Taking Inga

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Lisa Jackson opened the door to her colleague’s inner office, having been admitted into his private chambers by his secretary Ms. Collins with a wink and a nod. The sight before her as she entered wasn’t terribly surprising but still thrilling, as her long time co worker, friend and lover stood stroking his fat cock, while in front of him, on her knees, knelt Inga Olsen, an 18 year old Swedish exchange student barely three weeks in the country, stripped to just her pink cotton panties, her hands bound behind her back and her slim pale body flushed with embarrassment as she watched the professors big dick with fascination and fear. Lisa felt her pussy flutter watching young Inga’s body as she moved past her towards her friend, her nipples puffy and her eyes glazed. Inga looked up at the pretty teacher with hope, thinking that her ordeal might be at an end, but was disappointed as Coach Jackson dropped to her knees in front of the professor and took his big rod smoothly and deeply into her mouth like the old friend it was.

She then turned to Inga, grabbed her by her hair, and shocked the young foreign student with a deep open mouth kiss that left her breathless and stunned. Before the pale blonde beauty could recover, Lisa grabbed Inga’s silky hair and forced her down onto the professor’s fat cock, the teenager choking and gagging as she performed the first fellatio of her life in manner she had surely never envisioned. Lisa wasn’t sure how Julie Collins had entrapped the young beauty so quickly, and really didn’t care. She knew all too well how tricky Julie was, having been ensnared bahis siteleri herself by the professors protégé years ago when Julie was still her student.

Not that Lisa was complaining, it had worked out well for her so far, allowing her to come to appreciate the pleasant possibilities offered by the professor’s big dick, and also giving her plenty of opportunities to indulge her bisexual tendencies. Like right now. Seeing that young Inga had finally settled into a rhythm, her only protest a soft sobbing as she took the fat cock deep into her throat, Lisa let her hand fall off of Inga’s hair, sliding down her back, tracing a line down the sexy teen’s spine and slipping inside her panties.

The professor placed both hands on Inga’s head, pulling her forward , deeper onto his dick, her new position causing her tight little ass to stick out a bit more, and allowing Lisa to slide a finger deep into her pussy from behind. She delighted in hearing the slim blonde’s surprised moan as Lisa’s middle finger quickly found her trigger spot.

Lisa and the professor shared a look of satisfaction as they worked the gorgeous student from both ends, the professor fucking her face steadily as Lisa’s finger worked its magic. Lisa felt like it was time for her to join the party more fully, and slipped out of her slacks blouse, bra and panties quickly, exposing her middle aged but still lovely body.

She hopped up on the professors desk and gave him a meaningful look which he instantly understood, pulling out of Inga’s mouth and dragging the helpless teen over, forcing her head between canlı bahis siteleri Lisa’s legs. Inga let out a weak protest but was too meek to do much more than that.

Julie Collins chose her conquests well for the most part, they rarely gave the professor much trouble once broken. Encouraged by Lisa, the young exchange student was soon lapping away at her teacher’s pussy like a pro. The professor watched for just a few moments, then motioned to Lisa that it was time to get on to the main event.

Lisa pushed Inga away, hopped off the desk and forced the pretty teen down onto it, Inga’s perky tits pressing against the cold hard oak and her ass sticking out proudly while the professor picked up his belt from the floor. The professor took the belt and wacked Inga three or four times, hard, right across her panty clad ass. Then threw the belt down, grabbed the slim blonde’s cotton panties with both hands and ripped them to shreds with one quick motion, leaving her stark naked and terrified, her icy blue eyes wide with fear.

Lisa, knowing from hard experience what was coming next, stared into those eyes, wanting to see her expression change. The professor stepped up close to Inga, laying his giant cock between those tight teenage ass cheeks, savoring their tightness for a moment before grabbing a handful of the the young beauty’s hair and slamming his fat dick a few inches into her tight sweet asshole, taking Inga completely by surprise.

Lisa laughed as the terrified student’s eyes popped open even wider, once, twice, three times as the professor hammered her ass canlı bahis a little deeper at each stroke. The poor girl couldn’t get her mind around what was happening to her, her expression one of total shock. ” This… Will…. Teach…. You… Not…. To…. Smoke…. Weed. ” the professor told her, grunting out each word as he hammered away.

He had taken countless young women in similar fashion over the years, but never tired of it, as each one was delicious and different in their own way. Inga’s pale skin, her wispy blond pussy hair, even her soft whimpering and pleading in Swedish were all huge turn ons for the professor as he violated the young beauty’s most private place deeply and thoroughly.

Lisa kissed the young student again, deeply and passionately as the professor neared orgasm. He pulled Inga’s head back, kissing her neck roughly, biting her ear, and telling her how much he was enjoying her tight teenage ass. His fat cock was past all resistance now, his balls slapping against Inga’s pussy as he stroked steadily into her back door.

He knew it was time, gave a loud groan of pleasure, one last deep slam into the helpless teen’s ass, and then pulled out and covered her ass and back with loads of cum. Lisa quickly dropped to her knees and cleaned his knob with her mouth as Inga slumped to the floor, sobbing softly as the professor explained that the entire incident had been taped, and copies would go straight to her parents if she didn’t behave herself from now on. Part of the professors definition of behaving, of course, meant submitting to regular sessions like the one she had just experienced, but Inga would find that out in due course. Lisa looked forward to handling much of Inga’s ongoing training..and not for the last time, thanked her lucky stars to have such a kind and loving master.

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