Sylvia Gets Back to Ida’s and Spills theB ean

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Sylvia Gets Back to Ida’s and Spills theB ean: I was back in Ida’s kitchen, telling her about Amy, Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, and Donnie, the boy who I wanted to fuck but didn’t. She thought my story about leaving him a personal message was so funny, she wet her pants laughing. “But you didn’t fuck after your period ended, right?” “Well, I wanted to…”Okay, that’s good because we have to do the Mikveh, the ritual cleansing bath before we start having sex again..” “”Ritual bath? Ida, what are you talking about?” “Well, in Jewish tradition, orthodox women have to do this cleansing ritual before they can fuck after their period is over. I made a special tub just for that, but I incorporated some ideas I got from John Lilly, too, Remember, I talked about him, and his sensory deprivation experiments?”I had something else on my mind. I hadn’t talked to Ida about the other part of me. the part that needs to be humiliated, tied up and peed on, sometimes, to get the intense kind of orgasm I craved. It was 1965. Nobody talked about stuff like this.Ida said: Baby, you can talk to me about anything. You ate my puss and I did you, okay? I set up a safe situation so you could do the DP thing without getting your ass ruined. I don’t give a flying fucking hoot what turns you on, as long as you don’t fuck Nazis, okay?”I gulped. I was going to have to tell somebody, not Judy, or any of the men I had done, but my trusted aunt, about how kinky and fucked up I got sometimes. Ida trabzon escort said: “I know you were with Amy. She is fucking for real a guardian angel. She has been protecting women in our family for generations and generations. Her only job in this universe is to make sure you’re okay, as long as you TRY to pay attention to her. I told you when I was twenty or twenty-two. I was whoring out my ass for any sailor who came along. As I’m sure you know, that is dangerous as hell. A lot of these guys just came back from someplace where people, men, women, and c***dren were getting killed pretty damn freely, and some of these boys were doing it. I fucked a guy who had been in Nagasaki, Japan, two months after the bomb hit them, and what he told chills me to this day, Sylvia. But he didn’t give a fuck, he thought all those Japanese people, just like my friend down the street, all deserved to die. Mrs. Hashimoto’s whole family was wiped out, just like out relatives in Europe, okay? I blew this guy, I sucked his fat dick, more than once, for fifty bucks, and I threw in an ass fuck, too. So I’ve got to answer for that sometime. I’m just telling you, so you know, you can tell me anything? I hope you didn’t kill anyone?””No Ida, I never hurt anybody. I’m sorry now I was mean to that boy who wouldn’t do me when I wanted to get done” You mean fucked, right? I like to use the real words,” Yeah, sometimes, not all the time, but sometimes, I need it so much, I mean escort trabzon I need dick so much, I think I must be crazy?” Ïs that what’s bothering you? I’ve been like that since I was thirteen, Syl.” “That’s part of it, I mean I feel so slutty, being that way, but I don’t know how to turn it off. “Now I was starting to be able to talk. ‘”You know, I went to that thing at Margo’s house, and I fucked everyone in sight, Ida, I didn’t even know their names…”Yeah, you were high as a kite, too, right?” “Yeah, but I…” “Honey if you get enough powder up your nose? I’ve been there Syl, I did the same stuff. I didn’t hurt anybody, I didn’t tell anybody I loved them and it was a fat fucking lie…spit it the fuck out, honey, what are you trying to tell me?” ”I like pee, Ida.” “And?” I like to get peed on sometimes. I Like some people to make me do stuff. I don’t know why, but I know that’s how I am. I like to have my hands tied and to have some powerful woman piss on me, and if that happens, then I want more of it. I love that so much, I don’t know what to do…” Ida reached out and held my hand…”Ida. I’m not going to cry about this, but when I’m on my knees in front of the toilet, and some guy has his dick out, in my face, and I know that he is going to piss all over me, yeah, in my face, in my fucking mouth, whatever, and he kind of teases me and makes me wait, and makes me wait, and I know it’s going to happen I can’t touch my pussy because my hands trabzon escort bayan are tied, and other people are watching, it just drives me out of my mind. After he finally does it, I get this release, and then, I’m ready for anything. He can piss on me, cum all over me, make me lick the toilet seat, fuck my ass while my face is in the bowl…on and on, Ida, just as kinky and slutty as I can get..” “Do you like to piss on people, too?” Oh yeah, oh my god yes..”Ida took me in her arms and hugged me…”You’re just a little weird, Syl, lot of us are…when I fucked those vets from the Pacific war, who had seen and done and ENJOYED so much killing and mayhem, well honey, from my point of view, that is a lot worse than some pee or LETTING or ASKING to get tied up in front of the toilet…”Ï draw the line at poop, Ida, I don’t do anything like that…” “Well good, baby, at least you have a line… “Ida, I fucked my mom…” Yeah she told me about that, she said she came in while you were blowing your boyfriend, and things got crazy..she totally loves you, Syl. She thinks you hate her because of that…” “No, no no! I love my mom…”Yeah, I know, sometimes, in our lives, things get kind of nuts. She told me in confidence, that it was one of the high moments of her life. She fell in love with her daughter, and now she, just like you, is so worried that she has gone right off the scale of perversion and lost her c***d in the process…enough of this. I want to show you the tub and talk about the purification ritual thing we are going to do…”I had put my secret out, and Ida didn’t flinch. How could I love her more? I didn’t see any angels in the kitchen with us, but I know they must have been there.

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