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What a day, I was making my way back across the paddock after letting my horse loose with the other horses. My face was still warm and flushed from the hard and fast gallop that has become customary on the home stretch, I know it can create bad habits in the mare but gee I can’t think of anything better than letting her stride out, air pumping through her lungs as stride by stride she pushes off with that powerful hindquarter.

It’s like a natural high and the adrenalin pushes the blood through my body at an alarming rate causing me to be able to hear my heart pumping extra hard and the wind is drawn in and out of my lungs, the tingly feeling it creates allover my own body is enough to carry me through the rest of the day.

On my way back past the tack shed I dropped the bridle onto its hook and continued up to the house, my jodhpurs and boots were covered in the grey hair of the mares coat, about the only setback from riding bareback. I briefly sat down on the back verandah dangling my casino şirketleri legs over the edge as one by one I struggled to pull off my long boots, still feeling the sensation of having the 600kg of horseflesh moving between my legs, I lent back onto the verandah railing and closing my eyes quietly enjoyed the relaxed sensation that was taking over my body.

After a short while I slowly moved my hand from where it was sitting in my lap to lightly run it up and down my inner thigh sending electric pulses through my body, my other hand moved slowly up my rib cage running my fingers along the outline of my ribs until it reached my breasts where it remained pinching and teasing my sensitive nipples. I slowly undid the button and fly on my jodhpurs allowing my hand better access to my newly waxed mound, the bare skin felt smooth and silky to touch, but it wasn’t here that was craving attention.

Just the tip of my index finger made it lightly over the lips of my pussy to waver across the casino firmaları top of my clit only barely touching the already throbbing button that lay awaiting, enlarged and very wet from the riding I had done earlier. I continued to do this only occasionally dipping my finger further into the pit of my vagina feeling my need for more attention rise each time, stopping occasionally only to taste my juices that remained on my fingers.

The slight breeze that whipped along the verandah took me by surprise as it sent shivers down my spine where it mixed with the fresh sweat along my back and at the back of my neck. I moved my other hand down from my breast to join its mate between my legs, bring my legs up onto the verandah and bending my knees to gain better access, thankful of the fact that I don’t where any underwear when I am riding. I reached down with my left hand pushing my fingers deeply into my vagina feeling for where my ‘G’ Spot should be, already enlarged from the excitement, whilst güvenilir casino my other hand continued to rub up and down and in small circles over my clit.

Ahhhh found the spot as it sent shuttering waves through my entire body, I lessened off and slowed down trying to draw this feeling of pure pleasure out for as long as I could, it didn’t take long before my body was demanding more, I had no control over what my hands were doing, my juices were flowing freely now pushing out little spurts of this delicious fluid.

With the fingers on one hand dipping in and out of my vagina putting pressure on my ‘G’ Spot, and the other working on my clit at an alarming rate, I couldn’t handle it any longer, spasms started throughout my entire body, small ones at first followed off by a grand finally that nearly had me thrown off the edge of the verandah. I remained motionless, just the tip of my index finger continued to periodically glide over my clit deepening and prolonging the orgasm that had just taken control over my body like something possessed.

I removed my hands from between my legs sucked the remaining juices from fingers, my eyes were closed, I stayed there totally drained, soaking up the sun for what seemed like hours.

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