Sumptuous Summer Surprise

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The early June day is gloriously hot and bright, much like the late summer day on which we met. I’m lucky enough to have the house to myself for the week, and loving every minute of it. All that’s missing is you.

Reaching for the phone, I dial your office, hoping you’re there. “Good morning.” I croon, when you pick up.

Chuckling softly in that adorable way of yours, you return the greeting. I’m so horny, that alone makes me wet. I speak softly, asking how you are and telling you how much I’ve missed you and these conversations of ours, then ask if you can sneak away for lunch.

“Hmmm, I don’t know at the moment. It depends on how much I get done this morning, but I’d really like to try.” you reply.

“Do what you can.” I say, knowing how busy work has kept you, and not really counting on seeing you anytime soon. “I just wanted you to know I’m wet, horny, and wanting you badly.”

“I want you like crazy, too.” you rejoin, your lustful tone indicating that if you could, you’d come get me right now.

When we reluctantly hang up after a few more minutes of sultry exchanges, I’m hornier than ever for you, but remind myself that you’ll make it worth the wait when we finally do meet again.

Closing my eyes, I remember the park–how the sun slanted glistening through the trees as a slight breeze blew tendrils of hair around my face and you brushed them back. The way your longing gaze penetrated me as if we’d known each other before and gave me goosebumps despite the heat. The sweet urgency of your tender kiss that caught me off guard and sent me reeling. Even after all this time, that day still runs vividly through my mind, arousing visceral twinges that tell me I desperately want and need to pick up where we left off.

“This is what you do to me.” I think silently, talking to you with my mind and rising slowly from bed. Coffee and a cold shower do nothing to lessen my intense desire, so I give up and just let myself experience it. Donning my red bathing suit, I take a book, a blanket, pillows, suntan lotion, a radio, and the phone outside to a sunny spot on the lawn. Once on the blanket, I smooth the lotion onto my soft, bare skin, wishing as I do that you were doing it for me. Next, I tune into a station on the radio, and even the song that’s playing reminds me of you. Sighing, I position the pillows under my head and reach for my book, hoping the mystery will calm my raging libido.

“You know, it’s really not good to fall asleep in the sun.” you admonish playfully, so close to my ear that I feel your breath against it.

Sighing softly I smile, thinking I must’ve fallen asleep. Wanting to savor kozyatağı escort what I believe is a dream, I roll onto my side, startled when arms envelop me. Gasping, I open my eyes and stare in disbelief at your handsome face, as those mesmerizingly blue eyes gaze into mine.

“Oh, my God!” The phrase comes in a whisper in contrast to my thudding heart, and although I’m lying down, the world seems to be spinning.

“Come on!” you tease, a playful glint in your eye as you smile. “Are you gonna kiss me, or just lay there and stare at me all day?”

Something between a laugh and a cry escapes my lips as I throw my arms around you and hold you tight, kissing long, hard, and deep as our mouths come together hungrily. Having been apart for so long, it’s as if we can’t get enough now, and are making up for lost time in a big way.

“Mmmmm…babe, you taste sooo good!” you murmur, catching your breath before kissing me again.

Raking my hands through your hair, I savor its softness and allow myself to surrender to the sweet taste of your mouth once more, intoxicated by the dizzying sensations you arouse in me. Gently smoothing your hands over the exposed part of my back, you slip your fingers under the straps of my suit and ease it down my shoulders. Flipping me over with you so your body covers mine, you gaze at me with ravenous anticipation and finish peeling the suit off as you bring your lips to my mouth again. We kiss deeply and sensuously for what seems like hours until you begin inching your lips slowly toward my neck. A contented sigh emerges from my lips as my hands deftly undo the buttons of your shirt and caress your chest and stomach.

Shrugging the shirt from your shoulders, you resume blazing a path of feather light kisses over of my neck and ears, and your warm breath on my skin makes me tingle. I feel a hot tension building deep within me, too. It feels even hotter than the midday sun, and continues to intensify as your kisses gradually move toward my breasts. I whimper as you make your way around them teasingly, taking the time to fondle each in your hand, but leaving the nipples untouched for now. They’re already standing at attention in all their pink glory, and you contemplate them with a lecherous grin as you sit back on your knees and unbuckle your belt.

My hand covers yours to help unfasten the clasp of your slacks, then I lie back and watch you take them off. You join me on the blanket again, finally taking one nipple gently between your teeth and sucking it as your erection grows against my thigh. My susurrations of pleasure encourage küçükyalı escort you as you suck harder and twist your tongue around the point, reaching down to rub my clit, now drenched with my juices.

“Mmmmm…” You moan deeply, pleased at how ready I am for you as you switch breasts and repeat the fondling, kissing, and sucking while still stroking my clit.

“Oh, God, yes, keep going!” I urge, my arms still around you as I squeeze your ass cheeks and my breathing quickens. A blush of red slowly creeps up my neck and into my face, the heat permeating me from within scalding now. With a wanton look, I grab your rock hard cock firmly in my hand and guide you into me. My wetness engulfs you as you move in and out at a steady, determined pace. Each powerful thrust brings me closer and closer, until my orgasm finally explodes with a boisterous scream and a series of violent shudders. Wave after wave of pleasure assails me, and I smile in satisfaction as you thrust once more, your warm seed filling me as you cum with a throaty grunt.

Breathless, you collapse beside me on the blanket, your eyes closed as you lightly kiss my forehead and face, tasting the sheen of salty sweat that the sun and our lovemaking produced. I return the kiss, resting my head on your chest and running my fingers through your hair as my heart slows. You’re asleep within minutes, and I’m too comfortable and sated to do anything but nap as well.

“Wake up, sweetie. We’d better get out of the sun before we burn to a crisp.” Your soft voice is the first thing I hear upon waking, and I smile up at you and kiss you again.

“You wore me out.” I tease.

“I think we wore each other out, but I’m not complaining.”

“Neither am I.” I reply emphatically, hugging you closer.

Gathering everything up, we go inside, where you put our clothes and the other things in my bedroom. I join you there, carrying a tray laden with strawberries and chocolate body paint, pleasantly surprised to discover that you’ve turned on my stereo and made yourself comfortable in my bed. Putting the tray on the nightstand, I slip in beside you, reach for a strawberry, and dip it in the chocolate, holding one end with my teeth while moving slowly toward your mouth. You capture the other end, and we nibble until our mouths come together in a slow, tender kiss as you massage my back.

“Tell me you don’t have to go back to work.” I whisper seductively, gazing into your eyes.

“I’m not going anywhere.” You whisper the words into my mouth as we kiss passionately this time.

Our tongues frolic and mutlukent escort play in the deepest recesses of one another’s mouths as we enjoy the morsel we’ve shared and the happiness of being together. Slowly inching my lips down your chin to your neck, I kiss all around it and down each of your shoulders to your arms, hands, and fingers. I lovingly take each fingertip between my lips, biting and kissing them all lightly before moving back up to your chest and caressing it with reverence. My lips close around one nipple and then the other, as I kiss and nibble in an alternating pattern. You groan in approval when I reach down to stroke your stiffening cock, and slowly move my lips down across your stomach to your navel. Stopping just short of your crotch, I sit back on my knees and smile with a devilish grin.

Reaching for the small brush that came with the body chocolate, I swish it around in the jar and bring it to your lips. Covering them with chocolate, I lick and suck it off in a long, lingering kiss. You laugh when I reluctantly come up for air and dip the brush again, using it to draw hearts and squiggles from your nipples all the way down to your navel. You watch in anticipation as I finish my art with a flourish, then hover over you again and slowly begin licking you clean. My arousal increases as I savor every taste of you, and your moans of pleasure become louder and more intense. By the time I reach your crotch again, you’re hard and throbbing, and I smile as I dip the brush in the chocolate once more and lovingly begin decorating your cock.

Your breathing ragged as I tease you with the brush, I know you won’t be able to hold back much longer. Smacking my lips with relish, I go down on you at last, sucking and licking all over the shaft of your cock several times before flicking my tongue nearer the tip. Your body grows taught, trembling as my tongue caresses the underside, grazes your balls, and moves back up over the tip. Tasting drops of pre-cum on my lips, I excitedly mount you, riding you steady and fast as my muscles grip you tightly, let go, and grip again. I watch in awe as convulsions rip through you, eliciting a series of guttural cries as you flood my already dripping pussy with endless ripples of hot semen. Turning you on is the best feeling in the world, and I want to hold onto it for as long as I can.

Relieved but exhausted from your release, you reach for me and pull me into your arms. We kiss tenderly again, as if in thanks, but can’t seem to tear our lips away from one another. At last you hold me at arm’s length, your gaze replete with desire, amazement, and gratitude as you smile broadly. “Wow! That was some lunch!”

Laughing, I reach for another strawberry, dip it in chocolate, and feed it to you. We take turns feeding each other until all the fruit and half the chocolate is gone, then I ask, “What did you enjoy more, the sex or the chocolate?”

Chuckling, you reply, “Take a wild guess,” then kiss a smattering of chocolate off my lips.

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