Tale of Two Panties

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Mom learns daughter’s secret, recalls her own.

I answered the bell. It was my neighbor Sandy, coming over for our morning coffee, a ritual we had started shortly after she moved into the cul-de-sac.

Her husband travels a bit, as does mine, so we had opportunities to pal around together. Soon after I poured a cup for each of us, she noticed that I seemed pre-occupied. Hesitant to bring up a family matter, I delayed, but she was encouraging, as we had shared personal events before in our lives.

I told her that Candace, my daughter, came home for the long weekend from college, and had had a friend sleep over last night. Her friend, Katie, had stayed in town after high school and was working for a bank. This morning, I had gone to Candace’s room to let them know breakfast was ready. I opened the door and spotted two pairs of panties on the floor. Before I could think, I blurted out “Candace, what’s going on? I was met with two crimson faces before I quickly turned and left.”

When the two girls came down a few minutes later, the conversation was quiet and strained. After Katie left, Candace avoided me. She left to go to the library to “work on a term paper,” as she put it.

“Sandy, I know I should have knocked before I went in, but I just wasn’t expecting anything like what I saw.”

“This is Candace’s first year away from home. Had she mentioned anything like this when she called?”

“No, just the usual stuff about classes and that she had met a couple of guys that she had shared a beer with. She didn’t have any special boyfriend. What should I do? How should I approach my daughter on the subject of sexuality with . . . with a girl?”

Sandy looked into her cup pensively, before responding. “When I went to college, my first year I was homesick, but eager to experience the social side of life. One night, my roommate kissed me. Gosh, was I not expecting that. We started exploring each other through our clothes. It felt strange but exciting, in a way. “

I interupted her story. “I know how you must have felt. My mom had always instilled in me about the “loose women” as she called those who went to frat parties and who ended up ruining their reputations and chastity.”

“Did you ever have an encounter with another girl?”

It was my turn to look into my coffee cup. “Well, yes, ” I said hesitatingly. “One night, my roommate and I went to a dance club. Guys and girls were there, some of whom I recognized from my classes and even a few from the next floor in my dorm.” I hesitated.

“Yes, do you want to go on?’ Sandy asked gently.

“I have never discussed this with anyone. I am still embarrassed about what happened. If I tell you, you can’t speak a word to anyone.”

“Agreed. I wouldn’t think to share your private moments.”

“After a margarita or two, my roommate Carole and I noticed two girls in a booth across from us. We had seen them around campus. We didn’t even know their last names. But there they were, playing footsie under the table! Carole and I turned our eyes away, but we couldn’t stop from sneaking a peek every few minutes. They kept going for a long time. Carole nudged me, ‘Look where their hands are now’. Trying not to look too obvious, I glanced in their direction as I sipped my drink. They were cupping each others boobs! Right there in the club, which was not that dimly lit.

“Carole and I watched for what seemed like forever. Carole said, ‘So that whispered gossip I heard was not just gossip!’ ”

“I had had about three drinks and had to pee. When I went to the restroom, I was shocked to feel how moist my panties were. Subconsciously, porno izle I had been squirming in my seat without even realizing what I was doing.”

Sandy smiled at how astonished I looked, even these many years later.

“Carole and I left soon thereafter, walking back to our room. We were both a little buzzed. When I tried to put the key in the door, I fumbled a bit before Carole put her hand on mine to steady it and get the key in. Her touch felt different that night, warm and tender. It was also exciting.

“Opening the door, we both leaned back against it to close it. Carole and I looked at each other and giggled, the giggle soon turned into a serious, eye searching look, from each of us to the other. Carole placed her hands on my hips and gently pulled me to her. Her lips touched mine briefly, friend-like. We smiled at each other, then we kissed again, this time it was more sensuous. Her tongue met mine; they danced together. I could feel the warmth of her breasts against mine. We stood there kissing a long time, arms running up and down each others backs and butts.

“Carole slid her hand inside my top, cupping my breast, kneading it softly before pulling it out of my bra. When she twirled my nipple in her fingers, it was more than I could take. I opened her blouse, freed her breasts, and eagerly admired her rising nipples.

“I traded one nipple for the other as boyfriends had done to me, sucking one while kneading the other, and Carole started to moan. Oh my god, they tasted good.

“I don’t know which of us started it, but soon, we were just wearing panties, grinding our panties against each other as we dug nails into each others buns. Carol sank to her knees in front of me, pressing her face against my mound, breathing her hot breath on my private parts. Oh Lord, what a feeling!

“I was dizzy from the margaritas but more from the feelings I was experiencing. Carole tugged my panties off one hip. Oh gawd. I tugged them off the other hip and they fell to the floor. As I lay back on the bed, she knelt between my open legs, saying how gorgeous I looked.

“Sandy, this had never happened to me before. I didn’t know what to do. All I could think of was my mother and her admonitions about chastity and ‘loose women’ “.

“Carole used her mouth to bring me to orgasm that night. I couldn’t bring myself to give Carole as good as I received, so I finger fucked her till her moans gave way to wildly bucking hips and she came. We just lay there in each others arms, falling asleep.

“The next morning, I asked her, ‘What’s going on? What happened? What did we do? Are we lesbians now? Are they going to whisper about us?’ Smiling, she said we had just proved the old adage, ‘That all girls are just three drinks away from bi’.

“Carole tried to be understanding but she was hurt that I hadn’t licked her to orgasm, as she had done to me. And I think that is why she moved to another room at semester break. We never repeated that night.

“I haven’t thought of this for years, and am surprised that I remember so many details from so long ago. And I have never mentioned this mistake in my life to anyone. You are the first.”

Sandy said my secret was safe with her. “It’s not a mistake, but a normal part of exploring and seeking to find ourselves at that age.” As we each had chores to do, Sandy left.

That night, after climbing into bed, I thought again over my college experience and Carole and what she had done to me and what I had been too afraid to do to her. Yes, I can even say now that I regretted not reciprocating to Carole the pleasure that she had given brazzers me. I felt a tingling and realized it was my nipples rising against my nightie. Oh my lord—I was getting turned on by my memories! I slid my hand to twirl one nipple, then the other. The circuit that ran from my breasts to my pussy was alive and well, for I began to rock my hips slowly trying to satisfy myself.

Mere rocking was not going do it. My hand slid to my panties, laying on my mound feeling the warmth as the other hand kneaded and twisted my nipple. Tugging gently, then harder, then HARD.

My hand slid under the elastic waist and down to dig in my trimmed beaver, then lower, finding my slit. Gawd, I was wet. I circled my clitty with two fingers, feeling it rise to meet my attentions. First one finger entered my puss, then a second. Slowly sliding in, in, INNN. Now, thoroughly aroused, I began thrusting hard and fast, filling my puss, feeling my juices flow down my butt crack, soaking the sheet.

I came with a shuddering, squealing orgasm that I hoped didn’t wake my daughter down the hall. Satisfied, I curled up with my hand still in my slit and fell asleep

The next day, Sandy came over as usual. She said that the DVD of the chick flick we had ordered had come in the morning mail. Rather than coffee, I opened a bottle of Zinfandel and started the DVD player. Sitting beside Sandy on the couch, we watched and sipped, enjoying the movie.

During the scene where the couple on the screen kissed romantically, I felt a soft but insistent pressure on my chin. It was Sandy’s finger, gently turning my face to hers. Her eyes looked at me hungrily.

“Sandy, What’s going on?” My question was answered by her soft lips on mine. So different from a man’s kiss—no beard, no force, no testosterone-driven urge to move on to “better things.” We kissed sensuously, for a long time, her arms around my back, rubbing up and down.

Sandy opened my blouse. I hadn’t planned on going out that day, and she smiled when she saw that I was bra-less. She cupped one of my breasts in her two hands and guided it to her lips, Her tongue flicked one nipple, then the other, then she began sucking me deep into her mouth, completely covering my aereola, and tugging and stretching my breast. I caressed her hair as she nibbled and tongued my nipple. When she held a nipple in her teeth and flicked it with her tongue, I squirmed. I was getting wet.

Sandy met my squirming bottom with a hand that covered my crotch, laying there, then pressing, then rubbing the fabric of my shorts and panties into my slit.

Sandy smiled as I started to unzip my shorts, and helped slide them off. She buried her face between my thighs, moaning that she loved my scent and that my panties were soaked. It didn’t take long before she tugged them off.

She opened my labia with her thumbs and exposed my clit, flicking it with her tongue, giggling as it rose in response to her attentions. Circling my clit with two fingers, she drove me wild. Soon, one finger entered my puss, while her thumb mashed my clitty into my pubic bone. Oh gawddd!

By now, my juices were flowing down my butt crack, and covered Sandy’s cheeks. She sucked them in hungrily, making little slurping noises. Her tongue swirled around my labia, then entered my puss. My hubby and I had traded oral sex when we first met, but that was a thing of the past. I had not been tongue fucked in like forever and it was wonderful, feeling it swirling around as deep as she could go.

Sandy soon added a second finger, filling me as she entered slowly but deeply, all the way to her knuckle. fake taxi porno She started doing the “come here” curl on my g-spot. By now, I was calling her name between moans and digging my nails into her hair. I had moved beyond caressing her hair, on to the “you quit and I’ll rip your ears off” phase.

Her two fingers began a thrusting into my puss, striking deeper and deeper, all the way to my cervix. I was close, getting closer, then I exploded, bucking wildly, my legs locked around her head. Riding her face, I wouldn’t let it escape. Oh, what a release, what an orgasm. I spasmed for what seemed hours, wave after wave overcame me.

Having been treated so well, I knew it was my turn to take that step I had declined so many years ago with Carole. I pulled Sandy’s head up and we kissed. I inhaled my scent all over her face, tasting myself, and reveling in the nectar that she had sucked out of me. Oh, I tasted yummy!

My hand dropped to her breasts, finding a nipple. Rolling, pinching, twisting, turning both of us on, then giving my attention to her other nipple. Cupping her breast in my hands, I guided it to my mouth. Tongue flicked her nipp, then my teeth held it gently, pulling it teasingly. Both were soon hard and erect, big as gumdrops filling my mouth.

Lower, lower went my hand as I caressed her tummy, then felt the rise of her mound, radiating heat. Sliding my hand between her legs, they part eagerly for my touch. Rubbing my finger tips up and down her thigh, passing the moist crotch of her panties before doing her other thigh. Her pantie crotch was damp as I rubbed it, pushing the silkiness into her slit. Pulling the fabric to one side, I found her labia covered with her nectar. Wetting my fingers, I brought them to my lips and tasted another woman for the first time, licking them dry. Wetting them again, I offered my fingers to Sandy; she eagerly sucked her own juices in.

I couldn’t wait. Her panties hit the floor. My face descended, lower, lower, licking her navel, finding her trimmed pussy hair. I bit it, tugging on her beaver. I saw her rising clit emerging from its enfolding labia. My thumb mashed it, then my lips surrounded it, sucking it way in as my teeth held it and tongue flicked that little pearl. Tongue fucking Sandy, I stretch as far into her puss as I could, swirling my tongue round and round, encouraged by her moans. God, I loved those sounds from her.

I wanted to give her the best orgasm she ever had. One finger slid in, in, in to her puss, soon followed by a second. Sliding gently in and out, finding and rubbing her interior ridges, rubbing harder as her moans encouraged me. Her juices flowing freely lubricated my fingers, which were now making squishing sounds as I moved from sliding into her slowly to thrusting harder and harder into her, finger fucking her good, really good. Turned on by her moans, my breathing increased. I was eager to feel her orgasm on my fingers.

Her sounds changed from moans to animal-like, real animal, and I plunged the deepest, to her cervix. She exploded, shuddering, bucking, rocking, meeting my thrusting fingers that filled her puss. Her spasms grabbed my finger, not wanting to release them.

Eventually, she quieted and we both lay there, spent, exhausted, our juices soaking our thighs, the couch, everything.

Face to face, holding each other, kissing tenderly, the “oh my gawd, that was wonderful” type of kiss. My mind wandered as we lay in each other’s arms: why was I so afraid to share this with Carole so many years ago? I regret what I had missed. A tear comes to my eye as I think of how I must have disappointed her. We drift off into sleep.

I dreamed. I hear my words, but I was not saying them. I was startled awake by my daughter’s voice. Her eyes, fully open, stare at the two pairs of panties on the floor. Her jaw hangs open. “Mom, what’s going on??”

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