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Subject: Summer in the Park: Part 2 – At His House Summer in the Park: Part 2 – At His House By: Anonymous Smith The next day, I could not wait to get to the park. In my mind all I could think about was my encounter with the man in the bathroom. I flung open the front door to my house and jumped all 4 steps, landing with a hard thud as my shoes met the pavement. Off I ran towards the park. I checked in with the counselor once I arrived and went to meet my friends. I scanned the park, searching for my new secret friend. Nowhere to be seen. I went to the bathroom with the other boys to get changed into our swimsuits. As we were all stripped down from our comic book underwear, we began to talk about the size of our wieners and who’s was bigger. “Can you get it hard yet?” Asked one of the boys. Only two boys aside from myself raised their hands. “Prove it” the boy said. I wasted no time. Fantasizing about the day before my penis became erect and stood two inches from my body. As I opened my eyes, I noticed the other two had accomplished their goal as well. Before I knew it, we were standing in a circle with our fists wrapped around our hard members. Just then we heard someone clear their throat from behind. Everyone’s konyaaltı üniversiteli escort face looked as though they had seen a ghost. As I turned I made eye contact. It was him. Everyone quickly pulled their suits on and ran out of the bathroom. Except me. “Hii!”, I said to the man. I was hoping to see you today. “And why is that?” Asked the man in the doorway. “I wanted to say sorry for staring at you yesterday. I’ve never seen one that big before.” I said looking down at the piss stained floor. He chuckled. “That’s alright bud, everyone is curious at your age.” I was relieved to hear the message he was sending to me. “Can I see it again?” “What’s your name kid?” Asked the man. “Tyler.” I replied. “I’m Chad, nice to meet you Tyler.” I asked again to see his penis and was met with hesitation. I was told it was to risky and he wasn’t sure how well I could keep a secret. “I’m great at secrets!” I said loudly. “Shhh… Not so loud.” said Chad. “I live across the park in a white house. There will be a green porch swing in front. Come over if you want after camp.” He patted me on the shoulder, turned around and walked away. Excited, I left kurtköy escort the bathroom and went to my friends, Camp was over at 3:00PM. I changed my clothes and said good-bye to my friends. I rode my bike towards home, only to circle the block and find myself in front of a two story house with green porch swing. I leaned my bike against the inside of the fence line and walked up the steps towards the front door. I knocked. Chad answered the door in a pair of gray basketball shorts and black tank top. “You made it.” he said. I thought, I wasn’t going to miss this opportunity for the world. “Come in”. I walked into a living that had the shades drawn. It was dark. Only the light surrounding the edges where the shade and window met. I was told to have a seat on the couch. “Are you nervous?” Chad asked. I shook my head no and plopped my 9 year old butt down on his sofa. “Good.” He said. “Are you ready to learn?” I nodded. Chad stood in front of me and slowly pulled his tank top over his head. His chest and stomach were toned with patches of dark hair cascading down his body. He stuck his thumbs in the waste band of his shorts and with one swift tug ankara kurtuluş escort they fell to the floor. There he stood completely naked in from of me. His penis slowly growing. “You can touch it if you would like.” Chad said softly. I reached my small hand out towards his crotch. I first used my index finger to touch. Sliding my finger from the base of his penis, across his bulging veins along his shaft and over the helmet of his now hard penis. He grabbed me by the wrist and wrapped my fingers around the middle of his penis. It was soft and hard at the same time. “Do you like the feel of my cock?” He asked. I nodded, not fully understanding what “cock” meant. With his hand still latched to my wrist he began moving my hand up and down the center of his throbbing penis. He told me to keep the motion our hands were making and removed his hand from mine. Still sitting on the couch I looked up at him as he gazed towards the ceiling with his mouth open. My arm started to get tired when he started to make grunting noises. Before I knew what was going on a blast of white stuff sprang from the end of his penis coating my hand and arm. He was moaning and his penis twitched. With every jolt more liquid would leak from the end. “Thanks bud, I needed that.” He said satisfied pulling up his shorts. “Maybe next time we can learn a little more together.” He tossed a towel my way to clean up and I could tell he was ready for me to leave. I didn’t want us to get in trouble so I said good-bye and left the same way I came in. I can’t wait to see what else he has to teach me…

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