Super Sunday Shag !!

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Super Sunday Shag !!Everybody has a weakness or a trigger that gets them going . I can admit I have a few lol which is why I find it a challenge to ignore or switch off my arousal when presented with my favourite things. What am I talking about you ask ?? Am talking about the circle of people/friends I have that are friends but hot like the Caribbean sauce . You know those certain friends that do the casual flirting , innuendo’s every now and then, ( I’ll have to do another story with how this all started ) racy text messages or phone calls but still comes under the umbrella of “friends”.Am describing Mr Z ! A man who I knew for a couple of years through the musical circuit and we were cool , never had any issues and it was always good to be around him because he made me laugh and was interested in my life and personal goals and aspirations. Whispers were always mentioned about how dirty he was and his reputation as too much of a ladies man but that didn’t cross my mind at all because I was interested and to my knowledge neither was he or so I believed.Fast Forward ………….”Baby , Am coming to lick your pussy and give you a good seeing too tomorrow morning (Sunday). Where nothing but your knickers and dress sexy !! Z”My heart raced I tried busying edirne rus escort myself as not to think about it but as the time progressed I became more anxious. Okay girl get it together you know the drill , yeah sometimes you have to talk to yourself were my thoughts. I knew I was in for a treat but my mind was still in overdrive . I got up on Sunday morning and showered imagining his touch as the blast of the water saturated my skin almost making me weak. I was semi wet by this time , my imagination ignited with excitement as I oiled and prepared myself wearing nothing but lace shorts and a sheer vest slip with my breasts over the top part.”Will be there in 10. Z” my phone beeped . No turning back now as adrenalin began to run through my body I started to feel goosebumps knowing any minute now I was going to be in sheer bliss. “knock knock”. That was him I took a few deep breaths and made my way downstairs pausing before I opened the door. His face was a picture “Hi babe you look mmmmmmmmmmmmm” I smiled and locked the door as his eyes scanned over my attire. We made our way to my room and had small chit chat but by this time all I wanted to feel was his tounge licking out the back of my vaginal walls. edirne rus escort bayan I got into bed as he quickly undressed and fixed his eyes on my body , then I knew no other words would be spoken except for the groans and moans I could utter.Making his way on the bed he couldn’t help but tease me by rubbing my clit through my sheer lace but I didn’t have time for games I needed urgent attention immediately. He quickly removed my lacy number part my legs and began to eat my pussy like my life depended on so much so that when I felt his tounge licking my clit I gasped pulling his head deeper. oooooohhhhh what sweet relief that was. He was intoxicated by passion fueling his desire ensure I had the shag of my life. Working his way from my pussy to my breasts , he teased my nipples with a soft popping motion . “You like that Baby” He whispered. Of course I did but I knew the real meat was to come. Taking his cock in his hands and dabbing it with my juicy wetness I automatically wrapped my legs around his back making him gasp as he inserted himself in my entrance slightly. My arms around his neck as he began to thrust into me slowly , our breathing become as one . “Yeah Z just like that ” I moaned . He rus escort edirne sped up his rhythm slightly while licking my nipples driving me crazy before changing it up. “Turn around and bend over.” He said . You didn’t have to tell me twice I held on to the bed head as he slowly rammed his dick in my ass perfect fit. “oohhhhhh yeah Z give it to me ,mmmmm yeah just like that ” I screamed He picked up the pace of the sex while holding onto my breasts as they danced and I moaned in sheer pleasure before slowing down. “You like that baby hmmm. You like me shagging you , you want me to stop” he groaned. “No baby give it me to ” I howledAs he again picked up the speed his hands moved to my breasts to my pussy. Fingering and rubbing my clit almost sending me over the edge and off the bed ! Definetley the best Sunday shag ever !! My moans were turning to screams but I didn’t care his dick was worth the wait .”Lie on your back” He Commanded. I did as I was told as he spread himself on top of me kissing me hungrily before I felt him pounding my pussy. “OH MY GOD” I shrieked. I knew what was coming as I started to shake . He began to go faster making the bed creak . My legs feeling like jelly he thrust his dick in me again before collapsing on top of me and then getting up to give my pussy a final sucking and gentle rub.”Same time next week” he said. We both laughed. But I knew he was serious however that sex was so good the next time I see him it will be for an overdose.”Call me anytime to shag that sweet pussy of yours” And with that he was gone until the next super sunday.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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