Suzy’s sexcapade

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Suzy’s Sexcapades

Suzy got home from work tired and bored from another mundane day at work. Bill was sitting in his chair smoking a cigarette as usual, doing nothing. Going to the bedroom to change Suzy couldn’t help but wonder how things had gotten so far off track in her life. Suzy had a job that paid well but was basically boring, and giving her no challenge at all. A husband that sat at home doing nothing but smoke up the house and spending what she earned. He didn’t even have an interest in sex; it had been a long time since he had touched her in a way that mattered.

Suzy looked at herself in the mirror as she was undressing, she was a few pounds over what the doctors say is ideal, but most men like a woman that is not skin and bones. She was pretty by anyone’s standard, and as her bra fell free she saw large pillowy breasts with large brown nipples. Running her fingers across her breasts caused her nipples to stand proudly, and gave her a tingle between her legs. Moaning softly Suzy pinched her swelling nipples between her thumb and finger causing them to swell more and stiffen even harder. Still easing her nipple, Suzy pushed her jeans down and stepped out of them. Leaning back against the wall, her hand worked its way under the elastic of her panties. Her fingers found her dampening slit and worked in between the soft swelling lips of her damp cunt finding her clit. Suzy moaned again as her fingers brushed over the tip of her sensitive organ. Spreading her legs even more, her fingers slid into her hot wet cunt slowly sliding in and out rubbing against her clit on each stroke. Suzy could feel the heat building inside her, and made her way to her bed.

Suzy had several dildos in her night stand drawer and really needed one now. She grabbed the first one her fingers found. Lying back on the bed, she spread her legs and rammed the dildo deep into her throbbing pussy. Biting her lip to keep from being too loud, she worked the dildo in and out while stroking her clit with her other hand. Suzy could feel the muscles in her cunt grabbing and milking the dildo. Her hips started thrusting forward to meet the dildo as it plunged into her waiting depths. Suzy could feel an orgasm starting deep in her throbbing cunt and worked the dildo into her pussy faster. Suddenly her pussy grabbed the dildo squeezing it tightly as the spasms worked through her body.

Sighing as she pulled the dildo out of her cunt, wishing that it had been a real throbbing cock that had been inside her, not just a manufactured substitute. A cock that would pump and ravage her neglected pussy and shoot a load of steaming cum into her waiting pussy as she came making her throbbing cunt gush like it used to, pumping hard into her during the throes of a mind blowing orgasm. A cock that she could suck into her willing mouth, tasting the combined flavors of her juices and his hot cum as she sucked it back from a soft deflated piece of skin to a hard thick rod of flesh wanting to ram deep inside her willing pussy once again to make her feel alive as it kept plunging deep inside her, stretching the walls of her cunt in exquisite pleasure.
Feeling thoroughly neglected Suzy through the dildo back into the drawer and went into the bathroom to clean up and put on clothes so she could make dinner.

Bill was sitting the same place that he had been when Suzy went into the bedroom to change, he did not know or care why it had taken her so long to change clothes. His only comment as she walked out was “Is dinner ready yet.” He seemed to only care if Suzy was around for cleaning and cooking and waiting on him. He certainly did not have any kind of interest in her; she couldn’t remember the last time he had had anything to do with her in a sexual way. While she was getting dinner ready Suzy was thinking how great it would be if she had a man that would walk up behind her and slide his hands up under her blouse and cup her breasts squeezing them and playing with her nipples.

Suzy could feel the tingle between her legs just thinking of how good that would feel. She liked having a real man standing behind her playing with her tits, feeling his swelling cock pushing against the cheeks of her ass. Bill quickly brought an end to her thoughts by yelling for her to bring him a beer if dinner was not ready yet. Carrying the beer into Bill, Suzy knew she had to find a real cock soon before she went crazy. Suzy was the kind of person that liked sex, like the feel of a man’s hands running over her body, teasing and probing. She loved the way it made her feel to have a man sucking on her tits, feeling her nipple swelling between his lips prompted by his tongue teasing and playing on its tip.
Suzy shook her head, she had to stop thinking like this, it did her no good, and just made her more frustrated. She handed Bill the beer and went back to finish dinner.

When dinner was done, Suzy washed the dishes and went into the living room to watch TV for a little bit before bed. Bill as usual fell asleep in the chair so Suzy went to bed alone she didn’t even bother to wake him up anymore, it was just a wasted effort. Falling asleep Suzy couldn’t help but think about how different marriage was from what she had expected. Suzy woke up to the alarm buzzing and Bill snoring. This day was starting the same as any other day, nothing different and not much hope either.

Suzy got her shower and fixed her hair for work, she picked out a tan blouse and a loose blue jean skirt because she knew she was supposed to move some of the files into the storage room at her office today. Suzy worked in a small business so everyone pitched in and helped with whatever needed done. When Suzy got to the office, she was surprised to find her boss standing talking to a young boy in jeans and a tank top. Suzy this is Sam from the temp agency, he will help you move the file boxes today, I think they are too heavy for you to do it by yourself. Suzy said Hi and went to her desk. Sam was about 19 she guessed, and she could see the muscles under his shirt. Suzy showed him which cases needed to be moved and showed him the room down the hall where they needed to go.

They started working, Sam carrying the boxes down the hall and Suzy getting the files transferred to the new cabinets, Suzy kept watching Sam as he carried and stacked the boxes for her, but didn’t think he had noticed. Sam had indeed noticed, he had always liked women older than him and when he saw the way Suzy watched him he knew he had a chance with this sexy lady. He started to move a little slower when he bent over to set a box down, and made sure that his jeans were tight in his crotch. Sam believed he could almost see the hunger in Suzy’s eyes.
The next case he carried in he waited until Suzy leaned over to get some files then walked close enough that the back of his hand brushed against her ass. Suzy jumped like she had been shocked, and of course Sam apologized immediately.

Suzy was sure the contact had been an accident; she didn’t think there could be any interest in her by this sexy younger man. She was also embarrassed that such a minor accidental contact could have sent such a tingle through her body. Sam was happy to see the reaction his “accidental” touch had caused. He saw the pink tinge in her cheeks, and the way her nipples had suddenly been visible through the material on her blouse. He was happy to see how large her nipples were, and was determined to find a way to get his hands and mouth on them very soon. Sam soon had the small room partially filled with boxes and had to wait for Suzy to catch up. He leaned against the file cabinet making small talk as Suzy was filing the papers. He had purposely chosen his spot, and every time Suzy leaned over to get more files he had a perfect view of her breasts. The sight of her breasts moving in her blouse had started to excite Sam and he could feel his cock swelling a little as he stood there. He could see Suzy looking as she grabbed more files and from the look on her face he knew it would not be long before they would be together.

Suzy couldn’t help but see the bulge growing in Sam’s pants as she was grabbing files from the boxes and as hard as she tried she couldn’t stop herself from looking every time she turned around. It seemed to grow every time she looked at his crotch. It seemed to her that the room was getting awful warm too. Sam smiled as he watched Suzy’s growing discomfort; he could see the effect the growing bulge in his pants was causing. Suzy was working faster and he could see little beads of sweat forming in the valley between her breasts. Suzy had emptied the box and turned to put it behind her as she did, she slipped on an unnoticed piece of paper that she stepped on causing the empty box to fly in the air and her to fall backwards on the boxes behind her. Sam reached out to catch her and as he did, Suzy slid through his arms and both hands ended up holding her breasts. A small moan escaped Suzy’s lips as she felt Sam’s hands on her neglected breasts.

Sam seeing his chance bent over and kissed Suzy as she lay on the box on her back. Suzy’s first reaction was to pull away, but it felt so good to have Sam’s lips on hers that she couldn’t. Sam quickly pushed his advantage, sliding his tongue to Suzy’s lips and softly pushing it into her hot mouth, during this short time; he continued to softly massage her breasts through her blouse. Suzy was softly moaning into Sam’s mouth as his hot kiss and his hands on her breasts were building a long smoldering fire in her long neglected pussy.
Sam moved one hand and slid it inside Suzy’s blouse, under her bra and grasped the naked flesh of her full tit. Suzy moaned louder as Sam’s fingers found her already swollen nipple and started to squeeze it. Once he knew that Suzy would offer no further objections, Sam reached down and unzipped his jeans. He reached inside and pulled out his 8” cock.

Suzy gasped as she saw it fall free of his hand, and it was right above her forehead. Sam slowly moved his hips forward letting the swelling head of his cock slide long Suzy’s face to her mouth. Without even thinking about it, Suzy opened her mouth licking her lips in anticipation of taking Sam’s cock into it. Suzy’s only thought was how good Sam’s swollen cock was going to feel in her mouth. She actually moaned as the swollen head touched her lips. Sam slid her back a little further on the box so his cock could slide into her mouth easier. He closed his eyes in anticipation as Suzy’s hot mouth closed over the head of his cock. He started rocking his hips back and forth pushing his cock further into her mouth with each thrust. He heard Suzy gag a little as his cock hit the back of her throat and pulled back a little. Suzy reached up and grabbed his ass with both hands pulling him forward into her mouth. Sam let out a groan as Suzy took his cock clear into her throat, he could feel his swollen balls resting on her eyes she had taken him as far down her throat as was possible. Sam started pumping his cock. He knew that he could not hold out long fucking Suzy’s throat that way.

He reached down and opened Suzy’s blouse so he could free her large breasts. Grabbing one in each hand, he squeezed and rubbed them as Suzy continued to swallow his cock. Sam could tell Suzy needed some air. She could not breathe while his cock was in her throat. He pulled his cock out and Suzy gulped a few quick breaths and pulled his cock back into her mouth. Sam resumed pumping his cock into her, and reached down unzipping her jeans he pushed them down so he could see her panties, and they were soaking wet.
Sam slid his hand inside them and flicked Suzy’s clit with his finger. Suzy almost jumped off the box when Sam’s finger hit her clit, no one else’s fingers had touched her there in a long time, if his cock had not been in her throat she was sure she would have shot right off the box. Sam started to finger her sopping pussy, and Suzy pulled his cock out of her mouth for more air, then resumed sucking him off. She had an insatiable desire to have him shoot is hot load of cum deep inside her throat.

Suzy slid her legs wider so Sam could have free access to her cunt; she could also feel the start of an orgasm building in her. Suddenly Suzy clamped her legs closed on Sam’s hand as her orgasm exploded through her body. Feeling Suzy jerking under him was all it took for Sam to explode in Suzy’s throat. Suzy could feel shot after shot of Sam’s cum explode out of his cock and down her throat. Suzy pushed Sam back a little so she could breathe, but kept his cock in her mouth and gently kept sucking his slowly shrinking cock until there was not a single drop of cum left in him.
Suzy sat up and looked at the smile on Sam’s face and knew Bahçeşehir Escort he felt almost as good as she did. Unfortunately, she could not believe what had just happened had occurred in a room in her office if her boss had walked in on them; her job would have been gone. Suzy realized she was sitting there with her jeans around her ankles, and both full tits hanging out of the front of her blouse. Blushing she tried to put herself back together as Sam watched. Watching Suzy try to get herself back together had made Sam’s cock twitch, it had been a while since he had wanted a regular girlfriend, and Suzy was after all a damn hot woman. He could tell she wasn’t being taken care of at home by the way she had reacted to his touch.

Sam made sure the door was locked and walked up behind Suzy who had turned away from him to try and get her bra straightened out and her breasts back in it. Sam reached around with his left hand and cupped her breast, while pulling her ass back against his growing cock. Suzy started to protest, but that stopped as soon as Sam pulled her panties down and Suzy felt the slowly swelling head of Sam’s cock rubbing against her hot wet slit. Suzy just moaned and reached down holding Sam’s cock against her as it continued to swell. She could feel it as the head was pushing against the entrance of her pussy. Suzy leaned forward against the filing cabinet as Sam rammed his now hard cock into her to the hilt in one hard thrust.

Suzy gasped as he stretched her cunt like it had not had done in years. Suzy stuck her hand in her mouth to keep from screaming as Sam started to pump in and out of her cunt. Suzy came again almost as soon as he was in her, she could not believe how wonderful it was to have a real cock inside her neglected cunt. She had only dreamed of this for a long time. Sam kept ramming his cock into her as she shook and moaned, it seemed that every thrust made her orgasm go on just that much longer. Finally Sam was not able to stand the way Suzy’s tight cunt kept squeezing and grabbing his cock seeming to be trying to suck the cum from his balls. He grabbed her hips and with a final thrust buried his cock deep into Suzy’s cunt, holding her tight against him as he shot another hot load of cum into her quaking depths.

Suzy thought she was going to pass out as Sam’s hot cum splashed and flowed into her throbbing cunt. She relished every gush and jerk that she felt inside her body. She did not want the feeling of his hot young body against her to ever end, afraid that when it did everything would go back as it was. Sam could feel his cock slowly shrinking inside Suzy’s hot cunt; he also felt the way her cunt muscles kept grasping his shrinking cock trying to keep it inside her body, sucking every drop out of him before letting him go.

Sam was curious about Suzy’s reaction to their love making, she seemed almost desperate. He definitely wasn’t complaining, he was happy with the way she had drained him of his hot cum not once, but twice in a short time. He had a feeling that he would be making good use of her soft body in the near future also.
Suzy disturbed Sam’s thoughts with a small moan as Sam’s cock came out of her dripping pussy with a soft plop. Feeling the need to say something, she looked at Sam and said it has been a long time since I have had a man like that. My husband does not seem to be interested in me anymore. She said this quietly almost timidly as Sam looked at her. Sam tenderly kissed her lips and said he must be crazy.

Sam helped her up and Suzy started to straighten her clothes out and try to fix herself up so it didn’t look like she had just had her brains fucked out in the store room. By the end of the day, they finally had all the files moved and had each found out much more about the other. Suzy had told Sam her story, especially how Bill just ignored her. Suzy also seemed to know that she did not have to worry about that for a while; Sam seemed to be more than willing to help make sure she had all the cock she wanted for a while.
Suzy loved the way when he passed by her he would let his hand brush her ass cheeks, and each touch sent a shiver through her neglected body. Sam had an apartment not far from work and he had already asked her to stop by after work. Suzy had a hard time concentrating as 5:00 approached. Sam had already left and she had called Bill and told him she had to work late. His only comment was to ask what he was to do for dinner.
Suzy knew what she was doing was wrong, that she was a married woman and all but the memory of Sam’s swollen cock in her hot wet pussy earlier in the day, pounding her to a mind blowing climax over rode all else. She got out of the car and walked to the door of Sam’s apartment.


Sam opened the door wearing only a pair of blue jean shorts with a beer in his hand. Smiling he told her he was hoping she would come tonight. Looking at Sam, Suzy could feel a tingle starting deep inside her pussy.
Suzy stepped inside and Sam closed and locked the door. He stepped behind her and kissed the back of her neck, laughing as he felt the goose bumps run down her neck. Sam continued to nibble on Suzy’s neck as he reached around her and began unbuttoning her blouse, brushing his hands against her straining nipples as he did so. Suzy could not help the low moan as he teased her breasts with his light brushes against them. Sam slid her blouse off and dropped it on the floor. He then unhooked her bra and let her full breasts fall free as he dropped her bra on the floor with her blouse. Still moving his lips on her neck and shoulders Sam grasped a breast in each hand, hearing Suzy gasp as his thumb and finger fount the nipple on each one and start to softly tweak them. Pulling and twisting them, sending sparks of desire through Suzy’s now hot and wet cunt.
Suzy pressed her ass back against Sam, feeling his swollen cock pushing against her ass cheeks through the material of his shorts and her jeans and panties. Suzy was rubbing her ass against him, wanting nothing more than to feel his cock inside her again, to feel it stretching and pushing inside her.

Suzy reached back between then and started unfastening Sam’s shorts and pulling them down feeling his cock spring free against her ass. She grabbed his cock and slowly ran her hand up and down its length. Her other hand found his ball sac and started fondling them. Suzy could not remember how long it had been since she had a man’s balls and cock in her hands, she loved the contrast of Sam’s hard cock and his large soft balls. With Suzy playing with his cock and balls, Sam unhooked her jeans and quickly pulled them and her panties down allowing him to cup her sopping wet pussy with his right hand. Suzy jerked against him as his finger went in between her swollen lips and found her sensitive clit and began rubbing and teasing it.

Suzy could already feel a climax building inside her just from Sam’s teasing touch. Sam felt Suzy working her pussy against his probing fingers and knew she was about to explode again. Suzy jerked against Sam as she came, cumming so hard she was weak kneed. Sam stepped forward and lowered Suzy’s almost limp body over the back of his couch. This left Suzy’s throbbing cunt exposed and wide open for his aching cock. Sam quickly stepped between Suzy’s legs and placed the head of his swollen cock against the opening to Suzy’s love tunnel and with one hard smooth stroke Sam buried his straining cock inside Suzy’s willing body.
Suzy groaned as she felt Sam’s cock go deep inside her, banging its head against her cervix. Sam started working his cock in her, banging deep inside her with every powerful stroke. Sam had a perfect view of Suzy’s ass and pussy the way she was bent over the back of the couch, and while pounding her pussy with his cock, Sam watched her ass quiver; he slid a finger along her crack towards her tightly puckered asshole. Suzy had plenty of her cum juice on her from her first orgasm. Sam smiled as Suzy jumped the first time his finger contacted her hole. He started sliding his finger across it more frequently as he continued pumping her cunt. His finger was dripping wet with her juices and he slipped it in her ass. Suzy tried to move forward to escape Sam’s probing finger, but had nowhere to go, bent over the couch as she was.

Sam started to work his finger in and out of her clenching ass, and actually she was beginning to like the way it felt to have both holes fucked at the same time. Sam noticed that Suzy was definitely beginning to enjoy his finger in her ass as well as his cock working her pussy, and was seriously considering his options. Pulling his finger out of Suzy’s ass with a slight plop, Sam slowed his strokes into her cunt with his cock. He knew he would have to move quickly before Suzy realized what was happening or she might try to stop him before he could show her how good it would feel.

Sam had put his empty beer bottle on the end table when he had started undressing Suzy, and he could still reach it easily. Sam picked up the bottle and made sure he had drunk all the beer. Suzy’s ass was still nice and slick with her juices. Sam turned the bottle neck down and slid the neck into Suzy’s asshole. He heard her squeal as the neck went into her past the ring of muscle at the entrance with a soft plopping sound. Suzy tried to move forward at the first feeling that her ass was being invaded by something bigger than Sam’s finger, but her hips were trapped against the unmoving back of Sam’s couch.

Without thinking about the result of her actions, Suzy pushed back trying to get room to maneuver between Sam and the couch, but all that accomplished was burying both Sam’s cock and the neck of the beer bottle deeper into her struggling body. What the fuck are you doing she yelled? Sam tried to quiet her down, telling her she would like what was happening if she would calm down. Sam had to admit that Suzy struggling was really getting to him. Her pussy was really giving his cock a workout jerking like that. He kept working the bottle in time with his strokes in Suzy’s pussy, feeling the neck of the bottle against his cock through the thin piece of skin that separated her asshole from her cunt. Suzy was not struggling as much, the amazing sensation of having both her holes filled and worked at the same time. She had never had anyone put even a finger in her ass before so this was an entirely new experience.

She had to admit, the it was not as unpleasant as she would have thought, Sam was working the bottle in and out, and twisting it slightly. He could see that Suzy was really starting to enjoy how it felt, and did not object as he slowly worked more of the bottles neck into her beautiful ass. He had worked the full neck of the bottle inside her and on each stroke Suzy could feel the top of the bottle hit her ass cheeks, it was very stimulating to have both holes filled, and she could feel herself quickly building to another mind shattering orgasm. Suzy could feel her cunt milking Sam’s cock and her ass was trying to squeeze and milk the hard unyielding bottle in her ass. This was too much for Sam who rammed his cock as far into Suzy’s hot grasping cunt as possible, blew his load of hot cum deep inside her pussy.

Suzy screamed in ecstasy as she felt Sam’s cum splashing inside her body, grasping her tits and squeezing her own nipples as she came again and again. Sam stepped back from Suzy’s trembling body, his cock drained from the tremendous orgasm the he had just shot into Suzy. Suzy moaned as Sam slowly pulled the bottle from her ass. Suzy could feel her muscles snap shut as the bottle slid completely out. She was totally spent from the way Sam had used her body today. She had not had this much sex in the last year and she knew she would be sore in the morning. No one had ever used her ass like that before either, after the initial shock it had felt wonderful the bottle feeling almost like another cock inside her ass. Suzy tried to move, to get up so she was not spread out on the back of the couch like a piece of meat but did not have the strength back yet. Sam could not help but admire the way Suzy looked draped over the back of his couch, legs spread wide her well used pussy slowly dripping his cum out dripping on his floor. Sam was tired also, he had definitely enjoyed the workout Suzy had given him, but even he could only cum so many times in such a short period of time. Besides, he knew that this was not the last time he would enjoy Suzy’s soft body and willing cunt. He had some plans for her in the near future, for both their enjoyment.

Sam saw Suzy stirring and trying to get up off the back of the couch, and with a fond pat on her upturned ass he helped her get into the bathroom to get Escort Bayan cleaned up before she went home to Bill. Before Suzy left they made a date for the next day which was Saturday. Suzy was like a kid with ice cream, now that she had a cock inside her again, she wanted more and more. Sam was more than willing to oblige her and began making plans for the next day.

Suzy got home to an empty house and a note from Bill saying that he had gone fishing with his buddies and would not be back until Sunday night. This time it did not bother her like usual, as she called Sam to tell him she would be free all day. When she finished Talking to Sam, Suzy went into the bathroom and turned on the shower. Even though she had cleaned up at Sam’s, she could still feel some of his cum leaking from her pussy, it seemed like he had filled her up to overflowing which actually he had. After washing her hair and soaking in the hot shower, Suzy thoroughly exhausted fell into bed.

Sam on the other hand, took a shower and went next door to tell Tina his neighbor what had happened today. He and Tina had had a brief fling when she first moved in, but nothing other than sex had developed and both dated other people. They still liked to compare notes though and Sam knew that occasionally Tina had a fling with a woman also. He had a feeling that she just might find Suzy interesting enough to do a threesome with. When he got to the part about sticking the neck of the beer bottle in Suzy’s ass he knew Tina was hooked.

Sam told Tina that Suzy was supposed to be there at noon the Saturday, and as hot as she had been today they would probably go straight to bed. He would get her started and Tina could use her own judgment when to join in. Sam left Tina rubbing her pussy with anticipation of the fun the following day would bring and went home to get some rest.

Suzy woke up Saturday morning feeling like a million dollars. Her pussy was a little sore, but not as bad as she had expected after such a workout. She was surprised that her ass did not bother her either. She had been real worried about that, no one had ever invaded her ass before, and she had never been interested in having something shoved up there either. She still wasn’t sure she wanted a repeat of that experience, but who knows what the future might bring. Suzy took another long hot shower; she wanted to be perfectly clean and fresh for Sam today when they met at his apartment.

Sam called Tina to make sure she was still going to join him after Suzy got there, and she said she wouldn’t miss it for the world. With the prospect of two beautiful horny women in his bed, Sam was on top of the world.
Suzy was walking up to Sam’s door at noon on the button, and Sam opened the door before she had a chance to ring the bell. Grabbing Suzy and giving her a long hot probing kiss Sam pushed the door shut behind her. This time however he did not bother locking it, Tina would do that when she came in. Suzy could feel her desire start as soon as Sam’s lips touched hers. Suzy had always liked sex, but after being without for so long, it seemed that her desire was instantaneous now and almost impossible to ignore. She could feel the fire start in her pussy as soon as Sam’s lips touched hers and all she wanted was his hands on her, exploring her body anywhere and everywhere.

Sam slid his hands down Suzy’s back and squeezed her ass with both hands. Suzy moaned in his mouth as he pulled her close to him, her pelvis rubbing against his. Sam slid his lips down to her throat, kissing and licking and nibbling his way down to the valley between her large breasts. Suzy leaned her head back, a satisfied smile on her face as Sam started kissing her breasts. Suzy could feel the heat and wetness building in her pussy, knowing that shortly she would again have a hard thrusting cock inside her body.

Sam took Suzy’s hand and led her down the hall to the bedroom. This would be the first time that Sam had actually taken Suzy to bed to enjoy her many pleasures and he was going to make full use of it. When they reached the bedroom Sam started removing Suzy’s clothes, and Suzy eagerly returned the favor. With both their clothes mixed on the floor, Sam took Suzy’s shoulders and slowly pushed her down on her knees. His cock was starting to stiffen, and when Suzy opened her mouth and sucked his cock in, he felt it getting harder. Suzy could also feel Sam’s cock swelling in her mouth and sucked on it like it was a big lollipop running her mouth in and out on his growing staff, feeling it as it hit the back of her throat. Suzy pulled his cock almost all the way out of her mouth and started teasing the tip of his cock with her tongue. She could feel him twitch every time the tip of her tongue grazed to opening on his cock. She kept teasing him with her tongue, flicking the head, licking the shaft and sucking on it while she played with his balls with her fingers.
Sam stepped back pulling his cock out of Suzy’s mouth. Taking her hand he helped her back to her feet and backed her towards the bed.

When they reached the bed, Sam pushed Suzy backwards and she fell on the bed. Not giving her time to slide further up on the bed, Sam straddled her head leaving his cock touching her lips, which she eagerly sucked into her mouth. Sam leaned forward and kissed Suzy on her stomach, slowly kissing his way down to her clean shaven mound. Suzy could feel Sam’s lips on her body and eagerly waited for his lips to find her clit hidden between the swelling lips of her very wet pussy. She moaned around his cock as Sam teased her and started kissing the inside of her thighs instead of her cunt, she was moaning in anticipation as his lips again worked their way towards her pussy lips, and then suddenly they reversed direction and teasingly went down her other thigh,. Suzy, by now very hot and wet moved her hips, trying to get her pussy on Sam’s mouth, wanting to feel his lips and tongue on her clit, needing to feel him sucking and licking her as she was doing to him.

Suzy was concentrating so hard on Sam’s cock and getting Sam’s mouth on her throbbing pussy she did not realize that there was someone else standing just outside the bedroom door watching as Sam teased her with his roaming lips. Sam saw Tina watching and growing more excited as Suzy sucked his cock and he kept teasing Suzy with his lips. He watched as Tina was slowly rubbing her own pussy through her clothes, then started taking off her clothes in anticipation of joining in with Sam using Suzy’s sexy body. Tina was a very sexy lady herself, and Sam looked forward to having both these beautiful women in his bed soon.
Tina walked slowly towards the bed and knelt down on the floor close to where Sam was continuing to tease Suzy. Reaching out, Tina moved Sam’s head away from Suzy’s legs and leaned down and started kissing Suzy’s legs herself. Suzy still had no idea that someone else had came into the room, but could feel lips still teasing but not yet touching her throbbing pussy. Tina could smell Suzy’s fragrant juices as her lips kissed Suzy’s thighs working closer to her pussy. Sam started moving his hips working his cock in and out of Suzy’s willing mouth as he watched Tina moving ever closer to Suzy’s dripping pussy.

Sam thrust forward feeling his cock slip into Suzy’s throat, and slide in until he could feel his balls resting on her forehead. She willing took him as deep as she could. Tina had picked this time to slide her tongue between Suzy’s swollen cunt lips and flick her swollen clit sending something like an electric shock through Suzy’s whole body. Suzy jerked under Sam as Tina continued stroking Suzy’s clit with her tongue, and Sam continued to pump his cock into Suzy’s throat. Suzy pushed Sam’s hips up getting his cock far enough out of her throat for her to take a deep breath let out a moan as Tina kept licking and sucking on her clit. Suzy then went back to sucking Sam’s cock just like he (she thought) was eating her cunt. Suzy could feel her first orgasm building deep inside her cunt her pussy felt like it was going to explode as she shot her juices into Tina’s sucking mouth. Her back arched and bounced as the contractions of her muscles ripped through her. Then she dropped back onto the bed drained from the strength of the orgasm that had exploded through her.
Tina reluctantly took her mouth from Suzy’s pussy as Sam pulled his still hard cock from her mouth. Changing positions Sam kissed Suzy and helped her slide further up on the bed so that he could get between her legs. Suzy still weak from her fantastic orgasm lay on the bed as Sam lifted her legs to his shoulders and slipped his cock into Suzy’s hot throbbing cunt. Sam plunged deeply into her cunt bringing a gasp from her lips, having both of Suzy’s legs on his shoulders gave him full control as he worked his cock in and out of her depths. Suzy was savoring the wonderful feeling of Sam’s hard cock stretching her pussy, and feeling him hit bottom on every stroke lay back with her eyes closed allowing him to do whatever he wanted with her body.

Suzy barely felt the bed move as Tina slowly slipped onto the bed sliding by Suzy’s head. Suzy opened her eyes just as Tina’s wet cunt lips dropped on her mouth. Suzy tried to yell, but Tina’s cunt blocked the sound of her yell and the only thing that happened was some of Tina’s pussy juice ran into Suzy’s open mouth. The vibration from trying to yell tickled Tina’s clit causing her to push her push her cunt harder against Suzy’s face. Suzy could do nothing with Tina on her face, Sam still was pumping her pussy with his swollen cock and her legs were still over his shoulders. After her initial surprise, Suzy realized there was nothing she could do, and Sam’s cock was still pumping hard into her cunt.
Suzy relaxed some and her cunt was definitely enjoying what was going on. She could feel hands on her tits as Sam continued fucking her, she was not sure whose they were but it felt good having her tits squeezed and her nipples tweaked as Sam’s hard cock continued to pound her. The feelings running through her body won out and Suzy decided to go with the program.

Tina moaned as she felt Suzy’s tongue start to explore her wet cunt, pushing its way between her swelling lips finding her hole and then her swollen clit its self. Tina leaned forward and kissed Sam’s lips as Suzy kissed hers, Sam ran his hands on Tina’s sexy body, fondling her DD size tits as he pumped his cock into Suzy. Tina was breathing harder as she could feel her orgasm building, this mind blowing situation was really putting her over the top, having her pussy eaten out by a very sexy woman who was being fucked by her friend and neighbor at the same time he was playing with her swinging tits was almost too much to take. Suddenly Tina let out a yell and ground her pussy onto Suzy’s face as she came, almost drowning Suzy with her juices flooding onto her face. Sam with a final hard thrust exploded shooting his hot load deep into Suzy’s depths causing her to come with a second mind blowing orgasm, her spasming cunt milking every last drop from Sam’s shrinking cock. Tina and Sam both collapsed on the bed alongside Suzy, none of them able to talk for a minute. Suzy was the first to get her breath back, and her first words were “what the fuck is going on around here, who is this woman.” Sam said this is my friend Tina, and Tina this is my friend Suzy. What is she doing here, I have never been with a woman before and I am not sure I want to be, you didn’t even ask me if it was ok. Tina looked at Suzy and said you didn’t seem to mind when I was eating your pussy, you seemed to like it well enough then.

Suzy looked at Tina, then looked at Sam who simply nodded his head yes. Suzy didn’t say a word, still trying to make sense out of what she had been told. She had thought that it was Sam that had been eating her wet pussy, and she had to admit that she was very satisfied with the way it had been done. She also had to admit that after the initial shock of seeing that it was a cunt coming down on her face that she really hadn’t minded eating Tina’s sweet tasting pussy either, and the fact that Sam’s cock had been pummeling her throbbing cunt while she ate Tina out had definitely been a plus.
By this time, Tina had started to brush her fingertips up and down Suzy’s inner thigh causing a tingle to run through her body, Suzy decided what the hell and rolled over on top of Tina. Spreading her legs Suzy slid back and put her cunt on Tina’s mouth. Tina could taste not only Suzy’s juices leaking into her mouth, but also she could taste Sam’s cum mixed with it. It only took a second for Tina to start licking Suzy’s pussy with gusto, loving the taste of the combined juices. She also teased istanbul Escort Suzy’s clit with her tongue, making Suzy squeal with delight. Suzy dropped her face between Tina’s legs and started licking her pussy also, separating her cunt lips and getting her first close up look at another woman’s pussy. She flicked het clit with her finger, feeling her jump under her every time she did it. Suzy leaned closer and sucked the miniature cock into her mouth holding it and teasing it with her tongue, just as she could feel that Tina was doing to her.

Sam was lying on his side enjoying the show, feeling his cock starting to swell again as these two beautiful women ate each other out in the bed next to him. As he watched Suzy grind her pussy into Tina’s face he started thinking about the beer bottle he had stuck in Suzy’s ass yesterday. Envisioning that was all it took to make his cock stand up hard and proud. The girls were so busy eating each other out they did not even notice Sam moving to straddle Suzy’s ass. Tina looked up from between Suzy’s legs and saw what Sam was about to do. Tina reached around Suzy with her arms like she was hugging her and pulled her tightly against her. Suzy thought Tina was just trying to get her pussy in her mouth even more, and did not realize what was happening until she felt the swollen head of Sam’s cock pushing between the cheeks of her ass. She felt the pressure on her asshole as Sam’s cock head started into her virgin ass. Sam pushed forward, and felt as Suzy’s sphincter muscle snapped over the swollen head of his cock, he started rocking back and forth slowly putting his cock farther and farther into Suzy’s tight ass. Suzy was not fighting him now, and Tina was still licking her cunt and between the two of them, Suzy felt like she was going to explode again. Suzy attacked Tina’s cunt with renewed vigor as she reached the verge of another climax. Sam pushed the final inch of his cock inside of Suzy’s tight ass, and as he did Tina leaned forward and sucked his swollen balls into her mouth working each one with her tongue as Sam just barely moved inside Suzy’s ass.

Suzy started another orgasm and Tina switched back to her clit and pussy as Suzy’s juices flowed into her mouth. Sam started pumping harder making Suzy’s orgasm one long ride of continuing sensations, she had never had a climax that lasted as long or as strong as she was going through now, it seemed as if it would never end. Her clit was so sensitive that Tina’s tongue was almost painful, and Sam’s ravaging cock in her ass was a never before felt sensation, and both together made Suzy almost pass out. Exhausted, Suzy slumped onto Tina’s body. Sam pulled his cock out of Suzy’s ass, and they rolled her off Tina to make sure she was ok. When they were sure she was ok, Sam rolled Tina on her back and spread her legs, guiding his cock into her sopping pussy. Tina smiled as Sam thrust his hard cock into her pussy to the hilt, he pulled her legs onto his shoulders and started pounding his hard flesh in and out of her cunt, his only thought was making both of them cum, easing the ache in his swollen balls. Tina was cumming almost as soon as Sam started pounding her cunt, and continued as he thoroughly reamed her pussy out. Sam could feel Tina’s cunt muscles squeezing and milking his cock as he pumped in and out of her, he could feel the pressure building as he thrust hard one final time as his cock exploded a hot load of cum deep inside Tina, groaning as he finally released the pressure that was building in his balls. Tina had her legs wrapped around Sam’s ass holding him deep in her as he shot several spurts of his seed into her hot depths.


Suzy lay on the bed watching Sam fuck Tina’s hot pussy. She felt a certain wonder as she did so, just 2 short days ago she had been upset because Bill paid no attention to her or her sexual needs. Now in this short time, she had been fucked by both Sam and Tina. Suzy was ashamed of the fact that she was acting like a total slut, and to make matters worse she was enjoying it. She had, much to her surprise liked Tina’s hot cunt on her face, she like the taste of Tina’s juices running across her tongue and down her throat. Then when Sam started pounding her pussy with his cock at the same time, she thought she was going to lose her mind. She came so hard it hurt. She knew that if Bill ever found out what she had done, that would be the end of her marriage to him.

She would have to be extremely careful because she knew she was not ready for this crazy scene to end any time soon. Somehow the degrading things that Sam and Tina had done to her so far had only increased her pleasure and the intensity of her climaxes. Thinking of what had happened had Suzy’s cunt twitching again, she was ready for more of Sam, or Tina, she really wasn’t all that particular at this moment, she needed a tongue or a cock and it did not matter which. Reaching over, Suzy’s fingers closed over Tina’s heaving breast her fingers searching for the nipple. Tina moaned as Suzy’s thumb and finger closed on her nipple and twisted it between them. Suzy could feel the nipple start to swell and stiffen as she played with it, smiling with the knowledge that she could have such an effect on this beautiful woman. Suzy rolled over and started kissing Tina’s other breast and nipple, working her way down to Tina’s wet pussy.

Suzy saw that Sam’s cum was leaking out from between Tina’s swollen pussy lips. She wasted no time getting her head between Tina’s legs to feast on her dripping cunt. Tina spread her legs to allow Suzy free access, moaning as her lips and tongue started working on cleaning up her hot cunt. Tina started using her legs to move her cunt into the best position for Suzy’s probing tongue; she reached down grabbing Suzy’s head and pulling it tighter into her cunt. Suzy eagerly let her put her face anywhere she wanted, lapping up the combined juices with gusto. Sam having recovered from his workout moved to Tina’s head and reached down pulling Tina’s legs up to her head giving even more access to Suzy as she worked on Tina’s pussy with her mouth. With her legs spread wide over her head, Tina started pushing Suzy’s head lower on her throbbing pussy and closer to her puckered little asshole. Suzy kept eagerly licking and sucking all the juices that she could find. Suddenly she realized that her tongue was grazing Tina’s ass and felt Tina gasp and pull her face even tighter against her body.

Forgetting all her previous inhibitions, Suzy pushed her tongue into Tina’s tight asshole licking all the juice from around it and teasing it with her tongue. Tina was starting to thrash on the bed as Suzy continued tongue fucking her tight ass. Suzy brought up her hand and started teasing Tina’s pussy and clit with her fingers. Shoving them deep inside her and then pulling them clear out and grazing her clit with her finger tips. Suzy knew that Tina was getting close to cumming again, but did not want the fun to end so soon. Especially as she felt Sam behind her rubbing his cock head against her straining pussy entrance. Tina was holding her legs apart now and Suzy pulled her head back to watch as she fingered Tina’s pussy.

Suzy had never seen a woman’s pussy this close, let alone played with it as she was doing now. She felt Sam thrust his hard cock inside her cunt with one hard thrust almost tumbling her onto Tina face first. Sam’s thrust had the unintended effect of forcing Suzy’s hand completely into Tina’s pussy. Suzy felt Tina’s cunt muscles clamp down on her wrist in reaction to her whole hand going inside her suddenly. Tina let out a yell as Suzy pulled her hand back and then let it go inside Tina again. Tina was jerking and yelling I’m cumming, oh fuck that feels so good please don’t stop, keep fucking me like that, keep your fist fucking my hot pussy. Sam was pounding Suzy’s pussy with his cock, thrilled beyond belief at what had happened, he had never seen Tina act this way, this was way over the top.

Suzy was more than happy to oblige, and kept her fist pumping in and out of Tina’s cunt, watching as Tina bounced and churned on the bed, feeling Tina’s hot juices flowing around her hand and wrist. She loved the feel of Tina’s cunt muscles grasping and releasing her hand and wrist, amazed that her whole fist was buried deep inside Tina.

Suzy kept pumping her fist into Tina’s cunt as Tina’s ass bounced on the bed in the throes of a mind blowing orgasm. Suzy started twisting her fist back and forth inside Tina, sending a whole new rush of sensations through her cunt. Leaning forward Suzy started licking Tina’s clit driving her already intense orgasm to the extreme, licking it one moment and sucking it the next, driving Tina mad with the fabulous sensations that were coursing through her body. Tina had never felt an orgasm like this in her life and felt like she might pass out from the ravaging her body was taking at the hands of this woman. Tina’s pussy was filled like it had never been in her life, the feeling was unbelievable she was stretched to the limit, her soft pussy lips rubbing on Suzy’s wrist, Suzy’s knuckle hitting her sensitive G spot every time Suzy twisted her wrist causing her ass to jump like she had been shocked with electricity. Tina suddenly arched her back as a huge spasm went through her body and as her body fell back to the bed her world slowly went black as she passed out from sheer pleasure and the intensity of her orgasm.

Suzy felt Tina go limp on the bed, and knew that she could concentrate on the feeling of Sam’s cock in her straining pussy. She knew she was only seconds away from another stupendous orgasm. She could feel Sam’s cock head swelling as he was getting ready to shoot another load of hot cum inside her pussy, she could feel herself release as Sam rammed his cock deep inside her and hold it there as he emptied all the cum his balls contained deep inside her. Together they collapsed on the bed beside Tina, Suzy finally having the presence of mind to pull her hand out of Tina’s very wet and soft pussy causing Tina to groan as it came free with a soft plopping sound.

Suzy was totally worn out and weak as a kitten. Sam had been waiting for this moment. Neither woman paid any attention to him as he walked over to the closet and got a small box down off the shelf. He then reached up and got a small handful of wires down also. Tina looked up and smiled as Sam walked back towards the bed. Suzy was staring at the ceiling unable to move, she felt Tina moving beside her and smiled as she saw Tina’s sweet pussy appear above her face. Tina lowered her still dripping pussy over Suzy’s mouth, sighing as she felt Suzy’s tongue start lapping her clit. Suzy felt what she thought was Sam’s cock start to slide into her cunt, then she felt something cold clip onto her stiff nipple and a second later felt the same sensation on her other nipple. Sam was about to introduce Suzy to another mind and pussy plowing experience as Tina ground her cunt onto Suzy’s face. Sam twisted the handle on the box which sent a small electric shock through Suzy’s tits and her clit, causing Suzy to almost throw Tina completely off the bed as her back arched with a massive instantaneous orgasm the likes of which she had never felt before.

Suzy had no idea what had happened, she just knew she had never cum that quick in her life. Sam hit the switch again and the same thing happened. Suzy was unable to move, she was so spent from the two massive orgasms back to back. Suzy slowly looked down and saw the wires going from her distended nipples to the box that Sam held in his hands. She saw a third wire going to her pussy and was starting to realize that it was not Sam’s cock in her, but some kind of dildo with a wire attached. Sam started to reach for the box again and Suzy managed to groan, no please Sam I don’t think I can stand it again. Sam just smiled as he turned the switch once more.

Suzy’s ass arched in the air and she screamed as another massive orgasm ripped through her body, this one so intense that she actually squirted a stream that hit the wall. Suzy had never squirted in her life, and the sensations coursing through her sexually exhausted body were just so intense that she could not help herself. The orgasm slowly subsided and Suzy’s well used and exhausted body collapsed on the bed. Tina and Suzy were so exhausted from their sexual exertions that they fell asleep laying on the bed without moving. Sam lay down beside them and went to sleep with images of two beautiful women fucking each other to exhaustion drifting through his mind.

Bill was at home, wondering what had happened to Suzy. She had left saying she would be back shortly, and now hours later she still hadn’t returned. He had tried calling her and she had not answered the phone, and did not call back in response to the messages he left her. Bill was almost to the point of calling the police to see if she had been an accident when he heard her car pull into the drive.

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