Taking my daughter and her friend to work for the

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Taking my daughter and her friend to work for theIn somewhat of a daze, I entered my bedroom and closed the door. My mind was reeling with what Shelly had done with me. My cock was still rock hard and my balls were aching for release. I had often imagined what those luscious breasts would look like, and now, even though so briefly I had seen them, they would be burned in my mind forever. Just as I was about to undress, a soft knocking on my door came. My first thought was, ‘Shelly’.”Dad, can I come in?” Amy asked from the other side.”Sure Honey, come on in.” I answered. In a way, I was disappointed.She entered the room. She was dressed in a new nightgown and it was quite see through. Just what I needed, another view of a hot teen body. I hoped she wouldn’t notice the excited condition of my groin.Her areola and dark pink nipples were clearly visible on her freckled breasts. Her auburn hair covered mons was prominent also. I had to concentrate to keep my gaze from lingering on those features.”I just wanted to thank you for a great dinner, the spending money and say good night.” She told me. “Shelly said she already thanked you and said goodnight. I didn’t get a chance before, I had to pee so bad, I think the wine caused it.” She was still a bit tipsy.”Your welcome Honey, have a good sleep. We can sleep in, in the morning, I don’t have to be to the course too early.” Then I added. “We can get a nice breakfast in the morning before I leave.”She came to me and gave me a tight hug and a kiss on the cheek. She had to feel my hard cock pressing against her as she did this, but she didn’t show that she noticed. I certainly noticed the firmness of her breasts and the heat from her teen body and it made my cock even harder. I thought I felt her wiggle her mons into me, but, it may have been my imagination.I watched her cute firm ass, also clearly visible through the sheer material, as she left the room. She closed the door softly behind her. I took a deep breath and went into the bathroom and brushed my teeth and relieved myself. At least those actions brought my cock down to three quarters mast.I took off my clothes and climbed into bed and turned off the light. If I was going to be able to sleep, I was going to have to pull one off, after all this over stimulation from the two teens.I reached below the covers and began stroking my cock with my right hand as I thought of Shelly and all that had occurred tonight and the sight and feel of my own daughter’s body, nearly nude against mine. I was in no hurry and was enjoying stopping and resuming my cock stroking to heighten the feeling.I must have done this for a good fifteen or twenty minutes, when suddenly another soft knock at the door interrupted me. Amy, I figured.”Come on in Honey.” I turned the bedside light back on.Shelly, instead of Amy, entered my room. “Hi daddy, need some help going to sleep?” She asked. She closed the bedroom door behind her. “The wine has Amy in a deep sleep and she’s snoring. I had to leave the room.”Before I could answer, she pulled her bahis firmaları sheer nightgown over her head and came to my bedside completely naked. Her large breasts were perfect. She was a true blonde, and had a small patch of soft blonde pubic hair on her mons. She reached down and caressed my hard cock through the sheet.”Hmmm, seems like somebody is wide awake.” She purred. “I know just the thing to help him sleep.”Before I could protest, she pulled the sheet back and climbed into bed next to me!”Shelly,” I hissed, “you can’t, we can’t, do this.””Oh yes we can, and we will.” She shot back.Sliding down the mattress she took my erect penis in her small hands and stroked it. I was paralyzed with pleasure.”So, this is what you look like.” She spoke to my cock like it was a friend. “You’re quite a handsome fellow and so hard. I’ve been waiting a long time to meet you.”Gently grasping my testicles she massaged them and rolled them with her fingers. “Mmmm, you two are very nice and quite swollen. I need to take care of you boys Too.”The stroking of my cock and massaging of my balls felt so good. I was reveling in the moment. Watching her work me over was very erotic. Next, she lowered her head and parted her pouty lips. Ever so slowly her lips encircled my cock head. It was like I was in a dream.Her tongue darted out and licked around and across my cock. Then she lightly sucked and rotated her head as inch after inch of my throbbing, seven inch cock, disappeared into her warm wet mouth.This went on for some time. She seemed very experienced at what she was doing. Each time I thought I might shoot my hot cum into her lovely mouth, she stopped and put pressure on just the right spots, until my cock and balls settled down.She moved her head up to my face and began passionately kissing me. Our tongues joined together in a erotic dance as I returned her kisses.I reached down and used my hands to cup her hefty breasts. Letting out a soft purr, she indicated her pleasure with what I was doing. Pinching her large nipples between my thumbs and fore fingers, they responded by becoming hard as erasers. Her breath began to come in short gasps and she started to moan. Obviously her nipples were sensitive and sent waves of pleasure to her pussy.I moved a hand to her pussy. I felt the soft pubic hair and ran my fingers over it. She responded my pressing her crotch into my hand. Sliding my fingers lower, I parted her soft pussy lips. Her clitoris was swollen and I softly touched and rubbed it. She moaned into my mouth as we kissed.Spreading her lips further, I inserted my middle finger inside her wet hole. Breaking our kiss, she moaned loudly as I slowly finger fucked her and rubbed her pleasure button. She began to quiver and shake as the waves of pleasure washed over her young body. She again sought out my mouth with hers and kissed me hard as she had her first climax.Once again she broke our kiss. Then she rolled onto her back. I slid down and she parted her legs in anticipation. I buried my face in her sweet teen pussy kaçak iddaa and used my tongue to flick her clit. Using the special method I’d learned long ago, from the girl that took my virginity, I slowly traced the capitol letters of the alphabet on her swollen love button. She came again before I finished “B”. At the same time, my arms stretched up to her tits, and I resumed my pinching of her hard nipples.Her lashing and shaking continued, along with her loud screams and moans. This had me fearful, that at any moment, Amy would open the door to investigate the commotion. My only salvation was Shelly telling me that the wine had put her in a deep sleep.With my face covered with her creamy cum, I moved up too kiss her. Before I could, she grasped my face with her hands and licked her juices from my lips. Once she’d done that, we again kissed very passionately.”Now for the main event.” She announced as our lips parted. “I want Mr. Hard Handsome Dick in my little cuny.””I don’t think that’s a good idea.” I weakly tried to keep from fucking this young teen hottie. I knew deep inside that it wasn’t going to stop, but, I had to at least try for my mind’s sake.”Your right daddy, it’s not a good idea, it a fantastic idea.” She shot back. “Now stick that hard dick inside me right now!” She spread her legs wide inviting me to impale her.I knelt between her outstretched legs and lowered myself. My hard cock slid in her tight teen pussy with little resistance.”Oh yes!” She exclaimed. “Fuck me, fuck me deep and hard.”I began thrusting my cock in and out of her wet tight pussy. She met my thrusts and begged me to fuck her harder.”Oh God yes, fuck me hard, fuck me harder. Slam that cock deep inside my hot cunt.” She commanded me and I obliged.I was so afraid of cumming inside her, that I somehow was able to keep from exploding. Her pussy felt so good. She used her kegel muscles and milked my cock as I began to slowly fuck her hard and deep. It brought back memories of an older woman that seduced me when I was a teen.She stopped me through gasps. “Let me turn over. I want you to fuck me doggy style. I love getting fucked doggy style.”Oh yes, I thought, my favorite position. She got on all fours and I kneeled behind her. Spreading her butt cheeks, I couldn’t help admiring the great view of her tight ass and beautiful pussy. As I entered that sweet pussy once more, I reached a hand to a big boob and took her hard nipple between my thumb and forefinger and tweaked it once more. My other hand went under her tight belly and I massaged her love button as I slowly fucked her from behind, immensely enjoying the feeling of every long slow thrust.”Oh, fuck, oh fuck yes.” She chanted. “That feels so fucking good, fuck, fuck, fuck, ahhhhhh, yeeeessss.” Once again she came.I fucked her long and hard on all fours. Then she dropped flat to the mattress. I used my hands to spread her ass cheeks once again as I pounded her into the mattress her with vaginal muscles squeezing my cock with each stoke.”Oh yes, daddy cum inside me, shoot kaçak bahis your hot cum in my hot pussy.” She instructed me. “Oh God it feels so fucking good, cum inside me now!”I stopped fucking her. “I can’t Shelly, I don’t want to get you pregnant.””Damnit, I’m on the pill, now fuck me and shoot your hot cum inside me now!” She almost screamed at me.”I can’t.” I repeated. “I won’t.””Ok,” her voice softened, “I’ll turn over. You fuck me that way and when you’re going to cum, pull out and shoot your hot jiz on my stomach and tits, okay?” She asked.”Okay.” I answered. “I’ll do that.” I agreed to her new terms.She turned over on her back and spread her legs wide. Once again I entered her sweet pussy and slowly began thrusting deep inside her.”Oh yes daddy, that’s it. Harder, faster, yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me and cum on me.” She urged me on.”Oh fuck, ahhh yess, I’m going to cum soon.” I pumped her harder and faster. “Yes, yes, I’m going to pull out now.”Just as I made the move to pull my pulsing dick from her wonderful pussy, she hunched up and wrapped her legs around me, effectively locking us together. My cock was still deep inside her hot cunt!Her kegel muscles took over and milked me for all their worth. I was helpless to prevent the inevitable explosion of hot sperm that spewed forth through my cock as my balls contracted and jumped.”Uggg, Oh, arggggh ahhhh, fuck yessss!” I moaned as I began filling her with baby making sperm bullets.”There, was that so bad?” She asked as she relaxed her legs and let them fall to the mattress. “Now, you can finish the job and fuck me some more”I fucked her hard as I continued to shoot streams of cum inside her. Finally, my balls stopped pumping and a last small spurt of sperm left my cock as her vaginal muscles were contracting and squeezing every last drop out. I rolled off her and my cock made a slurpy sound as it popped from her pussy.”That’s much better. Now that we have that out of the way, you won’t have to worry next time.” She purred to me.Scooting to the edge of the bed she got up, cupping her hands to her pussy, and headed to my bathroom.”Oh my,” she giggled, “you have the record! Most cum in my pussy. I’ve never had this much inside me ever. I can barely keep it from oozing out.”I heard the bathroom sink faucet turn on, then her relieving herself.As I laid on the bed, waiting for what would come next, I couldn’t help but think about this fantasy come true. I had just had sex with my daughter’s best friend. A girl I had fantasized about, but never dreamed would become a reality.Soon she returned with a hot wash cloth. I was prepared for her to use the cloth on my semi hard cock, but instead, she dropped her head to it and took it in her mouth. She effectively cleaned my cum covered dick and then licked the small pool of my cum that had formed on my body. Only when she had finished that did she use the now luke warm cloth to finish cleaning me up.”Oh daddy, you taste so good. I’m going to have to have a full load in my mouth. Yummy!” She exclaimed.She got up once again and returned the wet cloth to the bathroom. Then she returned. Instead of retrieving her gown and returning to her room, she crawled back in bed with me……………………………..Cumming soon, Part Three.

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