Take Me, Tom Pt. 05

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As always, a massive ‘thanks’ to Kenjisato for his invaluable editing skills. I’m gettin’ there, Kenji! Thanks also to Paolo for reviewing what I’ve written. Your advice is welcome! I have another six chapters ready to upload, for better or for worse!

Take Me, Tom Chapter 5

“Do you ever imagine what it would have been like if we had, well, given in to each other years ago?” I asked.

” Often, Tom. Often.”


“Well, first of all, those two kids would be yours!” she smiled.

My cock lurched at hearing those words.

I hope Chrissie hadn’t felt me.

“O…K…” I stammered. ” And, anything else?”

“Well, apart from telling mom and dad, the fact we sort of look alike, everyone knowing us around here, your job, my job, how and when we told the kids, my ex, getting married and being happy, I can’t think of anything!” she giggled.

“That’s quite a list to overcome,” I quietly said.

“It could be done,” she said firmly.

We just lay there, enjoying our connection.

I’m certain we were both thinking about the big ‘what if’.

“You thirsty?” she asked.

“I could use something, yes. You stay here. I’ll get it. What do you want?”

“A bit more wine, please. Oh…and some popcorn?”

I gave her a funny look.

” Wine and popcorn it is then,” I laughed.

I slowly lifted myself and stood up, my body tired.

“Tom? Now it’s your turn. Stay there. Don’t move. I want to look at you now.”

“God. I LOVE your cock!” she giggled. “I’m glad you’re cut.”

“O…K…” I smiled. “Good to know.”

“Turn around. Please?”

“You know what I want to do to that ass?” she coyly said.

” Probably the same thing I want to do to yours,” I said slowly.

“TOOOOM! God!” she cried with fake indignation. “You ARE such a little perv!” she said with a huge smile.

“I told you! You’ve been warned!”

“Go get me my wine!” she said brusquely and laughed.

I walked to the fridge, my mind all over the place.

I grabbed a bottle of rose’ and two glasses.

“Where’s the popcorn?” I yelled to her.

“Kitchen cupboard. Third on the left. Second shelf.”

I grabbed a bowl just in case. I walked back into her serene bedroom, the candles still flickering calmly lighting her.

Chrissie’s hair was still dishevelled, just the way I like it.

She had pulled the sheet up, covering her remarkable breasts.

I threw her the bag of popcorn and she eagerly tore it open.

“I famished!” she whined.

I poured us both a glass of wine and handed her one.

I leant over to kiss her but she pushed some popcorn into my mouth.

“I’d prefer a kiss.”

“Not me! I want popcorn!” she chuckled.

Chrissie grabbed her phone and put on some music.

I slipped between the sheets and joined her.

We looked at each other and kissed.

Everything was good in this little world of ours.

We lay there, playing with each other, eating popcorn and drinking wine.

Chrissie wanted to know about work. What was I actually over here for?

“God, where do I begin? We’re in the middle of negotiations with a new business. There’s been a few setbacks so they asked me to come over as I had a relationship with these people years ago. They have a subsidiary in London so I’ve been liaising with them for a while now. I think they just need their questions answered with a bit more depth and understanding, hence Lewis has recalled me.”

“So, do you go out looking for a business to buy or…”

“A bit of everything. We’re there with the money to support the business. I’ve kind of found my niche in risk management and mergers and acquisitions. And no, I don’t want to explain that right now,” I laughed. “I think they just need their hands held. It should be straightforward.”

“Ohh,” Chrissie said quizzically. ” You’re the ‘go to’ guy, I guess?”

“But it’s your job that is the cool one! Setting up the exhibitions at the Art Institute? You’ve landed on your feet there, Chrissie. I remember you taking me there several times.”

“I love it, actually. As you know, I was made Assistant Director about six months ago. I guess my internship and Masters has really paid off!”

“I’m so proud of you, Chrissie!” I said.

“I’m thinking about going to Italy next year and taking a course on book and paper conservation. It would just be a summer sabbatical. It’ll take a few years to get my degree but I could branch out then. I’ve already finished two semesters here. Everyone is so supportive.”

“Italy, eh? I hope you were planning on a stopover in London? I know a few people at the V&A I could introduce you to.”

“Hmmm. Let’s keep that in mind.”

I looked at Chrissie and saw the wheels turning in her head.

“What?” I asked after a few minutes.

“Nothing. Really. Just…The V&A, eh?”


“Okay…My other option is to do the finish my groundwork here and see where that takes me. It would be less upheaval for the kids. I haven’t quite decided yet though.”

“You’ll make the right decision, Lefkoşa Escort Chrissie. I just know it will all come together for you.”

We listened to the relaxing music and sipped our wine.

“Chrissie, I’m getting tired. Sorry. I should be okay by tomorrow. I’m just going to the bathroom then sleep. Okay?”

“Of course…darling. I should go to the bathroom too but…I want to keep you inside me. All night,” she blushed.

“Fuck, Chrissie!” I stuttered. “You are such a beautiful bitch.”

“Always, Tom.”

I returned and slipped back in, pulling the sheet up high.

” I’m going to read for a bit. Is that okay? I won’t disturb you?”

“I’ll be fine, Chrissie. Thanks though. And…I love you,” and I kissed her.

“And I’ll always be in love with you, Tom.”

I lay my head down on her soft pillows and quickly drifted off to sleep to the sounds of tranquil music.

I could get used to this. But…

The last thing I remember in my sleepy fog was Chrissie. She leant over and softly whispered in my ear, ” Don’t hurt me, Tom.”

Chrissie was wonderful and didn’t wake me until eight. I needed that! I woke to her staring at me. No, it wasn’t creepy.

“Morning, beautiful man,” she said quietly.

She moved closer and cuddled me, her head leaning on my chest and her arm across my body. I wrapped my arm around her and squeezed her to me. The sun was up and streaming through her windows.

“Uh, Tom?” she asked sheepishly.

“What’s up, Chrissie?”

” As much as I would love to make love with you this morning, could we, well, not?” she said hesitating. “I’m just a bit…well, sore,” she said lifting her eyes. “I’ve had more sex in the last few days than I’ve had in years!” she giggled.

I could only laugh. “Of course, Chrissie. Come on now. Just behave. You can always say ‘no’, okay?” I calmly said and pulled her tighter. “My cock understands,” I laughed.

“Now YOU behave!” and she kissed my chest.

My hand drifted down, touching her soft skin. I moved my fingers to her ass and gently stroked her. God, it felt so supple.

I lazily drew a finger along her crevice, smiling to myself.

“You like my ass, eh?”

“Absolutely,” I said, probably with too much exuberance.

“Humph,” she smirked.

Yeah, as if she’s taken umbrage to her brother desiring her pert ass, I laughed to myself.


“Okay, sleepyhead, up. Shower. Then breakfast then…Is there anything you would like to do today, Tom?” she asked.

“I could think of more than one thing, darling.”

“I said, behave! I’ll tell mom!”

I laughed and pulled her in whilst gently slapping her ass.

“C’mon,” she said. ” Up and shower!”

Chrissie pulled the sheet down off me.

My hard cock stood up, proud and hard.

“Ohh, fuck, Tom!” she laughed. “Put that thing away!”

I could tell from her eyes and body language that she wanted nothing more than to take me, molest me but I think the other part of her body said, “Don’t.”

Chrissie walked to the en-suite, which did nothing to make my hardness soften. In such a fluid movement, she raised the hem of her short negligee and pulled it over her head, dropping it on the floor. She looked back at me and winked.

Fucking bitch, I thought with a smile.

She turned the shower on before I was even through the door.

Through the clear glass, I could see her soaping herself up.

Fuck, I thought.

I walked into the shower, the warm water refreshing.

“You keep that thing away from me. You hear?” she said grinning.

” And what makes you think I want anything to do with my…sister? Hmmm?”

“THAT thing!” she said laughing at my hardness.

“Here, keep yourself busy and wash my hair. JUST my hair, buster!”

“Okay, well, turn around.”

“Yeah. Sure,” she said with a giggle. “I don’t want that THING anywhere near my ass,” she smiled. ” Right now.”

I heard her whisper. I grabbed the bottle of shampoo and soaped my sister up, massaging her hair, loving the feeling of my hands going through. The suds were floating down her body.

Over her neck, slowly drifting over each breast and gliding down to her abused pussy. I moved closer, my cock nestled against her stomach.

” Fuck, Tom,” she moaned.

“No. Not right now…” I teased.

Chrissie slowly knelt in front of me.

“Well, we can’t have you like this all day, can we?” she said as she grabbed my cock and balls. Chris lifted my balls and gently kissed them. I could feel her tongue on them. She turned her head and looked up at me. She lazily slipped my balls into her open mouth, gently sucking them. My hands were on her head but she pushed them away. She lavished her tongue and made little kisses all over them. She plopped them out of her mouth and started to slide her tongue up and down my hard shaft. Her tongue wiggled around the headband she licked all around it, swallowing all my leaking pre-cum.

With one hand, she slapped herself with the hard member.

I could only grunt and Girne Escort try and hold on. Quickly she went back to her feverish licking.

Chrissie made long, slow strokes with her tongue up and down my rigid meat. Chrissie was stroking me with one hand, squeezing me on every other stroke. My pre-cum was oozing out.

I could only stand there and take it. I could see that Chrissie’s thighs were rubbing together. I wanted to fuck her. I’m sure if I lifted her, she would slide right down onto my prick.

She was teasing me by putting her lips around my head then slipping off and licking me.

I wanted, no needed, her to take me. I wanted to force my cock into that beautiful mouth.

She must have felt my urgency as she held me firmly, looking at me and she plunged her mouth down, taking all of me.

“God!” I screamed.

Chrissie stroked me into her mouth, swallowing anything that came out. Her mouth was smooth, gentle but firm and insistent. Her head began to bob in and out. She was fucking my cock with her mouth. Her hand went down to my balls and she gently played with them, giving them a loving squeeze.

My hips began moving, somehow searching for that glorious relief.

Chrissie placed one hand on my ass, squeezing it and keeping me firm in her mouth. She would stop sucking, pull her mouth off me and lick my coated shaft. Then she devoured my cock again.

I felt myself getting harder. That feeling that tells me I’m going cum.


Chrissie stopped sucking and pulled my cock out of her mouth, concentrating just on my bulbous head, running her tongue over the leaking knob. She looked up at me, her wanton eyes bored into mine. As she stroked me I started to move my hips faster.

The first surge caught her by surprise but she held her mouth onto me. ” Ohhh, fuck…Chrissie,” I moaned as I spilt my seed down her throat.

Chrissie had taken three forceful spurts. Her mouth came off my cock but she kept stroking me. Still looking at me, I emptied another load onto her face. She loved it.

I could hear her moan, “More, Tom…”

I let her control my cock as she aimed my sperm all over her face. The mist from the shower was gently washing away my seed as she was covering herself with it. Chrissie looked angelic on her knees taking her brother in her hands.

I leant against the tiled wall, gasping for air.

Chrissie gently fondled my balls and cock then stood up.

She looked at me, mouth closed. Chrissie leant in and dribbled what cum was left in her mouth down my chest.

She pulled me down and kissed me.

“How was that, Tom? Feeling better now?” she said with that certain glint in her eyes.

“Fuck, Chrissie,” I moaned and pulled her lips back to mine.

“I’ll let you think about that, ok? I’m getting out and getting ready.”

Chrissie slid from the shower, leaving me to gasp and clean myself down.

I shortly followed her and grabbed my towel. Looking at myself in the mirror, I smiled.

But beneath that smile, I was thinking. About us and if we really could do this.

I went to my room and rummaged around for clothes.

I threw on a pair of jeans and a white, starched shirt.

I finished combing my hair and walked to Chrissie’s room.

She was wearing a pair of tailored trousers and a loose, silk blouse.

“Would you help me with this, please?” she asked as she handed me a turquoise necklace.”

“This is beautiful…wait, is this what I bought…”

“Yes. You gave this to me, remember? You were going to Europe for the first time with Matt and you guys had this idea to buy all this Indian jewellery in Arizona, come back to Chicago, sell it and travel,” she smiled.

“I…I didn’t think you’d keep it all these years!” I stammered.

“It has always been my favourite piece of jewellery. Even nicer than my wedding ring, Tom.”


“About time,” she giggled.

I clasped the piece up and turned her around.

“WOW! It’s…it’s stunning. Just like your earrings, you’ve really grown into this piece. I love it!”

And I tenderly kissed her.

“So, where are we going? I need to be back around four as they’re dropping off my rental car here, okay?”

“Back by four works. I thought we’d head downtown and go over to my work. You’re not going to have much time, what with the car and I’d really love to show you the place. It’s been a while since you’ve been there so…is that okay?” she asked hopefully.

“That sounds perfect, Chrissie. The lakefront sounds wonderful.”

“I have keys,” she smiled, “so if there’s anything you want to see, I think we can find it. Just a little perk of the job,” she said with a certain coolness.

This was Chrissie’s territory and she wanted to show it to me. I was touched.

We were out the door in no time. Before though, I grabbed her and kissed her. I wasn’t sure how many opportunities there would be.

I opened the door to the car for her.

“Hmmm, I could get used to this, Tom.”

I could only smile.

We Magosa Escort headed out and grabbed the 94 heading into the city.

It had only been two years but things had changed.

“Put whatever you want on the radio,” she said. “This thing has a million radio stations!”

I put on WXRT, my old favourite.

“I could have guessed you’d put that on!” she said exasperated.

“Some things never change after all, eh?” I smiled.

Eventually, we hit the lakefront and coasted along.

We held hands and just enjoyed the time we had together.

The lakefront was always a favourite place to drive to clear my head. Lake Shore Drive never ceased to amaze me.

I saw the Art Institute soon. Chrissie manoeuvred around the back and parked.

“So…how are you going to introduce me?” I asked.

“I’ve been thinking about that. How about if I just introduce you as my good friend, Tom? I wouldn’t exactly be lying, would I?”

“Good friend Tom it is then.”

We headed for the main entrance, so much nicer than the employee entrance.

It was wonderful to be back here, especially with Chrissie.

I looked at Chrissie as we walked along.

So confident, so professional. I was certain that as soon as we entered, I’d see a whole other side of her.

With trepidation, we held hands as we walked up the stairs.

Chrissie flashed her badge, although she didn’t have to as they recognised her. Her colleagues just smiled at her, seemingly mischievously but at least they were smiling.

With confidence, she kept my hand. I was thrilled.

“Where to first, Tom? Just say, okay?”

“How about your office? I’d like to see what you’re working on and what you do. Hopper and Seurat will wait.”

Chrissie unlocked several doors and led me down god-knows- how many hallways.

Finally, we arrived at her office.

” Ta-dah!” she giggled. “It’s not much but I’m close to everything I need. And no, you’re NOT going to take me on my desk so so just forget it!” she said coyly.

“Although, if I had worn a dress and wasn’t so sore, well…”

I slapped her ass and she squealed.

“You’re so lucky, Chrissie,” I smiled.

“Can I show you something soppy?”

“Uh, of course!”

She pointed at her desk. There was a photo of us, taken a few years ago. There was another of her with David and Chloe.

“I used to have a photo of the four of us but after Jack turned into an asshole, well…”

“I love this photo of us. I used to keep it in my drawer but after Jack showed his true colours, well…I thought it should go on my desk.

“So, does that mean that people know who the guy in the photo really is?”

“Well, yes,” she said shyly.

“So, introducing me as a friend may not work?”

“Hmmm. Good point. Okay. Hands off, okay!” she laughed. “Just, well, take my lead as and when.”

“Let me show what I’m working on, okay?” she said eagerly.

Chrissie was so proud. Her whole demeanour had changed.

I felt so content watching her. And proud. She locked up her office and we went hiking again.

“I think you’re going to like this, Tom,” she said cryptically.

She turned the lights on and we were in this huge room, full of large tables with all manner of materials on them.

“Here. This,” she said excitedly.

She picked up a photo.

“Is this…Kertesz?” I asked incredulously.

“Yep!” she beamed. “We’re putting together an exhibition of his work with a few Brandt’s and some Maier’s. I knew you’d love it.”

She went to several large drawers and pulled out photo after photo. I had my own private viewing! I was amazed.

Chrissie bent over and replaced all the photos. I was looking at her ass by now. I went behind her, moved her hair and kissed her neck.

“Ohh, Tom,” she sighed.

My hands slowly drew up to her breasts, covered by this slinky material.

“Mmmm,” she moaned. “But really, Tom. We can’t. We really can’t.”

“But…?” I sighed.

“No ‘buts’!”

I turned her around, my hands on her delicious ass now and pulled her to me.

She pulled my head down and kissed me hard.

“Damn, Tom. If I had worn a dress, well… There’s no way though. I’ll be damned if you’re going to take me here then I have to walk around with wet panties and a wet spot on MY trousers!”

“Fair point,” I said. “A gals gotta be professional!”

“Damn right! So, let’s go. There’s more to see.”

Chrissie tried to get away from my grasp but I wouldn’t let her.

“Does Tom need another blowjob? Hmmm?” she smiled.

“Too bad! Deal with it,” and laughed at me.

We locked up and headed out into the hall. We walked along and suddenly I heard a voice, “Chrissie? Is that you?”

Chrissie turned around.

“Emily!!!” she squealed.

They both hugged each other and gently kissed each other on the lips.

“This is…this is…Tom?” Emily stuttered, a slight blush rising on her cheeks.

Chrissie was glowing.

“Yes, finally!” she gushed. “Tom, this is Emily, my best friend in the world!” Chrissie wrapped her arm around Emily’s waist as if it was the most natural gesture in the world.”

“Hi, Emily. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” I said as I held out my hand.

Emily pushed my hand away and hugged me.

“Chrissie talks about you ALL the time. It’s wonderful to finally meet you!”

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