Supplementing my Income

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Supplementing my IncomePart 1 A year ago, I lost my job of 10 years. In the beginning, I was out looking for work everyday but as time went on, I lost my motivation. Eventually after no luck job hunting, I just gave up. My wife had a full time job and I was collecting unemployment which helped but we were still hurting financially. Instead of getting depressed, I found a new passion that took my mind off of our financial situation and the fact that getting a job was becoming a dream. That new passion was lifting weights and working out. I had a gym membership that I never got to use when I was working so I started taking advantage of the time I had.Every morning, I got up, took my son to school and went to the gym. After a month I was actually seeing some cool results and I even made some new friends and workout buddies. One of those friends was an older, retired gentleman named Joe. He was in is late 60’s and in pretty good physical shape. We worked out together pretty regularly and became pretty close.One day after working out, Joe and I were walking to our vehicles on the parking lot when Joe showed me his new conversion van. Well, it wasn’t brand new but it was new to Joe. He opened the side doors and was showing me the back of the van. It had captains chairs that swiveled around and a table with bench seats in the back. He also had a small tv mounted for watching videos. He said it was his mobile “man cave”. He opened a cooler and asked if I wanted a beer. I climbed inside and we hung out drinking and talking. Before I knew it, one beer turned into four and we were having a good time. Before I knew it, my reality caught up to me and I opened up to my new friend about my financial situation and problems and he listened like a good friend would before making me an offer that almost floored me. He said that I was a man in need of money and he was a man who had a lot of money to spend and that if I was interested, there was one thing he always wanted but his wife would never give him. Blowjobs!My first reaction was to get the hell out of there quick and never return but Joe was not a threatening type of guy. He definitly didn’t act or look the part of a perverted predator or anything. Before i could make a move or act upon my emotions, Joe made one more statement, he offered me $100 everytime I gave him a blowjob, if I was decent at it of course. Quickly I added up the potential earnings. I worked out 6 times a week with Joe. If I gave him a Blowjob everyday, that was $600. Add that to what I was getting in unemployment and I would be real close to the pay I was getting Before I lost my job. It didn’t take long before for me to mke a decision. I looked at Joe and siad”Lets do it”! Joe smiled, lifted his ass off his seat and slid his athletic shorts and underwear down to his ankles. I took a long look at Joe’s nake cock and balls on display as he sat with legs spread wide and I have to admit,I got turned at the sight. Joe had a nice looking cock and a plump set of balls. eskişehir escort I took a deep breath and dropped onto my knees right in front of him. All I kept saying to myself was,”I need the money! I need the money!”Joe seemed as nervous as me but waited patiently for me to act. Staring at his cock, I moved my head closer slowly. As I got within inches, I could smell the scent of the shower gel that was in each of the gym showers. That made me feel a little better. Finally I summoned my courage and with no hands, took his cock into my mouth. In its soft state, I was able to take it all in and Joe reacted with a long moan. Immediately, his cock grew in my mouth and I could no longer contain it all. As his cock grew, I got to see all of what Joe had and it was an impressive7 inches or so and fairly thick. I loved blowjobs and my wife was very skilled at giving them so I just did what I watched her do for 10 years. I moved my mouth up and down on his cock sucking as I came up and Joe responded everytime with a moan and on occassion a quiver. The more he reacted, the more confident I became. I started stroking his balls with my hand and eventually switched things up, stroking his wet cock with my hand while sucking his balls into my mouth. I seemd like some time had went by but in reality, I was about 5 minutes into my cock sucking when Joe quivered one more time. This time though, he filled my mouth up with the thickest warmest load of cum I ever thought possible. There was so much cum pumping into my mouth that I had to make a choice. Swallow it or spit it out. I decided to swallow, mainly because Joe was really enjoying his orgasm and I didn’t want to ruin it by taking his cock out of my mouth. So I swallow all of his cum and in all honesty, it was bad. As a matter of fact, I liked it.When he was finished, we drank another beer, talked some more and I left to go home. Most importantly, I went home with $100 cash in my pocket.Part 2That night, I after we put our son to bed, I fucked my wife like an a****l and came harder than I had in a long time. When she questioned my new found passion, I explained to her that I was very happy because I had found a part time job making some money under the table. When she asked what I was doing, I told her that a friend of mine at the gym had a small business and needed help. This made her happy but she off course told me to please keep looking for something steady. I agreed and we wnt to bed.The next day after our workout, I met Joe in his van and sucked his cock again. This time though, I was full of confidence and I experimented more. I licked up and down the side of it. I spent a lot of time sucking the head and I even played with and tickled his balls. Once again, Joe couldn’t contain himself for very long and filled my mouth up with another warm, sticky load. After I swallowed his cum, I continued sucking and licking his cock as it returned to its softened state. I figured for $100, the least I could do is lick escort eskişehir it and suck it a little more as he came down from his orgasm high. After he pulled his pants up, we cracked open a beer. I couldn’t help myself. I asked how it was that a man his age came so much. He explained that he met his wife in high school and they have been together ever since. Unfortunatley, she would never suck his cock and his love for her always kept him from getting a blowjob else where. So, at age 67, he had never had anyone such is cock, ever! He said it was the best feeling. I guess it didn’t hurt that his wife had also stopped fucking him many years ago also.My workouts continued and eventually went from 6 days a week to 7 days. Joe was so excited everyday while were working out that he was like a teenager. I even met one night for dinner and sucked his cock afterwards. I was making $700 a week steady and sometimes more and Joe always handed the money over with a big smile. The funny part about it was, I was also enjoying it. If I didn’t need the money so bad, I would have gladly sucked his cock for free.One day when I showed at the gym, Jow was already there and he was with another older man. He was easily as old if not older than Joe. Joe introduced us. Hid name was Fred. Joe explained that he and Fred were long time friends and Fred decided to start a workout routine. Imediately, I wondered how this was going to affect our little post workout arrangement.After we all worked out and took showers, Joe invited Fred to join us in the van for a beer, our little routine as he called it. We all sat in the van drinking a beer and I could sense that Fred was nervous. I gave a Joe a look and he let the cat out of the bag. “Jerry, (thats my name)I told Fred about what we do after our workout.” I was shocked. I never waned anyone to know that I was sucking cock! Before I could say anything, Joe continued, ” Fred is in the same position I’m in. His wife has no sex drive and he’s a horny old guy with money. When I told him about our arrangement and how good your blowjobs were, he asked if he could try. He’s my oldest friend in the world, what could I say?”I didn’t kow what to say so I asked Fred if he was okay with the same arrangement I had with Joe and he was. Without saying another word, I dropped onto my knees and crawled in between Fred’s legs. He was more shy than Joe so I pulled his pants down for him. As his pants came down, I found out quickly that he may be shy, but that didn’t hinder his excitement. His cock was rock hard and equally as impressive as Joe’s when it came to size. Now that I was a little experienced, I wasted no time and took Fred’s rock hard cock into my mouth, as deep as I could take it. Fred, unlike Joe didn’t moan but when I took his cock into my mouth, he tensed up really quick like he wasn’t expecting the sensation of my mouth on his cock. I sucked that thing really good for him. His balls were much smalled than Joe’s which was good because I eskişehir escort bayan could fit them all the way in my mouth. Fred liked that and grabbed my head everytime I did it. Unfortunatley for me, while I was sucking Fred’s balls and stroking his cock, he exploded. With his balls in my mouth, I watched spurt after spurt of his cum shoot into the air like thick ropes. As his cum shot out, I could feel his balls pump in y mouth. That was wild! After he was done, I licked up what cum was left on his cock and grabbed a towel close by to wipe up my face and head. I’km glad I kept my hair short because my head was full of Fred’s cum.When I turned around to look at Joe, he was already naked and his cock was stiff and pointing right at me. Why stop now I thought. I went right over to Joe and started sucking his cock. I should mention that at this point, my cock was aching from being trapped in my shorts, and also hard as a rock.As I was sucking Joe, I reached down and released my cock from my shorts. As usual, it did’t take Joe Long to cum and he filled my mouth to its capacity. As I was cleaning up Joe’s shrinking cock, I felt someone touching my balls from behind me. It was Fred! I was surprised but it felt really good so i didn’t stop him. Because Fred was fondling my balls and cock from behind me and it felt really good, I saw no reason to stop sucking Joe’s cock and like the 67 year old teenager Joe was, his got hard but once again in my mouth. So here was the scene. I was on my knees with my face planted in Joe’s lap sucking his cock with a passion due to the extreme pleasure I was feeling from Fred pulling my and stroking my cock in a milking type motion from between my legs. As Fred was pulling down on my cock, I instictively raised my ass up and I guess this gave Fred silent permission to start massaging my asshole with his other hand. Shit that felt good! Before i knew it, Fred spit on my asshole and pushed a finger in me. This was all I could take and I shot my own load of cum all over the vans floor. I guess cumming made me suck harder or something because Joe filled my mouth up again. Apparently, stroking my cock and playing with my ass got Fred going and when I turned around, he was stroking his hard cock right next to me. Seeing him stroking his cock right next to me, I turned and positioned myself so I could lay down under him. Once got into postion, I pulled him down so he could drop his old balls into my mouth. I couldn’t help think to myself as his balls dangled into my mouth, “so this is teabagging!” Apparently the balls is Fred’s thing because in seconds of me sucking his hanging balls, Fred plastered my face with another sizeable load of cum. When we done, I had to clean myself up and we all drank a much needed beer. As we were drinking, Joe mentioned, ” You Know Jerry, Fred and I play poker with a bunch of retiree’s from the old days. Would you be interested in some more work?”When I finally left the van, Get this, I left with $500. They paid me double plus a $50 tip from each of them. I couldn’t believ it. Better than that, Joe was going to bring his friend Dave to workout with us next week. Dave recently lost his wife and needed something to occupy his time. We all agreed that he may like our workout routine.

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