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Part I:

It had been a long day. She at last had the luxury to allow herself to relax. Moving across the airy bedroom she stood in front of her cheval glass mirror, an antique given to her from her grandmother, no one to watch her here but herself, no one to critique and judge every movement and action.

The stark figure in the mirror was a lie. She knew that the stern woman in the image didn’t really exist. Now she could once more prove to herself that what lay beneath the exterior was much lovelier then everyone believed.

She toed her shoes off first, the practical thick soled shoes that were comfortable and yet somehow still very stern looking. Her mother always said a good pair of shoes was important; one had to be careful about the image their shoes implied about them. The desired persona that one tried to hide themselves with could be given away with the wrong pair of shoes. Her shoes clearly showed that she cared not a wit for the whims of others and that she could give a swift kick to someone’s ass if it became necessary.

She was glad to be rid of them.

She unzipped the side zipper of her black pencil skirt next. Going slowly, enjoying the slide of the fabric against her legs. As much as she disliked the woman that still appeared to her in the mirror, now was not a time to rush. Now was a time to enjoy all the many nuances of her movements and surroundings. After a day of rushing through task after task, ensuring that the daily business was seen to did not allow one time to simply enjoy the basic pleasures that most people took for granted. She could do that here and now in her own private bedroom.

She reached her hands up to begin to un-button the row of tiny pearlescent buttons on her severely high-necked shirt. The glide of the fabric sliding down her arms as it opened up to allow the breeze to caress the skin exposed under the opening of the buttons pleasured her in the simple fact that yet another layer of her mock appearance disappeared.

The shirt dropped to the floor next to the rumpled skirt in a display of un-usual disorderliness that any of the others at the office would have been shocked by. Now the woman underneath appeared in the mirror. Soft round curves were embraced in aqua silk and lace, delicate garters holding up the shimmering hose that appeared normal with the rest of her illusion in place. No one at work would recognize this curved sensual woman that now looked back at her in the glass.

The last part of this transformation back into herself was easier then all the rest. Reaching up, she pulled the long sticks holding her hair up, out, allowing it to fall in soft auburn curls just below her shoulder-blades. The red of her hair which usually only served to enforce her fierce, competitive nature now seemed to soften her features even further. The sticks fell to the floor to join the rest with a sharp clatter that she easily ignored.

She admired the picture she made standing in the sunny room in only her lingerie. Was there any other pleasure as great as finally dropping one’s mask in private and allowing one’s true self to show through? If there was, she had not found it yet.

She realized in an offhand way that she was not fashionably thin. Her body was too full for her to ever be considered model material. The light dusting of freckles could be considered to ruin her otherwise pale complexion by many, but in this light, simply made her skin glow brightly against the deep aqua of her underwear. She turned, admiring the long lines of her legs and back, wriggling sensuously in the cool air of the room, flipping her hair this way and that. Dancing to music she could hear at the very edge of her mind.

She liked how her curves looked, lush and inviting, begging for someone’s hands to explore all the hidden niches and valleys, how her breasts slightly plumped over the edge of her bra, begging to be cupped.

Yes the woman in the mirror was a complete stranger to most. If her coworkers were to pass her on a street at this moment, they would not recognize her, they would think her a completely different woman than the one that kept such order and efficiency within the department.

She liked know that she wore such pretty pieces under her mask. It made it so much more satisfying to come home and strip that other woman away and take it all off.

She reached around her back to unclasp her bra, the sensation of the lace scraping against her arms raising goose-bumps over her body and making her nipples pebble into high tipped buds. Unclasping the garters next that had been holding the shimmery nylon up, furthered the unveiling.

Rolling down the suffocating material was another great pleasure, slipping it down over her knees and finally over her ankles and toes, exposing her skin further to the air. After unclipping the garter belt itself she felt the need to arch her back over, to firmly place her hands on the floor, stretching her back out and pressing Pendik escort her nicely rounded ass high into the air. She liked to appreciate the picture she had to make from behind if someone were to walk in on her now. She pressed her ass a little more firmly in the air, ensuring the fabric on her thong was pressed a little tighter against the crease of her ass, allowing her to rub it even tighter against her pussy. After several deep breaths she stretched back up, raising her arms above her head, arching her back to thrust her large breasts out.

Finally feeling her body beginning to relax totally she drifted her hands down over her smooth shoulders, down over her breasts, gently cupping them and rubbing her nipples, soothing the feeling of being tightly pressed in a bra all day away. Her eyes drifted shut as a memory wafted gently through her mind of the last time someone had touched her body the way she was now, although that other person had a greater sense of greedy urgency that she herself could not recreate.

She slipped her hands under the sides of her panties and let them drop down her thighs, revealing the vee of dark red curls between her thighs, emphasizing her curves even more.

In her minds eye she could see the bright grey eyes of her lover as they looked up at her while she, that other woman in the memory, had done the same thing. Her lover’s hands had been much more succinct in their task, quickly returning to play with her breasts as her lover began kissing her navel. She could remember running her hands through the long soft brown curls as the determined mouth began to devour her.

She could almost feel the strong brown arms wrap around her waist as the full lips had dipped below her waist, those arms that had been holding her up as that same mouth had given their first lick through the crease hidden by her pubic hair. She let her own hands dip between her thighs to begin teasing at the nub that was already stiff and thick with the juices that wanted to seep out of her body at the memory of Her.

In the memory, her lover had made sweet grunting noises as she had buried her nose in her cunt, licking and sucking, shoving her fingers deep inside her body, growling when she had almost struggled too much against the intense sensations her lover was causing her.

A slow ache had built again in her body as she thought of that afternoon. The afternoon in her memory, had had rain continuously pouring down outside the window, storming, almost seeming to give her lover a rhythm to move to, fiercely eating her out to the point that her knees buckled, not allowing her to remain standing. Those strong arms had carried her gently to the floor, continuing on her determined plan to suck her body dry of any pleasure she had to give.

Her fingers moved frantically between her thighs at the memory of her distant lover twisting to straddle her body as she continued to lick and suck and play between her legs, finally presenting her own body for her to play with as well. Being able to feel her lover’s smaller breasts firmly pressed against her stomach on top of her and ram her own fingers into the delectable body over her had pushed her over the edge, that sweet ache having built to the point of bursting, just as her lovers body had burst on her own tongue and fingers, a struggle toward mutual completion that they had finally achieved.

That memory finally made her body need more than her fingers could give her, standing in front of her grandmother’s mirror. She moved swiftly to her bed, sprawling wantonly across the down comforter, simultaneously reaching into her bedside table drawer to pull out her vibrator. Clicking it on high she squeezed one of her breasts in one hand and placed the tip of the vibrating wand between her legs where she was already sopping wet, quickly moving it in firm circles against her clit, moaning allowed at the ache that immediately intensified and yet seemed to become more satisfying at the same time.

The thought of what she looked like, spread out on the bed in the light with the vibrator between her legs spurred her on, she wondered if her mother or grandmother had ever done anything like this in their own private moments. Wondered if they would consider her to be beyond the virtuous woman she was supposed to be on the outside.

It was at the exact moment that her body hit the edge of being tipped over in release that the bedroom door swung open. Her eyes which had been half closed opened wide at the intrusion, but her hands seemed to have a will of their own and couldn’t stop while she was so close to the edge. Anyone could have been in that doorway and she couldn’t have stopped herself.

The man that appeared in the doorway surprised her. She hadn’t known that he had known where she lived. Her muffled thoughts realized that he must have followed her home. He must have broken in, she had locked the doors when she had come in. The little Kurtköy Escort hint of fear this produced made everything magnify once more. She couldn’t help the moan that escaped her mouth this time.

She wouldn’t have expected it of him, especially after the screaming match they had held earlier in the day. All thoughts of her other lover were wiped from her mind as he stared at her body with glittering black eyes. His slanted brows furrowing in concentration as he took in her body and her actions on the bed.

His tall, lean body leaned almost imperceptibly forward in the doorway, his nostrils flaring in his slightly too long, sharp nose as he caught a hold of her scent almost like a wolf scenting prey. His eyes on her was finally all she needed to once again release that all consuming wave of completeness that drew her body up in its grip and wouldn’t let her go.

Her writhing seemed to kick-start his body into the room. He moved toward her with a slow predatory look, not saying a word as he reached for the silver belt buckle that stood out starkly against his black trousers, eyes glittering with intent. And in her current state she couldn’t do anything to stop him. In the end though, she didn’t want to stop him.

Part II:

The belt hit the floor, with the buckle making a soft thunk on the wood. His hands moved to roughly un-tuck his shirt from the waistband of the pants that now hung low on his narrow hips. His eyes were still narrowed as he reached the end of her bed.

He placed a knee on the edge and began crawling toward her, his eyes now focused on the still quivering lips of her cunt. She couldn’t move, still trapped in the sweetness of her last orgasm and the pure shock of seeing him there, in the room, now almost to her knees between her legs. He still hadn’t made a sound.

The last time she had seen him, they had been screaming at each other over some tiny minutiae of company policy that he had wanted to ignore. When she had been little, she had wanted him, but he never noticed her, nearly twice her age and with the type of strong sexual appeal that allowed him to have whatever woman he wanted, even though he always seemed to be alone. She had always had to block out that desire whenever they had had confrontations like the one today. Seeing him in a rage over her always excited her beyond control. But now here he was, pulling his shirt over his head to reveal a well muscled chest with a long dragon tattooed boldly over his right shoulder in dark lines.

The shirt was tossed carelessly over his shoulder to land somewhere un-known in the room and he finally reached his hands out to touch her. She didn’t know what had brought him here today, but she was not going to deny herself the pleasure of having him. A whimper escaped her mouth before his hands even had time to settle on her body. His eyes seemed to reflect her image back at her, just like the mirror had earlier. She was intoxicated anew.

His fingers started on her belly, softly caressing their way down over her thighs, finally settling his strong callused palms on the inside of her thighs, spreading her legs even further apart, he moved himself further up so that her quim brushed his black clad knees and she was spread as far as he could push her.

He moved his hands, but warned her with a look not to move. One hand traced that part that was now so painfully exposed to his eyes. She dropped the vibrator that had still been clutched in hand and reached up to grab the rungs on her headboard to keep herself from moving from where he wanted her. The urge to move was so intense that she didn’t think she would be able to help it after much longer.

One finger dragged between her labia, rolling briefly over her clit, making her hips buck, the same fingers making a brief foray a little ways inside of her, seeming to gather the wetness that had come with her orgasm. Her body was so tense it had begun to hurt. His finger continued on its explorations between her legs, continuing to the tight puckered hole of her anus that she hadn’t yet touched.

He pressed against her, gently but still firmly pressing his finger into that much tighter hole about a quarter inch, making her mewl and twist against the sensations that spiked through her stomach once again. He pressed it in a little further and with his other hand pressed his thumb against her clit, two long fingers pressing up inside of her, the orgasm this time was almost instantaneous, bucking her body up and into his arms simply because she couldn’t help the movement, forcing his fingers deeper and harder into her body in both places. His fingers kept teasing her through the paroxysms that rolled through her although she was almost sore from the pleasure.

When she was once again laying completed on the bed with sweat dripping down her sides and her chest still heaving from trying to take such deep breaths she watched him lick her off his fingers through Maltepe Escort her heavily slitted eyes. He unbuttoned his pants and rolled them down his legs, taking his underwear, if he was even wearing any, off, once again rolling toward her, his thick cock bobbing heaving against his stomach, slightly glistening with pre-cum.

She vaguely felt his hands cup her breasts and roll her nipples between his fingers and felt him press his face into her neck, sucking heavily on her damp skin. He dragged his nose gently up her neck, inhaling as he went, seeming to enjoy the curve of her cheek and feel of her soft skin against his own cheek, her eyes having drifted shut completely with the simple pleasure of his stubble roughened cheek against hers.

His hands suddenly cupped her face roughly, all his other movements stopping, the end of his nose lightly against hers. Her green eyes met his dark ones and she felt the very tip of his cock settle at her entrance, his hips settling between her legs. He kissed her.

It was almost a shocking action after his sudden appearance and all of his almost no nonsense actions, including the feel of him pressed so intimately against her. She had spent many hours lusting over the thought of his mouth on hers, watching his full lower lip when he spoke to her and imagining what it would be like, and ohhhhhh……the actual reality was beyond any of her imaginings.

It wasn’t gentle, but it seemed to swallow her whole, his tongue darting out to curl around hers, exploring her mouth, trying to explore every inch of the back of her throat, his flavor playing havoc with her taste buds, dark and minty, with just a hint of something alcoholic under the rest. His hands curled further around her face, slipping into her hair, her own hands slipped into his black locks, tugging at the hair band that held it back in a loose ponytail.

The feel of his cool hair slipping through her fingers enhanced the press of his lips against hers, She could imagine his black hair intermingling with her bright red, constructing an unbreakable web between them. She tried to think about what the mirror would show at this moment, his long lean body cradled by her rounder plumper one, his pale skin glowing whitely against her tan. She suddenly wished she could see the arch of his back and see how his feet looked entwined with hers. She wasn’t the only one who hid her true self from the rest of the world.

The light dusting of hair across his chest rubbed against her nipples as he continued sucking her lips into his own, making them harder than they already were. She could feel his own nipples stabbing into her own chest. And suddenly, without warning he thrust into her, seemingly as hard as he could manage. Between his drugging kisses and her own fantasies of how they looked laying there decadently on the bed, she had completely ignored almost everything else, including the tip of his cock that had been pressed almost gently into her nether curls.

The sudden intrusion made her shriek into his mouth, her knees reflexively drawing up, inadvertently pushing him deeper into her body. He gave a deep, guttural groan and broke off his kiss, slipping his hands under her armpits, cupping her shoulders. He became still, so still as he gave her a long look from above her. His wicked looking mouth quirked at one corner and she suddenly knew that this was not going to be a gentle experience.

The feel of his pubic hair pressed into hers, his long thick shaft deep in her body made her body clench against his and his head arched back slightly at the feel of her wetness gripping him so tightly, his straight hair falling over his shoulders, brushing against hers.

And then he began to move.

He drew out and thrust straight back in a long deliberate motion, taking him all the way back into her, the very tip of him brushing her cervix. He growled again and swirled his hips against her deep inside. She couldn’t contain the noises that he began to pull out of her, all the while staring at her with those hypnotic black eyes. Using the leverage he had with his hands under her shoulders he picked up a steady pounding rhythm that shook her entire body and made her want to pull away and come back for more all at the same time. She squirmed in his arms, bucking against him and thrashing against the cool sheets.

That sweet ache began to build inside of her once more, his cock pushing through that spot, that place that produced the sweetest ache that continued to grow and grow. Her body began to flush and the heat became an inferno once more. She sank her teeth into his chest. The shock of it must seemed to have surprised him because his rhythm became slightly erratic and he began hunching into her body even harder than before, his forehead dropping down onto hers, his eyes still staring into her, seeming to see everything. His cock continued to press in and out of that spot deep inside of her until she couldn’t stand anymore and her body broke into heavy spasms once again.

Her hands dropping from his hair and down his back, grabbed a hold of his firm round ass, she dropped her head back and arched her back, trying to press her body as tightly against his as she possible could.

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