Summer Edge Session

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Summer Edge SessionIt has been a few months since I have been able to have a good old fashiioned wanking session. A whole day to play with my greased and shaved cock, to stop , start again and buld up a big load of jizzz in my nut sac. Welle today was the day.It has been warm so I got up out of bed, came down stairs naked and enjoyed the pleasure of walking around naked, Slowly I made coffe and slowly i started to play with my cock, didnt want to get going too fast so it was nice to spread itout between breakfast jobs in the kitchen. When I plan a session i make sure there is plenty of hand lotion around so I am never dry.I sat down to the PC and there it was, hand cream and hamster on the screen. I surfed around several time, looked at porn, chatted and wankied, I lasted about anhour and I thought I had better slow down.I got dressed bursa escort and walk to a local forestry commission wood near me. it wasn’ t to long before i was off the trail heading for an area where you can often find guys sunbathing. I took about an hour of walking the trails up and down before i saw my first guy. He was on a rug, in swim trunks just catching some rays. I walked past him a coupe of times and when I cae back the third time i saw he had stripped off the trunks and was naked, shaved and getting hard.I said hello and we chatted a bit, he was sort of stroking his cock and asked me what I was doing up in this section of the woods. I told him just walking about and seeing what was what. He started to play with his cok harder and I said I was doing a long masturbation session and I was happy to help and watch but I did bursa escort bayan not want to cum. He was fine with this and I then asked if he minded if I went into the woods and spied on him. He was well up for that and took his time, I the meantime sat on a stone wall and wankd and enjoyed. Didnt shoot my load as I was only starting.About 20 mins later a guy came into the clearing and put down his towel and stripped off. He did not see me as I was , like a meerkat just popping my head up above the grass. A bit later a guy in trackie shorts walked past and then he came back and towards the clearing and you could see he was freeballing and that he was erect. They played that silly came of too and fro until finally the trackie guy, pulled down his shorts and exposed a beautiful cut boner. He stood ther wanking and looking at escort bursa the guy on the towel. They palyed with eachothers cocks and the guy on the towelgot on his knees and sucked and jerkd the other guy off until he shot cum on his face.I all the time was enjoying yet another wanking session.I had some jobs in the town to do so I left but passed by on the way home and there werer sever cars in the car park. So i headed off thepath to the clearing and as i got nearer ther were two guys behind a tree wanking. By this time i knew they had saw me and i walked up and made the sign if i could just watch and they were for it.THey were already pretty far on so it was not too long until they were fucking . Both put on a good show and cum a good load. I clear3ed off and left them to it, Was very nice, So that was four good edge sessions and my nuts were getting blue.I got home and was already hard.Xhamster came on pronto and I had a good caht with a couple of buddies. Before i know it I was too far along and dropped a huge load. Supper is over and now the night session begins

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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