Surreptitious Love Ch. 154

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Chapter 154 – Wreaking Havoc with Her Lust Pin

Last week, my Filipina colleague Mira, her blind girlfriend Hanh, and I had exceeded the limits of good taste by indulging in a period-sex-plus-peeing mayhem. Mira had been instrumental in setting the whole thing up and then twisted my arm a bit to go to the old Art Deco hotel again, where our orgy circle had been meeting for 18 months, instead of joining my long-term affair Nguyet at the smaller, more charming guesthouse, where she was trying to reunite our orgy microcosm with a rousing role-play, pretending to be setting up a brothel.

As gross as it would have been to some, I found it engrossing how gentle yet dedicated Mira had been with her menstruating girlfriend: She had licked and sucked Hanh’s reddish glistening snatch and then even banged her missionary style with her long stiff clit – albeit this had been my idea. Initially, I had hesitated to take Hanh on such a depraved adventure, but when I saw the results on our blind friend’s face: serene bliss, oceanic joy, and utmost satisfaction – I had changed my mind; the licking and peeing had been a celebration of Mira’s love for her girlfriend and completely worth it.

This week, however, Nguyet was adamant that we needed to show our faces at her new abode – the charming guesthouse – where we couldn’t let go as freely, though. But I still liked Nguyet’s idea of ‘interviewing staff for the new cathouse’, of course, as that was perhaps the most rousing path to reinvigorate our orgy gang. So far, however, only our slightly dopey ex-colleague Nga and Hanh – as the neighbors’ daughter – had shown up at the quaint older motel, but I was convinced that our sensual microcosm would slowly reassemble there over the next few months.

Mira liked the idea of meeting Nguyet again – at an unusual yet pleasant place where she hadn’t been – even though we still didn’t know what role Mira could actually play. The only idea we had come up with was to, truthfully, introduce her as my bisexual colleague from the Philippines who had difficulties finding sex partners in our sleepy, nondescript town. Once Nguyet found out about Mira’s long clit, however – which she already had seen in real life – she would perhaps conceive a catching idea and spontaneously develop a rousing choreography, which was her favorite pastime, anyway.

As we were set, for now, the only question remaining was who else we might meet today. As my long-term affair Nguyet and I were pretending to only have met three months back, she wouldn’t divulge her plans to me – which, of course, added to the excitement. My role-play-nephew Charlie was in Da Nang for an internship, though, so Nguyet probably wouldn’t bring in his precious aunt Yen, who he loved dearly. But Nga perhaps, who had a workshop every Thursday near the antiquated guesthouse? Or would Hanh show up again, as the blind neighbor’s daughter didn’t like being by herself?

Since we had had our depraved micturition-and-menstruation-sex session just six days earlier, that would be unlikely, though. Hanh’s little snatch probably needed a break, but Minh – who was working at a nice restaurant – might deliver lunch and then stay to polish our mock-bordello queen’s sheath. Or Mira’s. Of course, I had suggested again to Mira to meet for coffee first, but she had to prepare a few classes in the afternoon and thus wanted to go straight to the B our real-estate queen was probably still working at her model home in the ‘burbs, taking care of a client.

“Yeah, it is a bit strange that she isn’t here yet…” was all I remarked a few minutes later.

As it was fairly warm, Mira was wearing short jeans, which were a bit too long to be called hot pants, though. I found it odd that the hemline was lighter than the rest, like she had cut a pair of jeans and then folded the seam upward. Anyway, she did look snazzy, of course, as her young slim legs went all the way down into a pair of soft combat boots, which were the ones she had been wearing when she had crouched over me with her black cargo pants and girlish panties around her ankles to pee on me in several installments for the very first time.

Her white T-shirt was way too wide for her slim torso, but she looked hot – and cool. Looking at her chest, I didn’t think she was sporting a bra; her boobs were really small, and so she often just did with an undershirt. Of course, I asked myself immediately if she was wearing her glistening black gym knickers underneath; the ones she had so endearingly soiled with her divine urine the previous week, while she had been sitting on my lap. Which had been almost as hot as our first big piss session on the old wooden bench up on the fourth floor at the old hotel, which I just described.

But it was perhaps impossible to top those fifteen minutes, when she had positioned her naked ass over my face to pee in small increments, Tekirdağ Escort between which I had licked her senseless. Unfortunately, here at the charming guesthouse, there wasn’t a good spot where we could let go with impunity, apart from the shower. The only solution I could think of was to gather several of those cotton mats that were on the mattresses from different rooms and put three of them on top of each other under the sheet. But perhaps, we could also take a break from peeing during sex to be in the mood to party really hard again the next time.

Nguyet had already told me that she was going on a business trip the following week, if I remembered correctly, which was our strongest motivation to see her this week, but now she wasn’t there. Bummer! If I had had a glass, I would have poured us a beer, but that wasn’t possible, either. But just after I had lit another ciggy, Nguyet came around the corner on her older scooter, as if by command. Between her little, slightly hairy legs, I saw two large white Styrofoam containers; perhaps Minh was busy today, and so she had to pick up the lunch herself.

When Nguyet got close enough, the two ladies smiled and nodded at each other. I knew instantly that this lunch, the interview, and the ensuing sensual exploration could only end well, although one more person would not have been too many, either: I was thinking of Nguyet’s petite, lovely coworker Thuy or our spiffy stud Hoang. But as Nguyet was holding all strings in her hands, I knew somehow it would just be the three of us. Which was plenty, of course.

Nguyet greeted us more formally after she had parked her scooter and taken her helmet off. She unlocked the door and let us in, after I had introduced Mira to her, in line with our role-play. I still needed to finish my cigarette, but then followed the two of them upstairs, where there was a nice little alcove with a square table and four chairs. I got us three glasses from the kitchen and then poured us the drinks, while the ladies were chatting a bit as Nguyet was unpacking the food. Would Nguyet really insist on a formal interview? Well, she was calling the shots and could be quite witty, actually. I went to the bathroom, where I decided not to interfere and just enjoy the show.

Nguyet was wearing a yellowish blouse and a fairly posh, tight, grey skirt, which ended just above her knees. Both items looked new; her mother had probably tailored them. As it was fairly warm, she wasn’t wearing tights or pantyhose but seemed nicely poised; just like Mira, she was radiating energy, all the way up from her naked small feet to her shiny thick black hair. As required by the choreography of our role-play, she did indeed ask if we wanted to get the interview out of the way before we would eat. Well, I couldn’t conceive of anything better, and it wasn’t that we did the same thing very week.

“Do we need to keep everything so formal, though?” I still quasi complained. “We could just talk while we’re eating…” I suggested instead.

Mira nodded, looking at Nguyet, who let her non-existing belly protrude towards me, and I noticed how Mira was checking out her little butt. Oh yeah, that skirt was tight; tighter than Mira’s dark-blue one, which I still loved, though. Looking at Nguyet, I imagined how lovely the smell must have been under her skirt, even if she had taken a shower in the morning. And I couldn’t wait to see her boat-hull pussy, which was more impressive that Mira’s.

“Was Minh here last week?” I inquired, to gossip a bit, as no one was saying anything.

Minh had joined our role-play, when he had shown up here at the guesthouse delivering lunch, only to stay for a little scortation. Which probably had become a habit by now, especially since Charlie was in Da Nang for a few months. Would our two young rascals Vu and Hoang turn up again any time soon? Well, Nguyet would know when she was ready to receive their young cocks again.

“Two weeks ago, yes, Minh was here…” Nguyet finally replied, after she had fetched some bowls and chop-sticks. “Last week, though, I was alone with a young colleague…” she divulged quietly, in passing, almost like she was a bit embarrassed about it.

Oh, a new guy, I thought to myself, growing more curious.

“Is he coming today, perhaps?” I had to ask, as that would mean we were already four guys in our orgy circle again: Charlie, the new dude, Minh, and myself – which would infuse everything with new energy and zest.

“I don’t think so… and Minh is busy; so: perhaps no…” Nguyet draped herself in the cloak of possibilities, a bit like Count Dracula, while she as filling three small bowls with rice.

Of course, we all took from the fish and vegetables as well, and then began to eat. Mira was wearing a dozen of little leather bracelets around both of her wrists, and I wondered why she would wear such a giant black Tekirdağ Escort Bayan plastic wrist-watch. It also looked like she had a new small tattoo on her right forearm, and I promised myself to introduce her to Emily, who was a calligraphy artist. She had once drawn ideas for tattoos on Casey’s voluptuous young body, and if she did the same with Mira, a titillating sex adventure would develop, I was sure.

But then, Emily didn’t seem to like sex with women; well, she might make an exception with Mira, as she was rather androgynous. Tomboyish. Built and behaving like a teenage boy, at times. And she had a small dick. Kind of. A very long clit, which protruded about an inch from her inner labia when it was dormant. Aroused: more like an-inch-and-a-half and thicker. Yeah, I could see Mira and Emily having a lot of fun together. Oh, did her thighs look delicious again today!

Mira was sitting to my right, around the corner of the table, and I couldn’t help ogling her legs; glad, that I would be able to squeeze, caress, lick, and do whatever with them in about twenty minutes. Yeah, those wide, light hems on her shorts were a bit weird, but her little ass looked hot as fuck, the way she was bending her back above it. Across the table, Nguyet had fetched a clipboard as well as a pencil and now put her glasses on to start the interview. I loved her small selection of props and inwardly, she probably got a huge kick out of this silly little situation.

Of course, she already knew the answers to all the question she would ask, but that didn’t matter: it would be a rousing fore-play. The two young women had put on a self-mocking, ironic face; the only thing I regretted was that Mira hadn’t dressed up. I had seen her two days earlier in the hall at our school in a dark-blue knee-length skirt, beige flat shoes, and an apricot blouse, which had looked decidedly feminine, especially the little white bra she had been wearing underneath. One day soon, she needed to micturate on me from under that skirt.

Anyway, I poured us some more beer in anticipation of the charming, rousing things to come.

“Well, Miss Mira, you look quite adventurous … in your shorts…” Nguyet began, friendly mocking our young hermaphrodite, like an older aunt, looking past the top of her frames.

“I am quite adventurous, I’d say…” Mira defended herself and, to gather steam, Nguyet asked her to elaborate on her sexual proclivities.

“Ooh, well… e-hem…” Mira was buying time. “I guess I need to say first that I’m bisexual… I really enjoy sex with men as much as with women… but, frankly, I’m having difficulties finding sex-partners here in town…” she added truthfully.

“Welcome to the club!” Nguyet nodded a tad sarcastic, before she sighed, taking some more notes. “Well, we used to have quite a bunch of girls here, more than men, actually, but recruiting guys has been easier for some reason lately… what do you think, Mister Ben?” Nguyet brought me in.

“Well, yes, there’s your new colleague and then Minh… and Charlie should be back around Tet, in January… and then there’s me, of course…”

“Yeah, but not formally yet… we still haven’t done an interview…” Nguyet stumped me, smiling impishly.

“You want to draw up a formal agreement between us?” I asked back, slightly incredulous.

“Sure. I mean, it wouldn’t be fair to just interview the ladies… anyway, we’ll talk about that later… so, Miss Mira, what are your specialties, so to speak? What are the things you could offer the organization? Anything unusual, any kinks? As you can probably imagine, we’re always looking to broaden our range and add variety… don’t hold back: we’re pretty open here…” she outlined her – our – philosophy.

‘The organization’. Ha! Well, there was a bunch of things that Mira had to offer, and I was waiting excitedly with which she would begin: her consensual non-consent shtick? Or the micturition fetish? Would she tell Nguyet today that she particularly loved it when I peed inside her rectum? Or bring up her large clit? No, she started with a different quirk:

“I really like sex with a man and a woman, at the same time… you know… together…”

Nguyet just nodded, as that wasn’t out of the ordinary here in our microcosm. She took a few more notes, after she had pushed her glasses back up her nose – a bit like Emily used to do – and remarked that Mira was just at the right place for such shenanigans.

“In fact, I really like threesomes myself… and, yes, ideally with one guy and another woman…” Nguyet insisted.

She had looked at me when she had said it, and I had perceived immense gratitude for how things had worked out over the last four-and-a-half years. To enjoy this precious moment for a bit longer, no one said anything but just kept eating – while in our minds the gears were turning to find the Escort Tekirdağ best way to continue.

“And, oh, Miss Mira: Do you like giving head? Blowjobs?” Nguyet was curious now.

Mira kept chewing her food, before she would answer, but she had nodded already.

“U-huh… yeah, as that is the condoned form of sex for young unmarried couples in the Philippines… since you can’t get pregnant, I guess… and the woman’s body isn’t entered… you know, the Catholic church…”

Nguyet didn’t pick up on this particular thread, as she wasn’t familiar with the doctrines of the Christian church and asked, instead, about Mira’s experiences with backdoor sex, which sounded a bit though as if she wanted to make sure that she – Nguyet herself – was still ahead of our adventurous Filipina. Nguyet could be quite competitive when it came to artful fornication.

“Oh, well, Mister Ben and I are planning to explore that path soon…” Mira admitted sheepishly, looking at me.

“Yes, see Mrs. Nguyet,” I interjected to contribute something to the conversation again, “that’s new territory for Mira… but do you know what?! The last time we were having sex, as she was kneeling between her girlfriend’s thighs, licking and kissing her belly and bush, Mira’s anus opened spontaneously… by almost an inch…” I added, truthfully.

Mira was looking at me in utter disbelief, as she probably hadn’t noticed. And, no, I hadn’t brought it up with her since then. The two ladies seemed to think I might be mocking the situation by making things up, but no: what an elevating and promising moment that had been! Oh, how fondly I remembered that night-colored little abyss inside my hermaphrodite’s young ass! And the ring around the opening had been so smooth.

“Oh!” Nguyet only said, pursing her lips.

She adjusted her glasses on her nose once more, but then pulled them down a bit again with the tip of her index finger to look at Mira over the frames, like an aunt or mother.

“Well, Miss Mira… yes, we can prepare you a bit for anal… intercourse… here, I mean… don’t you worry… you can also watch me and Mister Ben once…” she offered instantly.

Mira nodded, seeming grateful, and now brought up the awesome little anomaly between her labia, like she wanted to distract us from her butt. Nguyet was positively beaming, like she really had forgotten that detail:

“Oh, really?! You got a long clitoris?! How exciting! Oh, Mister Ben, knowing you, you’ve definitely seen it already, but have you taken it in your mouth and played with it?”

“Sure, lots of times…”

“So, that doesn’t bother you?”

“Oh, hell no! I love it… it’s wonderfully unusual… original. But, you’re right: some men – I guess because it looks like a small penis – shy away from her as a result… that’s one reason why she’s here today: to meet men and women who don’t have a problem with it… or, rather, would indulge in it… aren’t you?” I asked Mira to confirm.

She just made a dismissive gesture with her hand, like she didn’t want to talk about this aspect of her anatomy too much. But, of course, she still remembered how Charlie had flinched when she had wanted to deflower him about a year ago, and it was troubling her that she never knew if a guy who she liked would also like her clit. After all the emotional investment during the dating period, I imagined it really sucked if the dude then walked out on her, just because her lust pin peeked out from under her sparse brown bush.

“Do women turn away from you, too, because of your rather long… clitoris?” Nguyet was genuinely curious.

Of course, she knew about the Charlie incident, partially as it had happened upstairs at the model home in the ‘burbs, where Nguyet worked.

“No, not really… just men…” Mira told her.

I cracked one more beer open and then lit another ciggy, and Mira asked Nguyet where the toilet was. Although I found that completely in sync with the role-play, of course, it also was a pity. While Mira was gone, Nguyet gathered the dishes and cleared the table, before she wiped it quickly. Oh, her small little ass looked hot in that spiffy grey skirt. As did her light-yellow blouse. When she asked me if I was already in the mood, I only replied:

“When I see you: always!”

When Mira was back, standing next to her chair, Nguyet asked if she couldn’t see said clit now. When Mira blushed and hesitated, however, Nguyet briefly lifted her skirt and removed her chic silver-grey panties, which had a bit of lace on them, and put them on the table, before she sat down again.

“It would be unfair, otherwise, I guess…” Nguyet added lasciviously.

Oh, man, what a sexy, salacious little scene that had been! For a split-second, we had seen her large, dense, pitch-black bush, and now she moved her chair away from the table and turned it a bit, so that we could peek between her legs. The plot was thickening; well, it was about time. Nguyet’s gesture had been swift and powerful; sovereign, confident, demanding. An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth. A pussy for a pussy. Like in the Old Testament, but in a decidedly more positive way. Awesome!

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