Susan Begins To Submit

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Susan Begins To SubmitIt seems that for the moment, I’m the one submitting entries into my husband’s blog so the title for this entry seem appropriate. I know this is an afterthought since Antonio and I have already posted a lot of erotica but this reading contains explicit descriptions of sexual activity and is intended for mature nonjudgmental adults. If reading about sexual situations is offensive to you then stop.Our new lifestyle really took off when we decided to go on a romantic escape. My husband, Antonio, and I had made a plan for a weekend away. He had reserved a room at the Airport Marriott Convention Center near our home (It was right in the center of the convention district) and had planned to start things out with a romantic dinner, a nightclub adventure then a hot night of wild sex. I was rather aprehensive as we drove to the hotel because I was suspicious about his motives. I know if the opportunity present, my husband will get me to have sex with another man. I loved my husband very much and I had always wanted to do everything I could to make him happy but sex with another man was one of those things I was only able to do when drunk. Please don’t get the wrong impression. I was never a prude. I look admiringly at other men and Antonio knows it. That kind of thing was never an issue with us. In fact, I actually encourage him to enjoy all available “eye candy” whenever possible and he does. Neither of us feels intimidated or threatened by looking at other people. I suppose it was this open attitude that precipitated the eventual change in our sexuality.Antonio thinks I’m prettier than other women and has even suggested that I’m too hot for just one man. I never did think that much of my looks especially now that our k**s are grown and gone. To start with, my breasts aren’t large. They sort of stick out in my sometimes B and sometimes C cup bra. My face was pretty, with big brown eyes and full lips, but I think my nose is big and snout-like. At five-foot seven-inches I wasn’t particularly tall. My legs were nice but not particularly long and my butt was just OK. My long brown straight hair was full and I was confident in my appearance, but I didn’t think of myself as someone who turned heads. I’m just an average every day, soccer-mom, wife and pharmacist. I just didn’t think of myself as overly attractive. My husband continually tries to convince me otherwise. One day just before I got dressed, he stood me facing my full size mirror, embraced me from behind, and began kissing the back of my neck. He cups my tits in his hands and tells me how they’re just the right size and perfect shape; then he moved his hands on my belly, along my waist and the curves on the sides of my body, starting from my armpit going down my waist, then he moves his hands on my hips and around my bottom. He said,”You have a hot sexy body! You’re too hot to be a married woman and you should be aware of that! This sexy body is ripe for a new big fat hard cock and I want to see you get it. I want to see another man seduce and fuck you.”I’ve known he was absolutly serious from the start. Antonio wasn’t just suggesting; he was telling me that I should have sex with another man. Not only that, his full erection told me that he was actually arroused by the idea!As we talked more Antonio once again attempted to explain how at this time of our life with our k**s old enough to take care of themselves, the emphasis on our marriage should be on us. My husband sounded so very convincing but the tiny voice of reason deep in my mind pointed out how his pursuasions would demand a new commitment from us as a couple. Antonio said we were financially secure with few demands on our time so we should seriously talk about making better use of our leasure time and maybe expanding our sexual horizon. My husband turned my face to his and we kissed deeply as he continued mauling my breasts. I suddenly got a message from my logical mind. I saw the contridiction in his argument and decided to express how risky an idea this was by once again reminding him what sex was all about and how this time I can very well get pregnant if another man were to touch me again. I told him I know he loved the taste of my breast milk but would he enjoy it as much if I was carrying another mans c***d; a c***d we would have to parent for the next 18 years. I then commented that since he got the vasectomy we never worried about an unplanned pregnancy but with me letting another man ejaculate inside my pussy, that worry returns. My efforts backfired completely but I suspected they would. By then he was much too consumed by lust as he lifted me over to the bed and ravaged me as if I were a common whore. I loved it!After our mutual orgasms we continue to talk. I was shocked when he told me he loved my idea and how any man I have sex with would need to ejaculate inside me. He told me he not only wanted to see me having sex with another man but he wanted to fuck me right after the other man does so that he can feel my pussy with the other man’s sperm inside. He said it will be like he was the one to make me pregnant so he’d be the father of the baby. I’ve heard of the term ‘sloppy seconds’ but until that moment, I never fully appreciated what it meant. Antonio often brought up the subject kırıkkale escort of having sex with me after another man already did. As often as he brought it up I remained reluctant. I warned how romantic I am and how a messy emotional complication could develope between another man and me leading to our marriage breaking up. He saw through that right away and told me we loved each other too much for that to ever happen. My husband would then tell me how much he loves watching my expressions of pleasure & pure ecstasy when I get fucked and how he would dearly love to once again see those same expressions when some new guy has his rock hard Black cock thrusting my pussy! My husband came to believe I would prefer to have sex with an older Black man. He thought that because one time in bed I admitted that the best sex I ever had was with a Black man (Trevor). At the time my husband was admittedly hurt because I never clarified this seemingly unimportant detail. Ever the optimist, Antonio exploited this revealation to get me to admit how I crave a long fat Nigger Cock.In spite of the fact that I told him so many times and in no uncertain terms that I was not going to fuck another man for him as long as we remained married he kept bringing the subject up to me. I cited sexually transmitted disease as a deterant and he said having sex with a good family man is as safe as it can ever get. I countered that argument with my feelings about our campground adventure. I told antonio that I was having worries over how we may have affected another marriage. Antonio said that only one of two things will happen. The guy will tell his wife or not. From there it can go many ways. Maybe their marriage will grow stronger or maybe they will devorce if he tells her. Maybe if he doesn’t tell her, he will become a cheater and ruin his marriage or maybe he will see how much pleasure a husband can get from seeing another man fuck his wife and want to have that same pleasure.As time went on I started welcoming his suggestions because our discussions always became a sex session and I must admit that while we are having sex, I rather enjoy hearing the stories he makes up about me. I participated in the role play of another man having his way with me. He was naturally encouraged by this so on and on it went. I got turned on by the way he talked about hot fantasies he has with me as the sexual center of attention. I liked what I was hearing. Antonio knew how to talk to me and get me warm and moist between my legs.Since the sex was always so good during the role play I kept telling him that yes, all this seemed like a good idea and that maybe, some day, I could be ready for it. The things I said were the truth when I said it. I am, after all, a horny soccer mom wife who loves the feel of a long fat cock dumping sperm inside her cunt.Although I could not normally accept the idea of being touched sexually by anybody else, there were more than a few times that if the right man had been with us, I would have submitted to a threesome. Then, there was the episode at the campgroung. Although I was drunk. I did have wonderful sex with another man.After the campground incident our sex talk and erotic experimentation made me increasingly uninhibited during sex and my sexual boundries grew wider. For example, I accepted when my husband introduced a marital aid into our love making. It was a black dildo. I started letting him fuck me with the dildo, while he talked me into pretending that I was having unprotected breeding sex with a Black man. I liked it and always orgasmed quickly.In time Antonio and I had done a lot of role playing and I enjoy the feeling when I have my big black dildo buried deep inside my pussy, and my husband making erotic suggestions like how he wants me to cum on my new lover’s cock, and how he will be getting his sloppy seconds later. He eggs me on until I admit I enjoy the feeling of two hard cocks filling my holes. I really do enjoy feeling my husband cum deep inside me pretending he is a Black man. Afterwards, however, I did my best to keep my husband grounded by reminding him that what we are doing is enjoying a fantasy and that this was not some kind of practice for the real thing. I also explained that I enjoy the deep intimacy of him ejaculating inside me but since he had a vesectomy, I can’t get pregnant and to imagine what would happen if I were to have a Black man regularly ejaculate inside me. It was silly of me since saying it only encourages Antonio!Despite all the disapointments Antonio continued to press me to fuck a Black man without having to get me liquered up to do it. I finally reasoned that if my husband wants to watch me fuck other well-hung men because he feels it’s good for me as a woman and for us as a couple then that’s what I should do. I should do it, because I love him and I want him to be happy. If he wants to watch me fuck a big Black cock and that makes him happy, well, hell what’s wrong with that? I am basically a submissive wife so why not just submit? We finally worked out a compromise. It was for me to flirt if ever a Black man I found attractive was to try picking me up. I agreed but I still had objections. I was definitely intrigued by the whole idea of mildly flirting with some guy while my husband escort kırıkkale watched but I knew it was going to get more intense than simple flirting if my husband had any thing to do with it. I told Antonio I would be willing to go as far as maybe dance with another man. That wasn’t near enough for Antonio so I told him if I feel good about it I would let another man feel me up as we danced but I was to remain in charge. It was up to me to make sure the stranger I flirt with would agree to whatever I said, when I said it. Now my husband was free to plan, and plan he did.A week hadn’t past when hubby told me we’d have this nice sexy weekend get-away. To help make it something special I decided to shave my pussy and surprize Antonio. I wore a red dress that was a wrap around, knee length, white socks, white thong, no bra, and red shoes. My hair was down and for dramatic effect my lips, nails and toes were painted red. As we drove, conversation flowed easily. We seemed to be able to talk about anything, joke, and laugh. That night we were strangers who’s only common thread was that we were married to each other. I was no longer nervous, no longer apprehensive, no longer scared. After checking in to the hotel, we relaxed for a few moments. We were both excited and ready to get started with a romantic dinner. My husband helped me with my sweater, and we were off to the restaurant. I was so thankful that he had made reservations in a hotel that housed an intimate little bistro. As we talked, I couldn’t help but to gaze endlessly and deeply into his eyes, and fantasizing about all the possibilities the evening ahead held for us. We entered the bistro and were seated at a table in the front corner by the windows. We shared a bottle of wine as we enjoyed our dinner. Looking out of the window we noticed what looked like a night club. It was called, The Final Approach. We asked the bell desk about it and were told that it was a popular night spot where there are more hook-ups than in all the railroad yards across the state. That was enough for us to decide to try it out. Once there we knew something was different, but we couldn’t quite put our finger on it. At the time we didn’t know it was actually a swingers club. We ordered a cocktail and as we waited for our drink we were distracted by what looked like a couple and another man, a Black man. We knew they were a couple by the matching wedding bands. They were standing at a bar seemingly just talking at first. My husband got really excited when he saw the black guy put his arm around the woman’s tiny waist then he kissed her. We watched as the White woman then turned to kiss her husband and then kissed the Black man again. We tried not to stare at them but we saw her lips open as the man’s tongue entering her mouth. Antonio pointed out how easily we could be like this married couple and pick up a Black guy for me. The White woman got the Black man to dance with her. We saw the tall black man put his hands on the woman’s ass while she kept starring seductively into the black guy’s eyes. They kept touching each other and kissing for several minutes until we thought they were going to have sex right out there on the dance floor. They came back to the bar then the White woman took her husband out to the dance floor.A good song was on and the Black man came over and asked to dance with me. Antonio instantly nodded his approval and although I was somewhat reluctant I went anyway. The Black man started to grope me as we danced. I didn’t resist so he assumed I liked it. I did and that sort of scared me. I decided we should talk so I asked,”What’s your name?”He said,”Jamal. What’s your name.”I said,”My name is Susan.”As we continued to dance I lied,”I’ve never as much as dated a Black man but I can see you like to date White women. I,m curiously interested, why is that so?”He answered,”What you said is not exactly right. I like to date married White women.”I asked,”Are we any differant, um, I mean from Black women and why married?”He asked,”Are you serious?”I said,”I know. I’m sorry. I must sound like a complete fool.”He said,”Hey, it’s not like that. It’s just that you’re the first White woman to come right out and ask me that, but, yes, White women are differant. White women are better in bed…”He then gripped both of my ass cheeks and pressed me tightly to him as he pushed his erection against me. He continue,”… and white women like to get fucked a lot more than Black women do.”I coyly asked,”Are you telling me that I would like it better with you because I’m a White woman and you’re a Black man?”He said,”I didn’t exactly say that but I really believe that if you ever hook up with a brotha, you’ll like him better than any White lover you ever had.”As if to prove his point he slowly moved me towards a darker corner of the club, and I willingly accompanied him because I knew that’s what my husband wanted me to do. We backed into a dark corner, still dancing. He continued,”I’m what some people call a Black Bull. I like white pussy, I especially like to fuck White, married women. I started with cheating wives that were out to get a good fuck while the husband was busy building up his career. Then I found out that men like it when I fuck their wife right in front of them. kırıkkale escort bayan I like having a woman orgasm from getting my big black cock. I found out how easy getting married White pussy was and I sometimes even make money doing what I like to do best.”As he talked he slid his hand up my skirt and his fingers went straight to my wet panties. I lifted my leg to give him access. He expertly move the elastic of my panties asside and his finger pennetrated me. He said,”You have a nice pussy.”I don’t know why but I responded with,”I’m married.”He said,”I noticed. That’s why I asked you up.”I asked,”Really?”He simply said,”There’s no pussy like a married White pussy.” I actually expected him to finger fuck me but he smiled at me and said,”You are definatly ready for a Black dick. I wish it could be me but I already made a date.”I was feeling so good to know another man wanted me. Then he walked us back to our table where he rejoined the other White couple. My heart rate went up as we watched the tall black man put his arm around the White wife and Kissed her deeply in front of her husband. Jamal then walked her toward the front door while her husband followed. I turned to Antonio and said,”I think we should go back to our room now.”My husband agreed and off we huridly went.The moment we got into the room my husband was all over me. He pushed me up against the door and kissed me deeply and then we both tore off each others clothes and then he shoved me onto the bed. My husband lustfully whispered,”I was watching you flirt with that Black guy and I couls see how he was turning you on.”I teased,”Looks like you enjoyed it too.”Then he started our familiar dance but this time we had a new focus,”Just imagine lying back in bed with that black man looking down at you, at those tits, just staring at you.”At this point my hands reached down to my pussy and two fingers began to circle over my clit. My husband continued,”Good girl, honey you look so good babe, so ready, and he’s looking down at you, his cock is hard. Look at it babe.”As I slowly progress through the images I begin rubbing my clit faster and faster. I’m completely wet, moaning audibly as my eyes are clenched shut, the image of a naked black man is in my mind, his cock hard for me and suddenly I have a small orgasm as my hand clamped down tightly over my cunt. My husband snuggeled closer to me and quietly asked,”Did he touch you?”I said,”His fat black fingers in my pussy.”Excitedly Antonio asked,”I noticed while you danced the Black man put a hand on your left tit covering it completely. I couldn’t help but wonder if the size of his hand was any indication that his cock was big. Did you touch him?”I lied,”Yes, I touched it; lightly at first, just with my fingertips. I felt it through his pants. I felt it grow as I touched it. It was big and real thick and growing hard.”My husband whispered,”I want to see him fuck you.”I said,”I know you do, honey. His name is Jamal and I want him to fuck me too.”He said,”Show him honey.”I parted my legs as my husband got on me and began grinding into me. I could feel his hard cock against my thigh and as I writhed and moaned with pleasure, and could feel his hardness twitch eager to push its way inside me. He mounted me and I had a second orgasm as his cock entered my pussy. I moaned,”Oh god honey, he has such a nice cock! His cock is so big, baby! Oh! He’s fucking me so deep! He’s going to make me cum, dear!”My husband hoarsly asked,”Does it feel good baby?”I answered,”Oh god yes, thank you for letting Jamal fuck me! Oh honey, I need him to cum inside me deeper than anyone ever has.”As he continued fucking me Antonio struggled to say,”Your pleasure is my pleasure baby. Fuck him hard!”I said,”Baby, do you know what’s happening? He’s going so deep. So deep now, I can feel him at the opening of my cervix. I’m at the peak of my cycle. I need him to cum in me. My orgasm will help his sperm into my cervix and make me pregnant. Oh, oh, yes! Can you imagine how good it will be to have his Black baby growing inside of me. Making my hips wider, my tits grow every day. It’s the ultimate honey! He will give your wife his Black baby.”My husband said,”Tell him to do it! Tell him to knock you up!”I said,”Mmmmm! Yes, do it now, cum inside me. Please jamal, fuck your Black baby into my pussy!” My husband started to cum when he heard that, and so did I. My husband must have really been turned on cause he came so much that I could feel it running down my ass. I said,”OH!OH!OH! Yes!!!! That’s it, oh yeeesssss! Thank you, Jamal, thank you so much for your cum.”Afterwards as we were recovering, still lying there I whispered,”Would you really like that?”He knew exactly what I was referring to and answered,”Yes, honey, I would, I really would.”He then elaborated,”Honey I love you and I know the idea turns you on. I think it would be fantastic to see you fucking a Black man, to see his hands on you, to see his big black cock slide into you.”I ask,”Would you be with me?”He said,”I’d be right here with you, watching.”With a meekly tentitive voice I said,”I’d like to do this for you.”He said,”I knew in time you would. I knew it for sure when I saw you let him feel your pussy.”I said,”Oh you saw that! So tell me what else you know.”He continued our role play saying,”I know that by this time tomorrow night my faithful wife will be lying on her back as another man’s cock is poised between her spread legs, about to make contact and I’m going to watch it happen.”I said,”MMMMMMMMMMMMM sounds like we’re in for a good time.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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