Summer of Innocence Pt. 01

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Everyone in the story is ficticious and they are all over 18.

Chapter 1

The summer after I entered Law school I was a lifeguard for a local club pool at a small town in the Midwest. After the big city life I wasn’t sure I could stand a whole summer in our sleepy little boring community, but I needed to make a little extra cash and still have time to study. My fiancée was off in Europe for the summer, so I figured it would be a long fuckless dry spell for me. Boy was I wrong.

The pool was mostly for families with younger kids, but there was a group of “goody-two-shoes” high school kids who spent their afternoons there. I found out they worked at a local day camp in the morning and came to the pool to unwind. They all seemed refreshingly clean cut and naïve. Nonetheless, I couldn’t help but notice the nubile young bodies of the girls in their tight swimsuits. They seemed to have very little shame about how they displayed their goodies – almost as if they hadn’t yet discovered that dirty old men like me were constantly gawking at their most intimate parts.

Some of the girls wore revealing two pieces. Others wore suits too small that would ride up their ass and cling to the contours of their body parts. Sometimes the material was so thin that their titties looked painted over. When their suits got wet they often would cling to their pussy mounds and gather in their cunt slits. Needless to say, I sported many a hard-on while sitting on the stand.

Being an older man (all of 23), the girls often flirted with me in a friendly and harmless way. One in particular named Emily was the most aggressive. She was a tiny little thing, not much over 5 feet tall and 90 pounds soaking wet, but sexy and cute with shoulder length blond hair, perfect legs, a well-rounded little ass and small but noticeable swells for tits. Even though she looked much younger than she was, I found myself jerking off more than once while imagining doing all types of perverted things to her body.

One day when my shift ended Emily asked if I could give her a ride home. Her parents were gone until late that night and she didn’t want to walk. She looked stunning standing in front of me dressed in skin-tight white shorts and a red cloth halter that tied in the back. In the car she turned out to be a non-stop talker, primarily gossip about who liked who and stuff like that.

We finally arrived at her place. When she went to get the key from the flowerpot it was missing. She flagged me down as I was backing out and asked me to help her get in, which I eventually did through a second floor window. Emily offered me a soda. As we were standing in the kitchen, Emily started babbling again. I was about to leave when she said something that peaked my curiosity.

“You know what? I’m a really good kisser. Anyway, that’s what all the guys tell me.”

“Oh yeah? All the guys? So how many guys have you kissed?”

“Quite a few,” she replied smiling coyly and biting her lower lip. “Well you know,” I told her, teasing back, “The only way I could verify your kissing skills would be to kiss you myself.”

She put her hands together and bent her shoulders forward looking away timidly.

“Do you want to kiss me? I… I wouldn’t mind.”

She was pushing this game further than I thought she would, but I wasn’t going to back down.

“Maybe. But I have to warn you that I’ve kissed a lot of girls. How do you know you’ll measure up?”

Emily walked over to me and looked up with her bright blue eyes. At 6’1”, I towered over her. She reached up and put her hands on my shoulders.

“I’m not afraid,” she said while puckering her lips and closing her eyes.

I couldn’t believe I was standing here in a strange kitchen about to kiss this 18 year old girl who looked no older than 15 on a dare. But I wasn’t about to back down. I had to lean over quite a bit before our lips could meet. I was going to give her a gentle peck and then pull away. When our lips touched, Emily used her hands to grab my head and mash her mouth to mine. She opened lips and pushed her tongue between mine. As surprised as I was at her aggressiveness, I found myself responding with my own tongue.

Emile was indeed a first class kisser. We munched on each other for several minutes before she slid her lips off and started kissing, nibbling and licking my neck and ear. This girl was doing a number on me and I could feel a big hard-on swelling, which was a problem because I was still wearing my tight red racing-style lifeguard suit.

Emily looked up at me with those big blue eyes and asked, “So am I a good kisser?”

“Pretty good,” I replied, “But I’ll need another sample before I can give you a final grade.

She smiled like a schoolgirl who had just received a gold star. I put my hands on her tiny waist and lifted her onto the counter so that she was almost eye-level with me. I leaned forward to kiss her again. She wrapped her arms around my neck and spread her legs so I could move closer. She did this in innocence, but İstanbul Escort it had an intoxicating effect on me. We were engaged in a super-passionate kiss with our bodies pressed together. My bulging hard-on practically ripped through my suit and pressed against her pussy. I knew that if this kept up much longer I was going to cream my swimsuit.

“We had better stop,” I said, pulling away.

“Why?” She asked, looking hurt, “I thought you said I was a good kisser.”

“Yes, Emily, you’re a very good kisser which is having a very stimulating effect on me.”

She still didn’t get it. She was more innocent than her kisses implied. I stepped away. The tent pole poking out from my suit was quite obvious. Her eyes became wide when she finally understood. She stared down at my bulging trunks.

“You mean I made you hard?”

I nodded my head affirmatively.

“Wow. I… I’m sorry.”

“Don’t worry about it,” I replied, “any guy would get aroused from a kiss like that.”

“Really? Wow,” she said leaning forward to get a better look. “It’s so big.”

I am proud of my eight inches, which was about ready to pop through the waistband of my trunks. I should have turned to leave, but I was getting curious about how far our little game would go. And I was horny as hell. I decided to take things to the next level.

“It’s called a cock, Emily. Would you like to see it,” I asked, knowing I was crossing a dangerous line.

Chapter 2

I could see Emily was stunned. She continued to stare at my swimsuit with her mouth open. She slowly looked back up at me. I realized I had pushed too far. I needed to get out of there.

“Look, I had better get going. I didn’t mean to get you upset.”

I stepped away and was about to turn around.

“No. Um… I mean… yes. I want to see it.”

I stopped moving. Her eyes went back to my bulge. Her entire face was flushed. I should have continued out the door. Instead, I hooked my thumbs into the waistband of the suit and slowly peeled it down until my fully erect eight-inch tool pointed right up at her. Her eyes were riveted to it. I stepped closer so she could get a better look. She lifted a hand off her leg and flexed her fingers as she continued to stare shamelessly.

“Would you like to touch it? Go ahead if you want. I don’t mind.”

She looked up at me confused. She gave me a slight affirmative nod. I reached out, grabbed her hand and lightly brushed my throbbing meat with her fingertips. I traced her fingers over my length and curled them around the shaft. I guided her other hand to my cock. She gripped me gently like a baseball bat. Her eyes lifted and met mine.

“It’s… it’s so hard. Your… your … you know,” she said too embarrassed to use the word.

“My cock. You can say it. You made my cock that way, Emily. And now you’re making it even more excited by touching it.”

She continued to explore all the ridges and veins with her fingers. She was mesmerized, but getting more comfortable with the situation. I was getting was a pair of balls churning with cum.

“It’s so big. Can it really fit inside, you know… a girl? I’m sure it wouldn’t fit in… um… I mean, I’ve never…”

She was beet red but kept a firm grip on me. I just let her continue to babble.

“Has it had ever been inside a girl? Ohmygod I can’t believe I asked you that.”

“Yes, Emily, my cock has been inside several pussies. I’ve fucked a number of girls with it.”

She turned red at my use of those words, but also became even more fascinated, examining it carefully.

“Emily,” I said, “your touch feels really good. If you move your hands up and down it will feel even better.”

I put my hands over her two tiny ones and showed her how to do it. When I let go she continued to gently pump me with both hands.

“Am… am I giving you a hand job? My friend Amy gave someone a hand job. She said that sticky stuff shoots out. You know… the stuff that makes babies. Will yours shoot sticky stuff?”

Her naivety never ceased to amaze me. How did she spend eighteen years so sheltered? I guess I wasn’t much different when I was her age. Growing up in this town will do that to you. Well, maybe I could teach her what she obviously needed to learn and cure my own horniness at the same time.

“It will if you keep it up. The white sticky stuff is called cum. Do you want to make me cum?”

She looked up at me, this time more confidently and nodded.

“I’ll cum faster if you let me feel your tits,” I told her.

“You mean feel me up? I… I don’t know. I guess it would be okay.”

She bit her lower lip as I put both hands on the front of her halter to gently massage her little swells and pinch her large swollen nipples. Her two tiny hands continued to pump away at my swollen cock.

“Mmmm… that feels nice,” Emily whispered approvingly, “but something’s happening. I… I feel like I’m about to pee my pants. Oh no.”

I could see a look of panic on her face.

“Don’t worry, İstanbul Escort bayan Emily. That’s just your body responding naturally. Your pussy is leaking sex juices into your panties. Just let it happen.”

“I’m all wet down there. I can feel it.”

I slipped my hands under her halter to feel up her bare tits. She moaned her approval and started jerking my cock faster. I leaned over and we started kissing again, only this time little moans and purrs escaped from her as our tongues danced in each other’s mouths.

I reached behind her and undid her halter, letting it fall to the floor. Then I kissed down her neck until my lips reached her hard nipple. Her hands left my cock and pulled my head against her. I was able to suck her entire tit into my mouth and tease the swollen nipple with my tongue. I moved to the other tit, squeezing the one I wasn’t sucking with my other hand. Emily was moaning and gasping, saying ‘oh yes’ over and over again.

I moved back up to her lips and started dry humping my cock against the damp crotch of her shorts. She wrapped her legs around me and pressed her virgin pussy against my swollen member. I was on the verge of a big cum and told Emily so as I kissed her ear.

“I want to watch it come out,” she whispered.

I asked her to put her hands back around my cock and move them quickly up and down. Watching her perky little tits bounce as she stroked me with her eyes glued to my cock had my balls swirling with cum. I could feel my cock swell in her hands just before it erupted with a blast of hot cream that splashed under her chin and all over her tits. I grabbed her hands to keep them pumping as I continued spraying globs of white cum all over her tits and stomach. When I finally finished her hands were sticky with goo. She wasn’t quite sure what to do with them so she just held onto my cock as it slowly deflated.

“This stuff is what makes babies? Wow. Its… awesome.”

She moved her hands in front of her face to get a closer look. Cum was streaming down her stomach onto her shorts making a huge wet spot just below the waistline. I threw her a kitchen towel to clean herself. I told I had to go, but that I had the next day off and she could stop by the house if she wanted. I was secretly hoping our sex games would move to the next level.

Chapter 3

About noon I heard a knock on the door. Emily was there with her friend Amy. She was 5’4”, had dark brown hair, deep brown eyes and an athlete’s body. Amy was wearing black workout shorts and a tie-dye tee shirt cut off just below her nicely formed tits. The protruding nipples hinted that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Emily had on a pair of cutoffs and a spandex halter stretched tightly across the swells of her petite tits. I met them in a pair of workout shorts without a shirt.

I remembered that Amy was the girl who had given some lucky guy a hand job. I was anxious to see how the situation would develop. I offered them a soda. After some small talk and gentle flirting I asked Amy if she was as good a kisser as Emily. She shrugged her shoulders and giggled. I told her I was curious and asked if she would mind if I kissed her. She shrugged her shoulders and looked at Emily who nodded her consent.

Amy was every bit as good as Emily and even more aggressive with the tongue. I ran my hands up her back and confirmed that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Then I lowered them down to the small of her back and the upper part of her ass. Amy ground her pussy hard against my crotch as we stood there kissing.

“It’s a close call between you and Emily. I might have to sample Emily again.”

Right on cue, Emily threw her arms around my neck and pulled my head down mashing her open mouth to mine. I cupped her ass cheeks, digging my fingers into her crack as I lifted her off the ground. She wrapped her legs tightly around my waist while she continued to gnaw at my lips. I started rubbing my bulging cock hard against her pussy. I finally sat her down on the counter and pulled away before I blew a load in my shorts.

I turned to Amy and kissed her again, only this time much more aggressively. My hands gripped the perfect spheres of her ass pulling her pussy tight against my grinding cock. I moved a hand up to her tit. When she didn’t object I moved it under her halter and fondled her bare flesh and swollen nipple. My cock was about to explode in my shorts so I finally pulled away. Amy looked at me with glazed eyes and her mouth open breathing in short gasps.

I went back to kissing Emily and playing with her tits. I pushed her halter up around her neck and lowered my lips to her nipples, sucking and licking each of them. Emily had her head thrown back and was grinding her pussy hard against my cock. Suddenly Emily stiffened. A loud squeal escaped from her throat. Her fingers dug into my hair. Her whole body began to shake. I finally pulled away from her as she slowly relaxed her grip on me.

“Oh my god. What happened? It was like my insides got all tense and then Escort İstanbul exploded. I think I might have…”

Emily looked down between her legs to the crotch of her cut-offs as if expecting to see something. I had no doubt her panties were soaked. She was oblivious to the fact that her perky little titties were hanging naked from her chest. She excused herself and ran off to the bathroom. I began to wonder if that was her first orgasm. It couldn’t have been, could it?

I looked back over at Amy who had watched the whole scene with amazement. Her nipples were poking out visibly from her halter. I walked right up to her and looked into her glazed eyes. My two hands covered her soft beauties. I tweaked her nipples as I continued to stare at her. She did nothing to stop me.

“I want to see your tits.”

Without asking I pulled her cutoff T-shirt up over her to free hanging beauties. Accepting her fate without a word, she lifted her arms so I could pull the T-shirt all the way off. I let it fall to the floor.

I stepped back and examined her two absolutely fabulous melon-shaped tits. They were quite firm and round with dark nipples that pointed slightly upward.

“Can I touch them?”

Amy paused and slowly nodded. I ran my fingers over the rounded contours and across the nipples before I took them in my hands to gently massage. I leaned over to suck on them. I took a nipple into my mouth. A quiet moan escaped from Amy’s lips. She leaned back against the counter on her elbows and threw her head back. I pressed my hand between her legs and rubbed my fingers across the bulge of her pussy mound through her shorts. Amy pushed herself back against my fingers, humping them as I moved them up and down over her swollen mound. I could feel moisture begin to seep through her shorts.

Emily returned wearing just a pair of clean cotton panties which she must have had in her purse. She pressed up behind me. I could feel her naked tits and hard nipples poking into my back. She reached around me and spread her hands over the bulge of my cock.

“I want to touch it again. Like last night.”

Emily slowly worked my shorts over my cock and down my legs until I could step out of them. I turned around to face her. She dropped to her knees, took my cock in both hands and began exploring it with her fingers while gently massaging it. Her face was no more than six inches from the tip. I looked down at Emily. I could see that her eyes were wide with wonderment.

“Would you like to kiss it,” I suggested.

She looked up at me incredulously like “how did you know what I was thinking.”

“Lots of girls like to put it in their mouth,” I told her, “and guys especially like it that way.”

She was still uncertain so I pushed my cock forward until it touched her cheek. She slowly moved her head until it brushed across her lips. I felt a light kiss on the tip that sent shivers through me. I gently pressed forward and her lips parted allowing part of the tip into her mouth. Then I felt her tongue flicker across it sending another shiver through me. I put my hand on the back of Emily’s head and pressed forward until the large head of my cock pushed into her mouth.

Amy, holding on to my shoulder, had moved around to watch Emily suck my cock. Her body was still pressed against me. I shoved a hand down the back of her shorts and caressed the smooth cheeks of her firm ass. She humped her pussy against my leg.

Emily was eagerly using her lips and tongue to caress the sensitive nerve endings at the tip of my swollen meat, sending waves of pleasure through my body. I started moving my cock-head in and out, thrusting a little deeper on each stroke. I hit the back of her throat and held it there until I could feel her muscles relax. I pushed deeper but she started to gag so I pulled back. The next time I pushed in she held me in her throat. I pulled back and then pushed a little deeper until all but two inches of my eight-inch cock were in her mouth. That seemed to be her limit so I didn’t try to push further.

I slid my cock faster and faster in and out of her mouth. Saliva dripped from her chin and down my balls. Muffled groans emanated from her throat. I could feel a big load of cum churning in my balls, but I wasn’t quite ready to finish. I pulled out of her mouth until the urge subsided. Emily smacked her lips like a dog after chewing a big steak bone and quickly gobbled me back into her mouth.

Emily’s mouth was attacking my cock like it was her last meal. Loud sucking and slurping sounds filled the room. Saliva dripped down my shaft and drooled from my balls. I grabbed her head with both hands and fucked her mouth hard and fast. I looked down and noticed that Amy was now watching intently. My cock was begging to unload into Emily’s mouth, but I wasn’t going to let it. Not yet. I reluctantly pulled my swollen monster from Emily’s drooling lips.

“Amy, would you like to try?”

She pressed her lips together and slowly nodded as she looked up at me with those innocent brown eyes. I hopped on the counter and sat with my legs dangling down and my cock pointing straight up. I ran my fingers over Amy’s lips and then pushed two into her mouth. She sucked on my fingers and rolled her tongue round them as I moved them in and out of her mouth.

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