now born and the adventure goes on. Please remember to Donate to Nifty Please tell me what you think hoo All comments are welcome I also recommend the following stories it was because of them I got into writing in the first place. “Tales of a Real Dark Knight” by authorjames “Marvel Knights” also by authorjames “Tales of the New Phoenix” by Blake “Tales of a Superhero Band” by Leo “Tales of a Young Mutant” by Jeremi “Tales of a Thunder God” by Tony Justiss

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