Sweet Breastfeeding Sister

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Note: English isn’t my first language, and you will find minor grammar errors. If this bothers you, please find other great stories on this site. Thanks.


I was sitting in the hallway of my home, listening to my two sisters talking in the living room. They had no idea I was there, probably convinced that I was still in my room playing video games. I honestly hadn’t planned on spying on them. I had simply walked out of my room to get a glass of water. Just before coming out of the corridor and into the living room, I heard my older sister whispering “…your breasts are amazing!” I froze. I hadn’t heard the first part of that strange sentence, and I had no context. When my younger sister giggled and said “Thanks sis.”, I leaned towards the edge of the wall and listened more closely.

When I realized that they were talking about Mia’s breasts because of her pregnancy, I grinned. Mia’s breasts were actually stunningly amazing. Both my sisters began developing their breasts rather young, and summertime was now my very favourite season. Bikinis, tank tops, thin blouses, cleavages… Damn! Stephanie, while already being two years older than Mia, had started earlier than her sister, so for most of my adolescence I’ve been blessed with four remarkable breasts.

Last year, just after having celebrated her eighteenth birthday, my younger sister had to make a very difficult announcement to the rest of our family. When she told us that she was pregnant, and that she and her boyfriend Alexander had decided to keep it, she created a stunned silence. But, given a few weeks to process it all, the four of us had embraced her decision and had decided to help her as much as we could.

Today, little Logan was one year old and part of our family. To my surprise, the father was still around and helping. Mia and him had moved in an apartment, and things were apparently going well. This week-end though, Mia and Logan were going to live here with us. Alexander was gone for four days on one last week-end of training for his new job. All of us here were thrilled to have Mia and Logan with us.

While I did in fact think about Mia’s milk-filled breasts when I heard that she was coming here, they didn’t monopolize my every waking thoughts. Yes, her breasts had grown wonderfully with her pregnancy and yes I did fantasize about drinking milk from them. Then again, I’d had years of being surrounded by four stunning breasts, and that’s not even counting my mother’s, who’s exceptional gene pool had given rise to those four breasts. I didn’t think that my fantasies about Mia’s breasts were anything out of the ordinary.

Yet now as I sat there in the hallway, listening to my sisters talking about them, I realized that my mind was passionately interested. And so was my cock. Hearing Mia talking about their shape, their weight, the discomfort and the bliss of having Logan drinking from them and so on made my blood boil… And made it rush to my cock. In silence I’ve had to rearrange my pants to let my hard cock into a more comfortable position.

As I settled back down, I suddenly remembered another similar spying session a while ago. Both of my sisters had been invited to a ball in my town, and on the day of the ball, they had spent the entire day preparing. After lunch, my parents and I had gone away, leaving the girls to themselves. Three hours later I had come back home, grinning as I head the loud music they both liked. I didn’t see them anywhere and when I finally found them, my jaw dropped. They had both been in the bathroom in front of the two mirrors, leaning way forward as they were experimenting with make up. Neither of them ever wore make-up, but for this ball, they had wanted to try.

What had made the scene remarkable was that they had both been wearing nothing but lingerie. Pretty nice lingerie I had to say. And with the bathroom door’s location I could see them from behind at an angle. They couldn’t see me in the mirrors but I could see them both. Oh dear gods.

Neither had any idea of the wonderful show that they had giving me, their position forcing them to push their asses outwards and making their large breasts hang heavily. When Mia had pushed herself up on her toes to lean closer to he mirror, I’d nearly gasped at the sight. My sisters were blessed with their breasts, but I could clearly see that both of them had beautiful asses as well.

I hadn’t dared remain there more than a minute or two, and I left with a raging hard-on between my legs. I had quietly slipped into my room, locked the door and jumped on my bed to masturbate furiously. It hadn’t been the first time I’d masturbated while fantasizing about my sisters, and those precious two minutes had only added fuel to the fire of my imagination.

And so now, as I sat in the hallway listening to them talking about their breasts, I was smiling. It was now Stephanie’s turn to talk about her own breasts. She wasn’t pregnant, didn’t even have a steady boyfriend right ataşehir escort bayan now, but she did have large breasts. 36Ds to be precise. Finding out her cup size had been child’s play given that she still lived at home. She complained to Mia that they were giving her some back pain, and that she’d like to have breasts like Mia’s 34C. But Mia laughed, saying how this was a lie. “Oh cut it out! You love your big breasts Steph… Everybody knows this!”

“Stop it!” Stephanie replied, and I could hear the smile in her voice. “The boys love them, I just… er, well, I just—”

“You love them!” Mia added, still laughing. “Admit it! I haven’t forgotten about how you began liking them once you were able to suck on your own nipples!”

“Shhh!” Stephanie tried to silence her sister. “Come on! With my bad luck, Nik will walk out of his room and hear this!” After a pause, she added “In any case, you’re now bigger than I am. How big is your bra size now?”

Mia sighed “36E.”

“And, do you like it?” asked Stephanie, probably sure that Mia would say ‘No’.

But she didn’t. “Honestly, Steph, I love them… I adore them. Mostly because of the bond I have with Logan, but if I’m being honest, I find myself playing with them all the time!”

“Really?” Stephanie seemed surprised. “Aren’t they too sensitive with Logan drinking?”

“Actually no. Either it’s because I’m young or because I’m lucky, but I don’t have that particular problem. And…” Mia stopped.

“Don’t be shy! You can tell me anything little sis!” Stephanie was definitely curious.

“Well, I can now suck on my nipples like you, and I can’t seem to stop!” Both girls laughed. “I’m serious! When I find myself alone at home I undress completely and dance around, caressing my body and especially my breasts, pinching or sucking my nipples. I’m fucking constantly aroused!”

Both girls laughed again, but Stephanie asked a question that changed the mood. “Boy! Alexander must be a happy man!”

“Not really…” Mia sighed. “In fact, it’s pretty clear that in his head I’m now a mother, not a girlfriend. We barely fuck anymore. Shit! The last time was more than a month ago!”

“Fucking? You’re not too sore down there?”

“What? No. That hasn’t been a problem for a long time now. If anything I’ll be sore from masturbating too much! I’m constantly resisting the urge to order a fucking big dildo online!” Stephanie laughed at the idea. “While we’re on the subject, how about you sis? Still single?”

“Oh…” it was now her turn to sigh. “There are two guys lingering around, but I’m not really interested. And yes, I too am starting to go mad! I fear that my fingertips may remain pruned permanently!”

Mia chuckled. “If boys knew how some girls have just as much sex drive as they do…”

“…we’d never hear the end of it!” Stephanie finished.

After a quiet pause, Mia said “Do you remember when, when we… at the cabin?”

“Yes I do my dear.” Stephanie paused for a long while, and then I heard them whisper for a while, too low for me to hear. She then stood up and finished. “Well. Let’s make a deal. If we ever go crazy, we’ll resort to that!


They both laughed and I was pretty sure they hugged after that. When I heard one of them moving around I scrambled up and disappeared back into my room. I locked the door, logged into my computer’s secret folder and loaded up a bunch of pictures of my sisters’ breasts. Of course I didn’t have any nudes, but over the years I’d managed to capture great shots, either from above, or of their cleavages as they bent forward and even a few in bikinis during family parties. I started a slideshow and masturbated in silence to four of the best breasts I had ever seen.

Despite masturbating, I spent the rest of the day in a state of heightened sexual arousal. Mia wasn’t particularly shy about breastfeeding in front of me, but neither was she giving me a free show. I had seen a glimpse of one of her nipples only once since Logan was born. She usually breastfed under a specially designed cloth that afforded her privacy. Luckily, she couldn’t hide the shape and size of her breasts in everyday life, as even oversized sweat shirts couldn’t hide their girth.

At one point, as we were both alone in the living room as Logan fed, she suddenly looked at me after a long silence. “Why are you sitting here with me Nik?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean that you don’t usually hang out with me for no reason.” she had a smile smile on her lips.

“Well, I miss you.” I said.

“Yeah, right. You miss me so much that you just sit there in silence?” Mia laughed as I didn’t know what to say. “Relax bro… I’m just teasing you. I know why you’re here.”

“You do?” I replied too quickly, my voice rising too high.

“Of course…” Mia looked around to make sure we were alone and then whispered “You’re curious about breastfeeding, aren’t you?”

“No I’m not!” I said, escort kadıköy blushing. Then, after a little while. “Yes, I am. I’m sorry Mia. I think I’ll leave you alone with Logan.”

As I was getting up, she grabbed my hand and asked me to sit back down. “Again, Nik, relax… I don’t mind, really. So, ask away!”

“What?” I said, still red faced, not really understanding what she meant.

“Well if you’re curious about breast feeding, I’m pretty sure I can answer your questions.”

I stared at her, too stunned to think of a question. I eventually managed to find a couple, which Mia answered very nicely. After those, though, I was out of ideas. Mia was looking at me, expecting more. After a bit, she smiled and said. “Are you really interested in breastfeeding, Nik?”

“Why yes, why else would I sit here so awkwardly?” I asked, laughing to relieve the tension.

Mia looked at me again, then made sure we were alone one more time. “Are you perhaps more interested in breasts than breastfeeding?”

“Oh come on Mia… Stop!” I tried to get up again, too nervous to do anything else.

But Mia grabbed my hand again. “Will you sit down!” she said, a smile on her lips. “Think, big brother. Do you think I’d ask that if I were offended by it? In fact, I think you’ve been remarkably well behaved since Logan arrived. If our roles were reversed, I think I would have gone mad trying to see your breasts with a ceaseless erection between my legs!”

I stared at my sister, completely stunned. Sure she had said that she was in need, in bad sexual need, but still, this was crazy! I pulled my hand away from her and stood up. “Nik!” she whispered, slightly surprised. “Please don’t leave. Just listen. Just listen for one moment.” I stopped and turned to her. “What I’m trying to say is that I don’t mind if you try to sneak peeks. I’ve seen you trying, and I really understand. As I’ve said, you’ve been very good at resisting, and I don’t mind, really. This breastfeeding blanket is there mostly for dad. In any case… I wanted to let you know I wouldn’t mind. Heck, my breasts are so big and different that sometimes I feel like they belong to someone else.”

“Ok, thanks…” I mumbled, dazed, before going to my room.

I sat in my chair, still stunned by what she had said. Part of me wanted to forget about it and move on as if nothing had happened, as if I hadn’t been caught peeking. Yet another part of my wanted to go back to the living room and ask her to move the blanket away. The surge of blood in my cock told me that this wasn’t probably a good idea. Yet, she did say that… Shit! I laughed alone in my room, torn between two very different responses. A bit later I heard my mother and father coming home and the moment passed. I came back out of my room and while Mia smiled at me, breastfeeding was over and we spent a quiet evening watching tv.

I was awoken in the middle of the night by Logan. He usually slept all through the night, but tonight I heard his cries. Even though I wasn’t a father, the very distinctive sounds he was making reached deeply through my sleep and I found myself standing in my doorway before I could stop myself.

Before I could take even a single step in the hallway, I saw Mia coming out of her room. She never saw me. She walked to the room Logan was sleeping in and it took her about three seconds. But those three seconds would be burned into my mind for a long time. Mia was topless. All she had on was a very small pair of white panties. Sexy white panties. Her long hair had been loose and free, wild locks shooting out everywhere. somehow it only added to the sheer sexiness of the sight. She was backlit by the light from the kitchen, and while it was still quite dark, I could see her every curves. And, what was that? Did I see a drop of milk falling from her nipple? No.. Surely that was my imagination…

As the blood surged in my cock, I nevertheless realized that I knew she didn’t sleep topless like this. She had talked about it a few months ago, saying how her breasts could leak during the night and how she had to wear her softest maternity bra. And those panties… Definitely not the sleep-well kind. And then it clicked: Mia had been masturbating when Logan woke up. Looking at the clock, I saw that it was only 11. I suddenly realized that I was now standing alone in my doorway, a growing erection tenting my boxers.

Back in my bed, I couldn’t simply go back to sleep! I was hard as a fucking rock and could almost see, in my imagination, Mia breastfeeding her son in the room right next to mine. I reached for my cock and pulled it out of my boxer’s slit. I began masturbating, imagining that it was me sucking on her breasts, drinking in the breastmilk I had never tasted. Well, I had tasted my mom’s when I was a baby, but that was long forgotten. As my cock swelled and twitched, I realized that my breastmilk fetish was more powerful than I had known.

On impulse, knowing that Mia was occupied bostancı escort for at least twenty minutes, I sneaked out of my room and headed for the bathroom. I decided to let my cock hang out from my boxers as I did, confident that I wouldn’t get caught. I didn’t. In the bathroom, illuminated only by the moonlight, I searched and found one of Mia’s maternity bras in the hamper. Pulling it out, I brought it to my face and licked it before putting it on the hamper’s lid. I then grabbed my cock and masturbated over and against the smooth fabric of her bra.

It really didn’t take me long. I had about twenty minutes before Logan was done, but I finished in three. Closing my hands hard, both on the bra and on my cock, I braced myself for the climax, which had to be perfectly silent. I don’t know how much sperm I shot out and on Mia’s bra, but I managed to remain silent. The thrill of masturbating in one large cup of my sister’s maternity bra made the climax a lot more pleasurable than usual.

I then heard a noise coming from Logan’s room: Mia was walking around. She had closed the door behind her, but I could hear the floor creaking. Shit! I folded the bra one cup against the other and threw it back in the hamper. As I silently walked back to my room I vowed to do the laundry very early next morning. It would solve the small problem of the evidence left behind and earn me goodwill points at the same time!

In my bed, I listened for Mia but didn’t hear her coming out of Logan’s room after all. I grinned, knowing I hadn’t been caught and fell asleep. All I had to do was a batch of laundry and everything would be fine. Tomorrow morning I would learn that simple plans didn’t always work.


On the other side of the wall, Mia sighed as she lay Logan in his bed. It had been quite a few weeks since he’d asked for milk in the night, so she wasn’t all that tired. She had been irritated by his cries as she had begun masturbating in her own bed, unable to find sleep. She hadn’t been able to stop thinking about Stephanie and their nights at the cabin, and that had made her blood boil. She was pretty sure that Stephanie had equally intense memories of those two nights. In any case, when’d she heard Logan, she slipped on her panties and quickly walked out topless, knowing that nobody would worry and come out.

During the feeding, Mia’s mind had been overwhelmed with lust. She was one of those girls who were sexually aroused during breastfeeding. Luckily, she had learned before hand that it was normal and perfectly natural. Then again, it was the first time she’d had to interrupt a masturbation session to breastfeed! She walked out of Logan’s room with her knees weak and her pussy drenched.

She hadn’t dared touch herself during the feeding, but her mind was woozy with lust. She felt slightly strange with her breasts out in the open like this, but she was so aroused that she didn’t care. In fact, in her current state she felt like dressing sluttily to go out in a club and fuck whichever male would touch her first.

Mia grinned, eager to get to her bed and resume that particularly naughty fantasy of hers. Before going there though, she went to the bathroom to grab her favorite bra. The one she had tried to sleep with wasn’t as comfortable and, after having climaxed, she knew she would really needed to go to sleep quickly. Reaching inside the hamper, she found her bra and grabbed it. As she did, she felt something cold and wet inside one of the cups. Mia closed the door and turned on the light. The inside of her bra was covered with many streams of some gooey stuff, the origins of which she— Fuck! Was this cum? Mia brought the bra to her nose and smelled. Damn! It was!

Mia felt herself both offended at the thought that someone had filled her bra with cum, yet the pulse in her pussy reminded her of her very high degree of arousal right now. “It had to be Nik… Oh the little bastard!” she thought. She grinned in the bathroom, looking at the copious amount of sperm. She then pursed her lips and hmmed. She closed the light and headed back to her room, cum-filled bra in hand.

She forgot all about the club fantasy and pulled her panties off as she fell back onto her bed, feeling her breasts boucing. With one hand she resumed the not so gentle caresses on her pussy and with the other she played with her brother’s cum. As she rubbed it between her finger and thumb, she brought it to her face and smelled it again. So fresh… And Mia suddenly realized that it was, in fact, very fresh. It hadn’t even been as cold as it should have been in the hamper, unless… Unless Nik had been awakened by Logan’s cries and had…

As Mia imagined her older brother masturbating over her bra in the bathroom while she had been breastfeeding, she felt a few powerful pulses of pleasure. She writhed on the bed, her head thrown back, her mouth wide opened. Without thinking about it, she brought her second hand to her pussy and plunged it deep inside her. As she contained her moan she realized that she had just slipped traces of her brother’s sperm into her pussy. She didn’t even think about a possible pregnancy, what with the fact that she was on the pill. All she felt was a powerful spasm of pleasure.

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