Susan’s Big Adventure

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This is a true story, which are the only ones worth telling, and although Tom (me) and Susan are not their given names they are real people in every other sense. I’ve tried to recall the exact words said at the time and where that’s been beyond my memory I’ve tried to give the essence of what was said. With that caveat this is the story of Susan’s adventure, as we like to call it, and how it quite literally changed both out lives.


I was enjoying a typical lazy Saturday afternoon, watching football on the TV and enjoying a couple of beers when the doorbell rang. Gritting my teeth as to who was calling I got up to see. I was at the time your typical 28 year old male, not bad looking, average in most ways and between girlfriends, hence the quiet Saturday, and I wasn’t expecting any callers so on opening the door I was more than a little surprised to see Susan standing there.

Now Susan was a nice girl, 24 or 25 years old with long fair hair and a ready smile. Not a beauty in the accepted sense of the word, but not bad looking and with a nice enough figure. We’d been friends for years having met in college, but had never dated, always having plenty of other partners to choose from, but over the years we’d become mutual confidants, able to tell each other our troubles, hopes and aspirations and more than once I’d been a ready shoulder for her to cry on when some relationship or other had gone wrong.

“Hi Tom, got a minute,” she said. “Sure, come on in,” I replied, thinking ‘there goes the football while she cries over some jerk who’s dumped her.’ We went through to the living area of my small flat in central London and I switched off the TV. “Oh have I disturbed you?” she asked, well yes she had but I assured her that we’d been friends for too long for it to matter.

“Coffee?” I asked to which she nodded assent and I went through into the small kitchen area to switch on the filter machine thinking, while it brewed, what sob-story was coming next.

Sat down together on the solitary sofa with our coffee I asked how she was and we talked awhile about what we’d been up to since we last met.

Finally she put down her by now empty cup and turned to face me,

“Tom can I ask you a really personal question,” she said. ‘Oh oh, where’s this going’ I thought but simply said,

“Sure, ask away.”

She paused, looking down at her hands clasped in her lap.

“This is really difficult for me” she said, “please don’t think bad of me for asking.”

“Come on Susie, spit it out, it can’t be that bad,” I replied.

“Well it’s just……I mean………I,” and then it blurted out……… “have to ever had anal sex?” To say I was surprised is an understatement, in fact I didn’t know what to say.

“Well yes as you ask, a few times, but why do you want to know?” I finally replied.

“It………I mean………did they………does it……Oh God what am I asking,” she stuttered out, blushing furiously, and looking very fetching in the process.

“Come on Susie, you’ve come this far, you’d better let it all out now, for better or worse,” I said.

She took a deep breath, “I’ve never done it,” she said, “and I wondered, did the girls you’ve done it with, did they enjoy it, or does it hurt or…………?”

“OK,” I replied, taking a breath, “it’s like this. Some girls enjoy it, one I did it with was very keen, others, well they do it to please their boyfriends even if they don’t get any particular kick out of it; and some won’t do it at all, a bit like oral sex come to that. You know how some girls will give head and others won’t. Some will let you come in their mouth and others won’t, some swallow – some don’t, there’s no two alike when it comes to sex.”

“As for hurting, well if it hurts you’re doing it wrong. With proper preparation and lubrication, no it doesn’t, or shouldn’t hurt.”

There was a long pause while Susan digested this information. “That’s something else I’ve never done” she finally said, “given a proper blowjob where he comes in my mouth.”

‘Wow I thought, this is some confession session,’ but I just nodded and let Suzie collect her thoughts while I went into the kitchen again and this time opened a bottle of wine, reasoning that this looked like it was going to be a long conversation and that we might need more than just coffee.

When I got back and had poured some wine for us both Susan took a sip and in a far-away voice told me her story.

“I’ve often thought about having it up my bottom,” she said, “but even though various boyfriends have suggested it I’ve always shied away from letting them, thinking it must hurt and couldn’t be much fun. In fact a lot of boyfriends have dumped me because I wouldn’t let them do it in my bum, and I’ve never let anyone come in my mouth either. Oh I’ve had them in my mouth but only for a short while, never ’till they’ve come, which has been another complaint I’ve had. I just don’t know what it would be like, what it would taste like, whether I’d gag or even be seks hikayleri sick or if I could stand someone putting it into my bottom.”

“The thing is,” she went on “once you start anything like that it’s not easy to stop without being accused of being a prick-teaser and I really don’t want to get into something I can’t get out of.”

I had to see the sense of what Susie was saying but, and I might have been slow on the uptake here, I couldn’t for the life of me see what I could do about it?

“It’s impossible for me to say exactly what either of the things you say you’ve never done are like Susie, because I’ve not been on the receiving end as it were,” I said, “all I can say is you’ll never know what it/they are like unless you try them at least once.”

“I know,” she said “and that’s the trouble, it would have to be with someone I really trust, someone who wouldn’t hurt me and I could be sure that if I wanted to stop they would, and not think I was just a tease if I did.”

There was a long pause – “Someone like you,” she said softly.

To say this was a bolt out of the blue is the understatement of the year – I just hadn’t seen it coming and was, for the second time that day, lost for words.

“But Susie, we’ve never even dated, why me?”

Which thinking about it later wasn’t the best response I could have given but it was a bit unusual to say the least for if I had heard Susan right she wanted me to fuck her in her bum and come in her mouth so she could swallow my sperm, not an unattractive prospect in normal circumstances, which these most certainly were not.

“Because I know I can trust you,” she replied, seeming more sure of herself now she’d finally got to the nitty-gritty, “and that if I don’t like it I know you’ll stop without there being any hard feelings. I’ll then know if it’s something I like or don’t like and I’ll be on surer ground when anyone ask me if they can or if I will. And we’re both between partners at present so no-one will be hurt if we do it.”

I had to admit Susie’s logic was unarguable, but we’d been friends a long time and I didn’t want anything to spoil our relationship. Still, what were friends for if not to help one-another?

“OK, in principal, if that’s what you want, I’ll do it, but lets be clear what you’re asking, you want me to come in your mouth so you can swallow my sperm and you want me to fuck you up your bottom – yes?”

“Yes” she said firmly.

‘Well that’s pretty definite’ I thought, ‘now where do we go from here?’

“One other thing before we get down to details” I said, “if we do it, whether you like it or not, I don’t want this to get in the way of our friendship, which means a lot to me and I don’t want anything to jeopardise it.”

“It won’t” she said, “it means a lot to me too, or I wouldn’t be here now asking you to do me like this. I want us to always be friends and I’d be really grateful if you would give me the chance to find out what it’s like to give a proper blowjob and to be done up my bottom” (Susie didn’t use such words as ‘fuck’, like I said; she was a nice girl, which made this whole scenario even more bizarre).

“So when do you want to do this?” I asked.

“Now I’ve finally plucked up the courage to ask you can we do it now” she replied, “before I get cold feet and change my mind.”

I had a little thought about the logistics of what we were proposing.

“Anal sex will be much more pleasurable for both of us if you a have an enema first” I said. “I suspect part of your previous reluctance has got something to do with what’s up your bottom, an enema will cure that. Lets just do the blowjob part today and then you can come back tomorrow after giving yourself an enema.”

“OK” she said, looking a little disappointed, “but how does one go about giving yourself an enema, I’ve nothing to do it with?”

“Do you have an ordinary douche thing?” I asked. “That would do.”

“No, but I could call at the chemist on the way home.”

“OK, well while you’re there get some un-perfumed liquid soap” I said.

She giggled, “Won’t they guess what I want it for?” she replied.

“Let them think” I said.

She giggled again and I went on to describe how she should administer the enema.

“Make up a soapy solution with the liquid soap in about a pint of warm water, fill the douche and lubricate the tip before inserting it, try to take the whole pint up your bottom and then after you’ve been to the toilet do it again but with clean water this time, do it just before you come back here and you should be nice and clean for our adventure.”


“OK,” she said, “I can do that, so what about your blowjob?”

“Umm, well it will seem a little clinical if you just go down on me; can we fool around a bit to get in the mood?”

“Do you want me to take my clothes off, I will if you want?” she asked.

Trying hard not to sound too eager to see Susan naked I said “No, let’s just fool around, although I’ll probably have your bra and pants off before too long, if that’s alright?” I said.

“Fine” she said, with the sexiest little grin I’d ever seen on her.

We snuggled together and kissed, tentatively at first but getting more intense as it went on. ‘God’ I thought, ‘but Susie’s a good kisser, what have I been missing all these years’.

Pretty soon I was fondling her breasts, not large but very firm with, as I soon discovered, particularly sensitive nipples which were, as soon as I had her bra off, subjected to a prolonged sucking, which soon had Susie groaning and gasping with pleasure.

I ran my free hand down her legs and slipped it up her skirt, she obligingly parted her thighs and I touched her between her legs, feeling the wetness through her panties. Slipping a hand inside I began stroking her pussy, sliding a finger along a very moist and juicy slit. She pushed slightly away from me, put her hands up under her skirt and wriggled out of her pants, before lying back and once again spreading her legs wide to allow me free access to her most intimate parts.

I can take a hint with the best of them and went to work on her, sliding first a finger inside her, then a second before I began giving her a slow deep finger fuck.

By now my cock was rock hard and more than ready for the promised blowjob but Susan seemed in no hurry to forgo the pleasure of being finger-fucked so I continued, drawing sighs and moans of pure pleasure from her.

“Nice?” I asked, “umm, very” was the reply.

By now we were sprawled over the sofa with me half on top of what was I’d discovered a very firm sexy body – I was learning things about Susie I’d never known before.

Determined to give Susan as good a time as possible, after al my male pride was at stake here, I began work on her clit, slow flicks at first before going onto a firmer circular motion. This was evidentially pleasing for Susie, given the trusting of her hips against my intruding finger, so I decided to go the whole hog, sliding off her onto the floor and between her legs, pushing her skirt up around her waist as I did so, I brought my face up to her pussy and smelt the rich sweet aroma of a girl in full heat.

After a long slow lap along her by now sopping wet slit my tongue found her clit and I went to work, sucking it into my mouth, circling it with my tongue and generally doing all I could to bring her to a climax – I didn’t have to wait long. Her breath became rapid, her hips bucking under the assault of my tongue as I inserted two fingers back into her pussy and commenced giving her another firm finger fuck.

That was it, “Oh! Oh! Oh! don’t stop………argh………yes! Yes! Yes!”

Her body shivered as I felt her orgasm hit and she curled towards me, grabbing at my head as I brought her to her climax.

We parted and I came back to sit beside her, holding her as she came down, stroking her hair and whispering sweet nothings into her ear.

“Nice?” I asked again.

She smiled. “Nice just wouldn’t do it justice, fabulous might come close but even that’s not enough. I just hope I can do as well for you”.

“There’s only one way to find out” I said and standing up I slipped off my jeans and pants and sat back down on the sofa, my cock rigidly to attention.

Susie knelt between my legs and gently wrapped her hand around it, lowered her head and softly kissed the very tip. Smiling up at me she parted her lips and slid my cock inside her mouth, taking almost the whole length before drawing back and beginning a smooth up and down motion with her mouth, her tongue flicking the head while a finger and thumb encircled the base and rhythmically worked the shaft of my penis. While Susan might have been reluctant to accept sperm into her mouth before I have to say there was nothing wrong with her technique; it was quite simply blowjob heaven.

I knew it couldn’t last, it was just too good and I felt myself building up to an ejaculation. I thought I’d give her one last chance to change her mind so gasped out “Susie I’m going to come.”

Far from backing out she worked my shaft more firmly with her fingers and speeded up the motion of her mouth around my cock – I could wait no longer and with a deep groan I let go and injected my sperm into her soft warm mouth.

She held my cock in her mouth while continuing to pump the shaft until the spasms of sperm stopped, then she gently slid my cock out of her mouth and visibly swallowed all that I’d given her.

With her head now laid on my thigh I gently stroked her hair while I came down from the incredible high she’d given me.

At last, and remembering why we were doing this, I asked her how it had been for her. “I can’t understand what I’ve been afraid of all this time” she said softly, “That was lovely, thank you.”

‘Thank me – thank ME’ I thought, I’ve just had the Rolls Royce of blowjobs and this lovely girl is thanking me for letting me come in her mouth and for swallowing my sperm, perhaps I was dead and this is what heaven really was.

Finally disentangling ourselves from each other we somewhat shyly dressed and Susan prepared to leave.

“If you have any second thoughts about stage two I’ll understand” I told her, “I know what a big step it will be for you”.

Giving me that same sexy, cheeky grin as before she shook her head saying, “I’ve waited a long time for this and after such a success with stage one I can’t wait to get to stage two, I’ll see you tomorrow without fail.”

A nice long kiss and she went off to the chemist on her way home.

I spent the rest of the afternoon, the football forgotten, cleaning the bedroom, tidying away all the single-male clutter, putting clean sheets on the bed and making sure there was plenty of lube left in my ‘just-in-case-I-got-lucky’ tube of KY Jelly.


I awoke early on Sunday and contemplated the day before, the remarkable request from Susan that I should fuck her up her bottom, and the mind-blowing blowjob she’d given me. Would she go through with her bum fucking, and what did it mean for our future relationship? I was acutely aware that things would never be the same again and that I was now looking at Susie not so much as a friend, but as a girlfriend and future sexual partner, but it was by no means clear to me that Susie felt the same way.

I took a long hot shower and after breakfast spent the rest of the morning watching the clock, checking my mobile every few minutes and expecting at any time either a call or a text saying Susan had changed her mind and wouldn’t be coming to have her bottom fucked after all.

When the doorbell rang I nearly jumped out of my skin, it could only be Susan and must mean that she intended to go to stage two after all.

“Hi Susie” I said on opening the door, “come in, did you……I mean have you……er……?”

‘You’re babbling’ I thought ‘calm down.’

“Yes” she said, anticipating my question, “I’ve had an enema, two in fact just like you told me, and a nice hot soak in the bath so I’m clean inside and out”, again that cheeky, sexy little grin.

‘Am I falling in love with Susie after all this time, is it just sex or have I always loved her?’

The conflicting thoughts bounced around in my head like ping-pong balls.

“Er, do you want a drink? Coffee? Wine…………er…………can I? I mean………”

‘You’re babbling again CALM DOWN’.

“No I’m fine thanks,” she replied, “perhaps we should just do it.”

‘God but she looked lovely, why hadn’t I seen before now just how lovely she was?’

“Um, perhaps for stage 2 we’d be more comfortable in bed, if you’re OK with that?” I said.

“Yes I think so too” she replied, “which way to the bedroom then?”

I took her hand and led her into my bedroom where she turned and looked at me;

“I suppose we should undress” she said, her previous confidant manner now completely absent. “That would be best” I replied, there was a long pause, neither of us speaking.

“I’m shy” she said softly, my heart missed a beat. “Me too” I told her, “silly isn’t it, after yesterday”.

She nodded, “will you do it please, take all my clothes off?” I could hardly breathe and didn’t trust myself to speak so just nodded and moved towards her.

I slowly stroked her cheek and pulled her close, lifting her tee shirt over her head to expose a very pretty pink bra. ‘Will her panties match?’ I thought, ‘God I hope so.’

I cupped her breast in my hand, feeling the nipple harden beneath my fingers, reached round and unclasped her bra. My hands dropped to the waistband of her jeans, unfastening them and then slowly drawing them down to reveal her long smooth legs and yes, matching pink bikini panties. Leaning forward I gently kissed her mons through the thin lacy material before taking her hand once more and guiding her onto the bed. I quickly shed my own clothes and joined her, first sliding those tantalising panties off before wrapping her into my arms, our naked bodies for the first time pressed against each other.

I tenderly stroked her hair and back, feeling the pent-up tension within her

We kissed, gently at first, our tongues just touching through barely parted lips, then more deeply as we relaxed into each others arms.

I ran my hand down her body, cupping her breast, caressing her and feeling the nipple, hard now, between my fingers and her body respond with gentle urgings.

I released her breast and let my hand run down to her thigh, and then to cup the soft bush of hair between her legs. Her thighs parted and I ran my finger down into her slippery slit and eased it into her.

Susan groaned and her hips rose to meet my invading finger as it moved gently in and out of her moist sweet pussy. I didn’t want her to come just yet so slid my finger out and further back, tracing a line between the cheeks of her bottom, feeling her tense as I touched the rosebud of her opening and relax again as I moved my finger away.

Reaching for the tube of KY jelly I took a dob on my finger and returned to sliding it along her bum crease, pausing at her opening, letting her get used to the idea.

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